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Hey everybody, welcome back to the D2D podcast. This is Sam tagger, your host, and I’m here with Andy Holmes, Colonize It. Jake Bennington, our newest expert,  for door to door. He’s now come on to be a consultant/coach, helpingwith a lot of the training and systems. So welcome to welcome to the podcast. It’d be the host.

Speaker 3: Thank you.

Speaker 2: Um, and anyway, so we’re gonna dive in. Kellon and Andy both sold for after pest control.

Speaker 4:  Uh, did a thousand congratulations and 1,004 kind of padded that a little bit.

Speaker 2:

I did a thousand 4,004. I did four Oh four. That was like my, you know, I was like, dude, a couple more just in case. Exactly. Don’t wanna have that one call you back. You’re like, turn around the car driving home from the summer, you know, he was like, no. Um, so golden door winner. Congratulations. That’s like, you know, you’re probably one of 10 in the pest control industry, maybe total.

Speaker 2: (01:36)
I mean, that’s impressive. You know what I mean? So it was fun. Well it was fun, but it wasn’t fun. It was, I’m glad it’s over, but yeah, I’m sure it’s sometime I miss it. Yeah, know it. That’s an accomplishment. Like it’s, it’s gotta feel good to just be like, dude, I freaking did what was required to hit that goal or that number. We’ll talk about that in a minute. But I’m also Kellen, you guys are in the same office but same team, same team. So gentlemen back and forth throwing each other down saying you’re throwing in 10, I’m throwing an 11 you ain’t shooting up. Just kidding. I’m at 12 now. I’m sure that knows literally that the whole summer we both had our first 20 days sales wise on the same day cause I had a really big morning and tones like we’ll flip guys have to sell, looks like I’m selling 14 this afternoon.

Speaker 2: (02:25)
No, that was, yeah, it was actually a pretty funny day too because like I went to lunch with three uh, three of the guys, um, for, you know, the 40 minutes to an hour that we do it. And, and I saw that Andrew was at 14 before lunch and I wrote as I looked to my buddy and I was like, okay, well Andy’s probably going to be ending about 20 to this or 20, you know, at least 21 tonight. I was like, so I have to go. And I think I was at eight and so I was like, I got, I got to do 21 or 22 by the end of the day. And everyone kind of laughed and then I hit the door and I kept watching Andy go up and I was getting so pissed and I was like, okay,

Speaker 3: (03:04)
no, no, no. I gotta do it. I gotta beat him.

Speaker 2: (03:07)
So those was really fun. Yeah. And, and a lot of people that maybe don’t know the past world, what’s the average day, you know, for a normal rep? Oh yeah, 20 for sure.

Speaker 3: (03:17)
No  20 doors knocked  20. DK is not 2020 years. Exactly.

Speaker 2: (03:31)
No. Um, two or three. Two or three in, well, average probably one or two to be honest. Um, if you take care of it. Yeah. Yeah. My first summer I came home with a three or four day and I was like, I was like puffing my chest as I walked through the door. So you’re saying  20 of the normal dudes versus you. We call that office,

Speaker 3: (03:55)
let’s go

Speaker 2: (03:57)
shit did some, we had some things where it was like, okay, me and Kellen and like one other guy versus everybody and we do some lights on incentives. It was kind of fun. It was fun. It’s almost sad because we would still want know. But, but that’s the thing is it’s, it’s, I think a lot of people that put things in perspective rely, like hopefully are realizing just because maybe they are right now listening and they are the one or two guy, you know what I mean? In whatever industry that means to you. Um, you know, you guys weren’t always, like you said something that’s important. It wasn’t like you were always the 20 day a guy, you know what I mean? Oh, no way. Like you would’ve never, my first summer I saw Brigg and Lindsey and Kyle Nielsen, they had 20 days. And I remember talking to my wife, like, it almost like made me mad.

Speaker 2: (04:43)
It’s just like, I don’t know, like completely different tangent, but like I never would have thought and then killed the night we had multiple over the summer and like, not trying to go off on a tangent or, no, no, but I mean, and that’s the part where I want to almost instill some belief of like you, no matter where you’re at in your career, you don’t sometimes realize, you know, I’m interviewing the guys that do a thousand plus and you know, whatever. Right? But it’s, they don’t realize you’re one, you’re looking at the thousand account guys, the 20 day guys, you know, and you’re saying those weird as they, they have the best area

Speaker 3: (05:21)
or they have the best, you know, what are you looking at

Speaker 2: (05:23)
to come up with some other excuse and you’re like, well, I’m a rookie and if I was XYZ, and, but what they don’t realize is if you stick with it, the, that one day can be you. Like it truly can be because there’s no way in hell I would have recruited you to and would have taken you to be at all any good

Speaker 3: (05:45)
straight  I must have done understand that.  really like, I guess

Speaker 4: (05:58)
the question where you pop off right away, where you kind of like, yeah,

Speaker 2: (06:01)
from my first year. Yeah. No, not at all. My, my first year I had a short summer. I was only able to do like 10 weeks. Um, but I had a good summer. Like I did 180 you know, which is a good summer your first year until six months. Yeah. And then my 900 I looked at killing this first summer. I thought, here he is. Yeah. They didn’t know. They didn’t think I was a big hitter. I had tons of potential it by any means. But my, my second summer I did two 80 my third summer I did 400 you know, and then jumped up to the 900 ground. But like, it’s, it’s interesting, my first year we went to that big kickoff meeting at the beginning of this summer and a Brigham Lindsay, there’s a video of him, you know, he did over a thousand and I like leaned over to my friend.

Speaker 2: (06:51)
I was like, he’s a freak, you know, like he would be born free. Like he born this way. You don’t listen to that. I’m knocking on door of you Brittany bread. Yeah, we of course. But like he was born this way, like, and I was, I didn’t think that it was possible at all. Like in my mind I was just like, Oh, I just need to go do it. Wasn’t relatable. Yeah, it was. Yeah. I wasn’t on level one. He’s on level a hundred. Right. So like I can’t even see, there’s so much distance between minute. So yeah.

Speaker 4: (07:19)
No. So then, and we’ll talk about this, but I have like a million questions that have now started to turn. But, um, I guess going kind of slowing this down, like if you were to look at that first year rep, cause everybody’s kind of coming home from the summer, um, you know, they’re trying to figure out their plans for next year. The do I do what it gain, you know, I only made 10 grand or how they made 50, 20 grand and if I would have no normal job, you know, and they kind of put themselves in this decision making time right now. And you know, a lot of people were like, there’s no way I’ll ever do this job again. Or, or, or they’re getting offers from other companies or whatever it is. And I think that looking back, if you were to give that advice, knowing what you know now to that rep,

Speaker 2: (08:02)
what would you tell? That’s a good question. Oh, me. Oh, I thought you were asking. I’m asking you.  I was going to say, I think that the, the one thing that I would, from my experience now from who I am now, and if I could go back in time to speed up my process, it would be my, my emotional and mental state. That’s the only thing that’s different, you know, for me. And so like the pitch didn’t change my edge. Now I have a 300 level pitch. Like, like I’m being honest, it’s crashed. It is. No, but it’s, it’s uh, it, the pitch didn’t change. It’s, and from when I, you know, I’ve gotten a little bit better with my soft skills from, from my first day knocking until now obviously. But the biggest difference is if I could somehow take everything I’ve learned about keeping my mental space where it’s at and ready and hungry every single day and like injected into my past self. Like that’s, that’s what would I know that I’d be doing 920,000 from day one at that point. So that’s like the biggest difference in my point. So that makes me wonder actually, because it’s kind of a pattern that I think we see is they’re really only a 300 level pitch. Oh, is that it?

Speaker 3: (09:27)
I think there’s a, the wise speak speak to us, right? I mean,

Speaker 2: (09:34)
a lot of people say that. They’ll say, Oh my, my pitches would get anyone to 300 would get anybody to three 50 Josh soon ago says that. I’m sure Brigham feels the exact same way. So yeah, from then all the way on it’s mental and emotional, you know. So I literally, yesterday I’m at dinner with uh, Josh, uh, Oh my gosh, Sutherland who did our audit, 118 we just talked about seven different Josh’s

Speaker 3: (10:04)
like, I’m like, nah. Uh, no. So he did a 180

Speaker 2: (10:08)
10 alarms in a week, which is, which is insane, right? In a week. In a week. Yeah. Crap. But yeah,

Speaker 3: (10:17)
that’s going to be really loud if it is. No. So you do the math

Speaker 2: (10:21)
and it was interesting because he gets hit up like, Hey, can you come do a sales training or this and that. He doesn’t, you know, that seems like I run a security company. Like I’m not going to do that. But he’s so funny cause he’s like how much they pay you Sam to go train him on his cell and this and that. And I’m like quite a bit. And, but it was funny cause I’m like, what I’m trying to get them to realize is they just need to work harder. Like, or they just need to actually shift their mentality and like, you know, and they pay me good money to tell them that. So maybe I’m killing my mother

Speaker 3: (10:48)
business model.  hold on.  no, but it’s funny, like I’m super okay the

Speaker 2: (10:56)
book, like, because he’s like, if they just figured out how to actually work with their time and their management and their soft skills are okay, but I mean at the end of the day, my pitch is the same as you’re saying. And you know what I mean? Like, yeah. Um, so it’s funny that we say that because it’s not just the one industry that’s saying it’s other, even industry assure people have also quoted that. Me, you heard it last night. You know what I mean? Well, it’s hilarious because everyone, like people hit me up on Instagram, Facebook like, Hey and be like, you did amazing this summer. Can I pick your brain can like, and people are always asking for the secret and it’s like, I mean, I hate to be, Oh, the secret is there is no secret. No. If the secret is like, I dunno, it’s, it’s interesting because yes, it’s work ethic.

Speaker 2: (11:37)
Like everyone hates that because they’re like, Oh, I don’t want to work harder. You know, you can always where I am working hard  I am working with a question that I challenge that challenge that. Yeah. Um, so there’s that, but it’s also just, there’s so many just mental hacks and like, I think that biggest thing for me and Kellen this year was just like, well, a like belief like we got, we were 100%. We just believed that we can throw down big numbers. But the other thing was like really, and the biggest thing for me, I don’t want to speak for Kellen, but like being able to control yourself conscious was nuts and just like, and also like with that said, focus like we were so focused, there was no like it people, some people probably don’t enjoy me during the summer because like people, people, people want to, people are calling me, they need help with area.

Speaker 2: (12:29)
I’m not looking around trying to find where the area is. I say screenshot me and your area like I’m not, I’m like, you can’t take me off the doors. Like I’m so focused like we, we just have like morning meditation. Everything is just, it’s just interesting cause people are like mindset. Like, Oh I’m going to tell myself I’m going to sell seven a day and all of a sudden it’s gonna happen. No Andy, that doesn’t work. No Sam, that doesn’t work. So you know what I’m saying? So what about the rep that’s like, maybe I’m just not cut out for this. How many of those guys you get? You know what I mean? You might have reps in your office that are like that. I’m sure you’ve managed reps like that. They’re like, maybe I’m just met. I’m not meant for this. Maybe I, you know, you’re built for this.

Speaker 2: (13:08)
I’m not like, what would you tell that rep? So I get that a lot. Like even with people in my family who are like, Oh like Kellen you were just built different. You are just, your mind works different than everybody else. And it quite frankly pisses me off cause it almost takes away what I’ve been able to do. It’s like, Oh you, you were just born this way so you don’t really count. You know, you’re an outlier in I think a really what’s happened is just so much I’ve been able to put so much time into develop, developing myself and my mind and my emotion that I’ve been able to reap some rewards. Right? There’s so much more out there that we can do and like we haven’t even tapped into like why is the 2000 summer off the board? You know like we have, Josh is going to do 15 right?

Speaker 2: (13:58)
Nobody thought you could do that before now. So like why, you know, we just, there’s so much more we can push forward. And so when I have a rep who’s like, maybe I’m not cut out for this. I think it’s hard because you can’t force them to have some introspection. But like that’s what needs to happen. They need to ask themselves, okay, like, am I doing, am I saying this because I want the easy way out or do I really feel like, I don’t know because I’m not gonna say that somebody has to do door to door, you know, for their whole life. They don’t want to do it. If you want to succeed like you can. And it’s like some people will be like, yeah, well I’m trying really hard, this, that and the other. And it’s, it’s hard with those reps. But the question that you have to ask, like, are you waking up early?

Speaker 2: (14:45)
Are you training? Are you writing, making notes during the day? Hey, I’m not good at this. Are you video critiquing? Like you’ll watch sometimes. I remember, well, I went off on a tangent. Um, but it’s just some were actually like trying really hard on the doors, but it’s like, dude, if you would have done, if you could take a half hour where you don’t make any money and because of that, be able to up your growth, like to up those eight hours in the new world when you are making money, if you could make 50% more, it’s like a half hour and just all the small little things like don’t just roll out of bed onto the door. So it’s interesting in case you were like the small little things like he quoted my podcast, which you know what I mean? Like no, but you, you’ve even mentioned it. You’re like, Oh that was on this episode or I know this about, you know, and it’s not that you’re trying to, it’s you know that you’re studying.

Speaker 2: (15:36)
It’s like, well why does the thousand account guy get obsessed about learning yet? It’s so hard to get a hundred account guys to go do it. Like even reading, it’s dry. As you’re telling me, I am doing the little things like reading instead of, you know, meditation and getting up and it’s like, wait a minute, there’s a correlation here. You do those and then it’ll help you. Yeah. Um, so I think I love that. Um, essentially, yeah, it’s kinda like the Pope or the prophet, the PO, whoever. I mean the Pope reads the Bible probably more than anybody, you know, like, well yeah, that’s his position, but at the same time probably hasn’t memorized, you know, but the average person who’s religious, how often did they touch scripture? You know, it just, yeah, that blows my mind because you have those guys who go out and get their, their face kicked in all day and they’re willing to do that, but they won’t take, like you said, 30 30 minutes out of their flipping day to then make their next eight hours way better emotionally, physically and financially.

Speaker 2: (16:34)
I think it’s, cause they don’t, and they don’t tie the two together. Like, if you can, if you can draw that and make someone see that, alright, you put in the extra work in the morning and then the extra work in the evening where you aren’t getting paid. And if I’m going to tell you and if they’re able to make that connection that Hey, I’ll make more money because of that time, but I’m not that I’m spending preparing for work and training. Like I think once they make that connection, it’s easy because I firmly believe, I tell everybody this, I firmly believe anyone can do this job. Like if you are a sound mind and you have a good work ethic, like you can, you can do this job right? Like it’s, but it depends. It takes a lot of, I a lot of creating the person, like really working on yourself to get good at it.

Speaker 2: (17:23)
So like even lumberjacks, even lumberjacks. Yeah. No. So check this up now. You said a few things. You said something that was really important. If they want it, they can get it. And I think that there’s a lot of people that never come to wanting success in this job. And I think that, you know, if you’re, if I’m speaking to the, you know, if you’re listening to this, I’m kind of gearing this to that rep did like maybe didn’t have the best summer, it didn’t hit their goal or isn’t like, you know what I mean? They’re, they’re like, I, I retreated. You know, the worst is when you do less than you did the summer before. And there’s those people listening like, God dang, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m has been or whatever. Yeah. Um, no, but that’s happened. I’ve had that. And so it’s like you, you’ve got to want to succeed and that’s the problem I think that, you know, or like you said, anyone can do this job well.

Speaker 2: (18:16)
Yeah. Like I could send my little five year old daughter door to door and she could do the job. Right. But there’s a difference between doing the job and becoming a professional at the job. Does that make sense? Like, in my opinion, it’s like this is a profession for me that I’ve want to like embody and master. And I think that, you know, when you say like anybody can do it and you’ve got to want it. If you want it, you can have it. Where I think what happens is people don’t spend time building the want. Does that make sense? Like it’s like I’m doing a lack of commitment. Yeah. Like it’s 100% a lack of commitment. You talked to those guys and it’s like, Hey, let’s role play it. Sometimes those guys don’t even, they don’t even, they don’t know that. It’s not even that they don’t want it. They don’t, they don’t know the pitch. And you’re like, dude, what? Yeah, what did I miss? It’s like, what do you mean that’s what you’re doing? Like I was doing preseason and I did 20 accounts previous season, like shadow Vegas.

Speaker 2: (19:15)
It was snowing places just burn cases and counts. And Vegas is great. Like, I don’t want some, someone’s going to be like, wait, you’re going to Vegas? Um, but yeah, like some, some rookies were like, Hey Andy, like we sh I had a nightmare day increase these now. Like, Oh my goodness, I didn’t even know that was part of your 21 of them were in one half of a day. Yeah. Not two days. But like I went and met with them. They’re like, Hey, can we go meet with you? And I’m like, yeah, if you guys want to meet up at 7:00 AM I will because I wasn’t going to lose my time on the doors. So I met with them at seven and they’re all sitting around. I’m like, okay, let’s hear your pitch. And it was like these guys hopefully in headed from our listening, um, these guys didn’t have the, they didn’t have the pitch.

Speaker 2: (19:57)
They’re going around, why am I only getting, I just got my first sale. It’s like, why am I not, it’s like, dude, the commitment level just isn’t there. They don’t want it. Like they don’t want it hard enough. They don’t, you know what I’m saying? It’s like me before my first summer dude. Like, I just drive the car and you know what? Eight and two, you know where you’re holding the steering wheel. Um, Hey there. How’s it going? Smiling head nodding. I’m driving on the freeway. I remember practicing my initial pitch. I didn’t know any, that was the only part of the pitch I knew and I going up to the summary of the initial pitch and drive in with my wife to, we had $700 to our name. We were like four weeks married to drive in San Diego. Two grand a month in rent, you know, didn’t know.

Speaker 2: (20:39)
I figured it as burned the bridge. I figured I was going to be good, you know, but like I show up, I literally memorized the rest of the pitch the night before I knew but I knew resolve base close. That’s when my regional Tasha was helping me with in like we’re driving and I’m driving with, my wife has has the iPad and she says not interested and I my rebuttal, you know, resolve A’s clothes. Then she’s, can I have a card? Is it safe for my pets? And it was just like, this is, this is me and rookie and I were driving out and like that was, that was the entertainment, you know what I’m saying? Spotter. And it was just like I was and I didn’t, I didn’t. So funny story, I only knocked the afternoon. My first day started knocking 2:00 PM I only knocked like five and a half hours and I got five sales and everyone was like, dude, Oh my goodness.

Speaker 2: (21:23)
Like everyone thought I was like the chosen child. And I did, I did. Then my wife got pregnant nine weeks into being married. Um, and it was just kind of just really hard. Really interesting. I did two 27 my first year and that’s kind of the interesting thing with me and Kellen, same thing with Josh, like the other two, 1000 level rep to have did this year. Like Cameron and, or sorry, Kim Chandler and Brad, um, they both broke the rookie record their first year. They were the golden children who were just like, did something. I did two 27 like, that was awesome. I went home feeling like a, like a rock star with Steph Curry’s story. It’s instead of a little wrong, it’s like Sam or, yeah, they were born in middle school. You’re like, that guy’s next mind for Jordan, darkest Steph Curry and kinda like, Oh shit is like, where did he go?

Speaker 2: (22:12)
Where’d he go? I didn’t even know you were in the NBA five years.  you’re the bit, but like, were you kind of the whole wrap back around is like, like with, at least speaking from me, like you’d just be committed. Like every year I did (220) 740-7507 1,004 like it just, there’s not, you don’t go home without hitting your goal. You just don’t like, I’m taking online classes this semester I was planning on knocking up to my wife by way of, she’s pregnant, having a baby in two weeks. I was going to nine to I, Oh Hey the 20th 23  cool. Yeah. Like in those boring moments where like I need to get out of this room. No, I know I’m going. Um, but like basically I was, I was my, my goal was hit a thousand before the baby comes because if not I’ll stay home for a week and then I’m flying back out to Florida. Do what it takes to do it. There was nothing that was going to get in my way from hitting a thousand. Like I had a plan like I had, I had a mapped out. And did you have that plan? Okay. Cause here’s, here’s the interesting cause when I had like a big pop, I went from like one 67 to two 98 I’ll say that cause it brings me back.

Speaker 2: (23:29)
Yeah we’ll get there. We’ll get there. No, but I mean here’s the thing, like I didn’t even think 300 like in my head it was like my goal is to get 200 this year. Was your goal like cause you had a big pop. Yeah. Where’s it like undressing to do it that one.

Speaker 3: (23:46)
Like you were committed to that prior to even going out. You’re talking about the 500 to a thousand yeah. Like 100% or even the summer they, it was already something. It was funny because, was that the same with Yukon? Like no, no, not at all.  my 400 if I didn’t get to 600 that’s a way. Good jealousy. That’s the thing is that was even hard cause that’s who, that was more my story maybe too far there. Yeah. Maybe two fifth after the first week I was like,

Speaker 2: (24:13)
okay, well Andy throws down a 40 week his first week and I was like, I’ve never thrown it on. I hadn’t either. And we both were like, you have like 37 my best, my bet. My 500 summer, my best week ever was 37 mine was a like a 31 which is awesome. Like that’s the thing. Yeah, no, yeah, it really is. But I had a 40 week Kaelin’s driving up and he’s like, do Andy, what the heck you would have 40 week like is Tampa the golden area? And I was like, um, yeah dude, it’s great. Can we get to yes. No. And I just, I hate to lose. I hate to not so much. Did you give him, do you pay him

Speaker 3: (24:51)
like an undergrad? You’re like famous for just being an X to me. You actually brought me up a lot. That’s what I’m saying. In one

Speaker 2: (24:57)
he started, he threw down to 40 weeks. So the next week I went out and I sold over 40 and I was like, well the problem is we had a lot of from the get go we were opening up a branch and there’s, there was some  we did on too many accounts. Have you been given? Hired an it service. Pretty good problem to have. But anyways, so we were throwing, I started throwing down and then my first day I did seven on a half day and I was like that’s pretty good. Six that day I was pissed. Yeah. I worked the full day two and then and then after that it was just 10 every day. Like just no matter what I’m at. Yeah. Cause once I did seven I was like Whoa, three more. It’s not that big of a deal. Like let’s just just do 10 that’s just closer to me.

Speaker 2: (25:38)
People who I know that they, they’re out there. So I just went and did and then it was just 10 off for that. But I try, I give a lot of credit to Andy just being both of us having the huge goal and being in the same team, like skill sharpens steel. Oh yeah. Also like there was a little bit of a difference between me and Kellen. Like from the year before I did 500 counted 400. Um, but like my 500 is like I was no one questioned. Like I was doing every single thing I could. Like I was, I was, I, so last summer I would take 30 minute lunches. This year I went more extreme. I took 20 minute lunches and it was like, I’m like timing stuff

Speaker 3: (26:21)
sometimes my is my shortest. It’s like she wants to give my shortest Lynch this and yet right there, just straight

Speaker 2: (26:27)
four, four minutes while driving to save the cancel in the master’s championship was my shortest Lynch neither for nor there. Um, but like Carolyn, one of the big things that Kellen was good, he was a really good seller. But he was totally selling themselves short. He wasn’t the best at selling on Saturdays. He wasn’t the best dad. He kind of accepted that. Hey, yeah we were, we were in Fort Lauderdale and I, I love to spend time with my wife, right? Like we want wanna I want to make sure she’s having a good time. But that was all just thinks use. It was just like, yeah, like I’ll go hit 400 and it wasn’t that big of a deal to hit 400. Cause I, I took two hour lunches every single day. I got on the doors by 10 30, 10 45 every day. And then my Saturdays were just crap, I’ll go sell like one or two and then just be like, all right, peace out.

Speaker 2: (27:12)
So this year, like first Saturday, so 10, it was like, it pissed me off so bad. I sold like five in my first hour and a half and I bagel the other what, four, four and a half hours a day. And I was like, Kellen, meanwhile goes slim down to 10 day but like to Kevin’s um, you know, kinda Pat and Kellen on the back leg. Kaelin, one of the big differences from Kellen poppin from 400 900 like there are things you can do different. Like they’re just are it D I don’t care how hard you think you’re going. Like you’d be like, dude, like this. Yeah, this is the hardest job. Great. Who cares? Like you can go harder. You, there are things you can do different, you can get on the doors earlier it, you know, talking to other industries like, Oh, you know, decision makers are how before, you know, decision makers aren’t home till five. Well you said something in that meeting and probably because I think a lot of people skipped over. I had 14 before lunch. You know, it’s like dude, people are decision makers home. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (28:12)
yeah, right. But I’m just saying keep going and I just wanted to point that out cause I think a lot of people have this belief system. Like when you’re saying I go harder and there’s opportunity for that. Well, you know, people make the excuse like you did with the wife. It’s like the mornings, like I’m not gonna work hard in the morning zones home. It’s like, so w one of the things with me like sure, I think like, yeah, I’ll make the argument that like, Oh yeah, mindset like mindset is 100% they’re like, that is, I have like three things that I attribute my big jump to and like, you know, attitude, mindset, like dad is 100% one of them like controlling your subconscious. Awesome. But dude, I know I told best this summer, I said, I will, I will active act as the biggest door door pest control company.

Speaker 2: (28:55)
I said, I guarantee you that I will not more doors than anyone else for summer. And he was like, Oh, she probably doesn’t even remember that conversation where at the gym. Like, you know, this talking to 500 level rep like, I was great, but like I wasn’t, you know what I’m saying? Um, and I, I not 27 that was in doors December. Okay. We have to pause. We have to take a moment on that because there are so many people in and door to door who think they knock a lot of doors. So I want this moment to really sink in. Yeah. 27,000 doors by one person in just four months. So if you’re in roofing, does that solar, is that  those doors? Yeah. So, and I know some people are like, Oh yeah, well I market different like if they’re not home I don’t Mark it.

Speaker 2: (29:44)
It’s like still, that’s fine. Like, I mean call me out if I’m wrong, like at  I would, I told my wife and like I get emotional about it too. I’m like, dude. And I once again, I’m not, I don’t want to call anyone out. Like if I’m wrong, I’m wrong. Like this is just my personal believe it. But it’s like I truly believe that I was the hardest door to door salesman. I worked the, I worked the hardest in the whole industry. I said back, my wife’s name is better than my Beck. I am the, I’m in the hardest job out there. Like this is the hardest job. And I’m the hardest worker in the industry. And it’s like, I wasn’t saying like, Oh yeah, it’s about my chest, but it’s like I’m having a rough time that I need some help that I’m less conditioned.

Speaker 2: (30:28)
Cause my wife, she’d go pick up my sandwich. I eat the same thing every single day for lunch, like literally the exact same thing. And so it’s like I, my wife, she’d have to go before the morning meeting to go pick up my sandwich cause they looked the exact same stuff we say much and she brings it home. My bed’s like speeding ticket teriyaki. No, dude, it’s like you’re just trying to  it’s like, okay, that’s okay. Yeah. But it’s got into it that, you know, fit. But it’s like that huge shout out to my wife. Like she was a big help to me. Get your lunch she was talking about with you area. She, well no, she should take it back. She would be, she’d have to come back before I left for the morning. Like geez. Yeah. And it was like she’d packed my lunch like it was, it’s like, Hey, during the summer, no, but I did kid.

Speaker 2: (31:15)
No, just, I don’t want it. But 27,200 a day average. Nope. What is it? If I knock 200 doors in a day, dude, it’s like, why wasn’t I knocking enough doors like my average to 275, 300 dude, I take it, I take it. I mean, I don’t want to go off. No, no, but, but this is important. That’s very important though, because it goes back to, I’m going to challenge your work ethic. I’m going to challenge your hard work. I’m going to say, let’s challenge this real quick. And people like, I hear it all the time. Hey guys, go knock a hundred doors a day. I’m like, dude, let me challenge a hundred. I could knock a hundred before lunch if you really wanted to. Oh, every single day. If you don’t, if you don’t hit 150% pledge ready, you know, I just ordered today 40, um, mini segues. Yeah. Do you ride that? Is that where you  he’s got like, I’ve got like, Oh, can I bring that kid? We will pause another plug. Um, we’re going to have custom ones for celery make DDT segues dope. Dope. Second thing is we want to invite everyone with a segue or picking a day and we’re have a segue music videos or like don’t like a sick dude. He add 100% of the conference. I didn’t know that. And we just saw

Speaker 3: (32:40)
this touch going to be like, so I figured, let’s do this segue add. This is, this is my garage right now. That’s six of them. Yes. One did I see garages? Rural isn’t one of those in this  I’ve got more

Speaker 2: (32:53)
like one of my, my cousin who I, who I sell with Dillon stone. Um, Ken, when need you, I’m, I’m usually have you, I bring them all through on the mitral segway license. Get a flat tire. It’s not worth my time to face. It’s not worth distress. I buy a newer, like legit, I have two iPads. I have like eight segways. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (33:11)
Oh, be careful. You’re not knocking enough doors. If you don’t know if they get flat tires  Oh shoot, a pressor shouldn’t be in plugged in here.

Speaker 2: (33:27)
Put slime in your tires and they won’t give

Speaker 3: (33:31)
so, but I’m  in my have to

Speaker 2: (33:36)
had like, and that’s why I like I worked hard as like there’s the whole grit Pardot and like Oh you got, you got someone rear-ended into you. Like you had a part of that you could, you didn’t have to be running five minutes late. The whole thing. Like I had multiple segues so that way if I had a problem, I just have another one. Yeah, I, you know, I had two iPads on two different data plans. One Verizon, one T-Mobile. So that way if I didn’t get good service in one neighborhood with this iPad, I just switched to the other iPad. It’s because I’ll have good service on network. It’s just like people are like, yeah, I’m still committed to the job. And it’s like great. Like there are ways mind blown right now. This is probably the coolest, cool moment of duty podcast. I’m just serious and big shout out to Cal Rose for .

Speaker 3: (34:22)
No, but again, legs out of that like, and I’m sorry if I’m getting emotional about it, but I’m getting to show that that’s what, no, that’s why I’m

Speaker 4: (34:28)
like it’s so many people and I, and if you’re listening, it’s what’s the passion spoken behind what Andy’s saying is what I want to hear. And he says, I’m so committed. I bought two iPods. I’m so committed that it’s like, I’m not going to like take an afternoon to fix a tire. Like Amazon is going to deliver it to my house. And two, you know what I mean? Like I think people, I think this is the best way put, um, what it takes to be Uber successful in this job. And I think that many times people think they hit their limit, but it’s like, no. Like, do you have two segues?

Speaker 2: (35:10)
You know what I mean? Or did you, you, you haven’t knocked up doors and not know. There’s segue pop. Yeah, they get flat. I think it’s even worth like when when you have one person get that obsessive, it’s contagious. Right. So like at the beginning of the summer I like, I was like, dandy, you’re crazy dude. Like I’m just going to do my thing and like, and I was doing good. I was selling a sunlit crazy, but cause you could have wrote him off to be the crazy weirdo and you’re to play the cool kid of like, dude, you can do this in different ways. Cool. For school, for school. That’s not what I’m here for.

Speaker 2: (35:46)
percent. Oh he’s way too obsessive. But that’s also you telling yourself it’s your self conscious. Zack, you don’t believe in yourself a trail. It got to the point though where, you know, middle of the summer I had a mishap with a segway or an iPad. What was it? It was what I had you as your car. Oh my hell yeah. Mines. Carpets. Yeah, like Clark big issue. Like it, my car blew up basically and I had to raise it middle of the neighborhood pissed me off. And so then because of his like obsessive nature to be prepared like good boys told you’re the day you’re talking about your car got towed and you want him to go home afterwards and you’re like, dude, what the heck? And you went and slept seven after lunch because you had to go pay your $250 to get your car back and instead of going home and just writing it off as essential, skipped lunch and went and sold.

Speaker 2: (36:36)
Yeah, dude, mine. I left in the neighborhood for a week. I pushed it to the curb and let other than the neighborhood for a week and just scooters. I’m not a sick like I’m preset. I know about your raising suits, razor scooter to the neighborhood next to the apartments for the week and then I was like, Oh I should probably, I called the customer and said they’d take that car and do something with it. Whether you keep it or fix it and buy it back, you’re like, I’m not. I just need to do something done, run out of the area. I’m in a ride farther every day to my hood and my scooter. But

Speaker 5: (37:12)
your thing in your car. I mean, you kind of have a, David Goggins approached a little bit, right?

Speaker 2: (37:17)
Oh, is this obsessive messing me up? Like yes. But that I can’t listen to. That book messed me up. My hardest. We get December was acting that after listening to that book, I listened to that book over the weekend. Yeah, I’m obsessive. Instead of taking a nap, I’d lay next to my wife with an air pod in listen to that book. But the problem was he got me to punt. Sorry, I don’t get into that too, but it was like, good. That was a rough week because I was ready to, to go like beat somebody up like, yeah, yeah, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll get into that.

Speaker 5: (37:47)
Is that, that will be a highlight, but what I’m seeing with you is, you know, that was an opportunity and David Goggins talks about Kelsey in your mind. Right. And you can see you, you don’t choose if you’re going to counsel it or not. You’re always counseling your mind either for something or  and that would have been a perfect moment to couch your mind against a hard thing and say anytime something happens at this level, I’m used to calling that a day, we’re wrapping it up.

Speaker 2: (38:13)
And also it was, it was a point where I was like, okay, I made a commitment that I wasn’t going to be, you know, I wasn’t gonna give myself a cop out. I wasn’t going to go the other direction at the beginning of the summer and that was when the light switch. So I was like, this is why Andy has six segues, you know, this is why Andy has two iPads cause I was like clicked. I was like yeah, like I mean he pays, I don’t know how much money you’ve paid and segues and I, my segues are going to be cheaper than the segues. Yeah, we know we will do religion and it’s like I’ll take eight. Yeah, I’m just showing up to go code Sam Taggart knowing I guess that moment was where the light bulb switch and I was like, okay, like I’m, I’m cool with being obsessive.

Speaker 2: (38:55)
I’m cool with this because I go out and slim more deals because of it. And it also was a turning point where I stopped. I had always gotten on the doors early. You know, I, I want to beat everyone on the team. So I was always on the doors by 10 10 every, every morning. But then it got to the point where I would keep on going higher and higher because the competition comes around. It’s so by competition. I’m like eating mornings at seven 15 in competition because we get on the flip and doors and then we get on the doors by eight or eight 30 VM the doors by eight 30 I’d be on the doors by like nine 50 you know, cause I’ve got just finishing some stuff up. But that’s cool though. That’s where I got my extra time where, cause I, you know, I like to take at least the an hour lunch.

Speaker 2: (39:40)
But I knew that if I got an extra hour in the morning, I’m okay taking into wash. Cause the other people that I’ve never talked to before, cause there’s people who are heading out the door, you know, they’re like, Oh I don’t get home til 10 o’clock tonight. It was a, it was a switchover from who? Madison. Remember that day dude tell him Killen’s getting a sale ass. I’m like, I’m just like pulling out my segway, pumping up one of my tires and Kellen’s like Vox out the first sale of the day cause there’s three at a time. Like you know, we are our team. Like we were just so excited about the cup. We took second in the cup, boom. We didn’t win, but it was like we were just, we like, we wanted it, you know, like no. Okay. So we gotta to kind of wrap up. I’ve got a random rapid fire.

Speaker 2: (40:25)
Some questions. Okay. So let’s keep them short. Okay. I’m sorry you mentioned no, no, no. But you mentioned this over pumped and there’s this interest in principal and mother talks about this on a podcast. From a sales perspective, you can get too hyped to where it hurts you or you could be under hyped. Talk to me about that. Who are you asking? I think Andy you, cause you talked, you brought it up at the garden so it got me over. Yeah. So listen to David Goggins like can’t hurt me. Like that book is  but also that your band, you said I couldn’t listen to a song. It’s not a band. It’s an artist.

Speaker 3: (41:02)
Radio podcasts now.

Speaker 2: (41:07)
Yeah. So cute. Shout out. He’s my guy because he wraps with so much. Like I ma, I love lyricists. He’s, yeah, that’s, do I need to quit saying that is either you’re there. That’s a sales line. Okay. That sounds like an F to C. you know, he’s, he wrapped with so much passion and emotion that it’s like I can’t, I can’t listen to him during the summer. I NF, I can’t listen to her during the summer because like it just, it throws me off my whack if I get, if I get, you know, if you bounce a ball super high, it’s, you know, that has it as farther to come down as well. So it’s like with me, it’s like if you can just, I shout out to zip FES, um, hashtag  tag or coats, name tag or I drink this. I don’t do, I don’t do bang or anything like that.

Speaker 2: (41:57)
I do. Um, I do, I have three set fits a day. I haven’t met big, basically the same time of the day. Like I just have the same thing to keep going, but it’s, I can’t listen. I can’t, I drive, I drive out either listening to impractical jokers, like something to laugh while I’m doing stuff. I can’t listen to music because I’ll get emotionally tied to it. I can’t listen. I can’t listen to books because they pumped me up too much. I get too passionate, you know? And so I like have to kind of like calm yourself. So, why am I, how does that spill over onto the doors? Like when you go on the doors, you are too pumped up. How did that accident anxiety for you? It’s like you’re 45 minutes in and you’re like, dude, I still don’t have a sale. You’re really high strung. And it’s like, and you’re just like, and people are like, they people open the door. Like, Oh, you know, imagine they’re making breakfast. And I’m like, Oh who’s that? Oh maybe it’s, you know, it’s probably the delivery

Speaker 3: (42:57)
so the thing is like on the door

Speaker 2: (43:02)
where it’s like I’m super laid back. Like people don’t feel threatened by me at all. Like  which is interesting cause I’m, I’m passionate but like I just have to like take a step back. And so I can’t do those things because if I do I will, it’ll be too much. And you know, if I don’t have a sale within my first hour, like, you know, I started getting geography, you know what I’m saying? Like that. And so I don’t know. No, I think that if, I think the goal

Speaker 4: (43:26)
of a top performer is to maintain a consistent emotion throughout the day. It’s a customer can get you fired up, you know, types of energy, food, drink, um, you know what I mean? And it’s saying, I know where my energetic state needs to play at in order for me to really resonate with the customer and maintain a drive that just keeps me fricking

Speaker 2: (43:49)
the Hungary one. One funny thing is like, like if you take a nap, dude, some people take naps during lunch and like if you do that, it’s fine, but it’s like you still groggy, you afterwards, you eat a big lunch. That’s why at the same lunch every day, I don’t like that groggy feeling that heavy. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. It’s kinda like Kyle, Kyle Nielsen talks about this too. But it’s, it’s where, yeah, your emotional state needs to be level because if you get way too pumped on having a three day or something or a four or five day, if you’re a rookie or whatever, and then that just like raises you emotionally to a really high state and then you hit one the next day. I’m still those valleys way harder. You bounce the ball super high and then if it has a lot farther to fall than if it was just the normal balance.

Speaker 2: (44:31)
Yeah. You can’t be a crazy parabola of just, you know, emotions up and down. Do you need to be level? Yep. Not over celebrate and not get too down. You need to be in the middle. This weird, the sad thing about it is, and this the way I view it, which I think is a little bit pessimistic, but it’s like I’m constantly, constantly unsatisfied. No, but it’s, you know, it’s blissfully unsatisfied as the term. Like I’m happy with what I’ve done. Like, you know, Oak Hill and the other 900 like I’m happy. Sure. But same time and yeah, I’m not satisfied and like I have, you know, they’re, that’s where I think the consistent uphill can go is where you’re always reaching for more, always hungry for a little bit more. I think that’s where it can be a consistent of appeal thing instead of these, Oh, I had a 15 day and then I had a five

Speaker 4: (45:22)
in the book max out. He talks about this blissfully unsatisfied kind of principle and a lot of peak performers would actually stops him is they say, I don’t want myself to get satisfied. I don’t want myself to get fulfilled or feel happy about my success. Because then the second I feel happy about my success, I’ll then slow down. But that’s backwards. Or it’s a false belief because it’s like you can feel great about yourself. They can coexist, they can coexist. It’s not a diff or this, it’s this end this and letting that coexist. Because too often we don’t let ourselves actually feel good about our results and we never have joy. You know what I mean? It’s being able to feel joy and fulfillment, but along the way be unsatisfied. So I think that that’s an interesting principle and I really liked, sorry. What we did is

Speaker 2: (46:12)
try to interject one thing. Kevin had the biggest week of the summer, this inactive history. He serviced 82 or 80, sorry E I serve as 82 in a week.

Speaker 3: (46:24)
I did, I didn’t find days. I didn’t work six days, neither here nor there. Shut up, but so kill him.

Speaker 2: (46:33)
Kevin Killen breaks the record for that and it was like, here’s a fist bump. And he’s like, yeah, it feels good. But that is the record. It was five 85  82 to prison by Brad T tied it in broken. Well, no, I hit it later. Um, but it was like Kevin was excited about it, but it was like, you know, we went to the beach and this kind of like, yeah, there’s probably more to be had in the intro. What I turned into a point, why didn’t I do the point that I was gonna make is that like a couple of weekends later we went to Disneyland with the misses and he was talking to me about like, I need my a hundred miles or I need my a hundred a week. Where’s my a hundred week? And it was like, it was like, dude, he had, he holds the record. Yeah. And he wanted 111, but you know what I’m saying? And so it just kind of like a newsflash, I didn’t get in so he didn’t blissfully  yeah. And that’s why we have another, you know, 2020, 2020, I mean 2020s coming. So

Speaker 4: (47:30)
if you’re listening to this and we kinda gotta wrap up, but um, one, rewind this to meet Andy just cause he’s a cool,

Speaker 3: (47:38)
okay. You can just tell them like, I just love it. You’re cool. It’s funny. I would just like  so yeah. Actually you grabbed me really quick

Speaker 2: (47:53)
before you wrap it there. Um, I wanna I wanna say like, I mean there are some companies that I can even recruit away from because of non-competes cause I’m an active. Um, and there are some people who it’s like they want to talk with big hitters, but it’s just, um, you don’t want to get recruited away like, sure. Hey, I’ll try to recruit you. Like I’d be an idiot if I did it, if you want to talk to me. But the thing is like my Instagram is Andy Holmes, 1994 my phone number.

Speaker 3: (48:20)
No, I’ll give you a run for it. I know, but, but

Speaker 4: (48:23)
I, I do think that there is a place for you to be like, Hey, I’m here to help and  on the podcast.

Speaker 2: (48:29)
Okay, well, yeah, all I’m saying is like, if anyone wants to reach out to me, you know, my name’s Andy Holmes, like Facebook, Instagram, like reach out to me and, and I, I want to help out, you know, I might be able to give you a few pointers and I’m not the greatest seller, but it’s,

Speaker 4: (48:45)
yeah, no, no. And I think that, and I appreciate you guys and what you’ve done so far, even on the podcast, I really have like in, and I appreciate you saying like that was the mission of the whole movement. You know what I mean? The Facebook group and being able to comment and support and the in the podcast and the event and door to door con and you know, just unifying this space. So I appreciate you saying that. I mean, that’s the mission is to unify up level, bring honor, integrity, this passion of yours to the space. I mean, that’s like what we are doing. So I love meeting people like you guys, that it’s like great. It’s validating to know that there’s out there. Yeah. You know what I mean? They’re there, they’re in it and it’s grown. It wasn’t like you were in middle school going, I wanna wake up one day, it’d be a thousand accounts.

Speaker 3: (49:34)
You know, it’s like, I’m going to go to college, get a job.

Speaker 4: (49:37)
I mean, and never use the degree. Yeah. And, and, and I think that that’s something a lot of people don’t accept that maybe they had it in their mind to be some picture perfect. Like this is what my life should look through or like, but if the second they can, except maybe door to door is the vehicle that gets me my dreams and goals and, and ahead in life and, and saying it wasn’t how I imagined it in my head, but it was the vehicle that actually got me what I had imagined in my head, which was financial freedom, you know, a good lifestyle, a great, you know what I mean? And I think that it’s fun to meet young, um, hustlers like you guys that are, it’s like you’re kind of entering into this another element or another league. It’s like, welcome to the big league

Speaker 3: (50:21)
guys. Congratu congratulations, you made it. But, but you know, Tim Grover who’s speaking at DDD con

Speaker 4: (50:28)
and his book relentless, he talks about the cleaners, the cooler or the coolers, the cleaners and the closers. Right? I don’t feel you guys have read this. And he’s like, what’s the difference between the the cleaners and the and the closers, which the cleaners are like the Michael Jordans of the world. He’s like a cleaner, a closer can win a championship, a cleaner wins, many championships. My invitation would be don’t let this be like a onetime cool, you want it. He did it. He hit the golden door. So this is the start of becoming the cleaner, which is I have many championships. I, I created a legacy. So I think a lot of people listening, hopefully that’s some good advice on your end. But I also like my

Speaker 2: (51:11)
2 cents, 2 cents to you guys may actually want to give him a line a little bit there too is like we were talking one day, I dunno, the closer to the end of the summer and, and the question was posed like, cool. So after the summer you guys have a big summer, are you going to do it again? And my immediate response was like, well it’s not, I’m not doing anything different. I’m still working. Still knocking on doors. Yeah. And this time I’m selling more. So why would I ever slow down if Kellen sold 500 accounts or 400 accounts makes him or serviced. I mean like imagine he’s still doing the same food, he’s still giving up four months. Like why not do the best? And I think that’s something to hold on to for everyone as well as like if you’re going to go out be the very best, you know like really shatter records, like go crazy, be obsessive, get, get a little bit of Andy’s passion and harness it. You know, like it’s because that’s, that’s what’s gonna change things for you in your emotional and mental life as well. Cause like you’re going to see so much growth come from that. Like I, if somebody asked me doing 900 accounts, was it any harder than any season before? Answer is no. And it’s such a more satisfying feeling knowing that I’m going to say it’s probably more easier. It’s more easier. It’s probably easier than in the day.

Speaker 5: (52:31)
Well, I think a lot of people would not believe, like you just said it, and I don’t think a lot of people believe in that. When you said is it harder to do 909 400 people, like you’re full of crap people right now listening or going to listen later on their phone or whatever, they think that comment’s full of crap.

Speaker 4: (52:48)
Doubled. And it’s not like you worked more than double. No,

Speaker 2: (52:53)
no way. It’s so how’s it easier? And I think that’s where it comes into sharpening your mind. Like I, I read David Goggins a ton. I’m obsessed with him. I also read grant Cardone, but like every day that I wake up as another opportunity to sharpen myself, right. And so even in my off season, I’m, I signed up for a marathon. We do just

Speaker 3: (53:25)
mastermind group that’s committed to that April. They did it solely because I wanted to like, wait, I want to do like break myself.

Speaker 2: (53:36)
They don’t, I wanted to sharpen myself or, yeah, like if you really hurt yourself in a good way. We did carry an ax when you run it

Speaker 3: (53:46)

Speaker 2: (53:53)
it’s one of those things where it’s like, that’s the hardest part about the off season. I hate off season because like you sure that first week it’s, it’s great, you know, spend more time with the kid, more time with the baby. But it’s, you get so much fulfillment during the center. So that’s why I tell him is trying to, your callouses wear off that you earn over this. So you have to do it every day. So African killer shocker with their bare feet and they’re just like, dude, you’re playing on . So like if somebody doesn’t, and I’m sure there’s people out there if you don’t believe me that like it really is, it is a harder to do a thousand or 900 accounts than it is to do 300 or 400 accounts. Like reach out to me. I’ll try to explain it more, but like I, so I went golfing on Monday last year, a pest control company. On one golden door this year, the four golden doors. And he looks at me and he says, Mark my words, we’ll have 10 next year. And I was like, w like what is that that like creates all the sudden you have 10 and it’s like mosquitoes.

Speaker 3: (54:56)
No, no, you go ahead.

Speaker 2: (55:00)
You said, they just said, well, it’s not that harder. It’s like if I could do it, you could do it and then why don’t you do it too? And it just became contagious. Everyone believes movement. It changed this movement of like, we can all be golden doors.

Speaker 3: (55:16)
say that and you’re all going doors. Nobody’s calling  yeah.

Speaker 2: (55:22)
So one 10 seconds, quick, ten second thing, I know we’re trying to wrap down, but w just here’s the scenario. What’s harder going out and selling one account today and getting on the doors by 11 and leaving at 8:00 PM like that day sucked. Or imagine if you get on the doors by 10 30 you stay out until eight 30 you trained before you woke up and read the manual. You put in more work that day, but you’ve got three and four. What day feels better? Like it was so much better. It’s not, it’s more sustainable. More. Exactly. Yeah. I want to keep doing so hard mentally to be that one a day rep or sometimes there’s this year that transition like that’s hard. It’s so much easier just bawling out and just not in the sense of falling out. Just like throwing out big numbers, but like doing the things that nobody wants to do.

Speaker 2: (56:08)
It’s like that’s, that’s so much easier and that’s, that’s exact thing that happened to me from th from last year to this year. I was taking those two hour lunches. I was, I was doing the bare minimum, but this summer was way easier. This summer was more hundred. It really was easier. My mental state was constant. It was always like, I’m going to do everything I can every day. I didn’t have to, I didn’t have to always make those decisions. I’m like, give this principal a name. I like this. I like where we’re going with this. I’m going to refine this tool and how to describe it.  take our words.

Speaker 5: (56:42)
Yeah. There’s like a, it’s a newsletter. You get a piece of that goes in the trademark. Yeah. Well it’s almost like running debt. Like I hiked the Y at ton for a little while. I went like everyday for like over a month. You look good. This is a while ago, but thanks. But when you go down and you’re trying to be quick ish, if you fight it, have you ever noticed if you’re going down in its steep on your way down, if you fight it and you try and go slower, you destroy your thighs. Hertz wave heart. But if you give into it, that’s a good way. And you go right into the speed and you just say, okay, I have to give into this speed. Even though it feels uncontrollable to me because you know when you start bounding down slopes kind scary. You know,

Speaker 2: (57:24)
I thought of the name, what the why principle,

Speaker 5: (57:27)
the but, but I mean you actually exert way less energy. Yeah. You know, and you’d go way faster. It’s a win. Win.

Speaker 4: (57:36)
Love it. Yeah. Love it. Go ahead principle. That’s actually perfect.

Speaker 2: (57:39)
Um, okay, we got to wrap up. You guys are awesome. We’ll see a door to our costume and this,

Speaker 4: (57:43)
it’s fun to like jam my brain spinning because this was just such a fun, just getting so many different unique angles to this. You know what I mean? And I’m writing a book called the achievement formula and that’s why I kind of creating these different terms and you know what I mean? It’s, it’s, it’s fun. So I learned a lot. I always, it always surprises me and that’s one of the biggest reasons I like doing this. You know, ed, my leg yesterday, it was funny, we were jamming and he has one of the most well known podcasts, right? And it’s, and I, and we were talking about doing podcasts and hosting and interviewing and, and he was just like, dude, it’s, I just love it cause I learned and I’m like, dude, you’re a half a billionaire.

Speaker 5: (58:20)
You know what I mean? But it’s just

Speaker 4: (58:22)
that, that like I get to pick the brains and everyone has something to give. And I think that staying hungry in learning and work ethic and challenging, what’s your success like? I think that that what you guys are set is so elementary, principally sound to help people and

Speaker 2: (58:41)
they’re really good principles. I love it. Okay. Much love share this or tag a friend that maybe needs some, some love here and a yes, thanks to Cole information and our Cal road guys. But, um, no, but thank you. Thank you guys for obviously tuning in.

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