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Sam Taggart 00:40
All right, everybody, this is Sam Taggart with Kylie Fronk. This is gonna be a legit podcast guys. So first off, super excited to have you on the show. And it’s been a long time coming. She’s been Vivint one of vivants top reps and before I dive into that, remember DDD con Tickets are on sale. You got David Goggins, you got Bradley, you got Tim story, john C. Maxwell. So if you haven’t read Maxwell book, you probably aren’t in this industry like you haven’t made it. And who else how Elrod Miracle Morning. Great, great book. So get your tickets only 400. And so left. We’ve had about 100 and some by and they’re going fast so DD con calm but before Yeah, like I just wanna like dive into this guys. This is this will be a good one. So if you’re, if you are a female rep, if you deal with anxiety, if you are competitive if you want to be a player. I mean Kylee. Frank literally did 350 accounts in one year and alarms. My best year was 400. Like, I mean, that’s top one. No, but that’s like top 1% like, if you would have been, I mean that? Yeah, what rank in the company out of 1000s and 1000s of salespeople, your top like 10 I mean, you’re up there. So like, guys, that’s an the biggest door to door company in the biggest industry like, impressive, by the way. And anyway, so basically, what we’re gonna dive into, I have a lot of questions and I’m sure a lot of people watching this. So if you’re watching this and you want to ask a question, just comment in this is live. So we got Greg over here on the on the live show, let us know. So tell us like your story. You said that you got into door to door young 19 How’d that go?

Kylee Fronk 02:21
It did not go very well. Um, I tried it when I was 19. I actually I went on a preseason trip to Idaho. I remember my brother put me in the trailer, by the

Sam Taggart 02:33
way, her brother is probably one of the industry icons. So you know, she’s kind of following some big footsteps. You

Kylee Fronk 02:40
No, my I remember my brother put me in these trailer parks in Idaho. And everyone was really nice. And I was like, Okay, I didn’t get a cell is really cold. And then I went to California on a preseason. And I, it was snowing in California. Like, what? I don’t even remember what part it was. But yeah, I lasted about three hours. Then I was crying on the curb and called my brother. I was like, Yeah, I don’t think I can do this. And he’s like, All right, go get a pedicure with Lynn, his wife. And yeah, and then I decided to try it. Years later, when I was 26.

Sam Taggart 03:24
Yeah. And you’re just like, I’m gonna what was that itch to say? Like, I’m gonna give it another go. Was there like a monumental moment where you’re like, I need to knock doors again. I mean, that’s like a weird,

Kylee Fronk 03:35
Actually, some stuff happened in my life, where I thought like, my life was going one way and all that just blew up in my face. And I was like, Well, what am I gonna do now? Like, and my sister and her husband, were just recently married or getting married, and he wanted to go try it. And she’s like, why don’t you come try selling? And I was like, yeah, you know how that went? on. I was 19. And so then, I pretty much had to beg my brothers to let me try it again. And I was like, just let me go into pre season trip. Because the hardest part for me was the rejection, like, talking to people and everything. And he’s like, okay, like, and I was like, just let me so we went on a preseason trip to Hobbs, New Mexico. Such a good town. Yeah. So good. And I didn’t get a cell but I was like, you know, I could do this. Like,

Sam Taggart 04:28
it wasn’t like so defeating that your

low. Yeah, I was like, I can I can do this, like I’m gonna do and I told them and then from then on, I was like, 100% committed. I told myself, doesn’t matter what happens doesn’t matter. If I sell 10 in like two months, like, I’m not going home. Like

Sam Taggart 04:48
you burnt your ships. You’re like, I’m in.

Kylee Fronk 04:49
I’m all two feet in like, I’m doing it. And then everyone was like, yeah, I’ll give you like two weeks. My dad was like, Yo

Sam Taggart 05:00
Do you want to buy a return flight now or later?

Kylee Fronk 05:02
My brother, Brady, was like, yeah, I’ll give you a couple weeks. And everyone even friends were doubting me. And that’s what pushed me and I was determined to prove everyone wrong. That’s, that’s a huge motivator. So I’m so grateful that everyone doubted me. That is a blessing. It really is a blessing like because that was my why. And in the summer, when it was really hard, I never wanted to show my brother’s weakness, because I didn’t ever want them to doubt that I could do it. So I never complained. I never complain, because I’m like, I don’t want them to even doubt that, like, I’m gonna give up or like, stop doing it or, and but yeah, so thank you to everyone that, do it. Because that’s what

Sam Taggart 05:48
pushed me. So your first couple weeks I was it.

Kylee Fronk 05:52
It was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced, probably my life. So I struggle with like depression and anxiety. And

Sam Taggart 06:01
there’s a lot of people that there’s a lot of people that are listening. And so and I get DMS all the time. So this is very common. So I’m excited about this.

Kylee Fronk 06:09
I so for about so it took me about two weeks to get my first cell. The first week, I my anxiety was so bad. Like I was physically ill, like I was I couldn’t get out of bed like I was sick. And I remember asking my brother, Trevor, I was like, Hey, can you give me a blessing? Because I’m like, sick. And he’s like, are you sure it’s not from the job? And I was like, No, it’s not from the job. Like,

Sam Taggart 06:39
I’m just an extra.

Kylee Fronk 06:41
I’m like, No, I like think I have the flu. But really, I knew 100% it was my anxiety and everything. And is that something you dealt with in the past? Like, is it growing up? And yes, yeah, I’ve dealt with it since probably I was like, 15. And but every single day. So finally, I because every day on the way to area, I was throwing up. Wow. And you’re like Polo for my brother. So this guy that’s worked with my brother forever. And he’s a family friend. He was driving me to area every day. And he’s like, Are you pregnant? And like, no. And he’s like, I won’t tell Trevor. I was like, No, because I was throwing up. Non Stop. And because I’d be like, hey, you need to pull over, like I’m gonna throw up. And every day, he dropped me off an area there was I remember a little church in my area. And I would throw up, like, I’d go over I had my little spot. And I like called my sister and I was like, I’m not giving up. But like, I am like, This is tough. My, my anxiety is so bad. And she’s like, I’ll be out there soon. And I just push through it for like, and yeah, so I got so physically ill like, I couldn’t even get out of bed. And then when my brother gave me a blessing, and I was able to get up and I was just out for a day. But yeah, for about a week and a half straight every day, my anxiety and my depression was so bad, and but I knew that it was going to go away. Like I knew that if I just pushed through it, that eventually, like I was gonna be able to cope with it. And I was gonna, because I’ve dealt with it for so long. Like I, I know how to cope with it. And so I knew like this was new for me. And it was hard. But I knew if I just pushed through it that eventually it was going to get easier. So it was just like a wall that I had to get over. And so I knew it was gonna take some time, but I knew I would get through it. So that’s where I just didn’t give up. And I just pushed through even though even if I didn’t really like I didn’t obviously sell for I didn’t get it my first sell for a couple weeks. And but I just was determined like I knew if I just kept going, like letting I had to let myself go through that to get over it. First off, I

Sam Taggart 09:11
appreciate you being so open and willing to share this because I know sometimes that’s like, it’s it’s scary kind of opening up, you know what I mean? So first off, acknowledge you for that. And second, though, like there’s a lot of people that don’t take that right hand turn, you know, they’re they’re just kind of slowly just keep going deeper and deeper. And, you know, they they end up quitting or they end up like saying maybe this isn’t for me, or they can’t seem to make it up that hill. And you said a few things like Hey, I know how to cope. I practiced since I was 15 ways to cope with this anxiety and ways to deal with it and what I yeah, what like what would you recommend if somebody is listening to this, like how do you push through that like Do you have any techniques or recommendations

Kylee Fronk 09:55
Um, honestly, like For me, like, like, I like my higher power, like I turned to him for a lot. And if it wasn’t for like, God, like, I wouldn’t have been able to get through it. And so for me, like everyone has their own, you know, beliefs and everything like that and the way that they cope, but for me, like, it was, you know, leaning on him and trusting him to help me through it. And then just, you know, just like, it’s literally just, I knew, like, I had to let myself feel that pain and to be able to cope, because I knew eventually it would, I would just be able to handle it.

Sam Taggart 10:44
So it’s so fast forward four years. So we’ll go back to that first year. I just like this, it’s still something that comes up frequently, even though you’re our top performer, like, is it? Like it’s just gone in a selling situation? Or is it okay?

Kylee Fronk 10:58
Tell me Well, actually, I’m not a lot of people on my team. Now this mostly my clothes, my breasts now this, but I still throw up to area almost every day because of my anxiety, and doesn’t go away. doesn’t go away. But I can handle it like I can. I can. And friend told me, which actually helped me a lot this summer, was he told me that anxiety is not real, it’s an emotion. And so anytime, like I felt anxiety, I was like, it’s not real. You know, like, well, it’s

Sam Taggart 11:38
all anxiety is the definition I’ve heard is, it’s anticipation of something that hasn’t come yet. It’s a perception of future sense. You know, and it’s like, what if, what if, what if, if I don’t, instead of just living in the now. And in a sense, it’s like, what is real is what’s happening right now? We’re doing a podcast. That’s all it’s real. So

Kylee Fronk 12:01
but yeah, so it was so I still get anxiety for sure. But like, once, like, you knock like once you get going, I mean, I have no anxiety. It’s just the build up of getting on there. Like the doors actually is, like therapeutic for me.

Sam Taggart 12:17
Can you get into a rhythm?

Kylee Fronk 12:18
Like, yeah, get rid I’m talking to people. When I first started managing, I realized the doors was the easiest part of my job.

Sam Taggart 12:28
Yeah, people go door to door so hard. I’m like, Wait till you get some rubs.

Kylee Fronk 12:32
No, like, Oh, it was my first time like having grabs. I was like, holy crap. Like, every single day, I was so stoked to just start knocking because it was like, the easiest part of my day. So it was mostly like, my anxiety was obviously like, nothing like it was my first year but I’ll still get those butterflies are sick to my stomach because I’m nervous, mostly because I’m like, Where am I gonna get my first cell? Yeah, you know, and driving to area like, usually I’m like, 45 minutes away, or 30 minutes. So it’s like that build up. But then like, yeah, once I get going, I’m so is there a trick to like,

Sam Taggart 13:09
Is there a trick to trick your mind into like getting going and, and there’s a couple things that I know are the answer to this, but I’m curious, your, your take on that, like, what gets you going like, because I we’ve all heard the hardest door doors, the car door, right? And it’s that driving out to area getting out off the couch XYZ, right? Like, do you have any mental hacks that you just helped you like, set things in motion?

Kylee Fronk 13:34
See, for me, like, I do not have a hard time get out of the car, because my anxiety actually pushes me to get out.

Sam Taggart 13:42
I’m gonna throw up. I gotta get out of

Kylee Fronk 13:44
My anxiety. Like my brother, Trevor, when he would come to do our medians. Like, because he has teams all over. He knows that I’m just sitting there like, shaking my leg cuz I’m like, we got to get going. Like, mine’s like, not a bad anxiety, like, anxiety. And I’m like, Oh, cool. And he’ll be like, yeah, Kylie’s ready to get on the doors. And I’m like, yeah, we gotta go like, so it actually is positive anxiety pushes me to like, if I sit in my car, like, then I’m just, yeah,

Sam Taggart 14:17
I’m not being productive.

I’m depressed because I’m not doing anything. Like I’m not progressing or doing anything in my life. And so I actually don’t have a hard time like, the work ethic. Why? Because I know a lot of people. They have a hard time when they start driving cars. That’s why rookies, you know,

Sam Taggart 14:33
we don’t give you a car. Otherwise you won’t get out. Yeah. Good. Good tip. If you don’t do that, don’t get a car. Car groups are powerful and keep going. I know

Kylee Fronk 14:45
I am. And, but yeah, so for me, it’s like, but it also just comes hand in hand with like how competitive I am. And so it’s like, I want to get out of the car like So this is where I was gonna go is a new unique element of Vivint is how competitive it is. And a unique element of your team is how competitive it is. So those that don’t know if it has a tournament called the cup, which is a year round season, think of like the NBA, where you have season playing games, and

Sam Taggart 15:19
Then there’s the playoffs at the end of the summer, usually four weeks. And, you know, two debatably, three out of the four years, you guys won the cup. I mean, this is 100 and something 200 and something teams right and competing and top like number one, be like everybody kind of game. And one of the things that even does really well is these tournaments. I mean, I’ve been in videos that were probably 20 $30,000 to produce a two minute video on promoting just like as if it were a freaking ESPN or any other like MMA fight. It is that big of a deal. Right? Like how they hide these things. And to Trevor your brother, it is everything like he It is almost like he loves that more than like anything like he sleeps the cup, his wife probably sees him sleeping there being like, you’re talking about it in your sleep now, like your sleep talking again about how you’re on stage with the cup, like, anyway, talk to me about how competition, you know, you said Oh, they told me I couldn’t and that drove that drove me. But then with time, I’m sure you’ve harnessed that same competitiveness inside of you. Why that helps drive you What’s the important of a team, the culture, the competition, the car group, the leadership, like, all those components, how that’s helped you kind of become a top performer that you are.

Kylee Fronk 16:40
And so I played sports growing up. I played basketball, softball and volleyball. And my whole family played sports. So that was like our life, like growing up. And so I’ve always been very, very competitive, just and so I feel like that’s kind of like helped. Did you kind of have to fight like

Sam Taggart 17:00
cuz you have a bunch of brothers. So was it like, I’m trying to like be in this too. Like, oh, yeah, like with vindman? No, no, with like, like, just growing up, like would travel. Yeah.

Kylee Fronk 17:11
It was way older than me. So I was I was like, going to watch his games. And so, but more me and my sisters. Okay, we’re closer in age, and we all play the same sport and stuff. But, um, but yeah, so like with our team, like at the event, we tried to, or my brothers tried to create a very competitive cold, like a sports team. And so I feel like that’s why another reason I’ve done so well is because, like, to be honest, like, I don’t look at the pay scales. I don’t, I don’t look at my paychecks. Like, all I’m looking about, or all I’m looking at is my numbers. My watch lists who I want to beat. I pick people in the company then

Sam Taggart 17:59
is there anybody you want to call out right now that you’re like, I threw down on you like, what’s up? Because this summer was kind

Kylee Fronk 18:07
of my best summer, but um, but I always take pride. I’m like, Oh, I will never let another female beat me. That’s what that’s my thing. Because there’s it Vivint you’re competing with the best of the best. And there are man, like the best there. And so I look up to them a lot. And I know I like one day could be on their level, you know, but

Sam Taggart 18:33
you’re on their level 350 that’s on their level. Come

Kylee Fronk 18:36
on, man. That’s like I could I was some peers right there. They’re like, this unreal. She’s

Sam Taggart 18:43
next level she throw down on 95 99% of the people listening to this, you would kick their truck, I’d put my money on, you

Kylee Fronk 18:50
know, I but I but that’s why I feel like people people talk like, oh, pay scales are wack. They’re things like that. But the end of the day, like, the reason like people do so well there is because of the culture. And like the cup, right? Which is so big to us in which we did win it this year. So we killed on everyone, so it’s good. Um, but it’s because we literally are a team. Like, we’re a sports team. We don’t do it for ourselves, like you’re doing it for your teammates. And we say if you’re not bought in and you aren’t like willing to do it for your team, then go home. Like if it’s all about yourself and leave. And so that’s what’s nice is where it’s a team, like every single account matters. Yeah, the people at the bottom aboard bottom of the board are just as important as the people at the top. Because like we’re a team, right? It’s not just a one person thing and and that’s why a lot of our friends have their best months in August. So for instance, I had a girl recruit, she sold like 20 accounts the whole year, right? my second year, and she sold seven, the last day of the cup.

Sam Taggart 20:13
My best day is eight. She’s like, holy cow one day.

Kylee Fronk 20:18
The last championship last day she sold 20 counts the whole year and sold seven in one day. That’s what it’ll do to you. But that’s what it does. And people think it’s so silly. Like I’ve tried recruiting like for the cup will try to recruit people like hey, come not, you know, yeah,

Sam Taggart 20:33
I get recruited every year for the cup. Yeah, well, why don’t you come with?

Kylee Fronk 20:42
I don’t even think to ask. No. And so people will be like, Oh, yeah, like, I’m gonna give up like two weeks just for like, some t shirts and stuff. And I’m like, but it’s more than that. Like, it’s not just about the prizes. Like it’s, but people don’t get that unless they’re the bragging rights and the bragging rights.

Sam Taggart 21:00
Exactly. Michael Jordan does it. He does it for the picture with his rings on his head. That’s what he does. Like, that’s

Kylee Fronk 21:05
Why like people like why, like the best of the best are evident because well, and obviously there’s good people everywhere, but because of the culture there. Like and I feel like what dry it like money doesn’t drive me. Yeah, like the Money Follows. Yeah, exactly. It’s the competitive. So like, if I went to a company that paid me $800 up front $1,000 up front, like that’s not gonna push me to go get six in a day?

Sam Taggart 21:32
I think it’s something that no, no, but I think No, it doesn’t. I have not seen one. I have seen the most ludicrous offers the most ludicrous pay. And I go, but just still are broke. You know what I mean? And I think that people specially right now, I mean, it’s fall, people are shopping, people are like, waiting for their, yeah, where’s my, where’s my next home because I hated my manager. And they get deceived by they think it’s sixes. They say, Well, if I could sell here, this many with a higher pay, but they don’t equate for the environment around them. And I think that there’s a lot to be said with that. And I think that at the end of the day, what do you care most about, and it’s your 1099 your whole take home, and that’s what matters. And I and, you know, I acknowledge you and your brothers like mad respect for Trevor and Brady and those guys, because I competed with them quite a bit. That’s like, I’ve had my fair share of throw downs at those guys. And it’s, it’s mad respect, because it’s like, they pushed me to play at a higher level. And, you know, like, like, a lot of times we say sales as an individual sport, because it’s just us. But I completely disagree. And so so this year, let’s kind of shift gears a little bit. So you, you said our this year wasn’t the best. And I want to kind of talk about that if you’re if you’re okay with this. And I know it’s a sensitive time and I don’t wanna like go too crazy with this, but you dealt with a hardship this summer, which I think a lot of people run into hard times in the middle of the summer, like whether their girlfriend breaks up with them, or they you know, XYZ happens and you went through some stuff this year. I if you’re okay with sharing that. I mean, yeah. And then how do you deal with it? Obviously, you’re dealing with already anxiety. You just shared that. So now you add this on top like it must.

Kylee Fronk 23:24
Yeah, well, yeah, looking back the summer was crazy. I mean, I talked crap on the virus and then I ended up getting it. And I had to quarantine for

Sam Taggart 23:35
Would you mind Give it to me? I’m like waiting. I’m like COVID scam, so I won’t get into stonewash.

Kylee Fronk 23:44
We won’t talk about that

Sam Taggart 23:45
way. Especially but you got COVID mednoc and get COVID. Yes,

Kylee Fronk 23:49
I never like months. I got it in. Let’s see one day. I got it in like June. I think I was in Oklahoma and it was 115 and I started getting the chills and sweating and sore throat and I was like this is not not a good thing that’s happening. Nobody can call my brother my one of the VPS regionals of Evans like you have to go Desmond right now you can’t work so I’m like okay, so you get tested I’m like,

Sam Taggart 24:16
And when you take time off in the middle of the summer when you’re that competitive was going insane. Specially sitting in a hotel room. Well, everyone’s cell day Oh my

Kylee Fronk 24:27
Gosh, and I couldn’t even look at mobile or like mobile report to see whatever I was doing. I was my anxiety was through the roof and I’m just like, it’s okay, like, you’re gonna just have an awesome comeback. Like as soon as you

Sam Taggart 24:40
like, I broke my ankle. The year I finished number one, and I that day was like, Nope, I gotta go knock on crutches. Like I was like, if the slides I know the feeling like

Kylee Fronk 24:50
oh, my gosh, it was awful. And then but then like, as soon as day 14 hit, I was like so stoked. I was on the doors like super early. I was like, going Early the whole week just to like catch up, you know, and I actually had an awesome week for like, coming back from taking like two weeks off. But, um, and then shortly after, so my dad’s been, has been sick with cancer for a while. And probably like a month, maybe like a three or three weeks after, my mom was like, Hey, your dad’s not doing so well. And I was like, oh, now, you know, like, I knew, like, he’s always been sick his whole life, but he always gets better. And this time, it wasn’t the case. And so for you know, for a few weeks, I was having a hard time, like, you know, just thinking that my dad’s, you know, not going to live much longer and, you know, coping with everything. And there’d be times where I would like, sit in my car, like and just cry. And then I would be like, what the heck am I doing? Like, my dad would like, my dad would be so mad at me right now, if he knew I was sitting here crying, like he would tell me to get my butt out there. And like, go knock. And he was at home like sick. And so I would like get myself together, go knock, you know. And then I went home to visit my dad, like mid summer, like me, my brothers and, or I was home for like, a week. And then I came back went back out. And I was planning on just kind of going back and forth in the summer. Cuz, you know, you just can’t get time back, you know, with loved ones, like Vivint will always be there, but my dad will not. And so I was like priorities at that point, like, you know, and so I was going back and forth. And then, yeah, so I went back and my dad got really sick within like a week when we went back out. And so I was like, You know what, like, I just felt like, I needed to go home. So we went home, and I was home for like, a month. And my dad ended up passing away. And it was like the hardest thing, but my dad was like a really hard worker. And my dad was working still. So my dad ran a side business where he sold tractors and players and things like that he sold the business. And so he was still out there working like selling snowmobiles, and four wheelers and stuff, because he just has worked out. That’s awesome. And he still loves to work. And he was still going out to work. Three weeks before he passed away. And he was so sickly, and my mom’s like, Jeff, like, why are you going to work? Like, you need to stay home and get better. And he’s like, because there’s people that need me, like, I have customers that need me. And like that, like, just was like, Oh my gosh, like, like, so cool. You know, like, even though he’s like, on his deathbed, like, he still was like, I, I have customers, I have people that need me. And he was still going to work like that. He couldn’t tell he was on hospice, and he couldn’t, like, walk or anything anymore. And so it was a really hard time. But his example helped me a lot through like those hard times, you know, and when my dad like, passed away, everyone was like, you know, like, you don’t have to go back out, you know, like, you’re good. But I like one I like wanted to distract. Like, I wanted to just like, I wanted to not think about it, because I was already like, you know, I was mourning everything. And I stayed home for like, a week after he passed because I was probably home a month total. While he was sick and passing away and everything, and then I was like, you know, it’ll be good. Like, just, you know, because the doors can be very therapeutic. And just like getting my mind off things and stuff, you know, first time said,

Sam Taggart 28:55
bike. I agree. I agree. I

Kylee Fronk 28:59
Agree it can be. But then, um, and then I also was thinking like, I have to, like, start what I finished, like, I can’t start something and not finish. So I have to go back out. My dad would want me to go back out. My dad would tell me to like stop crying because he’s happy, he’s healthy and like to go work. And, and also like, cup time, right? And so I didn’t need to go back out. Like I could have just been home and been fine. But I I wanted to be there for my team. And that’s where that’s what I love about my team. And like, is because we are like a team like we’re a family. And so I was like, this is important to like my brother and like some people don’t really cared about the cup probably sometimes on our team, but they do it for my brother, you know, because they know how much it means to him. And so I was like I have to go back out for my team. In like, most importantly, to finish And so, but it was hard the first week I was okay. And then the second week, I would like knock a door and I’d start crying and I’m like, I have to walk away. And then like, just because it comes in waves, you know, like, sometimes I’m okay. And sometimes I’m not. But it’s, you know, it just makes me think like, these moments are like, what make you strong? Yeah. You know, like, I love like, you know, adverse, or, like, I love like, the hard times I love being told no, I love like, you know, on the doors, because you know, every single like, you know, when you’re getting butt your butt kicked, like something good is about to happen. Yeah. Right. And so, but it’s those moments that like, you have to allow yourself to, like, go through those hard moments to like, get the good moments. And so it was, it was very eventful, summer, and kind of crazy. But

Sam Taggart 30:55
this isn’t like this is firing, by the way.

Kylee Fronk 30:58
No, and I and I also like, Don’t play the victim. Like, everyone’s going through hard stuff. Like, that’s one thing like, I hate is when people like trying to play the victim like, Oh, poor me, like, Oh, I’m going through this or, like, when people tell me they can’t do the job, or anxiety. I’m just like,

Sam Taggart 31:18
how many times you puke today,

Kylee Fronk 31:20
to get nowhere in life, if you like keep playing the victim card, like and that’s what I always try to think like, someone else is going through harder stuff than I am. Right? And so it’s just like, I don’t ever want to like I don’t ever want people to like feel bad for me or think that like, I’m going to slack because of like something I’m going through right like and and so. Yeah,

Sam Taggart 31:47
no, that was that was thank you for sharing that. I know that. This is not an easy podcast. This is deep crying. girl looks like light. Let’s lighten the mood real quick. Yeah, no, but Okay, so this might this is a deep but this is like a serious thing and I don’t I don’t want to like take this lightly because I think there is a lot of macho masculinity in our industry that is almost debilitated our industry in a lot of time in a lot of ways and it’s all about competitiveness. And this week, bro and the you know, it almost is it’s childish, it’s like it doesn’t it takes away the professionalism a lot of times in our business in my opinion as I think it becomes too much of a bro fest and one of the missions that we have a DD experts is to help professionalize it and unify up level it as a as a, as a whole. And, you know, I think being a, you know, attractive and female. It you’ve probably faced challenges internally with like reps, but also with customers to like, you know, a lot of females are probably like, Can I knock doors? Like, am I gonna get a ducted? Or, you know, like, do you feel it’s safe to knock doors essentially, if you’ve ever felt like, I shouldn’t go knock.

Kylee Fronk 33:03
No, and I’m probably like, naive about it, but I I’ve never felt like I mean, I’ve had moments where it was uncomfortable, but I’ve like had moments where I also walked away, like nothing like no cell is worth like anything right? Like that. It’s gonna make you feel uncomfortable or put you in a bad situation like nothing is worth that. And so there’s just there’s been moments where I’ve I’ve walked away but like knock on wood. I’ve never had any like, bad experiences and I tried to like when I knock a neighborhood I asked the neighbors about the neighborhood so you know because I always talk on I always knock on them and customer stores right when I get in the neighborhood to get names and then I’ll ask like, hey, so like, Where’s the new move in things like that? Yeah, and then people will even say like, Hey, don’t go to that house. That’s like the crack

Sam Taggart 33:59
there’s the meth home yeah. Okay, I’ll

Kylee Fronk 34:02
Stay away from there. But um, and like when I knock I stand back and like husband like I never go inside unless the wife’s there like so just being smart. Yeah, you just got to be smart and like all our like all the girls on our team we share location so we always know where each other’s that like smart like a find my friends kind of thing yeah and area like everyone’s always like by each other. So like when it’s dark. And you know, you don’t have a car group. People can like meet up silver they’re not like waiting and dark by themselves because my car group my girls know that I won’t be picking them up till probably 11 or midnight. Because

Sam Taggart 34:42
Wait, wait. So one more time. One more time. Hold on most. Okay, this is where this is like, in my opinion, what separates the greats from not so great. And you know, a lot of people I consult work with need to hear this because you just said you pick them up when

Kylee Fronk 34:59
When Sometimes it’d be like 11 o’clock sometimes midnight.

Sam Taggart 35:03
So you knock your last doors usually Well,

Kylee Fronk 35:06
it just depends. Like, I’ll try to like set because in the summer it gets dark at like 930 is when between 930 10 so all like knock fresh doors until like 930 if I’m like having a bad day or like I’m about to bagel or something like all look for garages open and people just outside and because I always say the late deals are your coolest customer, you’re sitting there

Sam Taggart 35:30
in the garage on like a lawn chair.

Kylee Fronk 35:34
I like my favorite time of the day to knock is from eight to 930. Like that’s when my second wind comes because it’s like cooled off. Everyone’s like settle down because nowadays like no one’s sitting at home eating dinner at six o’clock anymore. Like it’s crazy. And my favorite time of the day like when I get my like, second wind is like from eight to 930 and I always try to set up appointments later so I can like work into dark. And then yeah, I’ll usually and then usually my late appointments I wait till the tag gets there so they don’t

Sam Taggart 36:08
the same day. So you have technician technician showing up in the morning. I never schedule out. Wait, they’re coming tonight. Yeah, I’ll be like, Hi. No, that’s how good we are. At 11 o’clock. We’re gonna install this right now.

Kylee Fronk 36:23
That’s how good our customer service This is. We’re right here. Guys. No usually have to wait a minute. But yeah, so my girls will be like at a park and they’ll be like, Oh, just waiting for Kylie.

Sam Taggart 36:33
Nobody. I said if you don’t want to be my car group, you can choose to be not unlike our group, but I’m going to force you to be good.

Kylee Fronk 36:39
But my car group like my second year, like when I because this year, I didn’t have as many is my fourth year. No last year. I my car group was always the first ones to sell on the last because yeah, we were the last ones on the doors.

Sam Taggart 36:53
Yep. Always. And guys, you add that up over 100 and something days and you add up. You know, I think a lot of people don’t take an effect that compound effect of like, an extra 30 minutes over three years. What does that do to your career? You know what I mean? Like, it’s, it’s

Kylee Fronk 37:08
Crazy. It’s very true. And, and you might some people are like, well, it’s dark, like I’ll probably burn a door. Don’t get me wrong. Like I’ve had doors where I for sure. probably could have got it if I hadn’t just woke up the baby knocking on their door at 930. You know, but I mean, it’s a numbers game like that. I’m gonna find more debt. Like if I stopped knocking at a certain time. Like, I’m missing out on like, the ratios of getting more.

Sam Taggart 37:35
Yeah. So what, uh, okay, so let’s shift to, like in this misogynistic community, what tips would you give, you know, female reps to like, navigate the waters the right way and like, how to approach it and be professional and like, you know, thrive in this business? Like, what? What advice would you give kind of that aspiring new girl? Like, just like that starting? Yeah, like they’re like, I’m just kidding. Maybe, maybe that’s that 19 year old girl that’s like, I’m quitting. This sucks. Like, what advice would you give them

Kylee Fronk 38:08
I would just say it helps to like be in an office where there’s other girls that also are really good too. Because like when I started there was other girls in my office that were really good. Like, this girl would sound like 150 accounts like my and I looked up to her and but I would just say like because I feel like the hardest part with girls is the rejection like dealing with the rejection and all of that but I would just and then also girls can just be very dramatic and just very like Just don’t be high maintenance. Like I know you’re a girl and I know we have that time and the mom and everything like that but like Don’t be that high maintenance rep to like your manager and you know if you need to like wear pepper spray like around your neck to like make you feel comfortable like I have reps that will like have pepper spray but it’s like hard you know at first but it gets easier and if you just push through it like it gets easier but as girls like we’re there’s so many advantages we have to the job like so jealous like we can like like I can get away honestly with knocking the door at 930 words darker a little

Sam Taggart 39:29
bit because they’re not like scared you’re gonna like

Kylee Fronk 39:30
A guy knocking on their door at 930 you know, or people trust you more. Oh, a single

Sam Taggart 39:37
mom that her husband’s at work. I guarantee that your go to I don’t want to let some random dude in my house or my husband’s at

Kylee Fronk 39:43
Work Hey, single dude, but single moms Yeah, like you’re so much like girl like lot of cells where they’ve like talked to Vivint a million times. And like some where they were like, yeah, this guy was like trying to come to my house. My husband was at home, but because I was a female Male and I was like, I was their friend immediately off the bat. Like, there’s like, so there’s such an advantage. But then also there’s, you know, just like a guy. there’s pros and cons. Like, sometimes people don’t take me seriously, you know, because I feel like I’m a girl and I look a lot younger on the doors. Probably, like I said, I’ve

Sam Taggart 40:21
gone for the first time, like trying to grow facial hair long day, and my hair is just everywhere. Like, they’re like thinking I’m selling, like Girl Scout cookies. I’ve seen so much times. My daughter’s friend and I’m like, Yeah, I got some in the car. I’m like, but what if I did have Thin Mints? Yeah. I’ll get you some.

Kylee Fronk 40:43
Let’s make a deal. But it’s, uh, but yeah, man, I have some girls on my team. It’s one girl started at 19. And she is just so different than when I was 19. And I just like him at all. Like, I wish I would have like, I tried to, obviously when I was 19, but I wish I would have started a little bit earlier. I’m 26 I wish I but I also felt like I had to go through some life experiences to be able to do the job. And so that’s where I feel like a lot of this job is trying to Yeah, so like, even with recruiting, like just because you talk to someone, it might not be a good time for them to join. But maybe a year later, two years later, it might be a good time for them. So for me it was five, six years later from when I tried it, but I think girls should definitely. I think more girls should try this.

Sam Taggart 41:33
Amen. My little sister did it. I found girls. You gotta be a dude. You got to have that dude mentality. You gotta have that. Yeah, much like, We’re going hard. Yeah, you gotta you just gotta like compete. You’re one of the boys. Love it. You’re not a girl. I mean, you are but he got it. You gotta like bring it

Kylee Fronk 41:51
Up with the boys. Like you’re you’re with guys now, like 90% of this industry, dude. Like, like, no one cares that like, you’re emotional and stuff. What numbers? Like no one cares that you have this, you know, or, but I have had some rats still with stuff like, inappropriate things on the door that i’ve you know, I I feel bad because it’s a very traumatizing, especially young reds that are like, super young, and they’re knocking doors and something happens. And it’s just like, very traumatizing. But it helps to just have other like, support there.

Sam Taggart 42:29
Cool. Thank you. That was good. So let’s count we got to kind of wrap up due to time, which we could go all day this is I have like, we need like a second podcast. I’m like even that one day, or maybe you speak a DD con and do like a girls workshop or something like, that’d be cool. Anyway, so last question. If you could give the industry not just girls, but the industry one piece of advice. Like, you know, you’ve got years of experience, you’ve won big tournaments, you’ve thrown down massive numbers, like what what one piece of advice would you give the industry?

Um, I would say stay humble, and never feel like, you’re too good to learn more. That in this industry, like we get a bad reputation, because, you know, there’s people that are just wanting, like, everything that they buy and things like that, but this job has a way of humbling you very quickly. And and also just Yeah, like, you can never be too good to learn more. Like I’m, like always hitting up. Like,

Sam Taggart 43:34
you just asked me to not Yeah.

Kylee Fronk 43:38
Like, can I not? I just want to, like you can that’s cool, learn more and be teachable. And just remember, like, you’re not that cool. Like, amen.

Sam Taggart 43:51
Like, no, get, like, you know, like, Get over yourself. There’s so many people it’s just Dude, I made like 60 grand bro.

Kylee Fronk 44:00
You’re confident like, be confident without having to you can recruit and still not like, like, I would never want to join someone that like is flaunting like, work with someone like one thing that I look up to is like my brother Trevor. Like he makes millions of dollars and he still drives the same 2008 like Mercedes he bought from when he like first started like working he were like he is just the most like and that’s what I look up to. Yeah, and that’s what I have respect for is the people that can show confidence without being like arrogant about it. And

Sam Taggart 44:43
new quo. Everybody write that down like that? Cool. Yeah, you’re just not that cool. You heard firsthand from Kylie right here. So hashtag you’re not that cool. Hashtag I knock doors hashtag Be humble hashtag. This is an amazing podcast. No, thank you I get farther in life you will be teachable, you know, you know, it’s funny like not to be like self promoting like this has no intention but you know, like there’s a lot of people are like, Oh, I don’t need to go door to work on like art like we’re already good or I don’t need to like learn or XYZ and I being an education company like we consult we train we have an events all the time and we hear it all the time, like, Oh, dude, I’m good. Like I got it. I’m just like, well, I would be saying like, it’s crazy. The top reps are the ones that come to our events, the top performers, the ones that call me the most. Yesterday at a call today, I just went golfing with a guy that was like, Hey, can you consult me and he owns a company? Like he’s like, please help me. I’ve got a lot to learn. And it’s like, he runs 500 salespeople. He’s like the owner, and he’s sitting there going like, dude, like, can you can I pick your brain a golf today? Like, can I treat a golf? Like there’s a common thread here guys. And it’s like, and I can’t preach that enough. So I am so glad that was like the one thing you picked girl. You just rock. Go get it. guys follow Kaylee Frong or Kylie. Fronk. Why Kaylee? KYLE, Fr, O and K on Instagram. And yeah, thank you so much for sharing. This is awesome. This is really fun. Cool. Thanks, guys.

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