How you can consistently throw in BIG numbers in sales: Bryce Jones, VSLR

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Last Updated: July 20, 2018

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Hey Everybody. This is Sam Taggart, your host with the D2D podcast. And I’m here with Bryce Jones. He is a top solar rep and the entire company and he has been there for 10 years. He’s probably one of the best and most known door knockers out there in the solar space. We are actually sitting here in is 8,000 square foot home. It’s in the parade of homes. It’s, you know, it’s super awesome. It’s got sweet the exercise room and walk out the doors and movie theater room and pool table. Super Awesome.
So today what we’re going to be talking about is consistency and how you stayed in elevated, right? Cause there’s a solar rep, you’re, you’re just one kind of a one man band or you’re part of a team, but it’s how do you, how do you stay self dreaming and then how you work your area, right? Like a lot of people have bigger sales at roofing or,

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you know, windows and stuff like that. It’s like how do you stick in one area and no kit, manage it the right way. Uh, and that’s what we’re going to be mainly focusing on today. All right. So welcome. Welcome to the show. Brian. Yesterday. I come to your house. This is cool. So, uh, tell me, tell me a little bit about your story of how you got into backpack toward it or actually just met strong. So that was kind of course happens to be your own. You can just talk to you about it. Tell me a little bit about that. It

Speaker 3: (02:04)
kind of interesting. So I was 18, um, you know, do you know what I wanted to do? Like school, right? And you know, not that there’s anything wrong with you to school or anything like that. Um, I was just doing a, not telemarketing but from jump with bit. Okay. So an ad in the newspaper, you know, it kind of dates Canfield, which I didn’t] paper and that’s how I got the job. That’s how they advertise. And um, I was doing scheduling for all the technicians. Right. So anytime someone solar and warm job like yourself, you know, and it needed a fix or something send back in summer team, I was the go to bed. It was all sketch itself anyways in 2008 they did, you know, I think we’re wanting, companies were in war time, they do lay off and certain departments would share employees just to make sure everyone was busy and I’m one of the day is towards the end of the summer like, hey can you fill these envelopes with these pieces of paper, right. Made sure the name actually the address and it sends out and it was everyone’s back and check.

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I mean I didn’t know what I was looking at there. I put this here, this is how it matches

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anyways, so I’m going to here and I’m like, wait, this guy’s making a million plus dollars, like three months. Like it’s crazy, it’s going to be 30,000. And there’s huge disparity, you know, which I don’t understand, but I’m to be super intrigued. Um, as far as just conditioned sales. And I actually went from, you know, I do the phone calls with that, got into retention. So anytime someone had an issue with in the council and you didn’t say it right, I wouldn’t go to guy, but you know, all those calls and I decided like, Hey, you know, I can go on and do this whole door to door game. That’s where I met Jack Strong. So he was my first manager. My served with him, basically the entire industry from alarms to solar. And uh, he recruited me out to a pre season, um, did well, you know what mate recounts, right?

Speaker 3: (04:09)
Those on top of the world that was going to conquer everything and went from no salary commission job with only a few hundred bucks in my bank account and went from having a place from here that’d be good to rent out or you know, still still rent and flew out to Hawaii and my first summer, which I think kind of solely on the old cause it’s a little back and forth. Yeah. Literally was paying rent, they’re paying rent here and didn’t have enough money to fly back. I needed to to go well, which I didn’t think about it at the time. But yeah, I ended up working out and I think I a funded like 140 accounts and, and um, why don’t people will complain about wanting market and you know, it’s tough or you know, the local companies were very cut throat. I didn’t know what to compare it to, such as cigarettes,

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you know, and I kind of had to because I didn’t have a way home and I wasn’t going to stay that way forever.

Speaker 3: (05:06)
Right. And uh, yeah, that’s how I actually got into the industry. So kind of got a little curious because I seen him on stage awesome. So I can’t remember if I ever saw yours. I’m sure yours. That’s really cool. So did you, so tell us a little bit about,

Speaker 4: (05:21)
was it hard, I guess like that first you did 140 your first year. So obviously to really, well what, what, what do you contribute that to like, like the studying. Like when did you do to kind of have that breakout first year, you know, or something

Speaker 3: (05:35)
strong. So I was in the branch region, Jason Brown and I kind of like, I don’t know why he and I did my preseason sold a couple of counts here and there and I don’t know if it’s just maybe given that he said he’s like in statistics show if you do this then this is the results, right? This is what people do as far as the first season, this is what they should sell something. And he’s like, you should sell 175 I didn’t know any different. Right. And so I just like, I don’t know, just like your, your, your thoughts are and kids or physical, you know, universe. And I kind of just thought like, okay, that’s just what it is. That’s what I should do. I hold myself to that standard. You’re going into it, right? Yeah. So Allison has something to do with leadership and I said it’s like, yeah.

Speaker 3: (06:25)
Put yourself and Jason Brown shoes. Yeah. By him saying, okay, statistically you shouldn’t do this. Like a how that helped you just have a standard for yourself. Yeah. You’re now managing team. Obviously you, how Ron guys incentivize guys, I mean, apply that to maybe, I don’t know. Let’s talk on for a second. Yeah. I think that’s important to recognize the three. Yeah. I mean it’s just as simple as thing. I think I was a little naive or anything like that because you know, going out in the first summer hitting 140 or even 175, that’s like the goal is, you know, um, I mean as far as just relating it to manage analogy as a leader, can we do that for our people? Like really just kind of set the standard and like not let there be any other option. Yeah, I a little bit, you know what I mean?

Speaker 3: (07:21)
Often still the gold bonus. We’ll um, yeah, and the thing is no one’s to fall here. That’s the type of manager that’s behind the desk. Right. This was telling everyone what to do without doing it themselves or without have done, have done himself. Right. And so, you know, I know the brands did really well, you know, as they were progressing through their leadership and centers where they do really well. And Scott had, uh, so I remember even Alaska or something like that, I maybe get some of these stories, wrong response and then all of a sudden 115 hundred 75 members. And so it just kind of follow their example. Um, you know, listen to my leaders, took everything that they said seriously. Um, I, I, I’ve learned that now managing all tell people like, hey, like treat this like the Bible and the don’ts. And those were the, uh, always the ones that don’t necessarily do weird out.

Speaker 3: (08:31)
And so, you know, studying, understanding your pitch, I was rehearsing a pitch, you know, the shower in the morning, you know, to my area and my head, I call my mom to this makes sense. And again, just took everything seriously. So it was said it was second nature to myself as far as pitching and just always being out on the forest and just, you know, sharpening my ax. Yeah. So let’s kind of fast forward, you’ve got into solar, uh, you, you know, you’ve consistently been one of the top reps has done over 700 installs, which anybody that’s been in solar, that’s a lot. I mean, that’s a lot. Right? And do you know how I make a lot sentence and just under five megawatts? It’s insane. Personally installed. So you, I guess my question would be how do you consistently year after year, we had talked to former, we’re always thrown in, megawatt said, well, one of the questions that I’ve got consistently from guys, like how do you like not get dirty town?

Speaker 3: (09:36)
Yeah, exactly around, right? Like how do you get yourself to do it? And I’m like, well, you know, the first thing that you’re probably doing wrong is she thinking about it. The second you think about it, we’ve done it right? Cause you have to make a decision and then go later. They’re just going to do it tomorrow. You know what I mean? Start contemplating all those ideas and that’s what actually affects. And so the thing is, you have to make it a habit, right? Um, so there’s a couple of things that I’ve done to make this a habit toward when 12 o’clock rolls around, I need to get area or 11 o’clock, whatever I have. So on that date, and I’ve got management, those hospitals that I do, um, is about right on my phone. It’s has a lot, right? Because it says go knock doors, it’s area, right.

Speaker 3: (10:24)
And you, you, you made sure you go through those habits to where you’re not thinking about when you wake up, brush your teeth without thinking about it. He need to get to the same situation where, or it still applies. We are kindergarten and decided my kid, I’m not where they’re supposed to be. It shouldn’t be an area. Right. And so having that consistency where you’re putting in the hours, right, it’s going to have everything else following, be put into place as far as any, the numbers of the tables, you know. And so every single year that I’ve worked at done anywhere from 140 a accounts current, four year and 45 the lowest a hard certain thoughts are. And so yeah, so I’ve been pretty consistent, but I’ve also had the same habits and the same hours and same routine, which gives you, gives you the same results right over to the gym and you know, get buffalo.

Speaker 3: (11:15)
Right. No one else. It’s the same concept. Right. And some of the symptoms, you know, the more simple things that we could do that can get larger results in what we really actually happen. So what is your routine? So my routine is pretty simple. I mean as far as you know, getting up, getting up and I usually, I’m not an early riser. I’m, I usually get up around seven, eight o’clock. Um, I do count managements, um, prep resource to means, um, look at where we’re at for the week, you know, you know, usually running over numbers. Um, but I usually try to get a game plan on going into area so that way once I get there, I’m not having to think, you know, but what I’m to do that time is money. Right? And so since we get an area, generally have an idea on were on and off, right.

Speaker 3: (12:09)
You know, I know my week and I want you to install it. And then one, two surveys. So that way I can create more leads at a situations rather than like, it gets area and the parts stores, gander partner, right. What street am I going to knock? And you know, you start to play these mind games that just procrastinate or create situations that happen. So yeah, I mean as far as my daily routines, I’ve got everything in the calendar and you know, I’ve created a situation where the document just do it. So you just do it.

Speaker 4: (12:41)
And I think that’s so important to like you said, because the more you think about it, the more anxiety. If you’re saying, because I mean literally I went out yesterday and I was consulting this company here in Utah and it was almost like the night before, I’m like getting like 10 in the morning. I’m like, I really have to go home and you’re going out for a few hours. It’s not even a full bit. I’m like, I got to store it and I still have this anxiety cause I was thinking so much about it like a whole week I’m like on a Saturday I’m going to go knock and I’m going to have to go perform and this that. And then right before I got to like meet up with them

Speaker 3: (13:19)
I like literally was just like, why am I, why am I stressing that?

Speaker 4: (13:23)
No, what I’m doing, I like sat my car, they’re like looking at me and understand my car, like decompressing and just getting in the mode and then walk out. We got on and off the first door, sold it the second door said I think they closed it because I had to go. But it was just like

Speaker 3: (13:39)
I was still in my head that I needed to like get out of my head. I afraid it just had an habit. Right? Yeah. That’s what some people do instead. The second use, think about it and then you’ve, you’ve already ruined the situation, right? So one thing that I need to create good habits is also make a plan to make easy patterns at the same time. Um, your, your, your mind wise, you know, system, right? It’s, you know, you got to apply to everything, right? And you know, some of those harder decisions to create habits, right? Go to the gym and you’re working towards school, whatever it might be. Four yet I create simple habits you don’t have that could be beneficial. Um, you know, hopefully you brush your teeth everyday, but you don’t make that simple habit, right? Make it simple habit of getting up at a certain time or just something that’s easy to do. Um, that would help get yourself into the system that will make it easier to do some of the other farmers difficult habits. So if there’s something you want to start, um, previous more simpler situation, uh, for different habits that you can kind of mold the circumstances. I liked that.

Speaker 4: (14:54)
So on that topic, what is it? You have a more transient lifestyle like you, you know, you’re coming back and forth between Utah. You might be traveling to different offices as soon may talk for three months off total last year. Yeah. I mean like you’re not like, it’s not like, so the question is when you’re going from back and forth in the zone, out the zone, in the zone, the zone,

Speaker 3: (15:17)
how do you get your mind back into the zone?

Speaker 4: (15:21)
It was checked out or you went on a trip and then give, you know what I mean? Yeah. Give back drinking again,

Speaker 3: (15:29)
different goals, you know, just things that I am motivated about. Right. Um, but I don’t want to let myself down. All right. I try to create situations, like I said earlier, your thoughts, your mind to feelings. Like everything’s physical, right. If you’re negative, basically like positive and physically fix yet. Um, and the themes that you think about like truly can become a reality. Right? Um, and the thing is, is, you know, throughout doing the doing right, I’ve been able to expedite it. You know, I’m only going to be able to do lot of things that are, you know, take a lot of self discipline, discipline, no self drive to be able to concentrate. Um, and what I’d done on the circumstances, like, you know, all you mostly buying properties, um, it takes a lot of capital to do that. And you know, I, I tried to make it reality a reality.

Speaker 3: (16:23)
So when I have my goals, I don’t keep them to myself. Okay. Cause if I don’t hit them, who I looked down. Yeah, no. Right. And I have a camel. Right. So when I have something that I want to hit do, I’ve always made a comment to publicly, you know, not like on Facebook or I’ll tell them all, I’ll tell my dad family instead of thing, brother and sister, coworkers, this is where I’m going to do. So when I don’t do it, you know, I have this expectation from everyone else who I’m supposed to. It’s a little bit more pressure on me. I’m psychologically I guess to be able to accomplish it. Right. And so when I come back and you talk to me back, cause you were saying like, you know, I am situations that are unfinished, finished vacation, I actually get into the routine again, there’s something ahead of my schedule, um, you know, in a few months that I needed to hit. And you’d be able to have the income for it to be able to go get that natural property or maybe something over reward myself with. And um, it’s that motivation. Right. So, um, I guess we’d held accountable publicly. I guess, cause you know, I’m not pressured to do it, but I kind of feel like everyone’s expecting to meet this standard that’s set on you because

Speaker 4: (17:42)
sure. You’ve already committed, you know, and you just taught yourself to high standard in the first place. So you could say your word is your bond. And the sense that’s like when I say to

Speaker 3: (17:50)
somebody and I said to myself or, yeah, you know, so, so I guess on that though, like, cause I guarantee you there’s people listening to this and they’re like, well, I like that. And I sometimes think people think things are unrealistic. Yeah. Right. Um, you know, it’s, it’s unrealistic to do one being split. People accomplished it. Right.

Speaker 5: (18:14)
You know, we, uh, are accountable, right. Or anything.

Speaker 3: (18:18)
Sandstone stone that’s, you know, it’s changed, changed. All right. Um, and so as far as,

Speaker 5: (18:26)
do you want to

Speaker 3: (18:28)
recap that question again? I guess my question would be like, how do you employ yourself out of their own in the sense of like, I’m not hitting my goals. I’m not, I’m not, you know, I spoke out and I’m going to do $200 this year, whatever that is. like I’m always reviewing them. Okay. You know, like am I on track? You know how I saved from that. I really prayed enough to kill salesman. How’s my pipeline, is my pipeline and getting you in a situation. Like if, if I need to get the court, I got out, I was going to create the momentum, you know, so let me, I’m going to focus in the situation. So I got a message today and when I say names or anything, but I think he worked for women to know who is the alarm guy and he’s like, Hey, I want to be on stage at door to work comp one day. And you know, that was like his goal. He’s like, I’m going to, how many of you so much volume that you’re going to hire him to come speak? And I like that. It’s really cool. Yeah. And then I simply asked, as I’ve told many accounts who sit in and out and then he’s like, well, I’m at 16 for the year. It was lie.

Speaker 3: (19:31)
I just felt like I had three money today. You don’t have hit it out of here. So those are the guys and you’re making yourself situation a little bit more difficult, you know, so, so I guess my question would be, you know, he’s like, but I still got, you know, I’m still going to hit 250 this year, blah, blah, blah. And it goes on and if you’re listening to this, you know, if you know who you are, a, I’m not trying to cop out, I’m just trying to say he that happens. He might be complacent, I think is like, Hey, I’m going to do it.

Speaker 5: (19:58)
I know I’m going to do it. You know, kind of have maybe happy.

Speaker 3: (20:02)
At least I have to with 16 candles, right? Yeah. But it’s like, I almost felt like he’s living in a different world and the gallery, I’m like, dude, you’re, you’re talking about 500 accounts or two or for new accounts six, four years ago in the habit of doing it, right. It’s decision still making a decision. You know, everything in life is to discipline. Right. So as a result of worth and Zach, no,

Speaker 5: (20:25)
whoever you’re meeting people

Speaker 3: (20:27)
well in circumstances made the decision to be with that,

Speaker 5: (20:30)
right? Yeah. I’m with it rather than making it a habit.

Speaker 3: (20:34)
Just everything’s just on that,

Speaker 5: (20:37)
right. No, really don’t want to go.

Speaker 3: (20:39)
Great System, get the vehicle and just put all the almost all call. That’s all. Yeah. The thing is people are like how you, I don’t have to motivate yourself. Right. And that’s part of the equation. Everything else is all that, you know. And I think a lot of people think things are really sick, you know, unrealistic to me from the grant. And then when I did it my first summer, I was like, you know, cause it does what it’s supposed to be. Right. I didn’t know how much it’s going to get paid. They just heard some type of camps I didn’t hit, but I was able to make a hundred grand, but I did do right. Whereas like that was almost unrealistic and it seemed like a pinnacle that was going to work on for a few years and years. I like made it to the top right. And then it seems unrealistic to make 300 grand.

Speaker 3: (21:25)
Seems unrealistic to make 700 grand. That seems unrealistic, make over money or multiple seven figures, but it’s just like, it’s, you know, you create systems to, to make it reality. Right. And I think that’s the whole key holds people back because the like, that would be nice, but I can’t do it. Yes. You know, or you know what I mean? So it’s just like you just have to create assistance and do it. Like I would record then, um, who, uh, just started, um, he’s been creating anywhere from like one to three accounts a day. He’s had a higher cancellation rate. This is kind of there and you know, all the different avenues, but he just goes and does it, you know the reps that aren’t upgrading theme park working through making that decision. So I’ll call whether or not they’d go out of date.

Speaker 2: (22:11)
Yeah, that’s obviously they go out. Yeah,

Speaker 3: (22:17)
there’s people that are way better than you then at three dealer, you know, I don’t feel like can tell to us woke up. Yeah. And I think that’s something like the a La Carte. What’s your secret? I just do what I’m supposed to be doing. Well you probably don’t have the discipline like I do to do what I’m supposed to be doing every day. I think people like the identity to results, right? That guy’s talented. So that’s why he got x, Y and z. That guy works hard, especially as just a few finger in and it’s not about themes, but wherever they are accomplished right there it’s like, no, you just do it.

Speaker 2: (22:48)
And I think, I think going back, I haven’t

Speaker 3: (22:50)
awesome podcast, but I, I tend to take PD and same thing. And it was, it was this interesting conversation around people want to feel comfortable about themselves. So they call it their people talented so that they feel that he’s just talented and they make an excuse and it’s an excuse so that they can fill this like warm and fuzzies inside of there.

Speaker 2: (23:10)
Yeah. too bad

Speaker 3: (23:19)
example. You know, Dave Mattson, right? He’s, you know, to go to the industry as far as stories, he’s done amazing. Um, let’s say you’re, you’re on that trip started three and then

Speaker 2: (23:31)
like, you know, I kind of like,

Speaker 3: (23:33)
he’s, I think he did a hundred and a quarter or more, something like that. It’s just like, let’s take it. I tell myself that, yes. It’s like, why can’t I go to that? He’s, he’s a more talented, you know, sales rep,

Speaker 2: (23:47)
right. He’s very curious and it’s just like I told him, I saw from the scene

Speaker 3: (23:53)
maybe some time, like, you know, that’s just, you know, it’s Kinda like, just like you’re saying this. But the thing is, I hear people say about you, Bryce channels like what?

Speaker 2: (24:02)
I know there’s nothing special.

Speaker 3: (24:07)
I just don’t work. You know, it’s, it’s been a fun, you know, adventure doing what we do. And it’s, yeah, it doesn’t take everything. He thinks that you don’t have to be able to post the same things. Well,

Speaker 2: (24:23)
okay, so let, let’s, we’re going to transition

Speaker 3: (24:26)
new thread,

Speaker 2: (24:27)
uh, area management. And that was like kind of the second thread

Speaker 3: (24:31)
on the jam line. So in solar, you know, you’ve been in Fresno for how many years now? Um, for the most part, many for now, manage stuff along with offices to help out means on a basis since this came back. Uh, but virtually benefits, no food, five years as important last week and now it’s all on their own and locked all the doors. Yeah,

Speaker 2: (24:54)
I say that, but the actual like thought, because a lot of people were like, I can’t stay here, like going to be moving. I like, you know, they’ve seen me have all been knocked. It’s all, you know, it or whatever. And I’m sure you’ve heard that like five years in market, still cranking out hundreds of bills. Tell us kind of your secret on how you manage your area, your thoughts behind it. It, your philosophy of like why it’s an important message,

Speaker 3: (25:18)
the area. Well, yeah, so I’ve gotten comments from people like, Oh, you must be to get that referral straight. Um,

Speaker 2: (25:26)
I didn’t send that like,

Speaker 3: (25:30)
yeah. They’re like, yeah, you must be getting afterwards. How are you kind of snap are you from to fill slots? Right. I could probably work the system step, right. There’s, there’s these holes to, to do that. Right. Uh, forced slash I manage within, if he does that actually really well. Um, but I mean I don’t mind knocking importance. I mean, I know that sounds like

Speaker 2: (25:53)
actually not that as a kid too.

Speaker 3: (25:58)
Yeah. No, I don’t mind knocking doors because you know, ran, when you first get into an area, you don’t have that in a very, not like, it’s, you know, when people see you there for a while, you know, you can go back to you, but talk to me now. Uh, okay. This guy is actually doing something legit. You know? Suppose people have the instinct of like just apply the night. You’re not going to hear tomorrow, but then after that they’re in an area for over a year or two years within a couple of blocks. Right. Okay. This guy knows what he’s doing. Everyone’s doing it and screw to the situation where I think it’s better than the referrals cause referrals kind of kind of come in, never done it. It’s kind of like we told the shopper too. You don’t really control the situation into it. Now I’d rather do on it into an area that has a hundred homes, 200 homes, 300 homes, 50 to wear it. However big your area is, have those faulty warm leads and you don’t have to pay for it.

Speaker 2: (26:53)
Area. Yeah,

Speaker 3: (26:56)
create, because we’ve, we’ve made it, the question is it’s cold calling, right? Not Heat versus a cold call, but you just said no, it’s a warm lead I created because of the situation. Yeah. You create a circumstance where it is a same level one, it’s not so much a cool call anymore because I know the neighborhoods better than people living. I find that to be the case law or like, you know, so and so we’re so and so, or the guy next door, you know, after I’d been there for a little while now better than you, right. Instantly become the expert. Oh yeah. An area. And they instantly creates a need for them to listen to. Some people don’t care what I say, where people do care, what the neighbors, everyone cares about everyone else’s opinion but itself. Right. And so when you do for a start, you do have that, you know that you need to go. Right. Um, but yeah, once you’ve been in an area for a long time and that’s why your manager always tells you what to say area. Cause I remember going to an area if they only want to castle struggling alerts that transition and I certainly areas across tech.

Speaker 2: (28:00)

Speaker 3: (28:03)
Are you that, you know? Um, and so when I, you know, this is how I do it. Right? Um, so when I was alarmed, just blitz,

Speaker 5: (28:12)
right? Um, but

Speaker 3: (28:14)
silver right words is complete opposite. Right? Um, someone’s opinion that made miss and understand the process maybe not, might not be installed yet and talk to the neighbor right. Um, it’s sentence, right? Uh, there’s been times where I’ve been lucky and sold a bunch of people were, that’s kind of against my rule of thumb. Like once I still want to restrict depending on how big the students pro wanted to and just leave it alone. No. Has that ever. Okay.

Speaker 5: (28:44)
Um, pepper the area, um, whatever grow. Okay.

Speaker 3: (28:48)
As one, once it’s installed for their kids, right. They foyer or worse, they like if they’re happy, right? Um, but then you have way more leveraged to the customer, potential customer in the store. It’s a facade panels that darn siren

Speaker 2: (29:06)
tech back and forth,

Speaker 3: (29:10)
physical to growth into reality. And again, I’m going back to people that told me no. So maybe I did get it the first store, right? Yeah. Maybe I had a few people tell me

Speaker 5: (29:21)
or no. Right. Then I go back and you cough. I cough

Speaker 3: (29:25)
most do Johnson or when I sold the Johnson’s, I asked him to know that people would have to do a circumstance where you’re actually best friends.

Speaker 2: (29:36)

Speaker 3: (29:39)
It’s installed right. And I I different street and do this and come back. And so I assume that’s where of set up every single hall, not NASA series. Yeah. It was a has acid two roles. Right? Yeah. Um, and then like the last house on that street, guess what is the hot asleep.

Speaker 2: (30:02)

Speaker 3: (30:07)
Yeah. Cause you don’t understand there’s current situation there because you’re not physically, there was a study area where you’ve done that one page names. Yeah. And Yeah, like your creative waving a situation leads a group people and it’s right. You know, uh, you know, I can do is you’re going to create a situation that you have when shawls.

Speaker 2: (30:33)
Yeah. I actually, I reset this real fast, but I haven’t.

Speaker 3: (30:38)
Okay. So, uh, basically it’s funny you say that. I would get a lot of hurdles. I just, I don’t, I’m actually charisma charismatic people. And I had, and I asked for Pearl, but I remember earlier in the most was, you know, and this is the alarms I can go and sober too, but even solar,

Speaker 2: (31:01)
I have a risk

Speaker 3: (31:03)
50, 60 referrals and then I recall, but I created a situation where it was worth more of my time and people are going to hate me for saying it was worth because of my situation that created with that door was warmer next door, three houses at the sit there and try to set up an appointment and then back to deal with driving 20 minutes that way it couldn’t be. And I can just take your entire day trying to, you know, you get this in society, you know, like I’ll call results in the morning. Yeah, I might, but that’s the most, not for the it. Um, I actually had structured the system, no raw pain, pretty handsome or else you set the appointment and, but you know, you said like if I swing by, drop our me, you know, okay, we’ll do it. Right. Something kind of new matter what you’re right, because they’re going to help create a better situation than, you know, if you said you find it, you know, I’ll pay x amount of dollars in their journal a little bit more. There were for me, um, you know, I want a new referral. I’m not going to that to bear on a day. Right. We’re doing in the morning. That’s why I’ve worked so many hours a week, but it’s three business. Yeah. And trying to chase him. Right. I’m sure I could just get those really easy deals. You know, maybe it does doors their home.

Speaker 3: (32:42)
If I don’t do that when there’s 12 others here in the next five seconds, I can go,

Speaker 2: (32:48)
there may be a few people listening to this that are like, Whoa, that was completely moving. So that,

Speaker 3: (32:53)
and that’s okay. It’s fine. Everyone was an system and you’ve mentioned that you’re, you’re your, you’re a manager. You’re coming into ever.

Speaker 2: (32:59)
You said he had a really good system around the thrills and that he does that miraculously, you know, some of the stuff that he’s doing to speak to those that are

Speaker 3: (33:08)
Emily talking referrals. I’ve come up with a little bit of a system that I’ll share with you to actually coincide and you can do it. That’s what I can say. So, um, one thing that he does, I mean he just, I mean 16 close to it, he’s like, it’s fine, let’s go through. And he literally has the call right there. It sets an appointment with them

Speaker 2: (33:34)
after that when we call that lead properly. So you make your customer set your next appointment. So they, I really leap frog and yet she does really well with that. I kind of

Speaker 3: (33:44)
scared, you know what if they’re like, no, you should talk to myself. Yeah. I’m already looking into it. And he’s like, you know, dogs when I’m doing it makes it second guessed and all of a sudden I kind of just controlled right and light to say control. Um, and so, uh, yeah, so that’s what he does. One thing that I’ve been doing, you know, then I’d absolutely love, they can get it from me where I’m just one of those ideas that popped up and it’s worked really well, is I’m Google maps and maybe explain this one, but you can pin things and save with certain colors for certain things and label them and it’s always show up on, do you want me to see this? It’s actually really cool. I mean, I literally spend 30 minutes to put a pin on ever refer every single customer that I’ve installed customer that you’ve installed.

Speaker 3: (34:35)
Yeah. And then, um, customer created. So as soon as a greeter, that green flag and I’ve been stolen, I put up this Adam is in place. I said, okay, and that’s your customer in there. Now I’ll always call. Okay. You can hide it. They didn’t have him show up. I will always forever the heart. Yeah. Right. Awesome. And then, um, if you put down the pen is drug, but it’s where, um, it was when you were, you can label and this is where it, the referrals, the blue flags, but uh, you know, Johnson referral or Gloria, you know, Steven’s, and then afterwards, I don’t know what all the other Trump and SAS already happened names. So. Yeah, right. So much information. So let me show you this real quick. I’ll stream area. This is my area right here. Okay.

Speaker 2: (35:33)
Oh Wow. That’s so cool. So those that are listening, I’m not kicking his phone. And he

Speaker 3: (35:38)
had this literally hundreds of these little arts and flags, blue flags and pink cards. Yeah. So sometimes, you know, let’s say I have a customer that’s a little shoe, right? Hey, like, do you know the area pretty well? I just want to look on my phone. Is there like the friends that you like, you know, that lives in this neighborhood, this neighborhood where yet 50 hearts everyone’s name, you know, and that’s a good tip. Like good, good at remembering names. That was one thing. I was really good at it myself to do that. Yes. And Yeah, have a name that everyone knows that person level or at least someone respectable town idiot or whatever. Um, so anyways, so I’m zooming in and a lot of times it be like, oh yeah and we have those panels, those, those are all mine ended, all of those. I take a lot of ownership, right?

Speaker 3: (36:38)
Jen, cool cat. Make it a reality. I’m the expert if there’s going to be any, when you talk about solar and so the other thing too is I’ve got the green flag speech and do whatever is they’re like, hey, when I’m knocking this area, I know how many doors are probably going to have to knock before you have to like switch to a new street. There’s that one house that was just as good Lee. They probably just needed to have you come back and talk about how the utility rates have gone up the kid and then we’re going to put them over the edge, right where that person wanted the battery or batteries or just something like mental, like no when they wined and why we didn’t do it and maybe the circumstances to change in six months. But when I’m knocking that area code here or like you know, tried to leave but you use like a heard of they call audio or a seller so when they get the referrals, right.

Speaker 3: (37:59)
Um, so when I sell some of this is what’s been really good with refills to say, Hey, I’m going to have you put some fliers, you know, on the house and you don’t do anything because I’m going to talk to him probably by random you get cropped. So I kind of do that and you know, go through the map and it rather than getting one researcher role I’ve been given, and this is how I tied it is not okay because I have done drop off. There’s such a change. I said, you just use it as a reference, right? Can you set the appointment? And I encourage it for people that know really what all, yeah. Awesome. That’s all I do. I know I’m going to spend a little bit or for that one second and not as well. So I’ll put the flaps down. Yeah. So let’s go, let’s go.

Speaker 6: (38:58)
Who’s that?

Speaker 3: (38:59)
So there’s perhaps have been sold yet

Speaker 6: (39:01)

Speaker 3: (39:03)
Yeah. And it says what family resort. Yeah.

Speaker 6: (39:06)

Speaker 3: (39:06)
And then Michael Voris has their names. Um, and I’ve got all the area. It’s just, you know, mentally I can do and there’s a more extra long extra long salt trust. They know something that works. And then let’s just say in a knock, and again, I don’t have a ton of installs here, so check yourself. So there’s no install skull. You see, there was nothing here at all. I had just before the show up, whenever there and an opposite or, yeah, try number short thirst. Right. And kind of almost, we’re work home and she’s silent solar. Um, but, you know, something of that sort of, they all seem, since I said, yeah, you’re right. Yeah. Yeah. That’s so cool. I love this. This is, I feel like I’m pretty creative with whatever processes is doing, saying, using slides, slides, presentations, right. I’m under the teacher, listen to, of over the teams just hate being rejected. Right. I actually have a system to just minimize that as much as possible. So, um, but yeah, I mean, I don’t have a lot of doors and my referrals I put around my not, it’s either an entire day once they get home. Yeah. I’ll go over it as a horror movie and I’ll sell the other house itself. That’s awesome. So, uh,

Speaker 2: (40:47)
yeah, it’s such a brainstorm and create, I mean, my mind,

Speaker 3: (40:54)
oh man, what did you added this and try it. You know, it all started, I can’t remember what happened by accident. Something else said what I wanted to play in a drop the flag.

Speaker 6: (41:04)

Speaker 3: (41:05)
well, yeah. And it’s just simple. You don’t need a spot or whatever. And in order to do the average school, man, I love it. I love it. So, uh,

Speaker 2: (41:17)
yeah, I already ask this last question.

Speaker 3: (41:21)
She, you mean just your greatness, you know what I mean? The fact that you, you know, golden door opener, you, um, you know, been on either an installer and uh, just in your, in your feeling. Do you know what I mean? I

Speaker 4: (41:34)
was talking and jamming with different people that inspire others and veteran. We all sat in the past and history and talk to them, real estate and all those things. And we could go on and let’s get it submitted. But no, so honestly appreciate your friendship. Yeah. So, uh, but what if you could give the Dourdan or industry one last piece of advice and then the spa.

Speaker 2: (42:05)

Speaker 4: (42:10)
You can pick first year rep or manager because they’re kind of two different pieces of advice I would say. Okay.

Speaker 3: (42:18)
Okay. So, you know, I don’t want us to look at myself as in the long know, like I said, I just decided to make systems to understand that, you know, I can’t remember what it’s like. This is taller than you, you know, that’s what he’s good at, basketball, it’s just talented or whatever. It’s just like if he felt good, that’s right. It’s going to be a good substitute. Right? Cause you’re did mats, it’s your, you know,

Speaker 5: (42:45)
no. Right? But again, you don’t want to have

Speaker 3: (42:48)
dead into certain peoples in the deportation. It’s like, oh, they’re just, you know, get a good work ethic, make a habit of it. Don’t make a decision, but do understand like,

Speaker 5: (43:02)
hey, like you know, one rep Mike,

Speaker 3: (43:06)

Speaker 5: (43:07)
No. Right. Um,

Speaker 3: (43:11)
stick with it.

Speaker 5: (43:13)
Right? Um, and

Speaker 3: (43:15)
it’s not clicking. I’m not putting the blame on yourself, but we could not working.

Speaker 4: (43:20)

Speaker 3: (43:23)
Let’s just see what we’re all going to go in the gym. All we’re going to have results, tries lines. We want to hold each other accountable. We’re there and still be wrong. They above a wrong way more fit. What? We’re going to get more healthy. Right? It’s because it’s behind closed doors. No one sees me right now. I’m going to play our sparks or I’m going to hang out there. You know, to this. Right? And if you want to have time for that. I said I took three months off last year and it wasn’t all at once but have more installs then most everyone in the industry. But I’d like to read more time off. You know, those little extra days that you’re taking time off on the weekends, I mean short days, um, you know, you’re going to be able to do way more. Right? Just having that consistency get better and have better systems and it happens and off as well. It’s the discipline creates freedom. Yeah.

Speaker 4: (44:15)
And I think that that’s such an important thing. So work ethic, it’s like I don’t want to drive to really work hard. It’s like that you’d want a job. We have to work hard because you can reward yourself or you can play with it. It’s those people that don’t put the two together. Why did just want something a little more easy? Easiness as stressful. I’m like, grime is the action. You can take the term that, so as you know how to grind, you’re grinding and play with them. And I think that’s so important. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (44:41)
But the thing is, is just stick with it. Yeah, I know it sounds super generic and basic, but you know, you’ll get to a point, as long as you keep the consistency that you don’t, and you recognize that you’re so well. Yeah. Thanks for asking.

Speaker 4: (44:57)
I always want to like do a Facebook.

Speaker 3: (45:04)
So one thing that’s cool that this place is 8,000 square feet, like I said, 100 days soon as mom’s got thrown a little bit.

Speaker 4: (45:17)

Speaker 3: (45:19)
Wonderful job. But yeah, again, thanks for having me out here, but obviously I do a little bit of shadow.

Speaker 4: (45:25)
No, I, I love it. Or Hashtag sued for over to, okay. Thank you so much for being on the show. Yeah.

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