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Hey everybody, this is Sam tag with the DDD podcast and I’m coming at you with Justin Brown who come from the sports and athletics background. He was playing, you know, try it out for NFL, played football for stu and then started knocking doors doing the real sport, right? That’s right. And you know, this last year he did 700 total satellite accounts, which is more than golden doors status. In fact, all five people that got golden door, I would’ve been within the same company. So that’s, you know, competitive juices hanging out, you know, it’s birds in a flood or flock together. [inaudible]

anyway, so, you know, you did football star receiver and then moved into the door to door space. And today we’re gonna be jamming on the objection handling and discipline. So if you’re listening to this or watching this, this is all about how to knock in your own backyard, how to not be on your own domain, which I think is, you know, I did solar suffer the solar people, the roofing people, the anybody that’s in their local market. Cause when I did alarms, there was no way I was cruising out to Texas for a weekend just to knock doors cause I was disciplined enough. Right. And then getting into solar, I’m like, you know, I’ll just kind of cut it quits today. Uh, you know, and, and we get that. Right? Absolutely. So I’m excited to jam on that. And just how you were 700 accounts in your own domain in this year.

What’s your goal? Gold this year is a thousand accounts. Thousand accounts. I was an account. Only one other person in mankind has done that by the way. So you will be expectations for the, amongst the beasts of beast. So. So tell me a little bit about you, like what makes you different, what makes you tick? So obviously you kind of touched a little bit about him before, but I played sports like my whole life. Yeah. So I’m always wanting to play college sports. Um, so when I got to that level, the next, the next thing was obviously getting paid to play now. Right. And so after my, after my year, I ended up leaving, leaving a year early to train for my pro day and pursued that route for a while. Then came to a point where I, it wasn’t gonna work out, um, kept getting released and then decided to hang up my cleats.

Um, what’s crazy is once I did that, I had no plan B. There’s kind of your life revolved around football, but exactly 100%. So I didn’t know what I wanted to do. And so I feel like when I got approached by cells, that was the only thing that really kind of filled that void. Um, and just the competitiveness I guess in the, in the feeling that you get of this, the only feeling that replaces it. Yeah, for me at least. No, it’s so funny. I go around speaking and training and all of what I train on us. We’re, we’re in a sport. So as long as you make your company feel like a sport, you’re going to attract competitive people that want to win. And if there’s a scoreboard up there, they will sell a lot more deals. There is, it’s a sport. Absolutely. So I love that.

So this is now your new sport. Um, you know, you, you’ve obviously thrived in it, but what do you feel like makes you a little different? Like what makes you unique to, to be 700 account rep where the average satellite guy does what 150. 100? Yeah. I think the difference for me in my opinion was, I don’t know if it was because I played college sports and in my whole life I always had people saying, no, you couldn’t do this, that you couldn’t get to this point. No, you weren’t went into championships who are going to break certain stat records. Right. And then on the doors, a lot of people, they can’t handle rejections over and over again. I feel like there’d be a lot more people that the ones that sold a hundred 250 they do a lot better if, if they knocked longer and they handled more objections and more rejections and then can get hit and get back up.

So it was me and Kiwis, it was like run into the fricking line. I’m that grounding little kid and you know the tackle drugs where you get up off your back and roll over and you’re just getting loud. And I, you know, it’s just, you were taught playing football probably just that it’s okay to get hit and just roll it off and keep, keep running. And I think it’s so similar and I’m excited to kind of talk about discipline and objections and that mindset around getting hit in the face every day in our own emotional way and get back up on the Tony. I mean it’s been such an interesting analogy is getting the tackling drills to what we do now. Absolutely. It’s a mindset. It’s a mindset. So fast forward a little bit, um, you don’t do the whole summer thing. You decided to shift your business to be a little bit more year round in your own domain.

What made you kind of decide to do the year, you know, not cure locally? Yeah, that’s a great question. So I feel like my first couple summers I did the whole leave to another state, you know, four or five months out of the year. And then it got to a point to where I got married. I have a kid now, congrats by the way, three weeks old, little love Hashtag [inaudible] so basically I was approached from to Daniel about doing the year round program, not having to leave, but just doing it in my backyard. And it’s been, it’s been a game changer. Um, being able not to have to stress about hitting a certain amount of deals in a short amount of time, but just making a blast throughout the whole year. Um, and we will go on sales blitz everyone every once in awhile. But it’s, it’s been such a blessing just to do it your room.

Cool. So what gets you from, cause I train on this, this is something that I train around that maybe debunk, meet here, tell me how I’m wrong cause this is and, and that’s okay cause obviously there’s always like a different way, right? So I was training and so hard to go from the couch to doors. That is like a mental like all right, I’m chilling and watching Netflix hanging out in the morning to, all right, I’m going to go to the battlefield and get my face Cape then like you know what I mean? So like you do, there’s, it’s like mental thing. Cause you know, most of the people have a meeting, they get them fired up and they’ve got this like emotional energy going on and then they go hit the doors, right couch to doors, like talk to me about that. So I think that’s when discipline really has to get in.

I’ve been, most managers or companies, they send guys from the local home state somewhere else just because they remove exactly that to avoid the distractions of knowing people and, you know, not being as comfortable. And so when it, when it comes to being able to sell locally, like where I’ve lived or where I live, I feel like you have, you have to realize that you can’t let distractions get in your way. Like you still have to set goals for yourself. You still have to tell yourself you’re gonna knock certain amount of hours each day. Um, cause if you don’t get, you’re going to be, you know, going and meeting up with buddies for lunch or bat and stuff like that. So yeah, it definitely be a struggle if you’re not disciplined. So what do you do to stay disciplined? You know what I mean? Like discipline is such a broad word that we use.

And what, what do you, what do you find helps discipline? What creates discipline? Can that be learned I guess, or a lesser group? Good question. Uh, for me, I hate looking on the leaderboard and not seeing my name at the top. Okay. And so, I mean, I, I tell myself I’m going to hit a certain amount of goals per day and I won’t, I won’t go home or I won’t leave until it’s hit. So it’s kind of like you, what’s your goal today? You’re not complacent with, so I guess if I were to hack these, it’s you have a goal and you’re so committed. They’ve written that golden blood kind of thing versus kind of like, Oh, I’d love to, you know, I’d love to one day maybe hit this or you know, like, ah, it’s really just that number that I throw out. It’s like, this is my goal, blood run.

Then the second one you said was the competitive side. Like you’re committed to a leader board. I guess like is it number one, like I’m going to finish number one every day or in the company. Is it like kind of tough, like how do you stay competitive in that setting? [inaudible] kind of in a sense you have a little team or whatever, but it’s not like you’ve got this big team that you’re competing against. It’s kind of you in your own world. In my own element. It really is. I mean, when I set goals and I don’t hit them, I get really pissed off at myself. Yeah. And so I know that if I set certain goals on it, don’t cut them. I know how to feel about it. Um, so just staying on the doors as long as possible until you hit those goals. I feel like it’s, for me it’s been the biggest game changer.

So is it Kinda like once I do five I go home or is it you not tell nine no matter what type thing? Yeah. So I’ll set my goals hide. So I’m saying I’m going to hit seven or 10 deals today. Okay. Um, so if I hit 10 deals by five o’clock, you’ll go, then I’ll go. Okay. No, that’s that. That is one strategy. That’s why I’m saying right now, cause it is pre preseason. Well not smart. No. And that seems it’s a bad thing. And like I did, a lot of people ask me, they’re like, how long should I knock? I’m like, well there’s two ways. It’s what could have you done if you would’ve stayed till nine, you could have maybe done 15 deals in that day. Or if your strategy is I’m knocking all year, I commit to a goal of 10 every day.

Right. And I’m so committed every day, then I’ll do those 10 then I’ll go, right. Cause I want to balance life. And you, you’ve knocked in the summer, right? Also our preseason summer. Is that right? So, and it’s a grind. I’m like, by the end of those mean you’re riding for four months. Right. And if it can just be exhausting by the time I, dude, I never did an extension. Like everyone’s like, oh yeah, you can do extension. I’m like, dude, I’m like burnt out. It ain’t, it’s your mental thing. It is. But Kudos to those that can, I grind so hard for four months that I was like mentally just couldn’t get myself. And so yes, I can relate to that. That’s why been doing a year round. I’m, it’s like a marathon. You got to pace yourself but still hit enough accounts to where it’s gonna make a huge difference. If you’re going to do a thousand accounts, like you can’t just let a big be like, yeah, this week. Right. You know what I mean? You set a goal. I mean, now you’re publicizing this to the world. You’re going to be on a big stage. [inaudible]

yeah, that’s how I like, I have an award for this at DDD Con, so they totally separate. It would just say it’s like a special award you get on the big stage. So I liked him yet. Now I’m going and I will say this was the number one dude in all of satellite. Like good on you or you could not have worn or not yet. I’m just throwing the carrot out there if you know. Um, anyway, so, so tell me about kind of your schedule, cause I think discipline has to also do a schedule. So what’s your routine? How do you stay kind of in a, in a groove schedule I guess. Yeah. So every, every morning. Uh, I mean me and the guys that I have currently under, we wake up and walks and go do something active in the mornings to get up and then we’ll hold meetings and we’ll set the ops meeting like a gym or play ball or, yeah.

So I mean, since it’s been snowing recently, we’ve been going in to the gym and we’ll come here. Um, I mean we’ll go do something, we’ll play golf for a little bit in the morning, just do something in the morning to get together. Ken just team, um, team bonding experiences and stuff like that. And then as a team we’ll set goals and then we’ll just kind of go out. Yeah. Cool. So yeah, you said let you go out, what time is going out? Like when is, so I like to start by like nine 30, 10 o’clock. You’re on the doors by nine 30 10 yeah, so, but nobody’s home during those times. So that’s a good point. So I feel like older P in today’s society, older people are the ones that have TD still. Right? It’s satellite. So more times than not more the people that actually, that I’m seeking out, they are.

But I think you can’t sell people. People are hard to talk to on the Reuters. They don’t like [inaudible] people. He said, Woo Hoo. I’m not saying, yeah, I’m saying I get these all the leading people done, but it’s so funny, I get people like, oh, I can’t the old people. That’s why you can’t knock in the morning. Morning. I only not from five to nine because that’s when people are home. And I’m literally going, okay, we’re talking to the number one, one of the top satellite guys in the country, and he’s just debunked both of those belief patterns that a lot of people have. No, what I’m saying, that’s a good point. And I feel like most people don’t knock until at least one o’clock or at least till two o’clock. And I used to be the same way, but once I took him to s, you know, I took to myself to actually find out if that was it like a myth or isn’t it?

It’s a myth. More people are almost home during from from 10 to five then from five to nine isn’t it? It’s a numbers game. The more doors you knocked, the more people you’re gonna come in contact the case. So how do you prospect during the day? What do you do to, to stay prospecting in making sure you’re efficient with the morning hours to get the most out of this? Like if you have any hacks on the prospecting, the ivy research, I mean the day before I’ll research area to find out kind of what hood I wanna knock in. Um, when I am out, I’d look for cars being being outside. Um, there’s certain things that I feel like being able to see what kind of car it is out there or if the lights are on or anything like that. So I don’t have, I’m not wasting time knocking on doors.

I feel like there wouldn’t be home in the first place. Yeah. So just give them the norm. Right. So tell me, tell me kind of what other things, so let’s say, let’s say you’re knocking and somebody calls you because you know your, your family party, uh, wife has a thing and you gotta watch the kid or you know what I mean? Like how do you balance kind of when to say no and when to say yes to the distractions. That reason why you don’t knock in our backyard is cause we got to be so on and just boom. But like what things do you do or how do you balance the yes in the nose to like friends calling, hey, you want him to golf in this evening? It’s like, yeah, no, I feel like I’ve made it a point to till, I mean, my wife and my family and my friends that day, they know that I’m at work.

Um, there’s, even though you’re 15 minutes down the road, you know what I mean? Like right way, I don’t lie. I immediately, my wife will tell you. So we went on the honeymoon okay. For a week in Mexico and I, it was hard for me to enjoy it just because I wanted to work, you know, I feel like I just, I w I was itching to be on the doors, I feel like. Um, and so it’s, I’d rather work and see success then enjoy a round of golf for a day, you know, since kind of like you’ve just trained yourself over the years, what’s a priority? Priorities. Yeah. What’s making it a priority to be successful? Absolutely. Because a lot of people say they want to be successful, but in reality it’s like they prioritize everything above the one thing that makes them successful in the sense of wealth.

Right. Well, so, and I think a lot of times we don’t ever look at it that way. It’s like, Oh, I complain about I can’t make rent payment and I complain about never having what I want and I’m sitting there like, but you prioritize not making rent payments based on your actions. You know, your prioritize actually a lot. Yeah. Your marriage, just everything over actually producing. Right. So I think that’s an interesting principle. So let’s kind of shift gears a little bit. Uh, let’s go to the actual door approach and objections. And you know, this whole idea of he get tackled to get back up, like it’s just going to happen, right? And this [inaudible] Utah people are the nicest in the meetings. There’s no gray area. There’s no gray area. You’re like, you just listened to me for 20 minutes and then give me a glass of water. And so nicely told me no. Right? I almost would rather have you just said no. Right. [inaudible]

you’re like, you’re one of these aren’t you? You just won’t buy. But you appreciate what I’m doing to thank you. And that’s why it’s good to get to the points. You’re not gonna waste time on those. Oh, you can waste so much time in Utah. It’s so funny. And then you get the biggest, like the meanest, and you’re just like, where did you come from? And it just stood out there. Yeah, it’s weird. Like you’re at least consistent east coast, they’re all just dicks. Texas. Most of them are pretty nice. And then you got the big old farmer, just like big Texan buffoon. It’s just like I’m a, I’m a shoot. You kinda got it. That is so true. You know what I mean? And it’s just kind of like you have those two categories. Salt Lake or Utah. I mean if you’ve knocked here, you could probably account for this.

I swear it’s like Dick or nicest person knowing inventory. Okay, so now let’s talk objection. So let’s work through, so give me a couple of, Eric, I’ll give you a couple of objections. Let’s just go through the general ones that you’re going to get with any industry, not interested. Right? So let’s, let’s, let’s focus on that one first because that one’s so obvious. So you knocked on my door. I’m like, hey, honestly, just not interested right now. What are some of the hacks or lines that you’d use to overcome that? So I feel like it was a lot harder when I was selling anything other than satellite to overcome that specific objection. Okay. With satellite, I’m knocking on homes that already have TV. Like, I’m not having to talk them into getting something they don’t already have, but they still will say not interested. Right.

You’re not interested. So it’s like you already have TV. So how did, yeah, like customer tells me I’m not interested you, you have to ask the right questions because it’s, it’s the iceberg. I mean they’re not going to tell you exactly what’s wrong. So you kind of have to find out for yourself. And it takes asking the right questions to really find out why they’re not interested. Cause if I’m saving them money, if I’m giving them better channels, I’m giving them better equipment, why wouldn’t they be interested? And so I feel like asking specific questions will get out the real reason of why they don’t really want it. So what are some of those questions? Cause I’m sure they apply. What’s so funny is solar, they already have energy, right? Uh, like pest control. Most people already have pest control or buzz or something or most it, most industries like our roof, it’s like you already have a roof, right?

I know you’re not interested. You already have a roof. It’s about solving the problem that they don’t even know they had. So it’s so funny because we always think like, oh, well with us it’s easier. You’ve just found how to ask the right questions to find out what’s beneath the ice activity iceberg. So what are some of those questions that you found? You’re like, okay, let’s hit them with this. So I think the biggest thing of why people don’t want to change providers or sign up in the first place because they don’t like change. Okay. They don’t want to get some use to something new, um, because it’s harder for them to re learn certain channels. Yeah. Um, and so I just let them know, hey, dish does have the voice remote, so I didn’t need to worry about memorizing the channels anymore. Right. Um, just being able to build the value of the equipment and the customer service and what you can provide for them versus who they, who they currently have.

It’s overcoming this change thing. So realizing that interested means I’m not in, I’m just not up for change right now. You know what I mean? It’s like, I just don’t really want to go through this process. Like exactly. Just TVs usually at the bottom of their priority list. It’s like x your fish to fry right now and not on my priorities. Right. Okay. So yeah. So, so how do you, how do you, what, yeah, what are some other questions that like uncovered this like, so you’re like, okay look, it’s really not that hard. It’s gonna actually make life easier. But like anything else I do usually I’m pretty just bold with, with my customers and I just, why aren’t you guys interested? You know, have had them kind of tell me and then just kinda keep building on what they, what they say and eventually trying to get into the homeless, sit down with them and it’s just go over the pros and cons.

Yeah. It’s like, look, why are that? Are you saying that? Or are, do you actually actually know what you’re not interested in? Like why are you like, explain to me why you’re not interested. Right. If you can’t, then let’s go to the pros and cons, then tell me you’re not interested and all that. That’s okay. Just hear me out, hear me out, hear me out for, do me out. I want to, I want to go through this. And then we can decide. And that’s important. I think a lot of people, they start backpedaling real fast when they hear not interested and they’re like [inaudible] foster the lost it instead of like lean into that. Yep, let’s figure this out. So in that, did you just know that on the head? So most Eden when I first started, when someone was like, I’m not interested. I said okay, have a nice day and I’m onto the next door.

Yeah. Cause I didn’t want to be too pushy or that, you know? But a lot of people can relate to that. A lot of people can relate to that and that, and the reason I say that is whether they’re doing it that obvious, meaning I’m not in jail, I’ll be like, okay, like, okay, see you later. You know what I mean? They gave up try one more time. Or they try like, you know what I mean? Like I don’t, I don’t want to make them pissed off. It’s kind of like, then they’ll walk away. And I think the most common mistake for a daughter or rep is that, and I feel like that’s why reading body language is, is huge because you can kind of tell them the Sanger I interested, but the body language they give is still saying, I’m still open. Exactly how they’ll be sending it.

Isn’t that weird? Duh. It’s funny you say that. It is so funny you say that because we just did this podcast, body language on Monday, just picking up on the cues. If they’re just uncomfortable with a stranger and their way of defense is saying not interested, but then it’s like once you, it’s like no, you’re just really uncomfortable with the situation. All help you feel more comfortable with the situation because I promised at the end of this you’ll be like, thank you so much for serving. Absolutely. See, I mean, yeah. So I love that. So let’s go into objection. Hey, you’re the 10th guy that’s come by here. I’ve already talked to you guys. What did he do? What did you do to deal with that? So if they’re saying that somebody already came by and talked to them, oh, I’ve talked to the dirty dish guys, I’ve talked to the Roofer, I’ve [inaudible] I used to be able to say, well, were they able to help you out?

Like what were they able to do for you? Did they take care of you? Oh No, no, we told them not. Oh, why is that? Um, honestly we’re just happy with what we have. Okay. So you sort of, if we can set you up to where we can get you better equipment obviously saves you a lot of money a month with not losing any current current channels you have. That wouldn’t be something you’d be interested in. None at this time. Why is that? Boom. I love that. I love that you’re just like, I’m coming at you instead of like, oh, okay. Like yeah, that it comes to a point where it’s like, I’m not going to be too pushy, but I’m not going to leave until they say, okay, you need to leave. Either I’m shutting the door on you or that time. Yep. Cool.

I love that. So it’s really just, and the psychology of what you just did is powerful because you said, hey, they’ve obviously took care of you, right? Almost like, are you an idiot? Like why did you not, is that what you’re doing? I just say red, right? Yeah. So, yeah, I guess explain why you say, Oh, they’re the sources. I have somebody saying that they’ve already been around here. So it’s like, oh well then you’ve already been taken care of right there and it helps you out. Obviously they haven’t, yeah, they’re just saying that’s to me off the door. And so I’m just kind of trying to say whatever I can to get them more opened up, um, more time on their doorstep, the more I’m going to be able to slowly talk it out to them and figure out the real objection of why they haven’t done anything yet.

And, and I think a lot of people understanding what the customer’s trying to do is important in this objection by me. Like I’m a customer. So I think by me telling you, Oh, I’ve already talked to the guy and we told him, no, that’s me telling you, that’s a softer way for me to tell you no. And they think that you’re going to hear the no. But what you’re hearing is the opposite. And it surprised the opportunities I, the opportunity versus what they’re trying to do as customer and understanding that dance, it’s understanding they’re coming at you from it. Hey, we want to push you away. And you’re seeing it as like, oh sweet. Yeah, they’re comfortable points where you here, you here knows a lot too where you just have to train yourself to not even know what that word is. Yeah. You’re like, like, oh, oh, so they set you up, right.

Oh cool. Your Dad, oh, she already taken care of. They’re like, yeah, x surprise, surprise. And then they’re just like, oh, I thought that was going to work. I thought that was going to get him off. Right. So I have a cool, so when I first started, um, I mean I’ve had trainers that I’ve, that I’ve seen that we get into homes and they, and the customer, she’s like, no, I’m like, did it get that out of my house called Blah? And then slowly but surely, you know, they would just ask the right questions and then finally sign them up after going from the extreme and the customers wanting to get out of the house to ask him the right questions to eventually signing him up. No, and it happens all the time. I’ve had customers apologize. Hey Dude. So sorry. I was kind of a dick at the beginning and you’re like, thank you for acknowledging the fact that you were addicted at the beginning, but now they loved you.

Yeah. They’re just like, dude, call my brother and he needs this or whatever. You know what I mean? In exile all the time. So I think it’s like if reps were listening, if you’re listening to this, here’s the nugget. If you can help yourself envision that situation when he’s being the Dick and telling you no, no, no, no, no. And you’re thinking, I know that’s what you’re telling me, but it’s okay. You’ll hear me, you’ll love me in minute. Right. You’re telling yourself that you’re feeling that end result of like high five and getting the sales sell, sell done. Yup. It’s going to help your confidence for being true instead of like lose all confidence and hear all these nos and just keep getting beat up and depressed. Exactly. That’s the name. You know what I mean? I feel like it’s how you approach every single door.

Mike. For me, every door that I’m not in my head, I didn’t that do. Yes. So I mean, and I can take that to net sports cause every ball that’s thrown at me, I’m catching [inaudible]. I don’t care where it’s at. You can find that. And so, and that’s how I approached the door is like this, this is a cell, let’s do it. So it’s going to take a lot for the customer to get me off of that door. And how often do you see reps doing just kind of like waiting for the sale and it’s almost like they, they’re like, I don’t hope somebody delay that today. A lot more, more than, uh, I would like to have on obviously your team on my team. It is hard cause it takes a while for you to understand the fact that there’s so many more deals to be had.

If you just ask the right questions, use the right body language. Cause you could go talk to the same person tomorrow that the guy said no to homeboy and you’d go back tomorrow and you were just two, three more persistent and you were mentally, they’re saying deal and happens all the time. All the time. So if you’re listening to this, it’s like, remember that? Remember that. Because oftentimes if we don’t tell ourselves every door is a yes, we’re telling ourselves every door. Isn’t that right? And that one, I think your big thing is just not taking what customers say personal. Um, I feel like a lot of reps when they’re, when customers say certain things on the doors, they get offended or they’ll take it, take it personally, it gets to them and then the next door it’s, you know what I’m saying? So just being enthusiastic and excited about what you do. Um, it’ll rub off on the customer. So trailer. So one more objection. What kind of wrap up? So what about this one?

I don’t, I don’t have time. Let’s just talk the door approach. Timeline. Hey Man, super busy. Just a maybe come back later or something. Yeah. Which actually happens a lot. That’s a huge common one. Um, let’s think con I think how, I mean, how I ended that is, is I tell them, I know that it’s not a priority for him real quick. Um, I just tell them how to deal with those. Took about two minutes. I’m just going to get inside and ask me to see the receiver box and see what we can do. If they just keep saying, I don’t have time to come back, I don’t like going to go back because the chances of them working out as almost a waste of time. You read their body language to see if it’s going to be worth coming back. But more times than not I’ll just let them know, hey, the promotions that are going on right now aren’t going to happen in the future.

So if we can take care of you right now, it’s going to save you a lot of money up front. So just giving them a reason to listen to you now soon as urgency. Yeah. It’s like I will make it worth your time and money to do it now versus make me come back. Right. And that’s the principle. Right. Absolutely. And then the other one is like you said, reading into the body language, it’s kind of like, you know if they’re really busy or do they just tell that to everybody that comes to their door? Yeah. Cause you can read that and I take a lot of reps don’t see it. I’m like, I’ll go shadow reps all the time and I’ll be like, just walk inside. But he’s telling me not interested or not. I don’t have time. And I’m like, he’s just saying that, look at him now.

He showed us, he showed [inaudible] just chilling. And he’s telling you this and you’re taking it as he’s busy. No, he’s smoking and duty. You can see the situation, right? So you got to peak their interest to make it worth their time. Hundred percent so how do you make it worth your time? That’s, that’s the principle. So now I guess let’s kind of wrap up with this. What advise, obviously coming from bat a sales rep on top of the business, what advice would you give to that upcoming aspiring sales rep? You know, the one that’s looking to do the bad, it’s like I’m taking one game from 200 this year to 500 or I want to be a golden door winter. You know, what, what, what would you tell them? I’ve, I think the best advice that’s been given to me that I could give to somebody else is literally work harder than anybody else.

It does pay off and sells like, you know, like everybody else in the industry knows that it is, it is a numbers game. So the, the people that knocked the most doors, the people that get in front of the most people, um, are the ones usually have been handed down a word at the end of the year. Right? Yeah. Um, and, and being able to set goals, I mean weekly, monthly, yearly, and making sure, no matter what that you’re going to hit those goals is, is going to be the biggest game changer between the, the a hundred and hundred 50 rep to the three to 600 bro. Love that. Love that. Amen. Well, I appreciate you all. I did just that. I appreciate you talk to him and with me. Why don’t I finally go on here, man. No, this is good fun. So thanks so much for Janet and absolutely be good. So if you guys love this, leave a comment, write a review, whatever, and hit him up on Facebook or Instagram, um, but appreciate this and go, go apply it. The thing that I invite people to do is I’m like, do with, there’s different thing that the listeners and the seniors and the doers, right? And it’s kind of all said, let’s go. So appreciate it. Much love guys. We have


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