Well, can I help you listen up, I’m bringing you the best content to ever exist in the door to door industry from sales, leadership, recruiting and personal development. Why would I need that? Because never before have we been able to collaborate with the top experts in their industries, sharing their secrets and techniques and what makes them the best. We who are you? I’m your host. Sam Taggart, creator of the DDD experts and DDD con. Is there a place we can sit down? We’ll come on in.

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All right everybody. My name is Sam Taggart. I’m here with Travis Brady, the coaches coach and speaker. He has a long 18 years of coaching different, you know, athletes to transformational coaching, to mindset, to, you know, helping and big stages to little stages and proud to have Travis on the show. He is actually going to be speaker, add door to door. Kahn, so super excited to have him there and learn from him. He spoke at one of our summits, crushed it, had a lot of people that he really has helped in our space. And so super excited to have you on the show man. Yeah, thanks for having me dude. Yeah. So tell us a little bit about how you got into coaching because you know, a lot of people, uh, you know, coaching is such a intangible thing or you know, a lot of people were like, I want to be a coach and a lot of people don’t know how to get started. So it kind of, how did you get into coaching and then how’d you get into coaching coaches?

Yeah, yeah, we were talking about that earlier. We’re saying, you know, what did you want to be when you grew up? I said baseball player and you were talking to you want to be a professional basketball player, right? Yeah. Yeah. And so in high school, you know, was when I actually realized like, you know what, maybe I’m not going to be professional baseball player, but I really love working out cause I was the skinny shrimp kid. Like really? Oh Yeah Dude, I was there listening to this is Jacquez he’s fricking yoke. He’s basically Tom Brady, but times two, if you look at Tom Brady with his shirt off, you’re like, no way is this dude one of the best football players of all time. Like, yeah. So, uh, anyways, I was super small. I got made up for being so skinny. Like I was the only kid on the all star team that didn’t hit a home run and when I was growing up.

And so I got into weight training and started belting them out when I got into high school. So it was like this huge epiphany. Like, man, if you want to change something about you, you can totally do that with consistent effort and just the right tactics and strategies. And so I decided, I got so involved with that. I was like, no, I want to train Tom Brady. I want to train these top level athletes like I find more fulfillment now. So right out of high school I got involved with uh, personal training and I also got invited to come back to the coach, uh, some of the baseball players coming up. So that was super cool too. And as I got in the personal training, I went through this huge transformation myself. You know, it’s more about what are you eating, what are you lifting, you know, what does your body look like?

Cause ultimately true transformation is both mind and body. And so I really started to get into the mindset stuff and then that evolved into life coaching. And then once I started getting into that, I had a lot of people come into me, you know, wanting help on how do I build a business, how do I make this work? And you know, I’ve been doing this, you know, for almost collectively two decades now. And so I understand, you know, what people have to go through in order to become successful. And, you know, I felt in this business three times, you know, before I actually made it, it’s just like anything, right? I mean, how many failures have you fought through a lot. And I think a lot of people don’t see those. Yeah, no one does. They don’t see those. And so, and I think that’s why we need to share our stories more people need to see what we go through in order to create what they create because they just see the house or the cars or the cool stuff that we’re doing, but they don’t see the work behind it.

But with me, it was back in 2010 and I had failed three times. And um, I finally found this job after I finished my batch. Dude, I graduated with a bachelor degree with no fricking job man. Like I was so pissed that I had no job because that’s what they brainwashing school to believe. Man. Get a degree, dude. I should have done door to door sales, bro. Shit, dude, I would’ve been good dude. I would have blown it up, bro, because I am a fricking warrior dude. Like, I will go and I’ll go. It’s that. It’s that athlete and media. So anyways, our recruiting, I don’t have anything to recruit you two guys listening hit them up. No, seriously. Seriously. If I can go back, like dude, I would be a great recruiter for door to door sales cause I would go back and be like, dude, this would have changed your life.

It probably would have too. Yeah. But anyways, I, I went the entire month without getting a client and it was like, okay, my heart literally can’t be, can’t handle the nose anymore. And so it was a Friday night. I had worked my butt off all week and I drove home and a bomb way than my house. I stopped at my mom’s house and she was my rock. She’s been my, you know, my influence, my inspiration. And I know where she’s out on a Friday night, she’s laying in bed cause my mom’s a warrior. Like my mom will work. My Mom taught me how to work and so I remember going and laying down on her bed and she’s like, what’s wrong hon? And I didn’t even try to fight back the tears. I just started balling and I just had, how come no one wants to work with me?

How come I’m not good enough? And she reminded me of all those times that I have helped someone that I’ve transferred. I’ve literally saved people’s life and she said, the world needs you. And I almost made a decision in that moment that that would’ve totally put me in the ground. Like I’m not even kidding. And I decided, you know what, I can give more. So I went out and I decided I’m going to give him my full heart. I’m going to just give, I’m just going to give me to the world. I’m going to show him my passion. Because before I was so focused on what I wanted to receive that I lost track of really why the reason why I was doing it. And the very next week I was able to start building clients. And it’s just been a whirlwind from there. So to answer your question, that’s why I help coaches is cause I don’t want, I want them to be successful in something that’s close to their heart.

I love that. I love that. And You know, speaking of coaching, so I kinda want to just dive right in. It goes down because, um, a lot of us are coaches in our own field, right? It’s like I’m helping sales reps, I’m helping my managers, I’m coaching all the people listening to this that are leaders essentially, even sales reps, they’re coaches, believe it or not. You know what I mean? Absolutely. Like they, they have their own influence in some form or another and like what are the steps to, I guess, helping inspire change or inspired transformation and another, because a lot of times they always feel like, man, no matter what I say, no matter what I do,

do they still suck. I just never do. Others does. You know what I mean? It just like freak dude. Like, I’m good. You suck. I want you to succeed. But, uh, it looks like you have no hope so quit now like, yeah. And like in lots of good in that. But I mean, yeah,

a good coach probably doesn’t. I’m listening to extreme ownership right now and it’s always like, no, you’ve got to look inward and take like ownership over your team. But I guess the question would be how, and I think you probably have a lot of good insight on that. You know, I, I have a couple of things I want to talk about. One thing in particular that helps brings a light to a lot of people that I think people listening right now would get a lot out of. You know, when people introduce me, sometimes they’ll call me a motivational speaker and be like, no, no, no, no, don’t call me a motivational speaker. I don’t like the term motivational speaker. And so people group motivation and inspiration to the same term, motivation and inspiration are actually very two different terms. They’re contrast actually motivation is push.

I want to teach me how to push people to motivate. How to like yeah, get them done. Inspiration is pull. I want to get people to pole. And so what happens is we step into push and pushing can turn off people just like that. Yeah. It can turn off people like that. And so what I’ve noticed over the years is people will respond more off inspiration than they will actually motivation. Does that make sense? Yeah. Okay. So stepping into love rather than this forceful, you better do it. You better go off and sell these, you better approach this. And inspiration is more, could you imagine what you would create if you just knock on 10 more doors a day? Yeah. Could you imagine the life that you create and focus on love versus this hateful light push trying to get in the push. And so when we understand the difference between inspiration and motivation, now it can help us more. Cause I’m not saying it’s all inspiration and no motivation, but we need to understand the difference. Gentrifying. Exactly. It’s like when do I need to inspire?

I think there’s probably more heavily weighted need or necessity for inspiration. Am I, I’m, I’m just reading into this, but like I think we heavily motivated a lot of times in less than inspire. And we need to flip flop that a little bit.

Yeah. Yeah. And like I was saying, there’s going to be times when you inspire and times when you motivate. So you know, I don’t know, you know, what people sports are into, but do you know Lynn’s Vince Lombardi, he was considered be one of the greatest coaches of all time. He was a heavy motivational dude. Go do it. What are you doing? Five more reps. And I believe motivation can be powerful after inspiration is there. So after the person is inspired in their polling towards their goal, they’re being pulled now you come up behind them and push them to go faster. I like that. But if someone’s not inspired, like to create it in the first place, like it’s our field based like, oh, I, I don’t know what I want to do. I don’t know what I want to create. Then you try to push them.

What usually happens is you start pissing them off and you push them right out through the door. And so working, starting with the instrument. See, I, I’ve seen that a lot in our industry where guys literally get almost like resistance against the manager because they’re like, dude, just get off my butt. Like I’m trying. And it’s because I think that there’s a misuse of motivation. Yeah, absolutely. So yeah, just understanding the difference between the two and, and you know, the, the first thing is making sure that people who are on our team are inspired in the first place. And so I work with people who are inspired. I want to work with coaches that want to create a difference in the world. I want to work with people that want to have a super niche. I want to work with people that are already trained to do it. Not People that, oh, I’m thinking about it and you know, it’d be nice someday to do this because I know what I have to do. I have to push them. Yeah. And it becomes exhausting as a leader. Have you seen and manage your opposite and try to pull or try to push everybody? Yeah. So let’s say let’s dive into like more the word track or conversation or question track or something like that. Like let’s say, let’s put a scenario like I haven’t sold all week

and I’m, you know, should be pretty good. You see a lot of potential in me and I just haven’t been selling. So how can you like what, what kind of conversation or what kind of thing could you do to kind of pick me up or put me in a better mindset or frame? Like is there any kind of support you can?

Yeah, I think the first thing that we want to do is we want to go and coach, well, here’s what you need to do. You just need to do the seem to pick yourself up. You, you know, you need to knock on more doors. You need to believe in yourself. Yes. And I think that’s the first thing that we want to do. But that’s not necessarily what works. The first part of it is being an investigator and questions dude, what’s going on? Why? Why are you struggling? And understanding what’s the mindset that changed, you know, what’s the identity change? Maybe they had a, maybe they knocked on the door and this lady that just had that maybe just got cheated on or maybe just got divorced, doesn’t have any money and maybe really wants your product. But the fact she was so pissed off, she doesn’t, she couldn’t afford your product just ripped you a new one and then in that moment you, it affected the rest of your week. Yeah. Something like that. Now you take on this altered identity, maybe people don’t want me and maybe I’m not good enough maybe. And then we carry that identity of who we are to the next door. I’m not good enough. Nugget, I’m not good enough. Nugget. No, because it is such a masculine energy. You know, I went to this marriage workshop and they kind of talked about kind of that we always want to fix it. Right. And

Hell Yeah. It’s not about the nail. No, but I mean that’s it though. I mean it’s like you immediately go to like, dude, you’re just

not knocking hard enough. Or, Oh, you’re not, you know, you’re not saying this and, and, and just start to almost misdiagnosed maybe. And I think that’s another way to push people away from you is because you’re over motivating or you’re over kind of pushing out and this person night just need somebody to listen to them and just be like, hey, like what’s going on dude? And I think as a leader, my, I’m just trying to put myself back into like management mode and how often would I get scared and almost like want to avoid those conversations because ego or I don’t know, I just remember myself like being nervous to have that conversation. It’s like I see a guy sucking, it’s like, hey man, like let’s go, come on and pick it up. Like, and I tried to like push him, but to get real and raw with people is sometimes is intimidating as a leader.

And I think it’s important to kind of address that. Yeah. And, and you know what, going back to it sometimes, you know, with some people, and this is what makes coaching so fascinating. You know, sometimes they don’t need you to go into the darkness to try to pull them out. They don’t need, they don’t, they don’t need you. Sometimes it’s just staying in your light and inspiring them and showing them, you know, what’s possible. So it just depends on, you know, it just depends on the person. And so when I’m coaching people, I always look at, you know, um, their personality. I go off these four archetypes. Are they a lover? Are they a magician? Are they a warrior or are they a king? And each person is gonna need some something different. Lover, magician, warrior king. Cool. How do you identify? Like is there a quick like diagnostics to like, it’s just looking at people and seeing what type of energy, you know, that, that you’re in. Like you’re, you’re a king. Like if I was coaching, if I was coaching Sam,

yeah. Can refer me now as Kimson please. Yes, please refer. How dare you kiss my hand. Just get it. Kidding.

Keep going. So you’re awesome. That’s exactly what a Sam of water or what I do. We do. Of course you own it. You know and everything. So, um, if I was coaching a king, kings, kings or queens, they’re visionaries. They want to know the picture. They want to know what’s the empire that I’m building, what’s the result? And so if I was coaching a king, I’d be like, dude, why did you start this in the first place? Cause you wanted to create something amazing. Don’t lose Yod, help them gain sight of that vision and what they really want to create in their life. Okay. So magician magicians are the abcs, the one, two threes. If they go to a workshop like your mastermind did, they’re doing, they know. Like if they say this, then I’m going to say this. If they say this, they know all the, if they’re selling solar, they know all the different solar panels and how they work.

The very, they’re very analytical. The dark shadow of the w of the magician is they get in their head because they’re always over analyzing. Yeah. They’re getting overanalyzing. And it’s like, dude, connect with the person and stop analyzing everything that they say or what you say. Or did you say it right or you didn’t influx in this position, you didn’t pause for long enough for them to respond. Right. Who spoke first? So the last, the sell, you know, stuff like that. And so the warrior and, and this is, this is the interesting one. The warrior is they’re like go, go, go 200 doors a day, done, done, done without a fat. And so when we step into warriors, our tenant, like on, when a warrior is struggling, we instantly want to go, dude, just get back and do it. But that’s actually the worst thing you can do.

The warrior means to go back and their lover and connect again before they can start creating. Okay. And so the warriors are, are very, um, are, are a tough one sometimes. Sometimes they do need that. Let’s go, you’re a, you’re a boss, you can do this. And then other times they need to reconnect with their lover and know that they can do this and just, yeah. And then the lover. Cause that’s where I think in sales a lot, you’ll probably see or identify a lot of people as warriors. And I think you mistreat them because you failed to help them identify back to that love or, yeah. Let me, and interesting nuggets. Yeah. Everyone always misinterprets the warrior. If you go to like a bar or a club or anything and you see a bouncer outside, do you what? What archetype do you think they’re warrior warrior, but they’re not.

They’re actually lovers. Lovers love to connect and so you talk to the big guy. He has this big old beard. He’s bald dude. He’s the nicest guy in there, man. He probably is. Huh? Have you ever noticed that? Yeah. He’s the nicest guy. True that he just made me think of that. Exactly. Archetype. I’m like, Eh. I have to tell you a funny story. So I have a rule. Whenever I go out and there’s Karaoke, I have to sing. Write your song. A backstreet boys. I want it that away. Amen. I have performed that multiple times. Yeah, it’s classy. And so we’re going out, you know, I’m eating this burger and they’re like, they finally call my name. I’m like, have Burger Transwell my burger. I go up and I see this guy in the corner and he’s this big old biker dude. And I’m like intimidated immediately, right?

A little bit. He’s watching me sing, backstreet, he’s watching me scene backstreet boys. But dude, I just own, and I get up there, I’m waving my hand and I look over to this big old dude and he’s laughing. He’s trying to get everyone’s attention to start waving. And Dude, I was like, wow, this is awesome. And it was awful. And at the end I walked up to him after I was like, dude, I just want to thank you for being so cool and in everything. And he’s like, yeah, no problem, dude. And he’s like, but let’s get something straight. Like you’re not good. [inaudible]

cause I think he thought I was like, you thought I was good. Like, you know, like this dude thinks he’s good and he’s really

no. But I loved, I love people like that. He was, he loved me, but he was old enough to be real with me. Yeah. And I was like, I just give him this big old hug. I was like, dude, I love you more for that. Yeah. But he’s, he’s, he’s a lover, but he also does have some worry in them and the lovers are interesting and I’ve coached a lot of levers over the years and, um, the lovers needs to connect, but at times they just need sometimes that punch in the face too. But you really have to build up the rapport and the love in them first before you can punch them in the face. Cause if you try to punch them in the face from the very get go, dude, they’re just down for the count. I love that. Yeah. Yeah. And I think where sometimes we tried to use a blanket approach to coach everyone yet fail to seek to understand and identify what archetype they are. Yeah. I like that. Okay. So let’s hypothetically say I’m a warrior and I’m having this crap week and you start asking me these questions and you start saying, okay, let’s identify what’s going on. So you asked me what’s kind of role play this. Uh, yeah, I, man, I just haven’t been able to sell a week. I’m fricking suck your turn.

Very deep. Super good. Rolling tier mom. Yeah. So, uh, so King Sam. So tell me, uh, you, you suck. Why do you say you suck man? I just know that, you know, last week I threw in 10 weeks for that five and then this week zero. I just feel like I was on a big streak and I know dude, I’m just in this fricking funk and nobody’s buying it just sucks. Yeah, it, it does suck. But let me ask this, do you honestly believe you suck?


No, I feel like I’m good at this. I feel like. And why are you good at this?


just cause you know, I did 10 last week and you know, I’m, I’m one of the top guys in the office most of the time and I’m in this funk and I, I know that I can be a top performer. I know that I can be just good as Tommy and Travis and Sally. She’s just killing it and it just irked me cause I know I’m better than.

Yeah. What did you just say? I know him better than that. You know you’re better. Yeah. Yeah. And so you’re allowing yourself to sink down at this level, which you know you’re not. Yeah. No, that’s a good point. Yeah. Cause you said that you’re good and you know why you’re good. You know why you’re good is because you can own the suck. Hmm. Cause the people that do good is they can make it through the times of sucking and after they go through that, they learn something so incredible. So transformational that takes them to the next level. And Tony Robbins said this, when you realize the gift that comes from the darkness, all pain disappears. You just need to find the gift. So I’m not going to say I’m sorry. I’m going to say congratulations cause there’s something that you haven’t seen yet. And I know next week’s going to be a different story. I’m here if you need, need you man. I love Ya. I care about you. Is there anything else I can do, Mike drop.

Then I have some going to sell 20 next two weeks. Right. And that’s a five minute conversation obviously. But I wanted a quick just that you kind of hit each step, but you did it in a very condensed way, which sometimes has to be a two minute conversation cause all you got two minutes and all his attention span is two minutes. It might be a qual call, it might be a sit down one on one. And I think a lot of times, you know, being able to identify what situation am I in, what archetype are they, and then how do I first discover and ask questions and then really support them in their archetype. I like that. Yeah. And the big thing going on top of that too, the big nugget too is when, when people go through a funk, all it is is something happened internally with their identity and how they see themselves and they just, they turned it around.

They went from, I’m an amazing salesman that can connect and love anybody too. I’m not very good. And they start questioning who they are as a person and I, and it, I think it can just be easily is turned around again. Yeah, absolutely. You know what I mean? Like, dude, here’s a stupid example, but I ball Monday, Wednesday, Friday, last week I was like, oh, for 20 like every day. And I was like, this is so weird. I’m in, I’m in a fuck. Like I’m just gonna use basketball. But it’s the same principle today. I went like 19 for 20 like I literally could not miss today and I just woke up this morning. I said, hey, if I’m gonna go play basketball today, I’m going to fricking dominate. And I like, I literally like set the intention where most of the time, like obviously you don’t go, don’t get that into a journal about like morning pickup, right? At the end of the day, like I found, I literally flopped. It

wasn’t, it was three days that I’d played before. You know what I mean? And I think that a lot of people feel that once they get in these funks, it’s going to take them a year to get out. And I think sometimes it’s just a light switch. It flips, it flips off, it flips back on, dude. Amen. Yeah. I tell people, you gotta catch it. You gotta be aware. And you gotta catch it. Cause if you don’t catch it, you just keep sliding. It keeps sliding down 100%, and then it’s like, oh, I’m not that good of a basketball player. Oh maybe I shouldn’t go next time cause I frickin felt like the dud and then you know what I mean? And it’s like, oh I should

well last one again and yeah, and it could just get worse. Right. But it’s like, no, I go that I shouldn’t even live on this plane. I should definitely jump off a bridge cause I went over 20. No, but I mean it’s

like even looking at Steph curry, like you went through that tiger woods, the perfect example. Yeah. Like, you know what I mean? And I think I didn’t think he was coming back, man. Nope. I mean he did. That’s what’s so inspirational about like what he did is he just said, I didn’t keep sliding. Like I intentionally flip the switch back on and performed at a higher level. And you, and here’s the reason why I believed he did. Um, at his major or that last one, the big one, he won his, uh, his kids were there. And I think his, why his purpose, it knighted him for that tournament. Yeah. And I think that’s the reason why he pulled it off. Amen. Yeah. I didn’t even notice that, but that probably is a big one. And I think a lot of times it may take an external, bigger purpose.

A, you know, a motivator like your family or kid or wife or grandma or dad or brother or whatever. Um, to kind of just wake up and be like, dude, like you’re better than this. Yeah. Just like what I went through. Right. It’s like, wait, you just said you’re better than this. Like do that. Yeah. Do that. That sounds so stupid. But it’s like you just said it and it’s not so much the words, it’s the feeling and the emotion we feel behind it. Yeah. So I think everything like years, like I found out, like, like when you start breaking down, like what does, what does knock doors mean to you? What does love mean to you? What does go the extra distance mean to you? And everyone has a different definition definition, but behind that definition there’s a different emotion. And I think sometimes we don’t look at those deep emotions and how people feel behind each of those words.

So if you’re given a peptalk, go work hard, go do it. Go knock doors and you’re saying the speech, you got all these people in the room that might be filling it at a different level. And so that’s why I believe that like leaders and what you do, like you have to be a coach. You have to know how to manage people one-on-one. Well, it’s the nature of this business. I think like you could always be an adder, but once you can become a multiplier and help others attain what they can, that’s when true wealth is built into this business particularly. Yeah, I believe that. Um, anyway, we’ve got to kind of wrap up, but like, dude, this has been awesome and I’m excited to kind of continue this relationship. Yeah.

You know, it’s been fun. You’ve been super helpful in my journey and continue to, dude, I love what you’re doing man. Yeah.

So all the listeners like follow Sam, like understand like understand Sam, like he is a true loving king. Like he wants to help you. He wants you to grow dude. The door to door con is next generation. I love that. And just pay attention to what this guy does. Like you’d be literally like stupid if you didn’t try to get in this guy’s world some way somehow. So dude, he shout out to you.

Thank you man. Yeah, it means a lot. Yeah. And likewise the Travis guys like um, where I guess, where could they find you? Like if they wanted to get help.

Yeah. More about your events. I would say what most people are on Instagram would you say? Yeah, follow me on Instagram is coach Travis Brady. When you follow me, send me a message so that way I can follow you back and yeah, let me know how I can help. Anyway, I’m on Facebook too. Travis Brady A, I have a group on Facebook too. It’s called the next generation coach where I share kind of behind the scenes of what I do and everything. Cool. So yeah, one of those things coach, it’s at coach Travis Brady.

Love it. Love it. Yeah, go, go, go like, like him and follow coach Travis Brady. And uh, anyway, so I always ask, I wrap up with one last question and it’s just kinda like take it whatever direction you want. Okay. Uh, but if you were to give the industry like the door door space, I know you come from outside it, that’s what’s always interesting is if you were to give our industry, whether it’s sales guy, leader, everybody, what, what advice would you give them?

Um, I would, I would decide to make a decision on who you are as a human being. Like, what do you want to represent as an individual and when you decide who you are as a person and what you represent, everything comes easily after that. And I remember something that someone said at a, a sales training, um, they were saying, oh, these, these are manipulative. And I was like, that’s interesting that you say these are manipulative because all I see is tools and you can use tools to hurt people, or you can use tools to help people, and if you’re using these tools in the light, you’re going to get the love back. If you’re giving out the love to the world, and if you use them for dark, it’s going to come back on you. It just always does. And so decide who you are and who you want to be in this world, and you will find those tools that will represent you as a person. I love that people do, dude, gay, Dude. Well, thanks so much getting on the show. Yep. You guys are awesome. Let’s love, see you guys.


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