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Hey everybody, this is the D2D podcast. I’m here with Josh. I mean I’m a here with Josh Brecheisen. He is a former collegiate athlete, volleyball player.

Speaker 4: (01:02)
National championship volleyball. Yeah. national champion range. Just shut up. That’s pretty cool.

Speaker 3: (01:16)
Uh, he’s a certified um, focus coach and extreme focus coach, which Dave has helped him obviously get certified. And Dave Austin has been a everything and anything. We were just talking about how he was in commercials and Cindy Crawford and him had a thing

Speaker 4: (01:39)
let me tell you that story. No, no, no, no.

Speaker 3: (01:42)
Say three times bestselling author. He has coached many high performing athletes, especially even like baseball.

Speaker 5: (01:49)
Well I, I’ve been fortunate, you know, I’ve had a lot of different major league baseball players. They’ve had four players become MVPs for the major league team starting in minor leagues though. That’s the coolest part. So you kind of work to perform at your highest, at your best. And it applies to everything. So I do NFL, I do do the U S Olympic team, I many athletes with that. And I do Navy seals, army Rangers, and I do businesses cause the philosophies. I mean the truth is your biggest asset you have is right here. And most people don’t know how to use it. So it’s like getting your brain to work for you rather than against you. And you know what? We do it a lot of times when we were against herself. Yeah,

Speaker 3: (02:28)
no. And that that, that’s awesome. So I love meeting interesting people like this. So this has been a long time coming to do this podcast and yeah,

Speaker 4: (02:35)
we walk a long ways. So

Speaker 3: (02:39)
David spoke all over the world. You’ve, you’ve been on big stages and been featured in a lot of different things and helped a lot different people and we feel honored to have him and Josh speaking at door to door con, which is going to be a phenomenal workshop, which is going to be, you’re not, you don’t want to miss this. So they’re going to be jamming there on similar things we were talking about on this podcast, but much more in depth in the mechanics of how to bring the beast out of your sales guys, which in my opinion is the biggest problem in today’s leadership is they don’t know how to teach their sales guys how to be beasts.

Speaker 5: (03:16)
Right. Well, you know, the truth is, I mean I’ve only been doing it for a few years, no, 30 about 30 years. And you learn as you go. And because I was in sports, I was in really high pressure situations and we had a scoreboard. So it was like my, it was my laboratory. Ooh, maybe we should try this. Oh, maybe we should try that and we’ll talk maybe later in this podcast about the game ready. I’m on the plane to Scotland for the world cup for the U S Olympic team. And I just kind of went, Oh, I can’t want something new. God got anything for me. And it just came to me and it’s been my trademark for at least 20 years and created in any aspect, whether you’re in sales, whether you’re

Speaker 3: (03:55)
skiing down, a double black skied up

Speaker 5: (04:00)
and you need that extra boost to like lift into a whole different, I call it a shift of energy. It’s like amazing. If you think, well, in this particular field, you’re going up and you’re getting slammed many times, right? Yep. And how do you shift your energy? So you’re always coming and it’s amazing. It’s like the major league baseball, if you think about it, I’ve had players that are in a hall of fame, right? And they’re there because they felt seven out of 10 times. Come on. I mean how many 300 hitters are there and not a lot. So you’re failing and failing seven times out of the 10 so how do you get through that? And everyone doesn’t even think of that. They don’t even know what we go through. Cause I’ve had players, they’ll go over five and I’m like, I’m quitting. I’m done. I’m over. I’m good. Wait a minute. You’re making 20 million a year stop and you’re one of the best players in baseball. Well let’s just get a gratitude. And you know it. Believe it or not, I face that all the time because we look at ourselves as failure in the moment. So you’ve got to keep reshifting. You got to keep going. And so if you think of in this business, boom, you’re going to adore here. You’re going to the door here. And so

Speaker 3: (05:08)
yeah, you’re getting a lot more nos than your yeses in this job.

Speaker 5: (05:11)
And Joshua wants you to chirp in because one of the things that, that I’m very fortunate you brought up the book, the beast triggers. It’s amazing how it can shift your energy. You want to say anything on that because what you did, even when you’re going through the course, you were playing basketball and you completely shifted, you know, so you’ve had a personal experience yourself.

Speaker 3: (05:33)
Yeah. So I started off just learning more about Dave and then I’d start using it for myself cause I thought, Hey, if I’m going to, he wants to win basketball games. throw down company, you know, pickup games, like we need you guys to win here. And he’s fairly compared to other competitive, I’ve learned. Well, I just started using the beast triggers, which is what

Speaker 6: (05:58)
we call the, the system for the program. And as I use them, I just found myself effortlessly overcoming things that used to be obstacles to me and as far as how I processed and how I perceive things during performance. And, uh, and then I decided to take that, not just from sports, but start applying it to sales. And I was like, okay, now it’s working with sales too. And, and so I just got really passionate about it as I did that. And that ultimately is what led us to come talk with you is because I saw the application within sales and I’ve been a head Hunter for 13 years, which means I’m, it’s, it’s hard nose calling into companies and finding contact info. Everybody’s, you know, telling, you know? Right. So it’s very similar in that regards. You shut down all the time. Right. So,

Speaker 5: (06:50)
yeah, and I think the key here, when you’re talking about leaders, how do you get your team to rise up? Well, you know, you can give them a motivational talk and I’m good at motivating people, but that’s not enough because, you know, once they’re gone, that might stay for two or three days and then you’re there out in the field, we call the first five doors are going to be great.

Speaker 4: (07:09)
Yeah. That’s it. I mean, you’re like, I got him enough to get through those first five doors. That’s a start.

Speaker 5: (07:17)
Well, I like to say like if I have a weekend training, right? Yeah, I go, guys, guess what? Tuesday will come. Yeah, Tuesday will come. It’s like what was all that stuff? I was so up, you know, it was this there. So I found the key to this is give yourself tools. So you’re going with a toolkit with all kinds of ammunition so to speak. So don’t matter what’s hitting you, which Josh said brilliantly is, Hey, I can just keep shifting and I can use these things. But the key was to keep it simple, keep it so simple.

Speaker 6: (07:49)
It’s like, it’s like you’re eliminating all the other noise. And so it’s this hyper focus in your mind that allows you to achieve excellence in the most efficient way. Okay, so, so let’s slow this down a little bit and a lot of people are listening going, I would love to be a beast.

Speaker 4: (08:05)
I would love

Speaker 6: (08:06)
to be this line. You know what I mean? And so I want to kind of like you said,

Speaker 3: (08:10)
you said it’s a be a beast system, used a term game ready. And then you also use this kind of, what are the tools, what are the actual things we could do? And I kind of want to hit on those in their own. Like, let’s slow this down. So you wrote this book or philosophy or tools around be a beast. And when we talk about beast, you meant literally the beast of the earth, which are the crocodile, the Eagle, the Armadillo. And you have these animalistic attributes that you talk through in this book, which I think is so unique because, you know, you read all these motivational books and it’s like, you feel like sometimes it’s just regurgitated information all over again where this is something, that’s the first I’ve heard of. How do we pull these animalistic

Speaker 5: (08:56)
out of, you know, this nature and apply the characteristics to our own beast. Right, right. Um, so let’s let talk to me about those. So you know, know that it’s top secret. I can’t so, so, you know, I mean, it’s crazy. We have over 65,000 thoughts a day, so we, our thoughts get in our way, right? So we have all these great animal instincts in us, but we lose it because of all these thoughts. So we narrow them down and you know, it’s like I always say, which animal do I need right now in this situation? And we’ve got a number of animals. The book only covers the first six, but we have an audio program covers 15 so that if you’re listening to this before you go to door each door, you’re going to what? Be similar. You’re going to be. And they all are intertwined.

Speaker 5: (09:49)
It’s beautiful. So let me kind of give you an example. So the crocodile, you just mentioned the crocodile. So the crocodiles, you know, they were here at the same time of the dinosaurs. They lived and fell off the same land. You know, the interesting thing is is that I haven’t seen a dinosaur lately. Crocodiles are thriving. Why are they thriving? And dinosaurs aren’t? Well, crocodiles became adapted to an ever changing environment. I mean, come on. Is this environment changing rapidly? More now than ever. We’ve got to learn how to adapt, you know, even in every situation. So, so we studied the crocodile. How’d they do it? Well, they were able to over the years learn how to take their heartbeats down to three to four beats per minute. So they go into real relaxed state. So when there’s no food, they just get into that relaxed state.

Speaker 5: (10:40)
And so then the other thing they developed is when the great freeze came, they had skin’s so thick that their body temperature inside is every other animals dying off. They survived it. And then they even have eyelids that dropdown that and really murky water that even with our best goggles, we wouldn’t be able to see. They can see perfectly. So this is what I mean by adapting to this ever changing environment. And so that thought is, is okay, how does that relate to me going up to a door and I’m going to feel pressured, whatever just happened. How do I bring myself back present? Well, we call the crocodile RESPA our is in any situation first you’ve got to relax. That’s what the crocodile does. We have a video of a crocodile who for three months hadn’t eaten and the rains came back and it moved about three yards, took about, I don’t know, 19 days or something to finally get in a position.

Speaker 5: (11:33)
It’s pretty fast but you know the animals would have been flighty. And when finally got in the King Wallaby’s tried to move the log away and of course that crocodile ate but it was really that that are for relax. So how do you do it? You take a deep breath and when the deep breath brings you back to the current moment, when you get up tight you’re now going off of your habits. Whatever your conditional habits are are going to get in your way. So you are just relaxing from the are you go to Ian RESPA which now I can evaluate cause I’m in the present moment. I can see, okay this is a new home, what just happened happened. But then I can go, what’s my strategy? You know, so that you’re, you’re giving yourself a gift of changing your energy and then P just be a little patient to reflect back. Now a is you go, your action is strong. It’s not tentative. People feel energy all the time.

Speaker 5: (12:30)
It’s boom. So you then you step into that energy. You have that energy available to you, but you just got distracted because someone slammed the door on you. So this gets you right back into respite and then you come in and in that now you can, you can handle the situation. I met, I get asked a lot of times, well how long should you respite? You know what? I have major league baseball players that have like a 98 miles, hour, 98 miles an hour. Fast ball coming to them. They got that long duress book, but they’ve learned to do it. And then sometimes you, you know, you want to take a little time, maybe it needs something to shift that energy. I gave you a story of the game ready when I was on the slope just this past week and it was radical. And the friend that I was with, he goes, Hey, can you give a game ready right now?

Speaker 5: (13:17)
You know, we’re like, ah, okay. Because otherwise if we take this 10 ugly, it was not going to end well. I knew that. So we did the game ready and it just shifted that we had a ball and we’re hooting and hollering. We just took it on with such a strength. So when you know how to shift the emotion on the spot, Oh my gosh, you want to talk about winning and sells, you will be the number one producer. But I’ve got more and more animals so that you’ve got this whole, I’ve had full arsenal, I guess. Yeah. So you said there’s what? 14 well, there’s 15 in, in the, in that, in the training, and then we actually have 37 in the advanced. The overall, yeah.

Speaker 3: (13:54)
Okay. So, so it’s kind of saying, okay, in this situation, let’s extract the crocodile out of me. Let’s bring in the RESPA. And that’s like the technique. Um, so, you know, I think about it as like, you know, I use different terms or, or ways that I’ve thought about this. And I love that this puts way more destructure to what I did. I ring a doorbell and that time between them coming to the door and me ringing the doorbell, I’ve got, I know I’ve got at least 20, 30 seconds, right? At least. And that would be a great moment to use the respite. It’s like I’ve got 2030 seconds, let’s relax, let’s evaluate is a new homeowner. I don’t know anything about it. It doesn’t matter what the rest of the day, you know, and let’s be patient because you know, I still have hours in the day. There’s still time. Like I’m going to be patient with this person. I’m not going to be antsy and jittery when I talked to him. And then let’s, let’s freaking get the deal.

Speaker 5: (14:48)
Yeah. Boom. Yeah. And it’s, there’s a strange, I call it calm strength. It’s powerful. It really is. And you’re constantly putting yourself into that power position. And so when we talked about the game ready, which goes hand in hand when you’re RESPA and if you had ahead of time a game ready. Do you want me to talk about that?

Speaker 6: (15:06)
Yeah. So let’s go into game ready unless you have, did you want to add to that? When we talk about all of this and when you study the science and how your breath affects the parents parasympathetic, parasympathetic nervous system and in the way that it stimulates your mind and the way it increases blood flow, it literally makes you more present and pushes out all the distractions in your mind and hones your body as well and strengthens your body so you feel better. You actually get a boost of hormones in your body that help you be more present so that it takes away all those distractions. And that’s the beauty of is things like RESPA that becomes just a trigger for you to say that can help you do that. And it’s just the worst trait and you’ve know, you’re like, okay, Resco I’m in the zone. Yeah.

Speaker 5: (15:56)
Yeah. So I, yeah, I loved what I did to really incorporate into my very beans only. I have to think, I first would wake up and go respite and I would consciously take a deep breath. So just doing that repetition. Now when I’m in a radical situation, I did a thing where I was with some Navy seals and I’m a Rangers. They were giving me a gift of being out on, you know, see what it’s like.

Speaker 4: (16:22)
That’s a great kid. Never please do not ever put me in this again.

Speaker 5: (16:28)
So, so I was hanging, I, I was coming down a cliff and I fell and I’m hanging upside down on a rock cliff. And I said, you know, I was ready to freak out, but they’re all looking at me as the middle guy. Oh let’s see how he does here. And I really wanted to freak out, but I went respite. And also I take a deep breath cause it’s just, I just, I’ve been conditioning, I’ve been conditioned. So now I can go, okay, evaluate this. Yeah. What’s my strategy to get out of it?

Speaker 3: (16:57)
What’s interesting, so this is so interesting because if you’re listening to this and you’re in sales or in a leadership situation, I often say what is done off the doors is more important sometimes than what’s done on the doors. And I say that, but I love this analogy of what you’re teaching because so many people, if they don’t realize that off the door, practice of respite, mental health, mental control, you know your breathing control, things like that, and ability to, to practice that when you get dude answers door with a gun and still can sell that guy. I’ve had that, I have sold dudes screaming, calling cops guns on me and they finished 30 minutes later signing

Speaker 4: (17:43)
in your and I think some people listening to this might be like, no, that’s not true. I’m like, the good people,

Speaker 3: (17:49)
the guys that are like top 0.01% people, they have done that, but it’s because they’ve off the doors practice. This whole conditioning of duty answers are like, Oh, that’s a nice Smith and Wesson. Where’d you get that? They immediately know how to, and I’m sure with professional athletes you’re like, okay,

Speaker 5: (18:08)
it’s all, it’s all the same. It’s the same thing. It’s actually, it’s your prep and even, well, you got to hear what are the Navy seals I worked with? He talked about his prep. They’re at a nitrate in Afghanistan and I mean this stuff I can’t even imagine, but he said that he was so well prepared. He had visualized and seen if anything went wrong, he knew what to do, so he, you know, they jumped out of the plane. He’s on his way down. The parachute didn’t go the seconds to make a decision. If he ended to prepared himself to stay in the comp thing, he wouldn’t have known what to do. But he’d already seen it so many times his mind, his body just reacted and he was able to get out of a very hairy situations. Imagine, imagine if he froze, which should be easy to do, right? What do I do? Well, he had prepared himself so well with second’s boat and he was alive to tell the story.

Speaker 3: (18:59)
Th this is the goal is for it to become reactionary. Where it’s just, again, it’s instinctual. It’s instinctual. It’s the best. We have that, but we have to practice it. It’s practice. We call them winning habits. I love that. Okay, so let’s dive into the game. Ready? So cool. You’ve used this term and I’m still kind of curious, like you give me a game ready? Give me a game ready. You know you, you have still professional athletes that will call you. I need a game ready. You have a presidential candidate that was at your house this weekend that it was like, can you give me a game ready before going on a debate, guys, that’s what I’m talking about. This guy’s hanging out with cousin Hentschel candidates and you’re coming to our event, which is dope. So if you are not registered, I’m sitting here going, then come to our fricking event because I’m fired up for this workshop. So anyway, they say, give me a game ready. What the heck is that?

Speaker 5: (19:54)
Okay. So, and you’ll probably go, it’s funny, everyone I coach, they go much more to the science of it because I did it just because I was inspired to create it. And then my sons, I have a son who played professional football for seven years and another son to play D one football. They now tell me the science. And so Josh is about a Foundry. He’ll deal no more the science than I do of what’s going on in your body journey game ready. But if you think about it, which I said earlier, 65,000 thoughts, all these distractions, right? So how do we get, how do we get zoned in? Because when I played professional tennis, there were moments when I go, Oh my God, I’m in the zone. I don’t know how it got here. Everything slows down. I mean, everything just feels so natural. It’s so easy. I don’t know how to keep it though. And it would happen. I wouldn’t know why it happened. So I thought there’s gotta be a way that we can put ourselves in that state of flow more often, consistently. And so, so first of all, we got to get rid of the distractions. So the first part of the game ready is that we just zone in on three intentions. Okay. Intenders are different than goals, goals. We want to have goals, but goals are out of our,

Speaker 6: (21:01)
out of a control.

Speaker 5: (21:03)
right? And intentions are completely in our control.

Speaker 6: (21:08)
They’re very specific behaviors and process. So for example, I intend to go 100%, uh, energy for this much time. That could be an example, right? You control your energy, you have absolute control over how much energy you bring in your words. Yeah. Right?

Speaker 5: (21:28)
Yeah. And it depends on what works best for you. It all codes. So alumnae times, it’s like constraint. What does that mean? It just a calm strength. I’ll stay in that place, you know? And then, um, there’s so many different things.

Speaker 6: (21:42)
It could be like, it can just be so nuance. Like I coach professional volleyball players cause I played, you know, at BYU and for example, we had a guy this week who is out there in France playing professionally, but he had to go play in the Euro cup. They use a different ball and he’s a barrel. That ball has the Macassa ball that they use in the year old cup is much more explosive off your arms. So there’s Shanken balls left and right. And so we did an a a game ready for him specifically. One of his intentions was with that me Cossible and feeling the weight of the ball and he didn’t have a single shank in his actual match after two days of shanking it during practice. What’s your intention? It’s like soft hands with the Macassa ball.

Speaker 5: (22:27)
Yeah. You know, it’s just so crazy as that simple, but you’ve got to narrow it. And again, it’s part of learning how to do this. So it’s natural for you. It might even be as simple as I’m going to really enjoy meeting these people.

Speaker 6: (22:40)
Yeah. Hey, calm down, enjoy it. Enjoy the first guys. Get stressed.

Speaker 5: (22:44)
Yeah, exactly. And just that it just changes your energy in a, in a heartbeat and it’s like crazy. So you just really get tuned in on your three intentions. So now you’re there and then what you do, we take a moment just to change the whole energy into take a deep breath and then just think about, I just need, you’re grateful for. I mean, it’s crazy how that changes all your energy. You know, I constantly wouldn’t, it happens for me. I’d also like, man, I’ve been married for 33 years. How awesome is that? I’ve got four boys that I incredibly love. And so no matter how stressful is also like, wait, what was I stressed about? Yeah, I got this. And look at this opportunity. This is, this is amazing opportunity. I can take my, my income from 5,000 to 50,000 just by doing this.

Speaker 5: (23:36)
Oh my gosh, Whoa, I’m so grateful. And all of a sudden your energy has shifted. Now from there we have you close your eyes and then we, we, when you close your eyes, I have you, and Josh is doing this so well. I mean, you go through a gate and you then come into nature because nature is so powerful. It’s amazing the strength you can get in a beautiful place. So again, you’re shifting your whole being. It’s like getting all those everything out of the way and just go, wow. It can be a place you’ve been to before. It can be a combination of places. It can be something that you’ve dreamed up, but you’re just going, wow. And you’re just kind of in the beauty in nature. Loves to be appreciated. So what it’s doing is, is that we have you take a few deep breaths to breathe in the energy that you’re getting.

Speaker 5: (24:23)
And there’s so much here. It’s just amazing. Emerson, you know, said, you know, if you really want true wisdom, take a walk in the woods. Ah, that, you know, and I do, I get energy when I, it’s crazy. I had a major league pitcher who was an all star. He was a, you know, 21 game winner. I mean, I’m talking to her. Unbelievable. And he had a tree out beyond the field that and whenever he needed, he turned and looked at the treatment and got all this energy off the tree cause it’s really done and do what you believe. So he would then any tight situation he would turn. And that tree did everything for him. It was funny how that was. I did the same thing when I played professional tennis. I didn’t know when we were talking, when we came together that he was already doing that. And I said, Oh my God, I, I never really told people that sometimes when I needed it I’m on a, you know, in a match. Cause I didn’t know this stuff back then. I didn’t have the whole system developed, but I would look out and I see the trees and the, I’ve just, I, I could feel the strength and you know, and just boom, now I’m ready. So then from there

Speaker 6: (25:29)
I would say that’s where I get into the science stuff and you look at positive and negative ions and the way that the negative ions that are carried in trees actually feed us with energy. And so even just the visualization and imagining times where you’ve been there affects you literally affects your molecular structure. Right? You’re, you’re, it’s, it’s amazing.

Speaker 5: (25:51)
Yeah, it’s, it’s crazy. And so this is deep. So this is good. So then what I have you do is see another gate at the other end, and you go through that gate. Now after you go through that gate, you see yourself going to the door. You see yourself enjoying, you’d see yourself living the intentions you’ve let you’ve, you’ve done. Because what happens is your subconscious mind is going to do whatever it’s familiar with. If it’s not familiar with you, absolutely kicking ass all the time and taking a no and good, okay fine, boom, I’m going to the next one. And keeping the excitement. It’s gonna, it’s gonna fight against you. But the more you feed it, the defeats don’t need you. You don’t even notice it. You’re just feeding all the positive and what you feed is going to grow, what you starve is going to die.

Speaker 5: (26:38)
So it’s like, Whoa, this is amazing. And so you’re, you’re, you’re just feeding your mindset to that subconscious mind. That’s going to react in any situation of I got this, I never want a pro tournament until I did this. I never won a pro tournament until after I retired because I started coaching and I started learning this eight years after I retired, I beat the number one team in the world in the finals. That’s insane. But I’ve learned how to do this and if I can do it, I’m not like anybody can, you know, cause I go, yeah, it’s crazy. And it’s just so amazing to watch. And just even the last year, cause we live in Utah, I went up to watch the world cup and um, I tried to get connections with the ski team and say, Hey, I live here. Can I work with them?

Speaker 5: (27:22)
Cause I do use the Olympics but they have a whole different national ski thing. They come together for the Olympics. But outside of that, they’re in their own world. And it was like, no, no, we got this, you know, thank you. But no thanks. And so when I got up there, it just, somehow it naturally happened where I, I gave the French team three guys that are on their team a game ready and their coach was there and I kind of talked what I did. He said, he goes, yeah, go for it. Guess who ended up one, two and three does three minutes.

Speaker 4: (27:51)
Those trees,

Speaker 5: (27:54)
it’s, it’s crazy. So once you have seen yourself do it, then you come back through the gate and you come back into nature again. Cause this is your place. It just, you just feel energized here. And then I have you go through whether it’s a waterfall, a stream, however you want to see it, you see this water that’s so refreshing. So the clearest water, have you ever seen it? And you just cut your hands and drink from it and you actually feel the water going through energizing your body. Now you’re in this place of total strength and you walk in that string and then you go and you walk out through that first gate, you open your eyes, you’re ready to frickin ball, you know, wherever you want to say.

Speaker 3: (28:31)
So it’s, it’s, it’s interesting, this method of tool, I guess you could say, this is a technique. This is a strategy to get you in a, you know, extreme focused beast mode, whatever you wanna call that, where, what do most sales guys do to get them fired up? What’s the traditional way you flip on a song, you list a walk by pan Tara, right before you step out. Exactly. It’s like, what’s my pump up song? My chest and I go, which is great, but I also think that it’s shorter lived than really getting in a state of focus in a state of appreciation and gratitude. As soon as you get that fear, that pen terror,

Speaker 4: (29:12)
that song just went, well. That’s what I believe it or not. That’s what happened.

Speaker 5: (29:16)
I was in pro football. You wouldn’t know it. I’d go in there and I see some

Speaker 4: (29:20)
gotcha. And the music blasting got the headsets on it, let’s go forward. And also diversity hits and they’re like,

Speaker 5: (29:30)
Oh. And it’s just the whole energy changes because it’s not sustainable

Speaker 4: (29:34)
after the kickoff. Things are just, it’s like, wait a minute, what happened? I’m not saying that’s a bad

Speaker 5: (29:42)
thing, but if you add the dimension of getting yourself into this state of flow, all of a sudden the music will keep playing. Even when even when you hit the adversity now it’s like, Hey, bring it on. Yeah, I love this. There was a film of, you know Tom Brady, why is Tom Brady still out there? How many? He’s 42 years old. How does, and you know, if he went to the combines and I train some of the top quarterbacks before they went to the combine, right? I didn’t Tom Brady. It was, but, but anyway, if he went to a combine, he’d be the lowest rated quarterback in that combine. The guards would be faster than him. I mean, it’d be like this guy will never play pro football yet. Who systemly beats everyone. Tom Brady is because he’s learned his mental approach. Right. And it’s been, he, no one trains more than he does on this.

Speaker 5: (30:38)
So if you watch the super bowl when they’re playing Atlanta talk men’s a few years ago, what was a 25 points that were down there is 24 to three and a half times 24 to three and a half time. What was he doing on the sideline? He’s called, Hey guys, and it’s everyone. It’s not phony for him. That’s why people can follow them and buy into it. He’s going to guys, what a great opportunity for a comeback. Now that’s if someone else is saying that that’s not as committed as he is and people know that they’re going to go, yeah, just shut up because Tom lives in breezy because what a great opportunity for comeback and boom. What do they do? They shift the energy changes and they shift. My own son was down 17 points with 56 seconds left. I don’t know if anybody’s ever come back from that other than that adversity of, no, no.

Speaker 5: (31:30)
This was when he was playing arena football for Cleveland actually, and it was nationally televised game and whenever I need a pop up I go watch that. Cause I watched him in those 56 seconds completely beached out and they won in the final, he was running all over the place. I mean three touchdowns in that amount of time. They had never even tried to kick an onside kick. So they had to get to onside kicks, which they had never even tried. They got him and he and I said, Shane, what were you saying in the huddle? And he said, all I was saying was, guys, we got timed on the clock seeing instead of focusing on we’re going to do this, we better that isn’t it? We got time on the clock. Let’s go. Beast it out. Let’s make this moment special. I’ll show it to you.

Speaker 5: (32:13)
It’s awesome to watch. I mean I, I got asked to speak at the business school of Harvard and I’ve got, you know, many times I just, you know, get motivated to what I want to do. And somehow I said I want to show them those 56 seconds. I’m thinking, but these guys don’t even, they’re not into sports. And I had a little bit of, ah, should I do this or not and finally should go ball it out. Do it. You had the inspiration follow through cause I have even have to talk myself that way. Right? Yeah. Even though I coach, I got to coach myself and so it comes time. We’ve got a huge screen, you know, this is a auditorium, so there’s probably 250 or whatever there. And I show that and a lot of people in the room never watch football, not into sports. The whole place is giving that a standing ovation. I mean

Speaker 4: (33:06)
again, the fricking my son, a segment of patients and I even had a gal I was training in

Speaker 5: (33:12)
Israel when they were getting bombed a few years ago and she was going into the huts and she was showing that that is crazy. And so I had a chance to work with the Cleveland Cavaliers when they’re going to go into the, you know, now you know the NBA championship championship in that. And so I actually, she wanted to come in to have that on her resume. I said, come on in. And then she told chain’s football team, which they played in Cleveland. And so she talked about how they had changed the course of Israel. They’re just playing football. But even that changed the course of so many people’s lives cause she was in a position to do it and she was giving hope, believe it or not, through football that maybe football, what are you watching? Oh my God. And it just gave them the courage to say, we can do this. And my son was just so kinda, you saw it in the steadiness of what he did and they go, okay, yeah, we’re having all these sirens. And it just helped shift how scary it was. So it’s crazy how it works in every aspect.

Speaker 3: (34:14)
No, and I think in the business world, it’s not talked about enough, in my opinion, is just creating this state of I’m ready. Like I’m in the zone, you know, I’m in the flow. Just watch an athlete in their flow and you’re like, Whoa. He turned it on.

Speaker 4: (34:29)
Yeah. Oh yeah. And you know it and you’re watching. Even if someone’s behind, you know, no one’s going to stop this or you’re going, you already know it.

Speaker 3: (34:37)
But it’s, it’s so funny cause it’s not like we filmed sales. It’s not like we shadow sales guy. You know what I mean? It’s like they’re on there. They’re like, yeah, but it’s like you look and I’ve studied, I mean I, you guys are episode 157 you know what I mean? Like I’ve interviewed and all these different top performers in our space and you just go, they just, you can tell that they’ll turn it on and they’re in a different mode and you’re like, well what the freak? What did, what did they do and how do they do it and how do they show up every day? It’s one thing to have it a one day thing, but they know how to turn it on when they need it, whenever they need it. And that’s what I think is a cool thing that I’m excited you guys teaching. I’m excited to learn this technique so I can help my clients. Like, I have business owners and top reps and people I coach and I think that, you know, jeez, this is, this is fun. This is fun for me. I don’t, you know, this is like exciting,

Speaker 5: (35:32)
so I want to tease you.

Speaker 4: (35:35)

Tick, tick, tick. I have

Speaker 3: (35:38)

A very good answer to that question really, but I’m going to save it. Save it. Yeah. They come, I see. I’ve studied why one person succeeds and one does it and they have the exact same opportunity. They even have the same background. Everything’s the same, but one is making 50,000 a month. The is making five. I got the answer. Okay. Door to door con 2019 I think we end on that. I mean that’s, that’s a, that’s a, that’s a clear thing. Or it’s a cliffhanger. Get your tickets today. Duty, conduct comm coming up January 17th and 18th. And uh, yeah, I’m excited that you guys would be there. So this will be fun. Okay. Much love. We’ll see you guys.

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