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Bill, Can I help you?

Speaker2: Hey listen up, I’m bringing you the best content to ever exist in the door to door industry from sales leadership, recruiting, impersonal development.

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Why would I need that?

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Because never before have we been able to collaborate with the top experts in their industries, sharing their secrets and techniques and what makes them the best.

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I’m your host. Sam Taggart, creator of the D2D experts in D2Dcon. Is there a place we can sit down?

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Well come on in.

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Hey everybody, this is Sam tagger with the D2D podcast, and I’m here with Greg Derr. He’s the CEO of Triple Diamond out here at Oklahoma City. We’re coming at you live and today we’re going to be talking about how to really make this a bit a personal development company, People Development.
I love that. At dinner last night, we were jamming about, just kinda like I finally realized, I mean tell me kind of what your thought was last night that I mean that, that’s really what I wanted to jam on today.

Speaker 4: (01:14)

So real simple. I was sitting back like, hey, what’s like, what’s our why? Right? Like going through don’t adore con really, really thinking about those things. And I had realized that actually probably, uh, some months back I had really made a decision now, and we’re not really in the roofing game. Like we sell roofs, we sell restoration jobs, we do insurance stuff. It’s wonderful to help homeowners through all of that. But internally in a company, what do we really do? And the answer was like, we develop people, like we help people develop in a way to get to the places that they want to be in life. Whatever that is. Whether this is a stepping stone, Hey, that’s great. Like come in, learn some stuff, pick up some really cool nuggets. Go change your life. Go do whenever or whether I got guys here that just plant some really deep roots and they’re like, man, we just want to grow with you.

Speaker 4: (02:04)
We want to get behind you, we want to support you. And Man, it’s been phenomenal. Like to have that mind shift away from just like not sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, which is great. No like don’t, it’s, it’s wonderful to put up good mindset but it’s even cooler when you have a group of guys that come in and like, yeah, we know we’re going to sell, but like what else? What’s next? Look, I got all this money, right? Our, I’m doing really successful here. I’m buying things I couldn’t buy on buying my first house. Like I got one of my guys who built his first home and he’s like early twenties and it’s like that’s fantastic, right? And it’s like, so what’s next? And it’s like now you develop, like now you got money. Like that’s cool, but what does that do for you internally? What’s that do for you? Like in your space? And so it’s been really awesome man. Just to sit back and walk with these guys. We’d go through meetings and trainings or just like now meetings are surrounded. Like, what are you doing to serve your neighbor? What are you doing to help somebody else? What are you doing to help yourself? Like what are you reading? What are you talking about? What are you listening to? Like now we have those meetings.

Speaker 3: (03:09)
Yeah. So yesterday it was interesting sitting down with your air managers, you know, I was asking them kind of like, why you do this job? And I was kind of kind of understanding their culture. And one of them comes from Google, right? And he’s like, yeah, I was in this corporate position at Google. And I’m like, oh. And then you had to tell your mom you’re going to quit Google to go knock doors. Like how fun. Yeah. Super Cool. Right? But I was like, what was so interesting is he’s like, no, but I love this family culture and you has a good culture. But he’s like, what I love about it is we talk about like things in life. We talk about, you know, our marital problems. We talk about finance issues and last night we were jamming on here like you tell us about yoga, right? You were like,

Speaker 4: (03:51)
yeah, you guys want to go hang out with me and go do hot yoga or I, I guarantee you if I said, hey guys, put out in our group and be like, Hey, I’m going to start doing hot yoga, who’s then I’d have like 15 hands. Like, oh go do it just for something to do.

Speaker 3: (04:03)
But, but, but that’s the point. It’s like I like, I’m interested in this and this is what makes me successful and why I’m a CEO and how, why don’t I invite you in on that? And like I’ve, I’ve watched managers get into real estate deals with their Reps. I’ve watched people do hot yoga or like fixing this group. What’s your basketball team like? I, as I had my, my own team, Patriot for basketball, they did it committed basketball league with the Josh. Um, anyways, so like building this team competitiveness. Like it’s, it’s, that’s wife. Like how do we become different people and nick is one that inspires me. So big shout out to nick if you’re watching this is, you know, he’s like, I went on a mission trip to Sam, we were talking about my missions and this and that and he was like, mine was 12 years. Not In the same type of setting. You’re thinking, you know, and he’s like, I had a lot of time to reflect and this dude gun this, I can

Speaker 4: (04:59)
work a lot of cool things in a lot of off scenarios, but you know, now look at him. He’s a great attribute to that. So when we talked about like developing people, I think one of the core things as a leader for me is I hold on to my people loosely. Like, like if triple diamond is not the in place for you, like where you go to die, this is where you go to thrive. So it’s like, does that mean that I have to hold on to you and try to keep you forever? Now, man, like I actually subscribed as zig Ziglar is old principles of you can have everything in life as long as you help enough people get what they want first. And so what that means to me is like I need to inspire my people. Nick actually came to me and was like, Hey, my five year plan doesn’t involve triple diamond.

Speaker 4: (05:43)
I’m like okay listen involve cause I want to go speak. And he was like, I want to, I want to speak like Sam or I want to be on that kind of stage. I was like, great man, let’s put some things into play. Like let me help you. I don’t want to hold you back. I want to push forward. Like he’d go do something big, you know, we’ll have more people, more people will come into our family and more people will help us get to where we need to be. But if we’re constantly trying to hold people down into certain boxes in positions, I mean we’re never going to be anything. We’ll just be some other roofing company in Oklahoma that does whatever. And that’s just not who we are.

Speaker 3: (06:19)
I mean really think about it. It’s so funny. We talk about sales and people are like, do what you love. And it’s like nobody loves roofs. Nobody loves pest control. You know what I mean? I don’t love solar. It’s not like I get, I’ll get in. I’m like, I love people, but I don’t love knock on a door off. I don’t love knocking it, but it’s full. I’m proud of it. Yeah. But what I do love is watching that 21 year old kid coming to my company in three years later, he’s buying his first house. Four years later, he’s now like talking like he’s talking all leadership principles and he’s pulling quotes out of books and shit. And I’m like, you were partying at college when I found, you know what I mean? You can barely, yeah. You know what he did and now you’re talking about like fitness plans and Hsas and that’s like, wow. Like our culture molded you into a superior human being. Oh man, you’re going to have a better life because of this. Have 22

Speaker 4: (07:10)
year old who’s snapchat on here? This cat walked in and literally was like rough as a cob, right? And so I said, hey man, if you want to be here, you got to do these things. If you follow these principles, trust me, you’ll get, you’ll do what you need to do. You’ll be where you want to be. Just trust me. Yeah. Two years later, same exact story. This cat went from wherever, now it’s snapchat is filled like on Friday nights of him hanging out with this kid and doing cool family stuff and he finally got his first house and he’s done all these things and it was like step by step by step over the course of the last two years. So like exactly what you’re saying, we’ve seen we love and now these guys are a, this is like me and this is my home. And when newbies come in with new, yeah,

Speaker 3: (07:53)
reps here we have what 15 new guys in this classroom just started yesterday and this is our day too. And they’re like, we want to go knock doors and this is the greatest place. And it’s like, yeah it is. Go do that. Let’s go do that now. And Nick said something last night and it was so cool. And even today he’s like half of the first day of training, I didn’t even talk about roofs. They didn’t talk about doors and then talk about, he’s like, I asked him simply, where’s your, where’s your island? You guys want to swim too? Like where is this North Star? Where is like, where do you guys want to be in life? And he’s like, half of them were like, no one’s ever asked me that because there there have been led to just be a cog in this whole society like thing, no offense to like

Speaker 4: (08:35)
public education, but it teaches you how to be a worker. Bee doesn’t teach you how to be a leader

Speaker 3: (08:39)
this morning listening to a great book. So if you’re listening to this great book tag, this somebody, it’s called the vanishing American adult and it was so powerful because it talked about how school systems, parents, things like that, or just teaching us not about how to professionals in life. It’s teaching us how to, it’s not giving people the freedom to learn and help them learn as they need to learn. It’s forcing them down a path that they think that everybody should be learning that way. And it was, it was so powerful. The chapter this morning, I stopped my, my workout this morning and I was like, hold on, let me take this down, her brother this down cause I was listening to him or whatever. But like, anyway, great book for anybody that wants to read it but because it’s the, the core principles of adulthood as we knew it 30 years ago and I wasn’t there, right. I’m part of this generation was hard work. Communications goes. Sure. Like you know what I mean? Grit. He’s like, he, he talks about this principle of sorry to take over, but it was interesting. He’s like, he’s like, I don’t like training wheels. He’s like, I put my kids in like three different coats.

Speaker 3: (09:48)
I put multiple genes, like a goalie hockey pads and a helmet and I got to go and I like run behind him and hopefully catch them. But they definitely fall and I’ve counted them all up, but he’s like, I don’t like the training was because the training was need to come off. He’s like, at one point training wheels are meant to come off. But he’s like, what’s happening is the vanishing adults happening to where training goes never even come off. And they’ve just been relying on these training wheels whole life for real and went door to door does. And that’s what’s so cool. And I love when you say it’s a personal, like we’re developing people is this takes the training wheels off of life,

Speaker 4: (10:27)
manage strips them and it leaves you with nothing but some air and ability and then you either make it or you don’t. And but it’s, what I love about it is that when you fall in you, you brushed your Shin, right? Yeah. Especially if you’re like an old school metal by like a little metal spikes and your shins like that was awesome back then. Right? You get to get up, you get to give back up and it’s like you still got people around you that’s like, hey man, I got scars on my shins too, bro. Let’s go. Right. Like I got some scars on my knuckles. I got scars on my inside. Let’s we’re, you’re not alone, dude. Let’s go. Let’s go do this. That’s what I love about our wall. Right? Like, so you’ve seen her a wall. All of our photos. So we have this whole wall in our hallway here where it’s just random photos of us doing random things.

Speaker 4: (11:15)
Whatever our trips are, are knocking doors high five that customers little photos together. Those are the reminders, man, that like when guys walked down this hallway, you can’t walk down a hallway like this and be mad at her job. So true. When you’re in, when you see yourself in those pictures and those moments and those things in those places and those memories, you can’t walk in here. Like if you walked in the door pissed, you can’t leave that way. Yeah. Like you go, Oh, this is my fam. This is what we do. I love it. I love it. And so like, yeah, we’re actually filling this whole freaking wall up with those things. Light up the walls with pictures. Yeah. Mean

Speaker 3: (11:51)
they’re anchors because when they come in after a hard day’s worth of work, you want to punch a hole in the wall, you’ve got to punch the home owner. Oh, that was a funny time. Like r o d d d caught on and you know your wife girls things out. okay. Hello. I know what’s up. I love it. Yeah. Well Dude, honestly I know we’re short on time so we’ve got to kind of keep moving. But the last or one, one question, but I guess a lot of people ask me and I want to hear your, your advice, it kind of like wrap this one up, but if you had to give advice to that leader, cause I went bowling with a one man shop last night and he asked me some interesting questions. He hits me up, you were in Oklahoma, just texted me and he’s like, Hey, can we meet up? I was like, yeah, come bowl. And he’s a one man band and he hired a couple of dudes. They quit, you know, and he’s like, I just can’t seem to identify how to keep guys how to start. It’s that new guy that’s like, how do we get the ball rolling? Okay. So

Speaker 4: (12:51)
talking to the dude that started with, with another guy way back in the day. Right? But I’m going to tell you, I know what it’s like to have training sessions with my guys and my kitchen table. I know what it’s like to have meetings in my living room that are like, that’s where, that’s where triple diamond to start it. Okay. So humble, humble beginnings. I mean, we started, this company literally mean a couple of partners with like 1500 bucks in an insurance check from one customer. Okay. So like everything from the bottom up, I get it. So what I would say to somebody who’s starting off, if you’re, especially if you’re trying to get sales people, the number one thing you have to do is stop trying to make them you and realize that you’re you. They’re never going to beat you. But what they need to see is that you’re willing to serve them, period.

Speaker 4: (13:46)
If you get a sales guy who can legitimately get behind you because you’re willing to serve him from an underneath and lift up kind of mentality. Like that’s what I do. So, and I’m not saying that like my waves everybody’s way, but when I started, I realized that as a, as a guy like you gotta think about this, right? Like as a company back then, and if you’re a one man show, if you’re whatever, you don’t have a ton to offer, you’re offering an opportunity and that’s really it. You’re not offering like benefits or not want to pay you all this money and give you all this salary stuff. Like you’re not offering anything other than just some opportunity that you say is whatever it is. Well, how do you back all that up? The only way I’ve ever found to back all of that stuff, I’m like, it’s my opportunity real are these things for real?

Speaker 4: (14:35)
And the answer’s yes. It’s great. I had to crawl underneath my salespeople and I had to literally lift them up on my shoulders and go, hey, just trust me. And I had to earn their trust. I had to earn their trust. I had guys that were broke for months and is not a lie. Like I’m not even like Facebook live podcast. Cool. Like just being real. I had dudes that hung in the trenches with me personally four months without a dollar. Wow. Because I was willing to go underneath them and say, dude, like I am not better than you. In fact, I need you like weak. I need to do this with you together. Like we’re partnered in this. In some ways, my title might be different than yours, but personally, man, we’re Ida. I love that and we’re going to do this together. I would go knock doors with him.

Speaker 4: (15:22)
Um, one of the most famous stories I talked about, we went knocking. It was freaking snowing. We’re literally bundled up and this is an Oklahoma. This is in Mustang, Oklahoma. For anybody. It doesn’t believe me. Canadian estates. If you want to fact check me a little bit. Like in the middle of November it was snowing. We’re out there, a team of me and three other dudes knocking and I got three dudes, three sales that day with snow on the roof because the backside out enough for us to verify some damage. That’s our true story. That’s great. And those were the cats that hung with me through it all.

Speaker 3: (15:53)
Like it’s just one of, one of my favorite podcasts we talked about is it’s I bleed in the streets with my guys.

Speaker 4: (15:59)
Yeah man. And you know, I’ve paid my dues, I’ve been out there guys like now like hey, you want to come knock with me? And sometimes I can do that. And sometimes my position now as running a bigger company doesn’t necessarily allow me to, and I’m just being real. I could probably make that time if I really wanted to. Like that’s no excuse there. But at the end of the day, men like my company and the people in it, it’s all about serving. Like we talked about serving each other, you’re talking about serving communities, customers, people. All those things. That’s how we interact with each other. So if you’re a one man rocking band trying to figure it out, man, don’t try to go after the biggest top level talent that you can find because you’re probably not going to have a lot to offer that guy. Yeah, he’s probably pretty self serving, no offense to that.

Speaker 4: (16:45)
But that’s just what it is. You can develop exactly like develop the team that you want. Yeah. Develop your own all star team. You don’t have to go recruit and take everybody else’s cause sometimes that’s not going to work for you. Yeah. Let’s go find some people that are just willing to buy into what your vision is because if they can latch onto your vision, their pockets won’t matter so much to them and they’ll fight with you in the trenches and then when, when you come up, you just make sure you reach back and pull them up with you and let them tell that story to other people. And next thing you know, you’re recruiting on a high level because you got really good foundation of people and really good stories that are captivating and people were like, I want to go work for somebody that’s going to serve me and not just take from me.

Speaker 3: (17:31)
Love it. Nugget after nugget after nugget. Yeah. Okay. So I, and Greg, I appreciate it. You got to get to the airport, my man. I appreciate you and, and honestly this relationship and you know, you’ve taken your faith and chance on me and hopefully we can obviously take it

Speaker 4: (17:47)
this year in the budget will be fun. Yeah, that’d be real. Well, much love.

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