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Because never before have we been able to collaborate with the top experts in their industries, sharing their secrets and techniques and what makes them the best.

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I’m your host. Sam Taggart, creator of the D2D experts in D2Dcon. Is there a place we can sit down?

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What’s up guys? This is Sam Taggart with the D2D podcast, and I’m coming to you with Zach Johnson. He is the CEO of Moose Roofing, and that is just like the animal meat. Make your moose, moose sound, moose

Speaker 4: (01:06)

is that rumble? So when they do their teams

Speaker 3: (01:08)

meetings, I’m assuming you’re going to go .

Speaker 4: (01:12)
Yeah, it’s mostly in the golf shots. Yeah, for sure.

Speaker 3: (01:20)
Anyways, Zach is part of the DDT expert circle. We’re here live in Omaha and they are a big player in our law. I was actually talking to another roofer that was like, dang, you work with moose resu mover. We’re uh, anyway, so they VED massive gross exaction and part of the team and really come in and helped shape a lot of their sales systems and uh, anyway, so it’s been really impressive to watch them even over the last, what, five months?

Speaker 5: (01:49)
Yeah, no, nine months almost. Exactly. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (01:51)
I mean your goal last year was what you went, you went from kind of give them a rundown. So when you came on they were doing, they had like a, a small Bay with like all sharing one conference desk.

Speaker 4: (02:04)
Yep. Yep. So it was just kind of a small mama

Speaker 5: (02:07)
pop. Like I was working in like shooting and then so I was like doing suits, doing all this stuff and I was like sick of it and I was like, I’m going to get into something to make money. My uncle’s in roofing in Colorado and he’s like, you can, we can make some money, new friends, like, yeah. Should we just tackle terms making like $200,000 a year?

Speaker 3: (02:25)
Yeah. You know, you’re like, I’m in.

Speaker 5: (02:27)
Yeah. So I jumped in, uh, I was like, okay, he got me an interview. I was like, this is perfect and put my best suit on $2,000 suit, walk in the front office. And I’m like,

Speaker 3: (02:36)
no, we’re in cowboy boots and fry like,

Speaker 4: (02:38)
right. Like, no real. Think about windbreakers like the old school nineties windbreakers in burgundy with a big cartoon moose flexing. Oh yes. That and Kathy pants. Like the pink Panther. Yes. No, that’s exactly right. That was the, yeah, it was called the roofing moose with a big hammer roofing.

Speaker 5: (03:00)
Yes. Sounds so bad. So I’m like, I’m like, Oh God. Like is this where I’m like, is this it? I’m like, I’m like, Oh geez. But I was like, I like the guys. Like, I was like, okay, Pat’s a cool dude. Yeah. Pat seems like he’s like, like when I meet him, I’m like your case, super straight shooter. Like integrity forward. I’m like, okay, there’s something here but like the brand is whack honestly and we just gotta like we’d have to shift a lot of things and so I was like ready to make the jump so I just jumped all four, four feet in. And then uh, that was, I was like the only sales rep and then there was a Mike and Pat and then it just kind of has just taken on a whole life of its own since like after the first year, kind of all like the term love learning. And then after that we built a team. Like I built a sales team of like eight guys and we went from 2 million to seven point $2 million my first year and then up to eight. And then now this year, like a $12 million year coming to 15 it’s just been

Speaker 3: (03:55)
nuts. It’s crazy. And I think a lot of roofers would love to see that. I think the difference in working with you is you’re out there slinging with them. You’re out there recruiting them, you’re out there hustling, working with the fraternity, you’re working with the job ads and working with networking and really getting out there after it. Cause personally you’re probably gonna sell what this year

Speaker 5: (04:19)
with my, like the guy that works with me, we’ll do about one point 2 million just just ourselves.

Speaker 3: (04:24)
Yeah. And I think that, you know, you’re willing to go out there and be the million dollar producer as the CEO. You know what I mean? And I think a lot of people don’t do that as the roofing or like how do I hire our sales guys and then sit back and operated brain. It’s like how do I hire the operations out? Right? Go lead. And I think that that something admirable. Uh, so today we’re going to dive into really getting clear on manifesting what, so you know, one thing, I didn’t want to say anything, I don’t want any more surprise you on this podcast, but I know you’ve been wanting to get into the speaking realm, right? Speaking D did econ, yes,

Speaker 5: (05:09)
let’s do it. Okay, here’s a guy that

Speaker 3: (05:12)
two years goes and takes a company from two to 12. You know what I mean? I think that that’s kind of deserving in my opinion. So if you’re listening to this, did he call on 20, 20, uh, January 16th to the 18th. Um, we’ll have you in the roofing sales aspect, helping kind of train on, you know, we’re going to have different workshops like industry specific leadership stuff, but I think would be fun to have you do workshops. So probably three, two to 300 people in there and be perfect.

Speaker 5: (05:45)
Good. That’s awesome. I’m honored.

Speaker 3: (05:49)
Drop it as a surprise that I could see the reaction. A lie.

Speaker 5: (05:52)
Yes. Cause it’s not a scroll and it’s scripted. Anyway, so speaking, we’ll get your vibe

Speaker 3: (05:58)
and stuff and pick, I mean get a better picture. I was going to take over my phone, um, anyway, part of the circle, which is cool. And that’s another thing. And you know, we’ve obviously worked together so it’s been fun to kinda like see your energy and the fire you bring. So if you guys are listening to this guys, he’s got a fun vibe to them, you’ll like. And um, anyway, so I would, I would say, so today I wanted to really talk on that power of manifestation. I’m actually curious, cause you’re starting brainstorming a book right now and I loved kind of this thought of this neutral zone, not the crazy high, not the crazy love, but are we neutral? And I’m curious to dive a little bit more into that topic on this. Um, but if kind of start a couple of other questions.

Speaker 3: (06:43)
And so if you’re listening to this, that’s kind of the direction I want to kind of navigate this too, but obviously we fly on tangents and go wherever. So, um, first question is kind of how did you, how did you kind of get this vision of like, dude, we’re doing to where this roofing mousses or whatever you call it, where this like Podunk all at a conference table to now we’re in, you know, we’re in our sales class, we’ve built out the whole office, we’re buying more real estate, we’re moving in a direction where it’s massive kind of bootstrap but massive profitability and revenue. Right. Um, how did you kind of see the vision? Like how’d you craft that? How’d you say like, no, we can do 8 million instead of like, let’s go from two to 2.5 or three.

Speaker 5: (07:28)
So I think what happened for me was when I came into the industry I was like, like, you know that, why’d I like, okay, I see that there’s money somewhere. I don’t get where the money’s at, but like let me just sit like the fly on the wall and just kind of watch. And like for a long time we just like kind of depressed, you know, like I think a lot of door to door guys get in and like, Oh yes, they’re like, I’m going to make all this money. And then they realize that it’s actually a lot of hard work to go and actually make like legitimate dollars. And so that was kind of my first year. I mean I didn’t, I had like a, not a very good, I mean I sold like probably half a million bucks I first year and so it wasn’t anything great there.

Speaker 5: (08:07)
And we went to when the storm in Vegas? No, it was in Miami. Uh, okay. And so we go there and I mean like we walk in and I’m talking to Pat and I was just like, man, I don’t know, like what are we going to do? And all of a sudden they bring up these guys on the stage for like top producers, right? They’re like, Hey, where’s our $500,000 producers? And like, I’m like a million would be tough. Like when I got in I was like a million. Oh man, a million sound million dollars. That’s, that’s a big number. And

Speaker 3: (08:42)
I see these guys walk over the front of the room. There are million dollar producers and you’re like, that guy literally is missing a third is a high,

Speaker 5: (08:51)
this guy, no, listen, listen, this, this guy walks up, he’s got hat on Ruth King,

Speaker 4: (08:57)
right? Nothing if you’re, if this guy’s washed and nothing against you said, but like watch up. Just got this like get up on just like,

Speaker 5: (09:04)
I’m like, Oh my gut. This got like the big jeans.

Speaker 4: (09:14)

Speaker 5: (09:14)
the sound of his knees.

Speaker 4: (09:19)
he goes up there and they’re like, Hey, you know, could you share with the crowd? I mean, he was pretty protest. Can you share with the crowd? Like what’s the secret sauce

Speaker 5: (09:29)
to being a good sales guy? And he just grabs the mic from this dude and he goes, get out of the damn truck. It’s all he says. And I’m like, what in the hell? And then the guy goes, well, what do you mean? He goes, yeah, just get out the truck.

Speaker 5: (09:43)
Oh, that’s hard. That’s, I saw my daughters and I looked at that and it was like, like you don’t want to like your paradigm just like your mind just expose him. Like that guy with no skills, no charisma, no nothing. He is just getting out of a pickup truck because that’s actually what he’s doing. Knocking on somebody’s door and he’s selling one point $5 million and I was like, all right this, this, we can scale, we can like I’m good, I can train the guys how to do what I do now we just to do the price training system in place, a way to educate without like trying to, we used to do measurements. I mean that’s when I got trained. He was like I hand you would get a tape measure. I just went to South Dakota and was like why are you doing this? Right.

Speaker 5: (10:23)
So it was just like, it was mind blowing. Like I’m like I don’t know how to measure a roof. I don’t know any of this shit. Like I don’t want to do any of this. And then I was like, how about we automate everything on the sales side, so I just get hot, young, hungry guys that can just get out the truck and go sell. And so then we kind of took that from one and started with one canvasser with me and then we hired his brother and then it was just like kind of talking to people out at the bars and like talking with people downtown as I was kinda like networking. Like guys, there’s money in here. And like slowly we built a team of seven, eight people and then it just like, you know, kind of trickle from there. And so like that blew up. And then it was like, I remember talking to the owner at the time, we’re doing 7 million this year and they kind of Chuck, right? They’re like, Hey buddy, you just don’t get it.

Speaker 4: (11:10)
Yeah, you’re that guy that comes in. He’s like, we’re doing it. I got it. We just need to sell one apartment. And there’s are, we’ve heard it all before,

Speaker 5: (11:23)
what we, the timing worked out, right? Seven point $2 million. And it was just like, I mean it was like celebrate toy like excitement. Um, and then it was just kind of like where do we want to go from there to scale and then like talking about manifests, he would like taking that vision and going like how do I set this up to be like something bigger than myself? Like something that I can’t even really have. Like I didn’t have an active part in creating but like where like I hired the right people on the team to like blow this up like multi-state and and like that’s kind of where we’re starting with the little $15 million

Speaker 4: (11:54)
jump, which has been like massive, a million times harder than I ever would have imagined. Like I was like, Oh we did two to seven and 15 is going to be no question. And then all of a sudden it was like, Oh wow. There’s a lot of different growth, growing pains that come from seven and 15 that you don’t really, a operation bottleneck. They don’t estimate. Here’s the interesting part, Mexico, we’re out there with the circle. You get a phone call

Speaker 6: (12:23)
and you lose

Speaker 4: (12:25)
wasn’t that during Mexico? Is it shortly after? It was like something like or I think it was right, right, right. As I was getting back, they had just turned in their resignations. You’ve lost like you had how many guys in March? This was March. Yeah, so maybe like eight and then we lost four. So you went down to four dudes. Like this is what’s interesting and I think this is a part that a lot of people don’t see. A lot of people see like, Oh cool. We went from here to here and then we went from here to here and everybody stayed and it was a perfectly, you know, it’s like, yeah, if, if I had all these guys and went from seven to eight to 12 to 15 to 20 like yeah, five guys left. I was just counting hard sheets. So five days left. So go from eight to three dude.

Speaker 6: (13:08)
And this is

Speaker 4: (13:08)
late March five guys left. So at minus five is three. No, no. I have three guys. Four guys left. We have five reps, five reps. He said five reps. yeah, but five guys left. . Yep. And you know, you’re sitting there, I remember doing a coaching call and you were just like, ah, I’m in home Depot. I remember him picking out your fixtures, picking out these fixtures. Exactly. I’ve been home Depot to just like him. We need to jam. Help me out, man. I’m like, what do I do? I don’t know what I told you for. It was probably something very insightful, little bit vague. It’s just like, just all you have to do is just give more giving guides. All you gotta do is I just jump out there and I’m like, Oh my God, see I pay you. What sounds like great advice. It’s like, I don’t get any good at this, but somehow you got 20 guys now anyways, so you say, okay, I’m going to go get more guy.

Speaker 4: (14:15)
No, no, no, no. it wasn’t just like that, but it was like, tell me when we were jamming, it was like, how can we shift the paradigm around like getting more guys? Cause I think because we see this as the gift, how do we see this as the way to get the right guys? Because in the right place, cause we lost some debt, some bad weight. Yeah. And this is the part I want to talk about because you did and you looked at it at the end of that conversation, it was really fun to see your paradigm come in from like Holy shit to Oh my God, this is awesome. We have an opportunity to build a new color Attunity that actually so, so how did

Speaker 3: (14:52)
you know like let’s rewind back to March, have that conversation. It’s like, Oh my gosh, let’s see. This is the gift. I just lost half my guys and I’m really down and nothing, there’s no way I’m going to hit my goal of $15 million like with a couple of guys. We’re not all fricking Jesus. So how do you go, what do we do? What do we shift? How do we see it as an opportunity?

Speaker 5: (15:16)
Like me and Pat had like this big joke that we say like all the time, like no matter what’s going on in the company, we’re like look at each other and like, you know what we really gotta do. We gotta recruit, train and sell like no matter, like what? Like a tire might pop on like a, a truck in the back, you know,

Speaker 4: (15:34)
from my circles and Kansas city

Speaker 3: (15:40)
where we met people. If we’re listening and watching this, um, where are we met as Kansas city? I was speaking for beacon. Did you come to my big ?

Speaker 4: (15:48)
Yeah. And I’m like the team, yeah,

Speaker 3: (15:52)
the industry’s broken every since it’s still built, collect. I’m like, Nope, it’s recruit training. So that is the model repeat like recruit more guys, train them how house sell, do that more and more and more. And so that’s funny because

Speaker 4: (16:08)
yeah, you got a bed, you kind of souls that sort of to be this like just ongoing.

Speaker 5: (16:11)
We joke of like anything that goes wrong possibly. It’s like, you know, we had to do crude train and so, so that’s kinda like what the, the, the focus wasn’t, we had that conference gone before that we were kind of like working on different angles and then we just literally took kind of a recruiting program that I had found from an old like YouTube video. Legitimate. Like someone was just like, sorry you recruit and we just plugged it in. We had some scripts that were typed up and we just had people come in, they’d go through like a funnel, like they’d go through this script, this interview, and then they’d come into a group interview and then we loaded the room. I mean like when we first started with like 20 guys a room and I was really naive to like hiring. So I was like, fine, like, you know,

Speaker 4: (16:54)
no. Like you’re like, yeah, you’re like giving you go me here. Like I hire the best people. I’ve heard that a thousand times. So you’re like, this guy’s great. And then what happens? They burn out. They feel like this guy’s going to be like a million dollar producer, no questions. Two weeks in. He sells, he sells, he’s no, he says a ton

Speaker 5: (17:12)
and then all of a sudden he’s just gone.

Speaker 4: (17:15)
Oh God. Oh my God. He just vaporizes

Speaker 3: (17:19)
no, the Eric today literally post a job is like I need to hire a couple more guys. And then literally a dude applied on Facebook or kind of Facebook stocky and it kind of looks like he’s, he’s darker skin, he has an earring or whatever. And Eric’s like, no, there’s no way. And I go, you never know dude. You’re going to jail. You’re going to stereotype that cat and he’s going to go work for some other roomie gummy

Speaker 4: (17:43)
cause you just

Speaker 3: (17:43)
did his profile a content or he might be the worst dead at the end of the day. You can’t

Speaker 4: (17:49)
but your, your, your uh, acquisition like your cost of like actually like ROI on that is so high because you have very little investment run through the training funnel for free. They come into a, like we do a four day training. If I’m in a four day training,

Speaker 4: (18:02)
if they walk out, what did I lose? I’m still training all the other guys in the room. Right. So why wouldn’t you? He applied. He’s willing to knock on doors. Anybody that’s like sign me up for that one. I’m like, okay and you will naturally quit or suck or you’ll be phenomenal. Right. We’ll see what your grip factor is. It’s all great. Yeah. And then the biggest thing for me like, so anyone like that, I’m not great at recruiting, but the thing that I’ve realized is like maximizing my time with recruiting. So like everyone goes like group interviews. That’s not the way to interview and hire. Right. And I’m like, I can put, so, cause this is, this is all what happened to me when I tried to hire and build a team, I’d scheduled 10 interviews for the day. My whole day shot. Like it’s, it’s 10 days, 10 interviews, three years.

Speaker 4: (18:48)
Yeah. Three to four show off. And then all of a sudden out of those four you’re like, Ooh, like two are good. And then by the time you’re done, you, you wasted a whole day. You’ve got two reps in and 109 show for training. Yeah. But before we even start, right. And then you got this one guy and then now you’re one guy like ridiculous. So then like you put 20 people in a room, 10 show up. Yep. And then you start working it through there and then it just works so much better. But I just want to hire one dude. Right. So you do have one guy, right? Yeah. You need to put 10 to 20 and you’ll find that one guy, the expert call. I mean that’s what skip was training. I met skip hired hires eight a week. And you know, I asked him, I was like, Hey, like what are you doing?

Speaker 4: (19:32)
And he’s like, this funnel, it’s a simple game. It’s, it’s not just a lead funnel of how to sell more deals. It’s, I see the pipeline funnel as a little bit new, new prospects for recruits, the new people starting the new training each week. And you know what I mean? And getting them, so same thing as a sales funnel, but the recruiting funnel. And he said that’s where my business starts. And then, you know, we asked him, I was like, okay, so it’s the same number. I care what he’s in solar. Right. And it’s like, okay, you hired ten three of which are going to be around ergo he said what four we’re going to be around within two weeks, right. Two are going to be around within four weeks and one of them’s going to actually be anything good right there. I think that was his number.

Speaker 4: (20:16)
Yeah, I think you did too good. Too good. Yeah. And it was like, you know, how do you get to 20 guys? I’m sure you had a lot more than 20 people come into this training. We have done a pretty good job like, so if they, the way we front load the training is I get really like heady, like really like uh, what’s the word I was saying to you when you’re in it’s really like Oh yeah. I get very meta with them. That was the word. If you’re not like up with the times, you’re not using

Speaker 5: (20:48)
the word Metta. So like I get really like really mad meta about like their life and their goals and their ambitions and all this stuff. And I’m like just getting like as deep as I possibly can. Just like just break down like the paradigm. Like what, where the hell am I? Like you know like they walk in here like run downtown, shop, you know, doing all this stuff and then like they’re sitting there cheering him. I’m just like going about like life goals and like how they view their family members and all this stuff and like how are we going to set this into this like lice goal to sell roofing, right? It’s like very strange. And so it weeds out like these people that are like I don’t, I’m not on this wavelength. Like this is weird. Like we use a breathing techniques and the first day of training just to like shake out the weirdness and we just make it really weird.

Speaker 5: (21:34)
And so like with that, like we have like usually a guy or two leave in the first day, they don’t ever come back and like the guys that are here are just like, I mean they’re jumping around screaming, banging on their chest the first day and I’m like, and then none of them really leave. Like, you know what I mean? Like they, they stick it out because I’m like, and I just like am so big, like, because a lot of roofing companies are like, now you will have to knock some doors, but there’s leads that come in and we’ll support, you know, I’m like, I come, I’m like, you all have to do 100% door knocking. There’s no questions. You will not get a single lead. That’s not true. Right. Like you will get leads. And I start him off with the worst case, worst case scenario.

Speaker 5: (22:11)
So then like the guys who are like lead babies, they are just like, they’re out. And then that way I’m like set until like, then the guys, they know what they’re signing up for and then it’s better than they expect because they’re getting leads and we, how we, our lead delegation works is you knock the door, you get the lead that comes in. So it’s like these guys are fighting for territory is the knockin right. And we just, we aren’t as sophisticated when like with farms and stuff, how we knock, we just, it’s a free for all. It’s like, and I love it because people are banging on top of the doors, you know, and we’re just leave it a fire, the same fire every time. But it’s like, then they’re banging on these doors that are good markets and we’re just get constantly be in front of mine with all these home origin in good markets.

Speaker 5: (22:50)
So it’s been kind of cool to like the last kid on the door is, that’s the guy who gets it and everyone kind of like, no, I was like, dang, that roof is guaranteed. I can just catch them both home. It’s mine. It’s mine. Right? It’s not like Sharky but it’s just kind of like a flow competition of who’s going to be the one like keeping up on it. That is fun. I can see a lot of problems with that in some ways. Right. It’s like I still don’t know who did it. It’s like I saw him the damn deal. It’s Mark. It’s who ever put the pin on a target. The actual person gives a little and like, well the nice thing is once you’re talking to somebody who goes in as a lead lead, you got the phone number, email. Like you can’t knock it once as the lead. But if it’s a not home then like every little last pins or like you might have knocked at five times with Colin comes in behind you and knots at like the next day they catch them and they, and they’re the ones that caught on and they get that. And so it’s kind of like fun because, and it’s not like it’s like super short here, but then they, they all have kind of have territories. They work. So it’s kind keeping a fresh like fresh mind like on everything now. So it’s kind of fun.

Speaker 3: (23:48)
I love that. So now you’re in a few months had been able to be proactive about building this kind of army of hustlers of a culture that is like, let’s go versus kind of, you know, weeding out these, these deadbeats. But these magnets that just suck the life out,

Speaker 5: (24:09)
this one they want, you know what? I feel like people get so entitled to commissions and it’s like you need to keep the same margin to like grow a business, right? Like our goal is not to just, I think so many times, like one year reps, they get started, they’re like, where’s my extra three to 4% I’m like, that’s not how this works. Like just so more, I’m not cutting your pay, just sell so more and you’ll make more money. And I think so if you want to work less and make more than, that’s just not how this industry

Speaker 3: (24:33)
get out of the truck. Goes back to that guys is vine. So then kind of shifting gears a little bit. You know, you want to get into, you know, you’ve consulted a few guys and you know, you liked the aspect of kind of impact and giving back, you know, you’re young entrepreneur and um, you see the value in creating difference in other people’s businesses. But what you have this concept of this, I’m in neutral, kind of tell me about this whole book or this whole philosophy that you’re kind of jamming on the meta of that.

Speaker 5: (25:04)
Yeah, so, uh, we were actually, me and a girlfriend, me and my girlfriend at the time we were, we were in, uh, our, my girlfriend now, we were kind of in a bit of a TIFF and I was trying to like get a, get a point across about like where my life is in like I’m no different in like a negative and positive light. And so we started talking, now this has become like kind of my way of living is there’s kind of a zone, like a half circle, right? And there’s like your needle that balances back, you know, from empty to full. Like imagine like a gas thing and so on. The ones, the full side might be your positive and on your empty side. My beer negative. Right. But my, my realization was that the positive extreme and the negative extreme were the same exact thing. So like if I was like celebrating like the biggest win ever and just like jacked up like Ooh, like banging on my chest like pumped up, jacked up. I was like burning out all this energy and it was just as bad as being negative. Cause then like the second I lost that high of being like the best, I would snap back and be like in this like downtrodden, like Oh I’m not giving like where’s that, where’s that extra positive vibe coming? Like I didn’t sell a $30,000 deal today. I just

Speaker 3: (26:11)

Speaker 5: (26:11)
And on my paperwork and then like you kind of like, and my goal with the whole neutral zone is like if we don’t focus so much on like yeah, it’s like yeah I got that deal. That was awesome. It just part of the process for me to get to my $2 million in sales isn’t my goal. Let me kind of come to center and be neutral about the whole thing and be like, Oh sweet, like $30,000 sales, let me get down on the spreadsheet. What’s my next step in my life to like get to my goal and like be happy with where I’m at presently in the neutral and like the same thing as you go. Like we’ve all been with door to door. You knocked the doors and like you are like, you’re like I am not going to leave today without good idea. We’ve all been there and then you leave the day without getting the deal. Like we’ve all been in that day like it’s

Speaker 3: (26:54)
the worst I’ve ever been with. I’m just kidding.

Speaker 5: (26:57)
No definitely not. And like, but like you know when you have a really strong way you’re like there’s no way I’m not doing it. And like that that couple of times that happens, you’re like dark. It’s pitch black like it’s 10 30 do I dare like the lights are on like should I do it? And like you’re like, you hit that and you’re like, it didn’t ever get the deal in like that negativity. It’s like don’t let that be like, man, what am I going to do for my extra week now I’ve, I’ve, I didn’t get a single deal that day. This is like just, Hey man, I did everything I could and and let me bring that to neutral and say Hey tomorrow I’ll just knock them again and I’ll get back to this neutral. It’s neutral. This presence I think presence gives over used nowadays. It’s like, it’s really hot word. I feel like it was like let’s find this presence of B to B one and it’s like just be, just be just neutral in like not too hyped and excited about everything cause we all have that person but not be mopey and negative. Let’s just find it to just be like right in the middle and just appreciate both sides.

Speaker 3: (27:47)
I love the term that is line. So there’s just live on the is line. There’s, what is, and it’s like so many people live on the what could be, what is to come, what has happened, you know the play on this, it’s like great, we sold the duo, now the deal has been sold, now what is is and now in the streets again knocked my next one. You know what I mean? So what is is that was already happened. I could keep like celebrating this moment of and that’s good. Like yeah cool. I still have to deal like, but now what is I gotta keep working? Cause it’s not, it’s still five o’clock. Like you know what I mean? So many people that go home because they’re like,

Speaker 5: (28:31)
you’re get to go home now what are done?

Speaker 3: (28:33)
And I’m like, yeah, you always suck. You will always be average below average without Bez.

Speaker 5: (28:39)
You’re never really growing them. And that’s, and that’s kind of the point of like this whole neutral zone. It’s like if you stay, you’re growing constantly overhyping or, or being beating yourself up. I think that’s a problem that a lot of pots, like super positive individuals have.

Speaker 3: (28:53)
Oh, I think, I think we both suffer from that. It’s weird. My wife’s very on the opposite, I want to say negative, but yes. Negative. Like

Speaker 5: (29:02)
just just pessimistic about things. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (29:05)
And I always looked at it cause my family, if you, if you’re going on a family party, I am the most boring out of my entire family. Like you go to a family, get together and it’s like Sam’s the quiet one. Yeah.

Speaker 5: (29:18)
Isn’t that crazy? Obviously I had a damn podcast and I’m fricking events and I speak, I’m

Speaker 3: (29:25)
fun. But my favorite on the quiet, and it’s interesting cause my wife when she married me she was like, I think there’s something with your family where there’s like this obsession with positivity to a fault. Right? And she’s like, it’s almost annoying because she always relates it to the cartoon inside out. Have you ever seen inside out?

Speaker 5: (29:46)
Right. And that Jewish joy just sees the FM bloopers

Speaker 3: (29:50)
climax. It’s kinda like the kid just needed some like empathy in some, some, some of the other balance side of it where it’s interesting talking about this neutral. It’s like, well, it’s not necessarily that you want it to be this empathy, but it’s knowing when to turn that on, knowing when to turn the joint on. But also just saying those are things that turn on right. But I’m living in the .

Speaker 5: (30:13)
The one is what is it though? This neutral spot of like, yep. Yeah, exactly.

Speaker 3: (30:18)
And, and I’m in control of when I do dip into the empathy or I do dip into the jewelry. It’s through a controller.

Speaker 5: (30:25)
Yeah. Don’t let it take over. Right? Yeah. Correct. I’m controlling it. I’m controlling. And then I can experience life so much more than purely like I’m like, yes, I understand it. Liking it, let life happens to me when I don’t control that joy. Right? But when I control the joy and I’m enjoying the life through, cause I think

Speaker 3: (30:43)
how many times do you have a sales rep and he sells three in a day or five in a day or closer to $50,000 do. And he’s like, Oh, I just got lucky. And you’re just like, well stop saying this is, you know, you just were living in the, you were out of the truck, you were doing what you’re supposed to do, you created the luck.

Speaker 5: (31:00)
Well they say luck, luck favors the like the hard work. I mean, it’s just so true. Like,

Speaker 3: (31:06)
and, and I think a lot of people try to discredit like results or they want to make other people, they want to feel good about themselves cause they’d say, Oh, that guy just gets lucky. Or that guy’s just got the best neighborhood, or blah, blah. And it’s just them saying, I have no control over the what is, and I don’t know how to live in the neutral. I’m just celebrating or not. So celebrate. I’m in the negative. And I think that’s something that a lot of sales guys deal with. I mean, it’s this emotional sales roller.

Speaker 5: (31:35)
I think we all, I think you and me both you, it’s just like, it’s the extremes of the excite. You don’t, you close a huge dude. You’ve got a huge sponsor or something for you. It’s so funny.

Speaker 3: (31:44)
Uh, yesterday I closed 38 grand in business. That did for that I closed 54 and I’m golfing. You know what I mean? Like it wasn’t even after like, but I could be jumping out of my seat and Eric books, it means like, dude, you just closed like almost a hundred thousand dollars in two days. Right? And he’s like, you were just chill. I’m like, yeah, and that’s very two days. But that doesn’t mean like that. That should just,

Speaker 5: (32:14)
that’s just what it is. It feels like that. Like we were talking before this just about like how you kind of like, you have found that this grounded, like I’m building a true business. It’s like it should, it should do the revenue,

Speaker 3: (32:25)
right? If you close down $1,000 in reefs in a day, I met you and you’re not like, it’s, it’s like I could be living in this world of I just had like the best two days of the year or I could be living in well done. I need to get sponsors, fund a half million dollar

Speaker 4: (32:40)
event. I mean that thing’s going to cost me an arm and a leg and if I don’t have to go clothes vendors and you know like I just, that’s just what it is. Yep. I will be closing more of these because I’m going to have 10 primary sponsors and you know what I mean? Like that’s just what it is. And I think that’s the thing too. And like when we either were living in that extreme positive, we actually don’t produce like you’d think like when you’re on like a really good positive high like Oh I’d be producing massively. It’s as big as a distraction as saying I haven’t sold anything cause you will literally live on that high for like a week and not do anything like that reality. It’s so true isn’t it? Like you’ll notice you’re starting to eat steak and lobster. You see these reps do this like fricking made 42 grand in a couple of months and it’s like I’m buying a boat and you’re like, you’re buying a boat.

Speaker 4: (33:27)
You made $42,000 like you’re not like a millionaire. Right. We’ll just chill. Just chill out for a second. If he’s listening to this, shame on you. You turd, like you are literally a toad turd. If you listen to this right now, what’s his name? Jake. Jake, I’m calling you out because, and if you are a Jake in a toad turd that literally goes and makes this 42 grand and goes into as a boat. And what else did he buy? Some jet-ski. He’s 20,009 I need a boat and jet skis. Newsflash for you, Jake. I don’t have to own a boat. I have a share on a houseboat and I only had it for two years. I could afford a boat, but I don’t go buy a boat because it’s just not the right choice. It’s just, you know, a newsflash for you, man. If you’re listening to this, you’re like .

Speaker 4: (34:16)
And I’m like, no, you’re just an idiot with your money and you’re going to be in five years wishing you had listened to this damn podcast and you’re gonna be like, damn it, I shouldn’t have bought the boat. So I’m just saying that applies to a lot of people. Can, I was be completely Frank on this. So it’s kind of is, it’s kind of ironic. So they buy these jet skis, right? What happens is they’re a broken jet ski. They crashed into each other know, so it was kind of like, well, boat stands for bust out that. I was like, see, you’re not meant to ride. I’m karma is telling you bad purchase two broken jetskis on trailers and no money.

Speaker 4: (35:01)
no, that’s what’s so funny is it’s like in this business we see over and over and over again. Eric is telling me is fricking, his contractor is driving this massive Tundra has a Hunter. We know things about Hummers even though the Hummer fills credit, we just know that. So he’s like, the sad part is they’re effing call me in November when I’m not doing any jobs and they’re like for next year and you’re just like, you’re an idiot. Like are you good? Like we always joke, it’s like, Oh, I guess I’m getting jet-skis half off. Right.

Speaker 4: (35:33)
It’s a credit good. It’s like you’re going to literally, I’m going to loan me your, I’m going to start over. Were you following based on advances, the stuff you’re buying at 50% that’s called the banks people. Well, they’re doing it to you because you’re an idiot and you’re not living in the neutral. So you’re listening to this. Hopefully this was like hitting home because I looked in, I would say 90% of sales people and that is a true statistic. I’ve been Harvard business, DDD study conducted by . I associate no, completely his made that out. But I would say just, you know, no, a lot of sales people and I, and I’m calling you at, you know what I mean? Like that’s what’s funny is I fly and I’m like sitting there going, you’re not being smart with your money. Not that you’re buying stupid stuff. You’re just money to make money. People that are so afraid, you’re like, Oh, I just got 40 Jesus stacks on stacks chilling in my house. I’m like, I know, I know. I to cherry street is drunk. seriously though. I mean it’s just like, well dude, at 40% in a 5% increase over the next five years, you know, it’s real. It’s real money speed. Just be smart, you know? Anyway, so we’re super tangent here and I told you it would be, but no. So the goal in life guys is to don’t buy a bow just some super day.

Speaker 5: (37:13)
It is kind of, it is kind of sound I think. I think the thing is is like if you would have lived in the neutral on like a purchase, like a boat most of the time, most of the time you’d be like that’s not probably the best choice right now. I’m like in the pot and like the excitement, that’s like totally what I want to do. But if you just like take a minute and say like if I sent her this like neutral, like I didn’t have any emotion tied to this purchase. Is that the right purchase? Yes. And most of the time if you come back with a neutral before you make any decision, it kind of like your core and your core values and your, your spirit will lead you the right way. And our lead you that vision. And that’s what we were talking about earlier about like going from seven to 15 and how like division makes sense.

Speaker 5: (37:49)
But then there’s all these steps and all these pieces and how all this has to come together. It’s like stop living in this negative or positive. Like when you walked in, I was a little bit down today, right? And like all of a sudden I was back up and I was like, wait, am I neutral? Yeah, you just got to get right to here because then it’ll give me the path to where I know I need to go. Like is innately in every entrepreneur, every leader to like know what the right steps are. We just don’t get to neutral. So we find them, we feel you can feel it. You know when you make the

Speaker 3: (38:17)
called nugget nugget fetch, I just want almost the end on that

Speaker 4: (38:23)
guys. If you’re listening to this,

Speaker 3: (38:25)
you are idiots if you don’t just apply what you did. So hate me for it. But we just made some sharp call outs. Jake hope I get to meet you one day. Cause what a turd toad. I say the word toad term because I literally filmed it toad hooping. Did you see that video? No, I know. Show it to you. You can just set it cause nobody has this story. If you don’t follow me on Instagram sometimes your catch, sometimes a nugget like a toad dirty.

Speaker 4: (38:55)
Have you ever seen him toe poop? It was that big. I’m talking like half the size it was. It was as long as the frog that must’ve been in his throat and then it comes straight down. You know what I mean? You’re like that doesn’t make sense.

Speaker 3: (39:13)
So now good for the day. Anyway,

Speaker 4: (39:16)
we were going to have on a really good note with the temperatures.

Speaker 3: (39:23)
Okay, so if you’re listening to this, gives the some love, share this, like this comment, your favorite nugget you learned, which I hope was the toe turn at the end. Much love. Appreciate you having me on the show.

Speaker 4: (39:36)
Do you want to give last? Thanks Shannon. I’ll go. I’m pumped about the DDD King in person. He’s out of a circle going to Lake pal and September.

Speaker 3: (39:48)
Want to see our beautiful God’s country and Southern Utah with the circle and come to the econ. So come check them out.

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