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Hi everybody. This is Sam Tagore with the DDD podcast. I’m here with Jess. How do you say UDI? UT UT. UT? Yeah. Even I ain’t got no alibi. So, uh, he is the number one salesman for sprint, which is huge. I mean they’re a multibillion dollar organization and that’s got to kind of feel good right now in the entire sprint organization. Okay. Um, which is a new emerging market, which is kinda cool. Right? So it’s like what last two, three, four years? It’s kind of in this whole, let’s try to figure out how to couple it with TV or do we not couple it. Do we just sell it as a stand alone? I’ve kind of watched it. Um, but now you just sell cell phone. Yeah. Yeah. So it’s kinda been a crazy process cause I, I know went to a few different companies before they finally settled, mostly on caliber.

Um, but yeah, it’s become a standalone product. Um, I mean as far as the money that you can make and it’s just as good as any other industry in door to door. I just felt like it gave me a little bit easier to sell. And it’s like everybody’s got a cell phone. Yeah, exactly. It’s probably switch over mania. Yeah, that’s all it. Yeah. You’re not like, Hey, you a fresh door. Are you still on the home phone? The people that don’t have cell phones, I just walk away until you’re like, I’m not even going to jail. Right. Yeah. Um, so number one in the world, 820 right now and still counting, right? The goal is to hit, how many of you think you hit the end of the year or season? Over 900. That’s a goal. That’s been the goal year 900. So if you’re listening to this 800 is the new golden door Mark, which I think what two and your knowledge will probably hit that?

Maybe three. Potentially three. Yeah. So tell us whoever, who’s the third, who’s the guy that we need to kick in the butt? Um, I don’t remember who it was. We’ll have to check. Okay. So I’ll make sure I live in know though. What’s interesting the most that anyone I sold trying to figure this out last year was what uh, it was for 10 last year for 10. Yeah. So that’s actually one of the reasons why spraying become more viable as a standalone rather than coupling it with like a dish or I like even like any sort of like supplement to that is that the process has been so much easier. So as far as the sales process is something that we could do now and in 15 minutes, whereas last year I had not to take anything away from those guys for sure. The process was like 40, 45 minutes to get somebody signed up.

Yeah. Well honestly I said I was going to go add a line for this watch I got and uh, I was nervous cause I was like I don’t want to go into T-Mobile cause I know like, you know, in my mind, I don’t know why though. Like I had this whole thing of like if I call him gonna be like an hour and some fact you knew in 15 minutes, that’s pretty cool. Yeah, it is nice. Cause I, I actually worked in a sprint store, which is one of the things that like appealed to me about this in the first ways, uh, for about a year back in 2014 and that’s what I tell all my customers now is like they don’t have to leave their home. You go into a cell phone store, you’re there for like two hours and you’re standing and his socks and here they can sit on their couch kind of like you and me and I can sign you up in 15, 20 minutes.

So yeah, it’s actually really convenient. Um, so you went from four 10 is the, what the industry knew is the ceiling and now you just busted to that gonna finish whatever, 900 lines. Like what was the goal? I mean, did you even know that was [inaudible] [inaudible] here? Yeah. This is straight ignorance is bliss on it, right? It’s kind of like, did you even ask what the number was? No, I had no idea. Like we just looked it up like [inaudible] had to check in before this stuff. Like I said, I, this is my first year doing it in order or period. So I just wanted to come in. Like I just had kind of a desire to be the best. I thought that I could. I knew that good. I kind of knew the industry, so I knew I like, I was ready to go. And, uh, I just went at it every day.

Um, like I said, the process improved. Um, which definitely helped do that. But like as far as everything else, it was just, I mean it was just getting out of doing it word and I also would be, I was a, I actually do consider myself like an expert in the product and that’s huge. Just a lot of amount of time with like studying, setting pages, setting sales, uh, making sure I was so first year ever rookie and that’s what’s cool. Like true rookie door door guy goes out and doubles the previous year’s record. Like, that’s cool. Um, what I guess like when you said just go out every day, like, what is cool is you not in your backyard, which a lot of people in me included. I struggled at selling year-round in my backyard, being disciplined enough to go out everyday. And it’s funny, the wife’s here, man, just chilling and, you know, she’s like, man, it’s tough.

I don’t see him much. I’m like, well, what’s interesting is some people thrive in that. Like they can get out of bed and go hustle. Some people, it’s like they need to be super removed. I mean, everybody’s different. Like, what are some hacks that you have for us that helped you kind of get out of bed every day, get out in the doors, go perform? Hmm. I don’t know. I feel like I just had a really good, like, core of leadership. Uh, the regionals I have, I have Jesse sped, uh, Justin Virgin. Uh, they, I don’t know, they just sell sat like a great, like path for me. Uh, they just told me what to do and I went and did it. And, uh, I really enjoyed that. And then, uh, like my team in general really pushed me as well. I have some really, really like solid reps and we would push each other all year.

And I think that’s important. And I think that’s something, cause I’ve talked to a lot of guys who’ve tried to sell in the winter, uh, but from what I’ve seen, it’s not like I, I don’t know if the core is there as much because typically the door doors for the summer and that’s where the core is. And then if you want to sell on the winter, you kind of captains, am I wrong about that? That’s pretty common from us. Okay. So I feel like we’ve built this to be a year round product and so we had the whole team aspect through the winter and so that actually really, really helped. And I when you said keep going, no, no. When you say team aspect through the winter or are you saying like we meet every day, every day did kind of crazy. We’re probably gonna change it a little bit about what we do this winter and send a lot of guys out to warmer markets.

But we want to sell this year round and we want it to be, uh, more of a thing that you’re making a consistent income year round rather than just having a huge couple months and then that’d be a done with your income for the year. Yeah. Cause a lot of guys, they don’t make enough in the summer but they see this as a good longterm career. Cause you know, it’s kinda like what career can you graduate college and give yourself a double your raise every year. You know what I mean? Like I got 100% raise this year because I chose to team. You know what I mean? Cause you probably could do that this next year, right? Yes. Um, and that’s where I think that like creating a sustainable in my market live there. So their option is great for people instead of them just saying, I’m going to do this through college and then go get a normal job that’s year-round stable in my market.

You know what I mean? It’s kinda like that is a thing. Like people do that in other industries and it sounds like, yeah, sprint, that’s kind of a thing for sure. And it’s been big and I’ve loved it as far as from a recruiting standpoint because I mean, you don’t actually give it somebody to uproot themselves for a few months. You just say, Hey, come try it out. And most people will come out with me, see if you sell, see the money, and then start. So that’s been really nice. And that’s the concept we have kind of around the country right now. We’re where guys are opening markets. When can I start? Oh, well. And if I’m [inaudible] yeah, yeah, exactly. They can start the next week. So yeah. So, so yeah, you just plug them in and so let’s go. So then that, but that also, it gives me the problem, right?

So this, this is where I feel like I run into the cause in solar, this, that way of roofing is that way, you know, other alarm companies do that, you know, it’s not that you’re the only thing, Whoa. Yes, you’re around. I do feel like a common problem. And I’m curious what your take is on this, cause obviously you guys are winning. What do you do to keep people working versus I’m a debit six piece or I’m gonna you know, not work today cause I’m going to go hike a mountain. Like you know what I mean? Like that is so common. Like yeah people accountable to keep people working in their own backyard to plug them in and not make it like when you say come try it out, but then to get them really committed to staying with you instead of falling off and the turnover I guess speak to them.

Yeah. Good, good question. That is definitely been like a learning experience this year. Especially like first time managing as well as like first year, first time managing like that. That’s why I’m like, I’m curious if, yeah. Yeah cause there’s, there’s a beauty to that. There’s a beauty to being first year and first time engine cause you’re not sure tainted by what everyone else has done. So there’s pretty that I’m curious to listen to [inaudible] yeah. So we’ve been trying to figure out, it’s been, it’s been getting better as well. But like the biggest thing that I’ve, that I’ve found is like, just find as many guys as you can, but like a lot of guys is just not for, and especially I will say if a guy goes out for a summer and they don’t love it, they’ve got a better chance to stay just because they’ve already committed here.

They don’t love it. They’re gone. Yeah. Uh, the bright side to that is because it is a lot easier to get guys in the first place. Yeah. So it kind of just becomes a numbers game. Let’s pick your poison. Yeah. Like I’ll have to go through more, but then I’ll, yeah, I see. But I give more recruits but I lose more. So it pencils out. Yeah. Yeah. So I mean, to be honest, turnovers then like, like relatively high do to that. But it’s like the guys come in, they don’t succeed. They go [inaudible] like an hourly job where they, they can make some money. But the guys who do come in and succeed like super loyal and I never worry about them like, like getting off the doors early or whatever. Like we’ve just found a really good core group of guys and I think that’s something that can be huge, like being your home.

And then then the other side of that is they have a way easier time recruiting themselves just because they literally live a few minutes from all their friends who were working on one job. Yeah. So yeah, it’s, it’s been, it’s been crazy. But the other big thing I would speak on is just a culture. Um, we, uh, we’ve made a lot of, uh, moves and improvements this year. I’m even bringing on a new, uh, like co manager that also came kind of from the corporate world that I think can help a lot with, uh, with culture in general. But I’ve noticed that as we’ve improved our culture, retention rates have stayed super high. And so I think if, if we had a new team starting a, for instance, they recruited a team could help build that culture from the start. I think they wouldn’t have to go through quite as many growing pains as I have this year as far as like retention goes. So let’s talk to that. So you come in from corporate, you feel like you, you know, you started at 27, right? A lot of these guys start when they’re 21. Right. You know? Yeah. And for the longest time we were like, hell no, I’m never doing door to door. Right. No, I can’t remember. Like, yeah, you have to pay me $1 million.

But I guess kind of what, what things have you mentally had to overcome to actually just say, Hey man, I’m doing door to door that helped you recruit into this industry would be the first question that I have. Another follow up question on that. Um, well I think a big one, uh, and we can go to this. I thought about it. I think one of the biggest things that I love about door to door and there’s other industries that have this, but I incorporate like I was getting like a salary and a base and I feel like that salary always like limited me because I knew I had it. And uh, like I just have like the personality I guess where I always wanted success, but that always limited to me due to the fact that I always felt comfortable. And so coming over here, and that’s been a big recruiting thing for me is just like the ability to make as much money as you want and without any base there I see no ceiling either.

And so like that was probably the most appealing thing. And the thing that really made me fall in love with the word or in general was just the ability to make exactly what you want. Like you were talking earlier, you, if I wanted to choose the double my income next year, I could just go double my income and that’s what I would [inaudible] loved about the industry. So that’s cool. So, so then what, what things did you apply into corporate? Meaning we, you know, we’ve, and other industries that you worked in, do you feel like you’ve pulled any of the learning that you’re like, Oh, I’ll put my little flavor to this? Oh yeah, for sure. I think culture comes down to that. Like we for instance, I worked for a company called Stacy healthcare at bold have gray cultures, like super like people focus. Both of them were highly rated on my glass door.

Um, I mean we’ve itself is like one of the best companies to work for in Utah. And so as far as like learning how to treat people and, and people that work with you and, or, or for you or even like above you? Uh, I feel like I was able to bring a lot of like maturity into the industry that at least, um, well, well I guess I, I mean there’s, there’s definitely good teams, but I think, uh, a lot of what I’ve seen is like, uh, like just a different culture in the professional world. [inaudible] exactly. And it’s, it’s different. Cause I came in and I was like, Whoa, this is the, yeah, exactly. T O T I’m just messing you. I love you too. But anyway, that’s, that was one of the big things is especially true. I could see that working for a summer, like for sure.

And I understood like why it was there, but what I was trying to build in a year on setting, and this is kind of something that I was talking to you about, the culture, uh, being able to build something that’s really sustainable. Um, it needs to be like a different type of culture that’s going to like supplement longevity. And so that’s, uh, what I feel like I’ve been able to bring over from the corporate world is just the ability to like, treat people right as far as like, like employees and like working with other people. So how’d you jump right into management versus like the typical, how’d that all work? That was kind of crazy actually. That was kind of crazy. I guess you get recruited on early on and then, so it was kind of weird. It was kind of where my little brother, uh, got recruited, uh, from the guy who I was kinda working with at first.

And, uh, we talk and so I was asking him kind of about the job. I thought it was weird that he was selling sprint or door and he was telling me how much he was making a for every line and everything. And I was like, that’s kinda crazy. I didn’t believe it at first. Uh, so I went and talked to him at first. My, I was telling my wife, Amanda, that I was going to start working from like 10 to two on Saturdays cause I felt like I could go out and make $500 on a Saturday and make $2,000 extra a month just to supplement my income that I was telling her. And I mean it turns out I went to meet with them. Uh, I sat down with Jesse Smith and he, uh, I don’t know. I don’t know why he did it. He must say like saw something came here, something, but pretty much literally on the spot, that first one he said, Hey, we’ve got a market in Ogden, like nobody’s there right now. We had a manager who just kind of like, I didn’t really, yeah, yeah. The, the team kind of went and uh, he was like, if you’re interested, like I want to offer that to you. And so I lied to her and I, she freaked out in a good light here in like, Oh no, not any good way. Cause like, like it was a great company. I love that. Yeah. Yeah. [inaudible]

so yeah, so no support. Obviously it took a little convincing, but uh, I mean I saw the numbers and I, I mean I ran over them with her. We, we figured it was going to be a good call and so pretty much just jump head first into it. I, yeah, I like literally quit on the spot. That’s awesome. Yeah. So talk to me. Okay, let’s shift gears a little bit to sales. I’m curious, selling sprint, you know what I mean? What’s the pitch? I wonder if you follow the steps that I typically teach. If it’s different, like where would you kind of go through them? Yeah, yeah. I, I’m sure it’s the same. I think at any product has, has kind of the same steps, but something that I’ve done this year, uh, as far as sprint site goes is just like keep it as short as possible.

Um, everybody has a cell phone. Yeah. Sprint’s also a pretty well known. So I just want to like get that out there as quick as possible. So you’re pretty up front. I’m on a sprint. Yes. So up front [inaudible] yeah. Yeah. And so like if they like for example, a five, so ADT, some people are very much like, I’m with ADT and some people are like, hide the ADT cause I don’t want to know that I’m with alarms yet. Yeah. [inaudible] so like I, I’m curious who you’re really up front, you’re like, yeah, that’s spread. Obviously have a cell phone, pretty transactional and the doors, honestly, you’re like, yeah, here we go in or do you do most of the always in, yeah. So some for some transactions happen on the doors with some sales, like pest control is very much on the door. Your I go in, I want to get is there is definitely a process in the house.

So I, okay. On the doors and just, Hey, super quick. My name’s Jess. I’m here with sprint. We’ve just been updating all of our towers around the nation. Um, we’re now, we’re now within 1% of 18 team horizon. Uh, who do you guys use for your cell phones? Oh, Tim, you got to get it. That’s the page though. So that’s, that’s what I, you guys should just quit. Here’s what we’re doing, you know, um, who do you use for your cell phone? So they have to answer. So I say Verizon, let’s say. Okay. Right. Okay. All right. Awesome. How many lines do you have on there? Uh, two to my wife and I, and just so I know if I’d be able to have you guys at all, how much you guys pay in on 69. One 69. Alright, so good news. I actually will be able to save you quite a bit of money. Probably anywhere from like 30 to $50 one anyone. What you guys do? Do you have two or three minutes? I can set it. Sorry. Right quick.


right. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. And that way it feels a little less confrontational. I love that. You think if you’re listening, you’re watching this, how you could leverage that for your industry. Could I step in and write you a quick quote that could, that’s a nugget in and of itself because you could use that or you could use that anything. It’s like, yeah, I’ll step in. Is there in case you say it one more time, the transition, cause a lot of people struggle with transition. So what’s your transition? Yeah, I just saw it. So first up I say, Oh good news. I were actually going to be able to save you quite a bit of money. Do you have two or three minutes? I can second side. Are you guys a quick Whoa.

Oh and then do you put your head down kind of thing or what? Yeah. What’s your [inaudible] like the leap of faith guy? Are you like, Oh, I’ll wait for them to kinda, ah, I’m like in between. Okay. I’ll definitely motion in, but I’m not like one of those guys who will like run, start into a shoulder and Hey, I respect those guys. Know some guys are like [inaudible] some guys are like, is it okay if I come and there’s of the, I mean, if that’s your personality, you sell that way. Good on you. Um, no, but that’s interesting. Okay. So you go inside and then you’re basically like, Hey, you have two lines of cost. You this for unlimited first thing in the doors. Pull pulled their bill. Like, yeah, it helps build a lot of rapport to see for them to see you like picking it apart.

We’ll let them know what’s on it, like what you can do compared to it. Uh, but essentially I’m gonna write it T on a piece of paper, right. Rising over here, spring over here. Exactly what they’re getting on Verizon and what kind of phones they have. Exactly. What I give them on sprint. They see it visually. Okay. I’m getting newer phones and I’m saving $40 a month. Like it’s still unlimited data maybe over here. And they only have like six gigs shared. Uh, so just so they can see on paper that it’s uh, like definitely something that makes sense to them. Uh, and then from that point, like the close, uh, there’s a, there’s a lot more to it as far as like going over phones and stuff. Like, Hey, can you purchase it? Yeah. How much of it is like the actual products sell me like buying a phone versus buying a service?

Like are you selling them? I’m like, dude, you don’t want an Android, you want an iPhone? Or like, no, no. The nice thing is sprint pays the same no matter if it’s a flip phone and Android or iPhone. So I like, I never tried to sell people on phones. I just give them what they want as far as that goes. But it’s more selling them on the service of sprint and like white Springs. I mean, that’s one of the things that I like, I’m always straight up with people there. I go. Like, how does spring compare with horizon that day? I’d be lying to you if I said sprint was better than horizon. Like everybody knows horizons the best. However, for you guys in your specific scenario right now, it’s going to be better for you. Script works here, works with places you go and it’s going to save you money.

You’re living in fricking like Podunk, Texas. It’s like, yeah, we might have a different conversation. Exactly. So you in salt Lake or I’m saying Ogden, like Scott up your towers. Yeah. Or if they, if they work in some like mining city in the middle of like Montana where sprint doesn’t get garbage and I’ll check that and they’re there like half of the year. I’ll literally say, Hey spreads. Probably not for you. Yeah. You guys are just getting charge back. Yeah. That is so cool. So how often do people give you phones versus not new phones? And I would say probably like 80% they get new phones and they financing that kind of part of their deal. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So it’s all worked in there and that’s part of the sales. Just 15 minutes. I gotta run your credit. I got to finance the phone. Exactly. Okay. Yeah.

Cool. No, this is interesting. So I’m assuming you get the same kind of objections we get. So what kind of, uh, I guess what tips things would you talk to a sales guy when it comes to, Hey, no, I am Mark, I’m happy with the one I have. Right. How many industries have that? Right. So, um, I say, Hey, no, I’m super happy with the one I have not interested. I guess I just push it through. That one’s obviously a smokescreen. Like, cause I mean, I think most people are happy with what they have, uh, without really being willing to listen to anything else. Uh, so that just like push through it. Just ask other questions. I have a few, so if they have horizon, I’m happy with fries. I’ve been with him for 20 years. I’m like, I’ll just jump in with a few questions about unlimited data.

Uh, like I, I try to get price prices the biggest thing, but I, yeah, I would say just just blow through those. And I, whether there were T-Mobile, a, T and T, Verizon, I’ll have like a list of like questions to shoot at them right when I get back. Like I’m already happy. So you kind of pre-programmed, here’s my Verizon questions, here’s my team mobile questions, which I think that’s a hacking of itself. There’s your nugget. It’s people need to pre load the chamber with, I know these four questions will help at least spark some interest if they say this right, because I know what you’re doing. Yeah, for sure. Um, and I’m obviously assuming over time when you’ve practiced it, you know, you’ve said it a hundred times, it’s kinda like as soon as it comes out, you’re out in the fire, you’re not like, Hm, what did I write down in my notes the other day that that, yeah.

That’s all I’m wondering. So what other things like makes a successful first year guy? You know what I mean? Like you’ve got the sales script, it sounds like you kept it really simple, which I think is always cool. Like you’re just straight to the point year ago. Um, probably get your three, four no’s and then you’re like, eh, moving on. Right. There’s other people I can sell. How many, what’s your best day? I’m curious. And I have 33 33 lines. Yeah. Was it a pulling as a family? No, I think it was a, it was probably like a, it was six or seven accounts that day. Right. And so I mean, and they ended up just all being like pretty big accounts, like five and six, like just in Utah and there was actually one, one nine lighter. Makes it to that love. Here’s a random question. How often do you get like, well I’m my phone playing.

You got my cousin, my uncle, my sister, my all [inaudible] in there. Like I’d have to call them all like that. That’s usually, that’s the way it is. Like it is. Yeah, that is actually, it’s good because like once they talk to every, if like big accounts are the best and you just go close it back later. That’s the one thing I like spraying is actually pretty like weirdly reliable as far as go backs go. Um, but yeah, uh, that’s actually one of the hardest things to overcome is like you’re talking to the account holder, you actually have him and he says, well my brother, my sister and my uncle, like I’m going to have to talk to all of them before I can tell you anything. It says I am sold. But then the issue is, I mean we all run into this but you can’t, your customer’s never going to sell their [inaudible] as well as you could or explain things as well.

So a lot of times like that will be a Stonewall for you because they’ll just come back and say, Hey, my sisters aren’t interested. She’s not willing to talk to you either. Yeah. You’re just like, dude, that’s so far. Yeah. But it is nice cause I always just grabbed their number. I’ll follow up with them that I have you had a chance to talk to him. Oh I’ve talked to these two. They’re in and then they finally talked last I go back to the next day. Okay. So there is some thought there cause I was like man, that’s a true like conditioned sometimes it’s like dude, if I did this their phone was [inaudible] yeah. I can’t like screw my brother over. Like that’s not going to fly. Um, so yeah, advice. Like let’s kind of wrap up on this and I appreciate you obviously for coming in and making this happen.

I think that is awesome. I’ve been wanting to get from phone people. Mike, shout out if you’re watching this. Um, hi man. It’d be back. You owe me a phone call by the way. Um, and I call him. Um, so my question would be, yeah, in for that first year guy, cause obviously when the Gates crushed at your first year, what would you like, what would you tell that guy? I’m brand new to the industry just like you were maybe a year ago. What did you tell him? I would just say probably the biggest, I guess, one, I’m pretty competitive and I think that’s huge. Like you have to have a desire to like be the best. And I think as a first year rep you can do it. But I think the absolute biggest thing is going to be knowledge. And that’s, that’s what I came in and did right off the bat is not only like just the sales process and the learning how to sell like door to door, but just the product in general.

I wanted to be able to make it so that every time a customer asked me any question I would be able to answer it. Where’s these towers? Yes, exactly. And I will say with cell phones there’s a lot of those questions. And so it was just about being able to look like an expert at all times for the customer. Um, and I, and just have like, I don’t know, just like the right approach and process to the sale combined with, with a product knowledge. And I knew that was going to take me a long way and I would suggest that to every rep, cause even even reps that I see come through here that take a minute to get going. Like they have all the talent in the world. Uh, but as far as product knowledge in the house, they could lose some cells because of something that they said or didn’t say as far as like a question that was asked.

So no, that’s great advice. Be the expert. Like you know what I mean? And people trust somebody that feels like they don’t have to like, yeah, it’s like really like I don’t want to guess. I asked you a question like, you know, so I think that that’s a huge nugget. [inaudible] a student being an expert. Go figure out how you become the best at what you do for sure. And obviously that can go for anybody but like first year guys, especially here in a product for the first time like that I think will take you further than anything else. Cool. Okay. Oh, you guys sort of firsthand, you’ll see them on the main stage versus cell phone guy to hit the golden door. I think that’s exciting. I’m excited about that so much. Lot. Thanks to you. Thanks for being on show. Thank you.

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