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Last Updated: October 15, 2019

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Bill, Can I help you?

Speaker2: Hey listen up, I’m bringing you the best content to ever exist in the door to door industry from sales leadership, recruiting, impersonal development.

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Why would I need that?

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Because never before have we been able to collaborate with the top experts in their industries, sharing their secrets and techniques and what makes them the best.

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I’m your host. Sam Taggart, creator of the D2D experts in D2Dcon. Is there a place we can sit down?

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Well come on in.

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D2Con is right around the corner with Mastermind Day, January 16th in Salt Lake City, Utah with Tim Grover, Author of Relentless and Michael Jordan’s coach.
You also have a marquee speaker in former NBA all-star, January 17th and 18th at the salt palace in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ll tell you of Ed Mylett, Coach Burt, Tim Grover, and many more famous speakers and workshops on how to improve your leadership, sales and recruiting. Register today, D2D for D2Dcon. New users, we have a DVD you after-party Friday night. Don’t miss out. Pre-register at D2DCon.

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We are live, um, got a very special guest for you guys today. We have Sam Taggart here on the podcast.

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It is, I.

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Welcome to the show. Good to have you, man. This is awesome. You’re, you’re actually the first outside guest, uh, to, to jump on the elevator, but yeah, yeah. And a bit of a bit of a celebrity in the door-to-door space. For those of you listening that, that don’t know who Sam is, um, seeing maybe you could just introduce yourself real quick and tell us a little bit about ya.

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Yeah, Sam Taggart, born and raised park city. Then I went to high school in Fresno, California. So central Valley. Shout out what’s up. Do you cannon? Yeah. Bears and uh, started knocking doors out there actually.
Uh, well, I started in salt Lake a little bit, um, when I was 11 and then moved to California. My cousin calls me up and he’s like, “Hey, come start pink curves with me”. And I’m like 12, 13. Right. And, uh, we start spray painting the addresses on the curbs and like probably a year later moved out to California. I was like 14. And, uh, I was like, “Hey, what would you hate me if I like copied your business model? And like took it to the next level out in Cali.” He’s like, “yeah, we don’t have anything going out there,”
Tim, you know, check our roadmap. We had nothing. We were going to expand, you know, 14 year old kids like, yeah, we don’t have a license yet. We’re not going to expand that approved. It’s not in our expansion roadmap. So he’s like, yeah, that’s cool. We’ll go. Okay. Okay, good. Anyway, I bought a bunch of

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stencil kids had 11 of my buddies for me. We spray painted our shirts, called us the Gutterman.

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So that was my first taste of sales management. Yeah. You know, you didn’t need, you’re out, man. You’ve been knocking into Soviets turf. Like print out the MapQuest. Here’s your thing, get on your bicycle, pick up your stencil kit, let’s go get it going. Lead them from the front, making good money playing sports, doing school, you know, and uh, you graduate high school then did, uh, alarms. Yeah. Who are you with? Platinum protection. Rest in peace. Um, anyway, that’s

Speaker 2: (03:33)
2008 and then served a service mission in Argentina and then a 2011 platinum, then a vivid, um, for a few years and then got into the solar space 20 and 15. Um, you know, vivid VIM was a good run. Loved it. Um, is there a top rep in 2014 and 15 there and then, uh, just decided solar was the way to be. Yeah. Shout out to my solar. P

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Speaker 2: (04:02)
did get a green thumb and a cell solar. If that was fun, it’d be a little bit more year-round. Local and a PIM, the VP of sales of a company called sole CEUs. And then, um, about end of 2017 beginning of 2018 left full time that and went full time DDD. So you know, I own a couple of companies now and uh, have DDD con the big event, uh, experts, which is the online university and you know, training, consulting, speaking and then a couple other softwares like vanilla texting platform recruiter MADEC which is a recruiting thing and home ready, which is an app. I didn’t even talk about the app. It’s like a lot share app just went live on this in the dark. I know download, if you have, it’s like say you’re in a solar house and you’re like, Hey, are you interested in any other home services?

Speaker 2: (04:56)
You can just click a button and sell past or did alarm or satellite or internet or whatever and just get paid on the leads. Actually pretty valuable. That’s pretty cool. I’ve had a lot of people, you know, want to kinda cross over industries and it’s hard. It’s hard to hard sell both at once. But if you have a button or do a simple transfer after deal can get a grip on it. Like, so for us, it’s like the first version is just a live transfer. And so we’ve been working on that for like a year now and it just went live. So that’s pretty cool. Nice. Um, spelled R E D, which is network and Portuguese. So home ready. Okay. Anyway, so do that. And then, you know, really the Uplevel like I let there was like, why did you leave such a good thing? You know, things were going well and you built it for so long and it finally was cranking. And um, really, I just saw a big gap in the door to door industry. You know, a lot of people are like door to door sales, like you and garbage men seem to be,

Speaker 4: (05:49)
be like in the same ballpark figure. Like when are you going to get a real job? You know, I kept hearing that and it was just like,

Speaker 2: (05:57)
are you kidding

Speaker 4: (05:58)
me? I, I, you don’t know how much money I make, dude. You know? It’s like I have a real job there, you know? I don’t know, but like, seriously, when are you gonna like, man, am I going to grow up? Are you going to grow up? Like get, use your degree in the 50% degree degree. My professors are making a hundred grand. When I was 23 I made $1 million. I looked at the professors and was like,

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do you know the ego testicle? Young, little ambitious cat? I was like, well, I don’t want to be him either. You know, he’s talking about he’s just reading a textbook, you know, I don’t even read the textbook. So I just said, you know what, something’s going to advocate this industry. So we just found a awesome nonprofit, the door to our association to really advocate how do we up level this industry in a powerful way and give it tools and training and sophistication and best practices and give it a facelift. Do you know what I mean? So when a college says, what are you gonna do after you graduate? It’s in the running. You know what I mean? Like, Oh, you’re going to go do pharmaceutical sales. That’s cool. Or no door to door sales. That’s great too.

Speaker 4: (07:00)
Yeah. Don’t slum to that. never you do run. I was sick of that. We’ll never let go. That’s, I mean that’s you just, you know, you, at least for me, I know I lose a good chunk of recruits just off of that. Like, Oh my mom and tell mom and dad is mom and dad says no. Yeah, really? But they say yes to have buccal like working it’s like, yeah, I’m working at buckle. It’s like, yeah, that’s cooler than what I do. Like I mean, cool. Like, yeah, go get an hourly wage, whatever. The man says. Well just know that like, I mean, what are you going to take out of that job? It’s like, Oh, you know, show up. You want some jeans, right? How can you make an impact that buckle? What’d you learn? Well, how to full jeans and a really effective one easily, quickly shit back to you. Like without missing a beat. So it’s like you’re definitely a four anyways. So it felt like,

Speaker 2: (08:03)
you know, a big piece of the mission was, I read this book, that’s a great book. It’s called the vanishing American adult. And it was all about the depreciation of the stoic and how, you know, our generation, it’s up and coming is kind of the soft wasn’t taught like, you know, when our parents always say

Speaker 4: (08:22)
when I was a kid, you know, there’s always that right. And it’s like, well great, you does this different, sorry, it’s 2019. Like we have a computer. And so if he can’t use the same when I was at

Speaker 2: (08:32)
kid, you have to say, what do we need to do to educate, teach, grit, teach edging, like communication, teach face to face relationships. It’s like now everybody finds their date on Tinder, but it’s like, yeah, eventually you still get to like hang out with them

Speaker 4: (08:47)
half the time it’s going to be a face to face meet where you’re being, like if there’s still got be not a silent bang. Um, so, you know, and I’m like, what’s advocating

Speaker 2: (08:58)
communication? What’s advocating a powerful um, work ethic. And I just felt like, man, what better Avenue than door-to-door? If you do a summer, if you do it a year, if you do it 10 years, that’s great. It’s at least it’s like what are the things I take away from it? If it’s a stepping stone, it’s a stepping stone. But I’ve seen this step set up hundreds and hundreds of people totally for life and not to, yeah, no, I mean not to give you a totally bias take, but especially with solar, which is year round, you know, in summer sales it almost makes sense to, to treat it as a stepping stone in between class. It’s like, yeah, cool. But when you have something like this where it’s like you’re around, yeah, you can, you can make a, make an impact. You can make a living shout out to the number one guys. Like what? 70 years old? Yeah. Cranking out with his cane. You know,

Speaker 4: (09:51)
they telling me that generalizing. I knew nothing about this man. Um, no, but I mean you think of

Speaker 2: (09:59)
that is like that’s his thing and it’s like I look it back and I know plenty of old cats, young cats like doing it year around and saying, I provide for my family. I mean today at the bootcamp you had Jeff, like he’s been Kirby to magazine to me alarm to this and he’s 56 and he’s like, yeah, I’m a fricking DDT. You real. I’m like, yeah, totally. That’s the other way. Yeah. There’s no, there’s no shame in it that it’s, it’s exciting and people, people need to be proud about what the, what they do. I haven’t literally wrapped my truck. What is my truck? Yeah, I know

Speaker 4: (10:31)
doors and I have old ladies at Applebee’s stop me and go, what? What does that mean? There’s no website, there’s no phone number. It’s not even an advertising agency. I knocked doors, they come up and they’re like, what? What is this? I’m like, it is what it is. I knocked doors for . How do you, how do you miss her? Interpret that man? It’s like I want to preach it the world and say, guys, this is amazing. It’s a profession.

Speaker 2: (10:57)
Yeah. And it’s an art and you can be proud of it. Yeah, no, that’s pretty amazing what you’ve, what you’ve done and, and you know the, the, yeah. The importance that you’ve put on it and kind of held it up on a pedestal that is not something to be looked down upon or frowned upon or hit is what I’m doing and we’re, and we’re making things happen. We’re changing, we’re making an impact. You know, you come to door to door con, it is change your paradigm. Oh heck. It changes your paradigm. Because I mean, even that guy today, Kenneth, he’s just like, it changed my life. Like he’s like forever. I was saying, how much longer could I do this right after door to door con? It’s like, I need a fricking double down. I need, right.

Speaker 4: (11:32)
This is the right way. Yeah. They need to do it the right way. Exactly. Like work hard.

Speaker 2: (11:36)
I am driving a Lamborghini but interpreting the job as a fricking Prius. Right. You know what I mean? And he’s like, Oh my gosh, there’s dries making in solar $1 million a year just selling right in California and your damn market. Yep. Wait a minute, that that exists. Right. Okay. Name me a territory that can’t be true. No. Literally no dudes in Yuba city. I coach a cat in your and market. That’ll make a half a million dollars by himself selling right now. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s like talk later. Yeah. But the point is, I’m sitting there going, okay, name me a job where you’re like, I’m gonna make a half mil this year. Hey Zupas manager, can you just give me the half a meal and I’ll work my way up that ladder? No. Like, you know what I mean? It’s like the guy said last year he made like a a hundred grand and I’ve been coaching and working with him and I’m like, do you realize you gave yourself a five times raise because you chose to, yeah.

Speaker 2: (12:34)
You drove it in fifth gear instead of first let’s put it in an eighth cause I know it’s there. Yeah. Isn’t that crazy? Yeah, 100% there’s always, there’s always more. There’s more than the gas tank. There’s more, there’s, there’s further that you can, that you can push it, you know, and, and some guys that are, yeah, yeah. I made six figures in there, all excited about it. And then you come in, you’re like, Whoa, like that’s, that’s first gear. I mean, I literally coaching this company, I was out consulting a company in Chicago and I’m training all their sales guys and I look at one of the new guys and it’s actually a girl. I look at this girl and I was like, I ride up on the whiteboard and I hide it. I just write something. And they were like, why? What’s he doing? I was like, Hey girl, what do you want to make this year? It’s like a hundred thousand bucks and I move out of the way and it says $100,000

Speaker 4: (13:25)
she was like, because that’s every, everybody’s

Speaker 2: (13:32)
like, Oh, six fingers. Yeah. And I’m like, make it, that’s the new two fifties the new hundreds, you know what I mean? I’m like, guys, like it’s 2019 inflations killed us like it’s going to eighties a hundred January. That was the two fifty’s. The new Honda you’re in solar. Yeah. You’re not even cool unless you’re clearing two 50 solar guys. It’s like, yeah, but what happens is we get in this survival mentality, well, I only need 70 grand to survive, therefore I’m going to work the minimal amount to make 70 grand. Right? Were in your last job you were making 70 grand. You know what I mean? It’s like nothing changed other than I’ll just skirt by trying to work 1520 hour work weeks or convince myself I’m working 60 hours a week, right? 90% of that’s just been an unproductive, productive, and then we still make 70 grand and we go, man, this job isn’t even, it’s way hard to do this and blah, blah, blah, and we for psych, psych ourselves out and I go, yeah, you’re an idiot is going to tell that guy you’re an idea. That’s one of two principles. When I got into sales that that terrified me. I think I read it in the psychology of selling. It was like one of the first sales books I read thought that right Brian? Yeah. Brian Tracy talked about ABC’s a closing plugs.

Speaker 4: (14:51)

Speaker 3: (14:53)
Gets all the plugs hours. But the book, I recommend everyone atomic. Don’t read mind first. Read psychology, sewing, read mine. Right. Uh, but he talked about I think it was two ideas. One was like you’re, you’re likely to make about what you made in the last job that you had maybe a little bit more, cause you use that, that standard of living. And the other idea was, um, you’ll, you’ll basically make about the same as what your parents made because you’re more than 10% cause you’re used to that. And I read that and I was like,

Speaker 2: (15:24)
Oh crap, I gotta I gotta kick it into high gear. It probably made me weird is I was dropped on a head as a young kid and I’m a step one. So if you weren’t

Speaker 4: (15:32)
drop this, you are behind the eight ball already with it. You haven’t even gone through step one and step two.

Speaker 2: (15:40)
My dad was an entrepreneur. I saw him make millions. I grew up in a park city, which is a very abundant, and I see one place and then I see him lose millions and instead he makes millions again and then he loses it all. And you know, we moved to Fresno to go do land development in 2006 or five

Speaker 4: (15:56)
that was like three car, like . That’s where it says will work out great. My dad’s like, we would’ve made more money living here three years and playing golf every day. He’s like, we could’ve gone every day, Sam. I’m like, that’s cool. You know, and, and, and

Speaker 2: (16:15)
I like some of the fear out of it. I took it, I think I saw him show me, you know, then post that where we lose everything and live in a C he, they moved back to Utah and live in a condo, like talking straight up little teeny condo where I grew up in a mansion and park city and I see my dad go, I’m going to start this other like face sand scraper. PMD was the company and now it’s probably worth 30 50 million bucks. And he was on an extra QVC like, you know, yeah. Like my dad knows anything about fricking facial products. It’s like hell no. He was a little land of elevate, you know what I mean? But he whipped it out. He said, I can go create whatever. And I think that was a lesson I learned young versus, you know, and that was a gift or a blessing where most people grow up where their dad makes 70 grand and they’re like, yeah, we can go on one vacation a year when I get my one week off.

Speaker 2: (17:06)
Like, you know what I mean? Yeah. Anyways, to see him. Yeah. To see him to live through that. And it’s, you know, it’s great house, everything’s great. And then to lose it all, but then to see him like, yeah. When you’re saying brought it up again when you go, gosh, I lost all my retirement, I’m 60 years old, what am I going to do business like? Yeah. Like there’s no way to pay all these people back. Like at that point your negative X. He’s like, dude, my just my interest payments 30 grand a month. Like you can’t go find a job and be like, my interest payment for my debt that I just accrued was $30,000 a month. Let me go. I mean, what’s wild is he could have picked up and sold solar and probably figured out, Oh, you know what I mean? Yeah, yeah. Like that is where I’m like, door to door sales can do that. Totally. yeah.

Speaker 3: (17:59)
Let’s, um, this is, this is all great stuff. I want to change gears real quick. We, uh, Eric and I just got done with the boot camp here. The, the door to door bootcamp. Um, two days of just like intense, just dropping nuggets. Yeah, it was fire hose is open. That’s right. Open the drink what you can. Yeah. Have you guys ever seen, did you guys see that weird Al Yankovic show where he’s like, you found the raising in the Oak knew or the marble and the, Oh man, you get a drink from the fire hose. It’s like a two foot away.

Speaker 3: (18:35)
That’s, that’s a, that’s an app description. Um, but no, I mean just like so much good stuff. Um, I know we’re excited to get back and just share it with the team. Um, but I want to jump in and just kind of talk about some of these principles and, and we touched on it a second ago, but, but, but I want to ask you like, uh, we’ll start with kind of new reps and then let’s go a little bit higher level. But number one, what, what resources do you recommend to new reps? What books do you recommend? Um,

Speaker 2: (19:05)
yeah. I mean, the DDD podcast is an amazing free resource because a lot of people struggle with like, buckle down. Read that Brian Tracy book. That’s still my number one recommendation. First insight in the sales and the DDD podcast is a podcast. I do a and that just interview and I would say, DM me, you can find me on Instagram at the same tagger. And I diagnose anybody that messaged me, I’ll hit them back. But I literally say, where are you struggling? And they say I need help with blah blah blah. And I’m like, okay, here’s your pill. You’re going to watch it, this podcast, this podcast. That’s hard. Yeah. And there’s your diagnostic, cause there’s 150, 160 episodes right now. So it’s hard to be like, which one do I start with? So I just kind of give you the pill and be like, take that and then you’ll hit me back.

Speaker 2: (19:48)
You’re like, Oh my gosh. That was like, that was the answer. Like yeah, I just know I’m all, yeah, cause I did them all. And then the second one would be, um, you know, AB like I don’t mean to toot my own horn. ABC’s a closing, it’s a book I wrote. You can find it, that DDD it’s specific closes. So I have like 36 closes from in-home selling and I give it the word tracks. And my background is solar. So I’m literally like, here is the word tracks that you use in the home to close, overcome certain objections. How do you overcome on the door? In the hole on the door? I want to research it. So the research close, what do I say? You know, uh, the last chance closed. The, the, just do it close the high five, close the knocked on your door close.

Speaker 2: (20:27)
It’s like Brian Tracy doesn’t talk about the knocked on your door where this one, it’s like, that’s great. Here ya go. And it’s very like step-by-step. Now do the exercise. Simple read. Um, and then I love the clothes. Like it depends. So, so many people, especially rookies, they get fat fixated on the how and not fixated enough on the Y. . And so I love the compound effect by Darren Hardy. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s very practical on about habits and the small and simple things bring great things to pass. And I think a lot of people in the rookie season don’t realize that it’s all about being consistent. It’ll pay off. You think of compounding interest, you compound a penny every day, double it. Well, the first week it’s not much money, right? But this third and fourth and fifth week, it starts to get into the thousands. You know what I mean?

Speaker 2: (21:21)
And now we start to get massive. Yeah. And that’s where I think a lot of rookies lose faith is they don’t understand that your actions everyday consistently compound and you fast forward 10 years and you go, what were the habits you created from the get go? What was the mindset and belief systems you created from the get go? Right. Because some people detriment themselves because the belief system they’ve created in month one, they carry with them throughout their whole career. Yeah. I’ll never be a good rep. like no, that’s bullshit. You can have reps that go from badaling. I’ve seen solar guys go zero in a month and then maybe month six they throw in 20 yeah. It’s because they stayed consistent with the compounding effect of training. Totally studying their morning routines, uh, going out every day consistent. You know what I mean? Not being like, well you know, no one’s home so I better just go home.

Speaker 2: (22:14)
I’m like, what are you doing mean? It’s like you idiot. Like you don’t think other people deal with that to make $1 million in solar? Like yeah, you don’t have that mindset. You find people that are home like yup. So I would focus on mindset sometimes a little bit more than the nitty gritty. How? Because your body will figure out the method as long as you’re grinding and committed to the outcome. Yeah. When you, and when you say grinding cause that’s um, that’s a term that’s loose Lee use for, with a lot of rubs. No, I’m out man. I’m at her grinding and I’m just grinding. I grinded for two hours and then uh, yeah I was good for the day cause I, man I was grinding so like yeah, this is an expel great stories. So I go out to a company to consult and I implement what we call a power hour. And the power hour is like the morning routine, right? It’s, I read, I meditate, my affirmations, my attitude of gratitude, my, you know, like it’s just this hour of like brain dump, right? And teach them this and somehow I just poorly communicated this power hour and they call me back three weeks later and they go, Sam, we tripled in sales, you know, smaller, probably 10 million company. And I was like, you tripled in sales. Like damn. Yeah,

Speaker 4: (23:31)
the Pat on the back, sir, I get damn results.

Speaker 2: (23:37)
They’re like, we finally implemented the power hour. We got our guys to knock one full hour every single

Speaker 4: (23:45)
wow. Response. What do you say when you say you’re like a job? That’s what I meant. you’re like, wow, that is amazing.

Speaker 2: (24:01)
And I think back to that and I’m like, I, I was like, congratulations. You tripled the sales. That’s a big deal. Like a triple and sales. Like I did something right. And I go, what about the power to out? And so then I have, I do this exercise, I speak in front of all the people and crowds and travel around. I always make this exercise and I say, raise your hands, go on a 10 what would you give yourself? Scale one to 10 10 being like, I am the best grinder. I worked the hardest out of everybody and one being like, I am a piece of crap that sits on the couch all day

Speaker 5: (24:32)

Speaker 2: (24:33)
100% of the time, 90% of the crowd is a what? A ten five no,

Speaker 4: (24:44)
see different. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (24:46)
So I’m talking hundreds of people in the crowd and I grade and I say, raise your hand if you’re a seven, raise your hand if you’re an eight. Oh, why do you think people raise their hand most

Speaker 4: (24:58)
eight or 9:00 AM and eight or nine? And I’m like, honestly, so I make people close their eyes just cause I think it’s whole changes because you’re literally looking at some fatty that that you can tell as like the lazy dumb, correct. It’s brand new, you know, hair coming out of his nostrils like smells like bio and you’re like this kid, there’s no way. And then next to the CEO that raises his hand when it’s off six. Right. And then the dude next to him raises it. Then when it’s a nine and you’re like,

Speaker 2: (25:32)
that’s the problem. Yeah. Is one man’s hard work is another man’s lazy. yeah. And it’s funny because we all have a self-perception. We don’t want to be too cocky and say 10 cause then we look like a Dick. Yeah. And we don’t want to be like, well I’m a hard worker. I want to give myself a validation so we’re going to justify our work ethic and say, well yeah, I grinded for two hours and I’m like, you’ve gotta be kidding me. I know cats it get up and knock like knock their force door at eight o’clock and knock their last door at 10 o’clock and half. Y’all listen to this. We’d be like, you can’t not get it.

Speaker 4: (26:07)
Morning loud. y’all get shot and I’ll go

Speaker 2: (26:14)
100% I will fricking smash your concern because I could list off right now guys, that that’s their grind. How do you feel about it? And when I’m not talking grind, when you’re sitting there, I’ve gotta follow up with emails. It’s in my car for 20 minutes and then, yeah. And then go to the office and make sure that my project or in a man, man, man, I’m talking, I’m hitting the door and I’m efficient enough to hire damn assistant to do the shit that I justify as busy work. Yeah. Awesome. I love that man. Yeah. Resignates so, so, so well with us. You gotta like truth like man, you’re good. One more story cause this would resonate with solar guys. This literally disrupted how I ran my solar business is I had about 60 canvassers and probably 40 closers and had this kind of Senator closure thing.

Speaker 2: (27:00)
I interviewed a guy that did 50 solar deals in a week back to back. Wow. Wow. Okay guys. You’re like, no, that’s impossible, right? You’re listening and if you’re listening to this, you’re going to go, okay. Hopefully I removed the lid right there. Right. So of course doing the podcast with the guy who can go listen to it. John Sanders on the DD podcast and I’m sitting there like, Holy fuck, like I’m in solar at this time. Interviewing again. Yeah. How is this possible? Is this possible? You do it as a cuff. Of course. The question I’m going to ask, right, and if you’re listening, I explain how he said, well, it’s really simple. I go knock, I signed the PPA and I pay, I get closer, $15 an hour to go do the rest, all the paperwork and all the paperwork. Welcome call the site survey survey, the CAD design, all that.

Speaker 2: (27:53)
And I go, and you called them your closer is like, yeah, I mean he’s closing up video, I guess you can call him. I go, Holy crap, I got this. So backwards. I’m, I’m like trying to give praise and recognition to all these people that are the closers that are literally doing the $15 an hour crap, right? That is busy work and trying to convince themselves that they’re so good. Right? Yeah. And this guy’s like, I’m a girl. Like they cans on, I’m here. I mean I, I’m fine. I’m just selling 50 a week. It doesn’t really matter that point. Seriously, he doesn’t, he’s like, I don’t care. Because he’s like, I didn’t even, he’s like, I’ll do half, like half of my sales on the doorstep going, Hey, wait. In the bushes. Like, yep, I’ll go in and do the rest. And I think back and I go, Oh wow.

Speaker 2: (28:43)
That literally changed how I thought about solar. I changed a lot in my business strategy. Then I changed a lot and I was like, that’s a grinder. That guy gets compensated to grind because he goes ham for 12 hours a day and he didn’t even care to go inside. Did rest his feet for the air conditioning. Right. He’s like, Oh, the next one I got to go something more. Yeah. Interesting. That’s great. That’s awesome. Yeah. Well, I mean in you, you talked about time management. This isn’t quite as profound, but just a is actually an example Eric made to just about cutting the lawn. Like what’s your time worth? Like, you know I used to change the oil in my cars and you know I came to the point where I’m such a man but you go to the point where I just did it cause I’m like I’m not going to pay some guy X amount of dollars. You get to the point where you’re like, wait a minute, why one? I like task rabbit will change your life. Have you ever heard of that app? Yeah, it’s so sick. You can literally just like hire somebody to wait in line for you. Right? It needs like you

Speaker 4: (29:42)
do your laundry. I task rabbit did this guy to come build my like Ikea furniture. I was like yeah, Oh shit. Call him . That’s weird. I’ve had this weight set I ordered, I’m talking like full Smith machine like cable machine and I looked at the box and I go, no way. I asked the dude that bought froms like how long do you think there’s between the two of you? Probably five hours. It’s the two of me. Who was the you’re saying the one of me 10, I don’t know how to use a socket wrench dude. And he and I’m a TaskRabbit. That shit is like I could be working all day, you know what I mean?

Speaker 2: (30:19)
Kim, a steward over my time and that’s how I became increasing my network. Yeah. You know? Well, I mean, funny story, my, my girlfriend wanted to order this, um, like new table just, you know, like a kitchen table or whatever and it was like an Amazon thing, you know, you assemble it. I didn’t go, I didn’t go that far, but it comes and they didn’t send me the hardware for all the table, uh, like the legs and the stand and everything. And I’m like, I call her up, I’m like, Hey, so I’m going to have to, I’m gonna have to throw this thing out. Like

Speaker 4: (30:49)
should we take them out? I was like, it doesn’t have the parts. We’ll just like return it and then have him send you a new one. I was like, are you out of your mind? How long that’s gonna take me at least an hour to like, I shredded the box. I’ve got to go buy a new box. I got drive it to ups, I got to print a label. You’re crazy. It’s like, we’ll just buy a new one. And Lexa ordered me that table one more, please. Seriously though, I just bought a table and my assistant, I had her, I was like, Lindsey, come put this table table to go this week. It’s funny when you see the value of

Speaker 2: (31:31)
your time where when you realize it and you did a cool exercise with us and breaking it down to, you know, how much money are you worth per hour? And when you look at it, it’s like, Holy crap. Like I need to pay attention to where, where I’m spending my time every, every half an hour, every hour. Absolutely added that. It’s not a coincidence. They say spending more time. Yeah. Right. So then if I can spend, I can discount it. So you look at it and you say, okay, how am I discounting my time currently? What if what I’m activities I’m doing right? Yeah. So it’s like, do you want to live life discounted? Meaning you’re like half off

Speaker 4: (32:09)
as soon as clearance or am I saying I’m at retail full value value?

Speaker 2: (32:16)
Yeah. Meaning I’m getting the most out of my time. Well it doesn’t even account for like what does that look like six months, 12 months from now? You know when you implement some of the things you’ll learn, listen to podcasts, go on the bootcamp, doing the online training. Like it compounds. It extrapolates, I mean just even take the example of I’m supposed to work till nine let’s just say that’s your, and every day I quit out at eight because I feel justified. We’ll add that up over two years. How many hours short of primetime knocking did you forfeit and you go, how much is that worth? That was literally 300 something extra in the hour is 10:00 AM 300 hours. That’s even taken 60 days off here. Well how many? How many deals could you get in 300 hours? Yeah, so puts in perspective, doesn’t it? Put it in perspective and talking.

Speaker 2: (33:12)
That’s like a many fold. That’s like a month. That’s like a month of sales just by dipping out at eight instead of nine. Yeah. That’s wild. Crazy. Well, yeah, just, I mean we, could we go down that rabbit hole? Um, let’s, I want to talk a little bit, just, just kind of get into the, the practical side. I wanna jump back to your background. Um, when you were at, you know, Vivian and then when you jumped over to, to solar, like how were you, um, how are you onboarding reps? What did, like, what did that process look like for you? Um, so we used the university, like we created our, you know, at this point I realized, Oh man, like I, there is no system. So like to watch you guys have something and spend time, energy, money, like it’s cool to watch because so many companies like, I mean there’s in California alone probably what thousand solar companies like.

Speaker 2: (34:05)
Yeah. Like, yeah. Um, so to watch how you guys have sophisticated that a lot. Kudos. Thank you. And see like I’d put them through training. I do a boot camp and the first day I get them on the field, I’d say get out. And usually by day three or four I’m like you’re, I’m going to throw in the deep end real quick. I dunno if you can swim yet, but either way you’re in there because there’s a common denominator amongst these top reps I’ve interviewed amongst all these industries and they did have a low little level of tough love. And I think too often we baby these new hires and we try to like, you got to know everything before I’m like going to put you into your own deal, right? Yeah. But then I have some good love and empathy. Maybe week one or you know after day five or six is like really where it makes or breaks it.

Speaker 2: (34:52)
So it’s like day six, seven, eight, nine I’m on top of them being like, how’s it going man? Like let’s get real. Like, I know it probably is a lot harder than you probably thought cause everybody comes in thinking they’re going to be some all star and then you get your face kicked in and realize what man it takes to actually go grind. And then it’s a wake up call going, are we really gonna do this forever? But that’s okay. That’s where everybody’s at this moment. Yeah. Let me be there. Totally normal thoughts to have staff. Well and you talked about it in the boot camp. It’s like you can’t, no matter how much you care about me, if it’s your brother, you can’t go through that learning curve for them. They gotta have that first day, they gotta have that first week, but they only have to have that first day once that first week once.

Speaker 2: (35:36)
Anyway. I am, I, I would caution everybody cause I also have a principal that’s very unique and often overlooked and it has to do with my very first week and my very first, um, transferring my mission. The same thing happened. Um, so I get sent out to alarms, had no idea when the alarm was. I shadow a guy from six to eight on a Friday night, my first day out there and then Saturday you’re on your own. I call them, it gives me some paperwork and he’s like, here you go, good luck and I’ll fill this out. I’m like, what? That’s it. Right. I don’t even know what like w w well what did they, what did they say? Yes. He’s like, you’ll figure it out. Yeah, I call him at lunch and he’s like, and I was like, Hey, I need more paperwork. It’s like, what did you mess up or something?

Speaker 2: (36:23)
And I was like, no, you only gave me three accurate three. Like how many UAE? He’s like one like Oh he’s probably been managing and stuff. That’s great. So then it gives me more paperwork. I finished the day with five. Wow. I get back to the office on Monday. I’d never even met anybody cause it was, I got in Friday night and then Saturday and then, so Monday is like first meeting to meet the team. Right. And everybody’s calling out numbers and you one, two one zero two and I’m the last one on the numbers board five.

Speaker 4: (36:58)
And everybody’s like, who the hell is this 18 year old new guy? You know what I mean? Like where did you come from? Little did they know it’s a future D to D experts but getting

Speaker 2: (37:10)
the problem is, my mindset was I came from painting curbs and like it’s a free alarm. Like think of solar,

Speaker 4: (37:18)
you’re saving the money. Like this be a brand new guy coming in like clean the planet, save money free. Totally. How could anybody say no to this? And then yet they get their face kit

Speaker 2: (37:32)
then and I’m like, that’s your problem. Yeah, but here’s the problem is they all said, I asked the simple question that I think everybody would have asked in my shoes. Well what’s normal? Yeah, what’s the, yeah, what’s, what’s the expectation? And then they go, well, if you could do one at day, you’re good. You’d be crushing it for a new guy. Guess what I did the following week five mm. Yeah.

Speaker 4: (37:55)
Like you idiots ruined me. You ruined

Speaker 2: (37:58)
the, the best trick in the world you could’ve done on me would’ve been hurry, erased the numbers

Speaker 4: (38:03)
board, everybody puts out a zero. Everybody has the rotor number five, you’ll get it. You’ll figure it out. Yep. I ready. Come on. I said let’s play this phonics

Speaker 2: (38:13)
little joke. Yeah. Same thing happened to my mission. You know, it’s not about the number, but I get to the mission and I get to this area and I baptized more than most people baptized and their whole mission and two years in my first six weeks and wow. And what, and I’m like, what’s going on? I’m in an Island in fricking Argentina. Like I have no idea. No, no one’s baptized in whole area in the last three years. The members are sitting there like, who’s this new cat that can’t even speak

Speaker 4: (38:43)
like chiro taco bill. And it was, I had no idea the next transfer suck. Yeah. Cause they’re like mom,

Speaker 2: (38:55)
people do, you know, X amount of, and our whole two years. And I was like, really? Oh I better slow.

Speaker 4: (38:59)
Better slow down. Right. So . So I never since then

Speaker 2: (39:06)
learning these principles, I would never imply your belief system on a new yet. Cause you never know who’s the next Sam Taggart. Yeah. And so my whole thing is no lids. Hey, yeah, I’ve seen guys go throw in fricking five their first day. Go for it. Yeah. You’ll find your own zone. Yeah. Because what happens is there’s a level and standard that we all resonate with. Just like how in the Brian Tracy’s book, he says, your environment, you’re going to go if you’re competitive and you’re usually a semi overachiever above average kind of competitive person, you’re going to do just above what everybody else is doing. told him so trick on. Yeah. Normally first month you do about 40 50 you know

Speaker 4: (39:54)
and see what happens. Like see it. And that’s when I found that

Speaker 2: (39:59)
I learned more and more and more and more and more. And it took me a year to ever hit a five spot again. It wasn’t about my knowledge and my how-tos and my technical skills. Yeah. It all had to do with my expectation, my belief system. That’s huge. Here’s my onboarding principle number one. Um, so I’ve got a question for you to kind of along the same lines but more geared towards our, our managers, right? Managers are obviously they’re, they’re leading office. They’re running an office. They’re, they’re selling, they’re doing, they got a lot on their plates. Right. Um, how, um, how did you work in being a, being a manager? You were manager first and then you were VP, right? Or you kind of me. Yeah. I guess you could call it. I had to build a thing from nothing. So I was rep and then, yeah.

Speaker 4: (40:45)
Yeah. Starting at the bottom for clan DP. This madness. No, I mean, I mean

Speaker 2: (40:53)
he’s in alarms a lot of guys and I kinda took the principles and could recruit fast cause I learned. Um, but no, I mean it was definitely a learning curve. I remember my first year ever managing, I brought in all my buddies, you guys are gonna make so much money and then they all quit. And I’m like, dang,

Speaker 4: (41:09)
that was a terrible idea. And they all hated me. He scammed us. We’re still friends, right? Still.

Speaker 2: (41:17)
No, they’re all still homies. But it’s funny because I thought just because I was good men, I could just by osmosis make everybody else good. Yeah. I had to learn and practice leadership. It’s a skill. My dad all he told me when I was like six or seven, you’re a leaders and

Speaker 4: (41:34)
like you’re one day going to be a leader and I’m still trying to figure out what he meant by that. Right. You know, I looked at that and I go, no, I was not the leader of my friends. Like Brian Daniels was the cool cat that everybody followed. I was like in the crew, you know I was a funny guy. Lecture. Sure. You know I have like that like nah, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I had to fricking learn it. Yeah. My face kicked in, lost all my guys reset again. Lost all my guns. Reset. Okay. Maybe I should probably learn something when it comes to managing, right. Why is this the same thing again and again? Should I change something? This should actually be a little different. Like I’m just thinking, dude, do what I do. Pull your panties up with this is that, I always say that was my go to pull your pays up.

Speaker 4: (42:13)
Come on man up like I’m slinging. Why can’t you? I was the type that I’d throw in 10 times more than everyone in the office like, you know what I mean? I was just really good at it. Selling. Yeah, I sucked at managing. Right, but I was like, okay, does that mean I’m always ? Am I going to cement or be cemented in this belief system? Am I going to, I’m stuck that way. Good sales guy. Never get to managing right, or am I going to do something about it? What was that breakthrough for you like how did you, how’d you get through that? When I lost everyone the second time, you know what I mean? You’re like, something’s off here. I’m assuming it’s then . Sure. It was those 60 guys, those guys, those idiots. If they knew the blessing, they had to be on my team.

Speaker 4: (43:00)
I started to look up again a mirror and I said it’s not about me. And I actually applied the principal of this actually senior year of high school, I started selling the quick chopper, two thousands in the sham wows and Kmarts and got shocks. Oh yeah, the booze and Daikin. 30 minutes everyone, please join me next to the fine China dining section. I’m going to be giving away a free gift, you know, over the Intercom like I was that guy making literally I’m making means salsa and demo-ed this whole quick chopper, 2000 they’re rad Suzu salsa in two seconds we’ll still selling little plugs. Plug little .

Speaker 4: (43:43)
No, but reason why I say this is the guy comes cause I suck. My first two weeks they weren’t even supposed to hire me. They’re like, you just have to be 18 I was 17 they’re like, they heard I was Mormon. They’re like, Oh he’s Mormon higher than the Mormon guys know how to sew. Like guys, that’s post-mission but I’m still calm. I hired, okay he comes after two weeks cause he’s like, you suck. And I was like, I know I can’t freaking figure this out. I’m going back to curves. He’s like, Oh, let me shadow you. And he’s like, the problem is, is you’re making it about you and your stealing the show instead of about the quick chopper and say, look at this principal. And I was like, Oh, I’m trying to entertain everyone instead of I’m not letting the quick chopper 2000 entertain everyone. Does that make sense? Yeah. And so as an ego, yeah, I liked

Speaker 2: (44:32)
the spotlight. I like to be like the cool guy. Right. And I started to figure out, it’s not about me, it’s about them. It’s about the, the outcomes that they get to create, which is probably different than me. For me, I’m like, I gonna make 1 million bucks for the other guy. It might be like, how would it make 60 grand?

Speaker 4: (44:50)
Right. And they’re stoked out of their mind and I’m like, you pussy, pull up your, you and I would push them away because of my

Speaker 2: (44:57)
management style. Yeah. And I said, what is his quick chopper? Like what do I need to do to focus? And highlight that right then their outcome and make that the star of the show. And I started to not care about me and have a much more abundant mentality and not be so attached to. Did they like me? Right. Am I serving or am I pleasing? Much different. I’ve got to serve them. Yeah. Not just try to be the people pleasers. Everybody likes me. Yeah. We still liked me but didn’t make money and they didn’t perform and they correct. Yeah.

Speaker 4: (45:28)
They still liked me. I was winning them. My shows were awesome. I’d fill the crowd. I’d be rallying in old lady Jane ma, grandma, get over here. You’re missing a good shit. She’s like, that guy seems really entertaining. Yeah. She could care less about the quick chopper. She just liked listening to me. Let me

Speaker 2: (45:43)
cause I was funny. Yeah, see what I mean? That was a big principle in it. I just remember the lesson learned in my senior year and I go, Oh my gosh, I got it backwards. So I said, if I can be good enough, and I read, dude, I read coach Wooden’s book. Great one. A lot of Maxwell books, a lot of like, I studied the crap out of this and I go, man, maybe I could lead and learn leadership, but a book, you know, and I had a good mentor. Like I said, I’m going to hook my wagon with the best manager, the guy that gets the best averages. And I actually mentored with him and I was like, Hey, I’ll take a pay cut. Can I shadow you for a year? Wow. I’ll, and I said, that’s my like literally I said, you get an override on my 15 guys I recruited.

Speaker 2: (46:29)
Here you go. Yeah. Just so I can launch shit. I love that. That’s awesome. And not many people were willing to do that. They say, how do I take away from my mentor and leader as quickly as possible? I did the exact opposite. Best lesson I could have learned because that guy’s not, you know, VP of vivid soldiers or something. He’s, you know, gone on to do some cruel things. Yeah. But the following year when I took that pay cut and I said I could have broke off and ran my own team of 1520 guys, right? I partnered and said, no, I want to be under you and I really want to pick this apart and learn the lesson the right way and had the humility check there and pay haircut. Right. But that one step backwards step to me where I’m at today, like I look at that as a pivotal moment in my career.

Speaker 2: (47:12)
That was for a full year. Full year. Yeah. Well, like I’m literally doing the math. I’m like, dude, my education cost me $100,000 yeah. And overrides. I’ve made that recommendation so many times to new reps. like we, you know, we, we say, Hey, you gotta close your first, you know, six pendings in 30 days with a manager. I’m like, dude, if you’re going to afford it, like go longer. Like, why wouldn’t you get six pendings in, in this industry is backwards. I look at some places and it’s like you literally like I do now a guy text me yesterday, Hey, can you come knock with me? It’s $10,000. He’s like, what? Yeah. That’s how much it is for me to come knock with you. Yeah. And he goes, Oh, just kidding. Should I go? I look back and I go a year or two ago, I had reps I was knocking with for free.

Speaker 2: (48:04)
Yeah. Hmm. Well they were my reps. yeah, the crazy. Right, right. Yeah, exactly. It was two years ago. Yeah. That’s crazy. Well, and even the guy today, the crate like, you know, if he’s in solar, he’s, he’s got to go get, you know, five deals extra. Like if what you teach him in a day can get him another five deals over the next year over his career, it’s like, cool. That was a, that was a win because guess what? There are people that have paid it and there are people that call me later and go like this, this company on Chicago. I was talking about case, I don’t know if I talked about this one yet, but I go out with these guys and this lady is good. I mean she wanted golden door and roofing and so I mean that’s like she’s a girl, golden door.

Speaker 2: (48:48)
Big deal. I go shadow her and I go, are you effing kidding me? You suck. And she was like, what? Like you don’t use me. He’s already a big deal. Winning an award at my event is like top 0.01% of the industry. Yeah. And I go, I was expecting to learn so much. Like I was so excited to shadow you cause I didn’t know a thing about roofing. Right. But this was pathetic. Wow. I pick her apart. I gave her two pages of notes, I really hounded her. She calls me two weeks later and she goes, I go, I went from 30% closing ratio to 75% closing ratio over the last two weeks. Jeez. And I go, you’re welcome. Because I’m like, even a golden door winner that I go coach says, Holy crap. I just learned a hell of a lot. Yeah. And you don’t know what you don’t know, and you see your lens, everything from your lens.

Speaker 2: (49:40)
Right? Totally. So I say, Holy hell, like would I pay a personal trainer $10,000 every year to go adjust and teach me how to have a good body? Hell yeah. well this is my damn livelihood. There’s an ROI. Calculatable yeah, yeah. So it’s like, geez. Anyway, I found that too many people take their leadership and mentorship for granted and realize you’re not even paying the dude. Right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. You love it. And I’m good. See, and one of the things I think managers, you know, T to your point that the girl that won the golden door award, just to, you know, you talked a lot today about just kind of setting the ego aside, and it’s probably one of my most recommended books is ego is the enemy. Like it’s important on our docket this year. Oh, I didn’t announce it cause we had to back out.

Speaker 2: (50:31)
I was like going over budget. A favorite author. yeah, we’ll get him. Yeah. He’s, he’s amazing. Um, yeah guys, new book pre-ordered. Yeah. Oh, he’s kind of a new book. Stillness is the key. Oh, is it all right. Mindfulness and presence and, yeah, and just, just kinda that like stoic like meditation. Cool. Ask. Yeah, that’s good. Um, but you know, just that idea of like continuing to learn and yeah, you might be, you know, the top dog in this, in this vertical or this company or you know, whatever it is, but there’s so much more to go. Even the, even the top number one guy, you know, in, in 2018, I don’t even know who he is, but he saw us so much that he can learn. It’s so funny. So he did 2.7 megawatts last year. The number one guy that I know of in the industry.

Speaker 2: (51:17)
Yeah. Guys, do the math check, pull your calculator, watch your calculator. 2.2 0.7 megawatts. And uh, this year is on track to break three. And you know, he texted me the other days, like one guy, one guy, more than one kilowatts off thousand companies in California and diddly probably doing more volume than like 50, 60, 71 dude, just do 2.7 megs, not a big deal. Yeah. And he’s like, me and his partner actually, they both hit over two and they’re pushing each other to go hit over three, which is an interesting principle. You say, who’s your, who’s your Venus Williams , you know what I mean? You look at Serena and you go, she luckily had a sister that was all or two freaking pushed her to be great. You know what I mean? Yeah. And he has his buddy that pushes him and then go back and forth and you say, well, they don’t even play in the same league as every other solar person.

Speaker 2: (52:13)
Yeah. Right there a double golden door winters right by themselves. You know what I mean? Like, that’s like insane. Right? Yeah. And, uh, anyway, so I, I just say like, you know, Josh Southern and I just interviewed, he’s in a different industry, but he was one of the best alarm guys in this industry and his best week is 40. I was the number one rep at vivid. My best week was 29 really, really good. Yeah. Yeah. That’s awesome. He goes out just to prove it to himself. He’s not even playing in another league. He’s in a different league. Yeah. He’s like, I’m going to go try to hit a hundred in a week. It’s like, well dude, to talk to a hundred decision makers that qualify to sell really hard and whatever. So in girl Scouts, a hundred of those in a week would be tough. Like, yeah, seriously, you take my thin mints, try to get a a hundred boxes, a thin men’s gone to another different homeowner’s like yeah, little wall, your volume and the time for the time it take to do that.

Speaker 2: (53:06)
And it was cool just to watch that new four minute mile being broken and how he pushed himself. Like he was just like, yeah, I need to go do something that’s never been done. And, and I look back and I go, yeah, you’re probably grinding if you’re listening to this. Yeah, you’re probably grinding, but ask yourself, have I pushed my own limit? Right. love it. And not many people have no, he’s like, I did not realize what, how, how much I had in me. Yeah. And I, I look back after I do in that interview, I was like so inspired. I’m like, yeah, dammit. It makes me want to go do a week of just madness. Yeah. I mean, right. Like he’s straight up or people follow you around like just straight madness. Like just, and I’m like, really? Is this like, are you inadvertently challenging me?

Speaker 2: (53:55)
Right. Are you making me your Venus? Yeah. You make me. But that’s why you’re environment is key. And because that’s what helps push us all is to say, well, if he could do it, so could I. yeah, totally. Well. And then a lot of these guys, like I think people, you know, they, they hear about ’em or they hear the stories and, and even within our company, in different offices, you hear about some of these guys that are putting up the numbers and it’s like they, they build them up in their heads as like, man, I, I just don’t have it in me to do it. Let’s do that. Oh, I was there a hundred percent 80 alarms my first year and I look at this number. Good. And the 300 account guys are like the 300 account guys. There’s them, right? There’s me. Yeah. It’s like, yup, there’s those daddies.

Speaker 2: (54:48)
And then the next year they had 167 I felt so cool. I’m like, yeah, but then there’s the 300 guys. Yeah. You know what I mean? And it was, there’s no way, like, I don’t even think of it as even a goal. My goal was like, Oh, I’ll do 200 next year. Right. I switched environments. I changed a few things in the next year. I blew $200 water and I hit 300 and it was like, yeah. What? I’m wondering, I’m one of those guys, I’m like, man, I couldn’t maintain, I could’ve been there. I could have been the maintain guy there. Right. But I was like, I heard of a guy who did a thousand in a year. I’m like, what a thousand in a year goes by. You know what I mean? It goes back to this whole, yeah, what’s a hundred and a week thousand a year. That’s not even like you must have been on speed or something like you and whatever.

Speaker 2: (55:42)
Yeah. And it just made me think every day I was knocking, well, if he could do 10 every day, at least I could do for . And I went and finished number one rep in my environment. Yeah. He wasn’t in my environment. Yeah. He was even in a different company. But it did. Knowing he existed. Right. Yeah. Made me think every day. Well, if he’s doing 10 I could at least do four or five. Yup. He’s doing twice as many as me. Yeah. And I played in that world of what if I was him and I finished number one and I, you know, broke that record and I was like, great. Oh, I just stopped looking at the people behind me and letting them lobster me back into the bucket. You know what I mean? Yeah, totally. Let me just real quick, I want to do a time check.

Speaker 2: (56:22)
Are you good for a couple more questions? Yeah, we gotta wrap up. Okay. Um, yeah. Uh, so let’s, let’s try to get kind of a, a quick one. We’ll just dovetail off of that. So, um, how do you, how do you develop that mindset and kind of instill that mindset, uh, to, to just kind of maintain production and, uh, and just to be consistent, you know, cause you, you see people, good question. I’m sorry. Yeah, please. No, I teach consistency a very simple way. If you let your emotions drive your actions versus your habit, you will always maintain inconsistency. If you let your habits and your of your age, you let your habits and your schedule drive your actions, no matter the emotion, whether I’m feeling awesome. I saw at three today or I feel like shit cause I with all week either one, it doesn’t matter if I start work at 11 yup. Start work at two or I start work at nine or whatever the time is, right? Yeah. Doesn’t matter. Yeah. The habit is what the action is, what the schedule is, what, what happens is we let our emotions drive our actions, which creates the inconsistency. So simple. Yeah. It’s very simple. Awesome. It’s not a, like I do the analogy of, I took my wife bungee jumping and she’s like, I want to be bungee jumping. I was like, really? She stands up there. 10 minutes go by. I’m filming. I was like

Speaker 4: (57:55)
John already had an intense, it’s like a long time that’s done out of film film. My phone’s getting hot. Like I’m just sitting there like, come on bed. I got this. What’s running through your head? Scared out of her mind. I’m like, if I get tangled in the rope or I die. Well that’s the same thing with door-knocking, right? It’s kinda like, well what if they say no and I don’t even know this area? And I could get the cops called on me and my bagel. What if I try really hard and I don’t? So what if I tried it? You know what if I do so it’s everything’s going through your head, right?

Speaker 2: (58:26)
Yeah. Well as bungee jumping hard

Speaker 4: (58:31)
this is just one step step. It’s a step like the action of bungee jumping is probably one of the easiest things in the planet. Yeah, we do it every day.

Speaker 2: (58:44)
The problem is we’re, we’re letting our emotions dictate the action. Yeah. Right. If we say shut your brain off and just do it, cause it doesn’t matter because the opposite could apply.

Speaker 4: (58:56)
man, I’m the best. I’m fricking, I’m not scared of Heights. I fricking jumped off twice as high before. I’m a fricking batty. Like, Oh you should’ve seen when I frickin Scott, I could stand up there for another 10 minutes. Anyway, fast forward two hours go by. Well I haven’t sit there like, babe, I’m just leaving. I’m yelling at the, the dude, the worker. I’m like, just push her. Like I’m just at this point, I’m like, kissed, take it off. It’d be two

Speaker 2: (59:22)
hours. Like I’m like, like luckily there’s nobody in line. You know what I mean? I’m like, had been busy. Like I’m sure they would have been like, man, look, yeah, you’d likely, the dude was like, that’s cool. I mean, we’ve dealt with this before in the acrylic, but it was just so interesting because I’m like, what a waste of two hours of life. Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 4: (59:38)
Let’s talk about the touches. dang it. Do the mash wife now.

Speaker 2: (59:46)
But, but I’d talk about this because I say the simple fact of you can get results if you just take the actions, you know it are necessary. I was listening to Tony Robbins and he’s like, he does this cold plunge in the morning. Yeah. Right, right, right. And it’s funny, he’s like, why do I have that? He’s like, well, it’s not like, I feel like jumping in freezing water.

Speaker 4: (01:00:07)
So wake up. Yeah. It’s not like, yeah, it’s not like, yeah, getting a jump in freezing water doesn’t change. Like

Speaker 2: (01:00:15)
it changes, but he’s like, I do it for the simple fact of it’s practicing discipline of doing something that doesn’t matter the feeling of emotion cause you’re never going to feel like it. Yeah. That’s it. That’s it. The only reason I do it, he’s like, yeah, there’s other body factors and stuff like that because like, the biggest reason is simply just to do something that you don’t, this is uncomfortable feel like doing right now. Nobody feels like getting their face kicked in on the doors. Like it just plain and simple like, yeah, just got to do it Tim. Or your feelings dictate. That’s when you get into consistent. Yup. That’s awesome. Um, did you, did you have anything else? Um, just, just one, one quick thing just to kind of wrap it up. Um, you know, with, with, uh, you know, our managers are trying to develop a players, right? And, and, and we’ve, we’ve talked a lot about this idea that, you know, a players are superstars. They’re, they’re created. They’re not, they’re not found. You know what I mean? Well, there is this recruiting technique.

Speaker 4: (01:01:09)
Oh there is this secret no. Well what would your advice be to them? So

Speaker 2: (01:01:20)
some of these guys that are first trying to develop a players first as have that mindset, it’s I create all stars. They’re not found. Yeah. I found I would way rather create one because they have so much more loyalty to me. Sure. There’s so much more appreciative of my expertise, you know? And if I have a culture of you should be grateful for the fact that you get to do this job and you get to work on my team. Yeah. And I will do, because I’m a good leader. What it takes to help make you an all star, you got to follow my system. So the number one to create an all star is one have the mindset and number two is have a system that you can replicate to create more all-stars. Figure out the science of what created your last three all stars so that you can be more conscious competent about what creates your next one.

Speaker 2: (01:02:11)
Yeah. What happens is so many times we figure it by luck and we say, I just happened to get a good one and we do a luck of fi. Yeah. We pawn off the countability of I created an Allstar. Um, so take ownership of that and say I can create more. What’s that idea of managed systems, not people. The system, not the person. And when you can put in as a simple system that you say, as long as you fro plug into my system and you follow my system, yeah. I can guarantee that you’ll become an all star. So part of your system needs to have mindset training. Part of your system has to have accountability with hours that they work. You’re never going to have an all star if the guy only works three hours a day. Yeah. It just is impossible for him to get enough looks to ever even get enough practice to ever even have enough data to even know the ratios. Right. Right. Now we’re now into, Orlando, started knocking on this company and I blanked all day. It’s embarrassing when they do pay you 10 grand.

Speaker 4: (01:03:04)
It’s like areas immediately

Speaker 2: (01:03:11)
even me goes, it must been the area start coming up with excuses. I go, see, I even want to come up with some reason, but the fact of the matter is I just wasn’t focused and so, you know, I didn’t have enough data. I was in a new market, I was in a new shirt, a new product, a new, you know, company, new process, new people and yeah, my job’s tough. I’d have to go wing it with every industry and every company in every market and it’s, I have a tough job and one guy was like finally like, I feel you man, but this is what’s wild. I didn’t come up with an excuse. I simply said, I just don’t have enough data. Give me a week and I’ll blow your minds. Yeah. I just happened to have a slow first day just like anybody else would.

Speaker 2: (01:03:55)
Sure, yeah. Some guys might have a crank and first day man, I’m to have a bad third day. I don’t know if I stick to my numbers. These numbers are pretty realistic, dude. Yeah. I was only out here for four hours. Right. what do most people they, what do most people say? Oh just suck it serious. This man, I can’t drop the company or this and I go hell no. You guys realize we talked to like seven people in four hours. We couldn’t find people home. Yeah, yeah there were, we started in a wrong neighborhood with all renters. Right. I talked to seven people. I don’t sell every one of seven people. I do get so no to two I just grind harder. Yeah. And I think that was an interesting lesson for them because they were like wow, I wasn’t expecting that cause you know I told him cause literally the few days before I was in Maryland and I love him for 11 same thing, new market, new area, new people, new home, new politics, Jordan, Lord God to these guys. These guys are really one of the doors. The guys I accidentally re knocked five minutes behind the other guy, you guys were here just not too long ago. I’m like, Oh yeah, we think, you know, we used to send some guys through before is like, no, like five minutes ago. And I was like, Oh yeah, that’s exactly why I’m here.

Speaker 4: (01:05:07)
Just like that one. Just say no. And I was like,

Speaker 2: (01:05:13)
damn, that is not normal. But you know what I mean? And it was just like, well ratios played out, all my yeses happened to come in Maryland and right. More land. And there’s just like, wow. Oh that’s great. I mean that’s just an interesting piece that I think a lot of people fail to say you don’t even like you have to have a system that you know you can count on. Cause one thing that, the underlying principle here that you probably missed was, I know my ratio, I’ll have enough for 11 is not normal. Right? Yeah. Like over time I’m gonna have a day where it’s like, dang, all my nose came in and right. Just like me as this came in mobile or something. Right. So now your ratio is, have your systems, no how to predict results. No. The trainings you need to have in place.

Speaker 2: (01:05:56)
And then be the be the coach that can extract the greatness out of your people that they don’t yet see themselves in themselves yet. Yeah. Yeah. That’s awesome. Last question for you. Promise is going to be short. Just one sentence answer and put you on the spot here. What is, what is one habit or mental model for you, the the you could say or point to that’s like changed your life or just change the trajectory of your, your business or sales or what have you. This I created when painting addresses on the curbs and it still rings so true. It must be my mind wizardry. So close head is the don’t knock to knock, knock to sell. So often. Yeah, we are out there just zombie mode doing the motions. Right. My intention on every door is this is my F and customer, no matter freaking what.

Speaker 2: (01:06:56)
I then create selective amnesia. Go to the next door and say, this is my freaking, I am knocking your door to make a transaction happened in 100% committed to that. And it’s my obligation that every first impression I make is designed to get an outcome of a transaction. But so often because we’re, Oh, we’ve already sold two today. I mean, let’s just finish out the day. Right. It’s like the what the, you’re just knocking to knock. No. Yeah, right. Knock to knock. Knock. So love is great dude. So this has been great. Yeah, a lot. A lot of nuggets here. Real quick, if you could just tell, tell everybody, I know you already plugged a couple of the platforms, um, uh, the podcast, obviously you, which is door to door D to D dash podcasts, YouTube, tons of good free stuff that’s stated he to the experts.

Speaker 2: (01:07:49)
Um, you can find us on Facebook, the tribe. Oh, I mean, you’ve got the DDD tribe. It’s got 8,000 people in a Facebook group that help and give feedback and comments and it’s a good place to find people. But DDD con would be my recommendation to anybody that’s listening to this. I mean, it’s the one event that you kind of say, okay, I’m, this is my tribe. Yeah, let’s go and support the movement. Right. And that’s January 16th through the 18th in salt Lake city, Utah. Awesome. We have ed my let speaking, Tim Grover speaking. Uh, you know, Mark can do and I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. Yeah, no, that’s awesome. That was ed my legs and he’s, I am stoked. I mean, he’s one of the coolest students I’ve listened to in a woman, Tim Grover, man, Tim relentless is probably one of my favorite books required scraping lists.

Speaker 2: (01:08:37)
So, yeah. Yeah. It’s so good. It’s just like, you know, you look at it and you go, but that’s not the point. I’m like, if you come for them, you’re missing the mission. You gotta come forward. The movie I have, that’s the cherry on top of cherry on top. I got workshops that are solar workshops from the guys that are doing two megawatts plus Tim Grover’s. I’m going to teach you on and she’s going to help your mindset. But the stuff that you’re going to want to get is, I’ve got workshops on how to recruit, how to scale a team, how to have culture, how to lead a team, but in what you do, how to sell solar, how to, like each workshop will be something that you’ll go, wow, that’s exactly what I needed. Guys that are crushing it in exactly what you do and help open your eyes to new perspective of like, Holy shit is so that’s, I’m like, yeah, I’d buy.

Speaker 2: (01:09:23)
That’s cool. And that’s a really just a ticket seller thing. But everybody knows and has been to door to door con goes, yeah, we could care less about Jordan Belfort wear shirts, right? They go so workshop and the environment and just the fact that we can, everybody stands up and chance I knocked doors and just says I’m a fricking dope cool cat professional doorknocker and I wear it with pride now. Yeah, they’re kind of going, Oh mom, guess what? I love what I do and I’m proud to say I knock doors and I go to my 10 year reunion and I’m like, Oh, you’re a lawyer. What are you going to get a real job? A doctor. Oh, he’s got medical students dead rounds. Do you know what I mean? I look at it and I go, that’s the mission. That’s like when you leave kind of going Holy crap.

Speaker 2: (01:10:06)
Like this can be a career, this can be a profession and you lose. Learn the really technical tools to go make yourself more money doing it. So awesome. That’s great. Well we really appreciate you taking the time and this, this bootcamp was awesome. All the, all the info, the nuggets, the insight to, you know, take us to the next level. Really keep us elevated so we appreciate that. No, I would love to hear you guys talking to working with you, Alec. I mean you guys like I think a lot of people just kudos to you guys. I mean some people take their leadership for granted because they don’t know anything else. getting to know you guys and seeing how your operations of intact your tools, your technology, your systems, your CRM. I mean, there’s guys that, guys, if you’re listening to this, there’s companies that don’t even have a CRM, right?

Speaker 2: (01:10:50)
Right. They don’t even have fricking videos and competitions and plays and ways to really invest in their people in sales meetings. Right. Like I’m talking to is like, you know, just to, to validate where you’re at. Like, so many people think the grass is greener everywhere else. Right. And I think there are very few companies that impress me because I’ve been around the block. Right. I’ve been over a hundred companies in the last year consulting them and interviewed over 150 60 the best of the best from CEO to top reps in all different industries. Yeah. And you know, I meet a lot of people and you guys have got some good stuff going, so thanks man. Yeah, super awesome. So, yeah. Cool. Well, we, yeah, we’ll look forward to continuing to work with you and take whatever we can from it. Get to that next level. Okay. Awesome bro. Thanks. Alright. See you guys.

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