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Bill, Can I help you?

Speaker2: Hey listen up, I’m bringing you the best content to ever exist in the door to door industry from sales leadership, recruiting, impersonal development.

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Why would I need that?

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Because never before have we been able to collaborate with the top experts in their industries, sharing their secrets and techniques and what makes them the best.

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I’m your host. Sam Taggart, creator of the D2D experts in D2Dcon. Is there a place we can sit down?

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Well come on in.

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Honestly, I’m Taggart. Welcome to the D2D podcast. We’re coming to you live from Puerto Vallarta, where we have 11 of the industry experts from pest control,, alarms and roofing. We have guys that run hundred million dollar companies down to guys that have run massive regions.
We have over a hundred people cutting across awesome leaders and influencers that are going to help you become the better versions of yourself. So we’re here in Mexico on our D2D expert circle retreat where we are a mastermind, a group of brothers that help each other and our businesses, personal lives, families, and much, much more.
So we’ve designed this circle to unify and uplevel the door to door industry. And these guys have seen a whole new level, a whole new shape to what that real mission means. Am I right? Yeah. Here we go. Okay. So what we’re going to do, this is the first time I’ve done a podcast with a group of people like this.

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So this is going to be quiet interesting. So if you’re listening to this, this one is going to be powerful because it’s a collective co-creative podcasts, where we were going to birth where. Let me tell you a little backstory on this. Yesterday, so if you’re watching this live yesterday, we took people and I’m gonna let these guys take it to tell the stories.
So we had quite a journey and I’m going to let Jake kind of tell this backstory of what we did yesterday here in Mexico because that’s going to help form this podcast on really crafting our vision and understanding and asking the right questions. So Jake, tell us kind of what we did yesterday.

Speaker 4: (02:18)
All right. Um, I’m Jake Bennington. I am from Utah and I work in pest control at Aptos environmental. So yesterday, uh, San Attempt eight group homicide. And basically what happened was, um, we had a 24 hour day fast and that was a fast from talking. That was a fast from technology and 12 of those 24 hours, he marched us through the jungle along this river. We’re like, we then out of wild hogs and stuff and he drops us off at these locations and we spent half the day completely alone, absolutely alone, devote 12 hours, full 12 hours. They, they did not give us a break. It was, they hit the 12th.

Speaker 3: (03:08)
Um, and is there more you want me to say? You are literally, some of you guys did sit with wild dogs. That was the crazy I had it. I was, I was laying down, I had to pick right here, 20 minutes, eat some nuts that he couldn’t figure out. Yeah. So why do we, why do we do this? Why did, why did, why did I, why did, why do you now know why I created that experience for you? 24 hours of silence. I’m talking like, no talking for 24 hours was that, you know, and, and, and this fast and this drop you in the jungle by yourself.

Speaker 5: (03:40)
What did that, why? Um,

Speaker 4: (03:43)
I mean, it, it helps strip that other layer down. You know, you’re big on meditation, you’re big on reaching your inner self and sometimes you get, especially in this industry, you get so caught up, swept up, you’re busy. Your mind just can’t stop. And so we were able to be completely alone, not have distractions besides pigs and, um, be able to reach into our mind and really receive what messages, um, that we’ve been blocking out. Because we’re so busy, so we’re able to meditate, be alone, think it was really effective. I think for all of us. We had a, a really surprisingly good experience. Awesome.

Speaker 3: (04:21)
Thank you. Okay, so I’m gonna move on. Jordan. I want to hear what were some of the experiences this week? It could be yesterday. We’ve obviously done a lot of things. What have been some of the, the experiences or takeaways you’ve had just over this last week that’s helped you to want to be a better leader?

Speaker 5: (04:36)
Yeah, so I’m Jordan Clark, I’m from Utah as well. I work at Optiv with Jake who is just on, um, yeah, this, this week. Spence been super sweet so far. I didn’t really know what to expect coming in. I got invited on it pretty last minute. Um, and it’s been awesome. Salmon, Joan are doing an awesome job of really helping everyone here get to know what their true self is. It’s not what you’d expect. I was expecting more motivation, more training, more sales training, but they’ve done a really good job of getting everyone here to have a good relationship with each other, to really help you understand what you need to do personally to excel in whatever that is in work, in your family life and your business and your spiritual life. So it’s been, it’s been awesome. I’ve learned a ton so far and really looking forward to the next few days that we have left here.

Speaker 5: (05:24)
So give us an example of something that you’ve learned that you’re like, wow, this is some good leadership or influence nugget that I’m like stoked to like apply. Yeah. So for me personally, I need to learn how to be a better leader, how to relate with my guys better. Um, so something I’ve learned that I loved from Sam is how to help you recruit, see your vision, your big picture instead of just focusing on, um, for example, on one summer to help them see what their big picture is and what your big picture is and what you need to create for them. Cool. Cool. Okay. Um, let’s go,

Speaker 3: (05:58)
let’s go here. Eric. What’s something that you’re inspired to become as a leader from this experience? Like how are you inspired to be a better and bigger leader in your business? Um, you know, being a CEO, running a company, what do you, what do you feel like you’ve taken out of this experience that you’re like, wow, now I’m excited to go put this into practice with my business.

Speaker 5: (06:19)
I’m Eriko down DNM roofing Brasco um, something that I’ve really got out of this was learning about myself and how, uh, I really want to help unify people. Um, and it wasn’t really something that maybe I thought about before, but as we sat in the woods with the pigs running around and, uh, trying to get things figured out for us and our lives and what we going to do, um, I kind of had a big epiphany of that. I’m not here just solely for me, but I’m here to help other people, uh, and to maybe help unify our industry and people within it with or that sales reps or companies or owners or whatever it is. Um, but that’s, that’s the big takeaway that I’m getting from this pool. Cool.

Speaker 3: (07:06)
Thank you. Um, Brandon, so you eat a massive organization, you have a hundred plus sales guys crank in one of the top 10 80 ti dealers. How do you feel by taking time out of your business and applying these kinds of things where you’ve retreated and you’re investing into learning and you’re investing into becoming a better leader and husband. How do you feel like that will trickle down into your business and being a better business owner and leader? How do you feel this is applicable?

Speaker 6: (07:37)
Yeah, so I’m Brandon Barch on with America’s security and I think it’s one of those situations where I can’t afford to go and I can’t afford not to go. And I think, uh, as us as a management team, we’ve got to be careful not to hang around in the weeds and to be up at 30,000 feet seeing how our organization is running and things that we can do to help everyone around us. And so coming here and spending time with other people that are doing the same thing that we’re doing gives us the unique ability to, uh, see a different perspective and to understand even if it’s just the smallest little thing of what we can be doing better, that can make a dramatic difference on our business.

Speaker 3: (08:23)
That’s awesome. And super excited guys. Just so you know, his podcasts comes out next week, so you’ll be seeing Brandon’s both next Friday whenever this is playing. Um, but so one more question for you while sitting there for 12 hours in complete silence, what questions came up about life that you’d like to share? Like by taking time and just being in complete silence for 24 hours Solo for 12. What questions were you surprised that kind of birth from that? Uh, I think it’s a similar question that we all have is

Speaker 6: (08:53)
where do I find happiness? And

Speaker 6: (08:56)
what I liked about my 12 hours alone was I think our version of happiness changes as we grow. And if we don’t take a step back, uh, every once in a while and say, okay, the definition of success for me was this, but now I’ve accomplished that. Now what’s next? Because now I’m not feeling accomplished anymore. And so it gives you the ability to, uh, get out of your day to day maintenance and look within yourself and say, okay, I need to redefine myself. I need to redefine my purpose. Where am I going? What am I trying to accomplish? Who is it that I’m affecting by all these things that I’m doing every day? Either in a good way or a bad way? And by isolating yourself in forcing your brain to shut down on a day to day maintenance and dive into the what’s really important and who’s really being affected by that, it puts things into perspective.

Speaker 3: (09:57)
That’s awesome. Thank you. Um, no, I think it’s, it’s, it’s crazy how oftentimes we chase the wrong thing. We chase happiness because the world is telling us, but having the big car or the big house, the hot wife, that all is the happiness when they don’t tell us about fulfillment. So one of the things that we did, uh, was Tuesday, which is where we served a lady named Ens. So those listening and watching Tuesday we went to a old lady’s house who just survive cancer. This is what their sister who’s blind and is diabetic and was a hoarder. And she hit, literally had a store that was just full. She’s been bedridden for two years and completely deserted. And part of crafting this experience was around finding true fulfillment through the real things in life, like service. So I want to ask, uh, Erin, what, what experience did you have dealing with ens and service and throughout Tuesday, how did that really show and bring to light some of this leadership through service?

Speaker 7: (11:05)
This is Aaron Fowler with Orion field services in northern California. Yeah. Um, great question, Sam. It was a great opportunity because we had no connection with her. And so to serve somebody that you have no connection to was actually a really uplifting to me to see, uh, the most humble experience that I’ve ever seen. Obviously coming from the states to do that.

Speaker 3: (11:27)
Yeah. First Time in the out of the country.

Speaker 7: (11:29)
This is awesome. Do you want, it really doesn’t count. But yeah, the first time out of the country and see an experience like that, to have somebody that had practically nothing living in a concrete house and made me really grateful for the things that I have. And, but it was, it was exciting to me when we sat down with her at the end and saw how appreciative she was of us. Uh, you know, 14 guys from that, she literally did not know we were coming. She had no idea that this was even going to take place and we just knocked on her door and say, we’re doing this. And how amazing that was for her to, to experience that. But it really, that looked to me to just have that experience to serve somebody I didn’t even have a connection to.

Speaker 3: (12:12)
Yeah. No. And I think a lot of times we forget that when we get outside of ourselves, we’re really serving ourselves in return. It’s just sometimes hard to grasp that concept, right? So it’d be a powerful leader. It has to be outwardly focused instead of self centered. Right? Because I think a lot of people see through the BS of like, it’s about me, but it’s about you. But it’s really about me and I’ve got my own agenda. But it’s cool to be in a situation like that where I don’t know if you felt that it was like we had no thing that we could ask her in return for. There was no agenda on our side. It’s not like, so what do we get now because we served you. But I guess the next question, and this could be for somebody else, like Brandon, how do you see serving others with nothing, not asking in return really being a better and a more powerful way to be a leader? Like by fully giving and with nothing in return. Expect it.

Speaker 6: (13:03)
Yeah. This is Brandon. See more construction and roofing Naples, Florida. Um, I think when you give without expecting something in return, you actually get more in return because you’re giving somebody something that they don’t expect. Uh, sometimes they don’t even think they deserve. But in, in reality, you know, you’re, you’re serving them on a very high level, but it’s, it’s also very, very powerful for yourself in the long run.

Speaker 3: (13:24)
Have you seen that show up in your life and other instances than just this, like simulate it or, you know, just that simple

Speaker 6: (13:30)
for sure. Things we did, even in my business, you know, I try to serve my guys, I try to serve my customers by serving my, my team, my server and my customers. I did pay it back tenfold. You know, it’s, it’s not about me, it’s about the team. It’s about my customers. And if I do the right thing, I know, you know, the money is going to follow, the rewards are going to follow. But just by doing something selfless like that, it’s creating an opportunity for somebody else to also have a great experience along with you.

Speaker 3: (13:56)
Cool. Um, Josie, let me pass it just passive to Josie here. So, uh, my question would be let’s, let’s kind of move on to just leadership in general and asking questions. So obviously like you’ve accomplished a lot. You run a hundred plus dudes or whatever, and multiple states, not many roofing companies can say they’ve done over a hundred million dollars. Like that’s very impressive. Um, what, what do you feel like simply taking time, like yesterday where it was just silent and asking questions, what do you feel like by asking the right questions to yourself can do to impact you as a leader?

Speaker 7: (14:32)
Yeah. So, uh, name’s Josie parks and we’ll see more construction and roofing and Jay Wilson enterprises. Um, you know, there’s so much noise everywhere you go. Everyone is trying to get your attention. And so what’s so beautiful about the experience we have is that we took all the noise out and when you’re talking to some of the loudest voice you hear is the one in your head. And so you were able to own that voice in your head like never before, at least for me. I mean getting not like this, not something I do often. And so, you know, really when I got there that was my focus. Like asking the questions. You know, I was telling someone earlier, like Zoolander, like when he looks in the water, who am,

Speaker 3: (15:14)
it’s kind of like you the water, but I’m watching the skaters.

Speaker 7: (15:18)
And uh, it was really that point where it’s like as a leader who aren’t showing up as like when you walk in as a leader, it’s showtime. So like all your personal baggage, like anything you have go along in your life, it does not matter because it’s showtime at this point. You want to be vulnerable, you want to be real, but at the same time they need your best self. So they’d be, they can become their best self. So I’m asking questions. I mean you definitely want to sit and take time to write out really deep questions that really challenge you in who you are and what you want to become because we have to make decisions today as if we are that person in the future. And so you have to ask questions that guide you to your future self.

Speaker 3: (15:59)
And we find it’s so noisy sometimes that whenever even get the time to ask the question, you know what I mean? It’s like we’re so busy putting out fires that were just like, what fires next to put out. And so often we just move and we, we actually are led by our business versus leading our business. Professional firefighters were pretty, yeah, we’re professional firefighters and I think a lot of us in this room could probably relate to that. Right? It’s kind of like, man, like I don’t even get time to breathe and then I go home and my wife’s like, boom, boom, boom. You know what I mean? It’s like, ah. So I would invite those that are listening and, and, and, and you guys, it’s just like, how do you apply this moving forward and I guess what was keeping on you? Like how are you excited to take a mini version of this? It’s not every day or week. You could be like, I’m going to escape for 12 hours. Right? But like, how would, how are you going to intentionally slow down or intentionally find time moving forward too?

Speaker 7: (16:50)
Practice this, this just reinforces one of mine, you know, before the year started, I sat down and wrote out a bunch of goals and it was to really spend time daily, like 30 minutes, put my phone aside and it shoots in the era, you know, shooting out, projecting into the future my future self and what I want to do and what I need to focus on, my top things I have to accomplish because it’s easy to do the task list, what’s easiest and um, you know, a procrastinator in some areas and so I put it off and so like what I’m going to do moving forward is just go then harder with that incident, not have other things that I’m consuming during that time. And I’m going to try to really just get on my head and shoot the Arrow Arrow without distractions. And so, cause I really liked that and I haven’t anything to distract me and just in my head. So I’m going to do more of that

Speaker 3: (17:39)
because one little thing, like one little notification, one little email that’s on my mind, one little texts like can throw our complete focus over here and I, one of your declarations was focused and it’s like the inability to be focused is one of the bigger killers of success. So let’s pass it to Zack. So I’ve got, so Zach, this is interesting. One of your, your pain points or struggles in life has been, I don’t really feel like I have a network or an, uh, an environment that can support where my true vision and my expectation of myself is. How do you feel like investing in yourself and coming in? I mean literally you sign up for this the day before. So I want to acknowledge you for like, Hey, I’m booking my flight for tomorrow to go to Mexico. That’s like huge, ballsy. That one shows the group, it’s like Bam. All in for success. Right. But I guess my question would be why environment? Why Pe? Why invest in a new environment and how do you see by creating relationships like this if higher level people is going to affect you and your future.

Speaker 5: (18:41)
So my name’s Zach Johnson, I’m with Moose Roofing Brassica. And to that point like I do want to like give a big shops. And so my team’s watching that, like they actually were there to support me in taking the sleep a day. Like

Speaker 3: (18:52)

Speaker 5: (18:54)
good. They all kind of like I had my back and a lot of that stuff. So that was good. Um, the investment piece of like getting to meet with people who really haven’t been there and done that build teams or like, like that I couldn’t even imagine, you know, a hundred a hundred product in sales teams is, that’s incredible. Instead of to be able to sit down with them and see how their mind works is like really the big thing I wanted to take away from this. And then just finding out that no matter where you are in life, really, we’re all walking and working through the same problems. And so that’s really been like an eye opener for me.

Speaker 3: (19:24)
Was that interesting as the exercise when we shared kind of some of our problems and things we deal with in life and business. Was it interesting to see some of the certain people that you weren’t expecting to have the same issues that you do?

Speaker 5: (19:35)
Yeah, no it wasn’t that exercise we did where we kept all the rides down and put some things into the bucket and we’ll do our heads and seeing like how many people are dealing with things that really you thought you were all homemade and then when you opened up about it and you can really discuss and kind of get some of that baggage out. And so you can be a better person and more of the light in the world, you know, then then the dark.

Speaker 3: (19:53)
So how do you feel like being more intentional about your environment and your relationships about upping those dots on the ladder as we say, like putting more people that are where you want to be in your crew. How do you feel like that’s going to be a practice of years moving forward?

Speaker 5: (20:10)
Well, like even like looking at Josies list and how he’s so intentional about building those people that are maybe like a settled above them on the ladder. Um, I’m just, that was a really big eye opener to me. Like how long have you been focused on it for? And so like stepping into this now, I’m really going to make that a practice. Like moving forward you don’t was a lot of great people. People that I run into it and get a business card, I do a follow up and I’m like I’ve got to be the one to follow up into the build those relationships now because they have a lot of stuff I’m going to pick like I do too. And I’m glad I think seven people to reach up to me and I don’t like have the time and so, but I have to be that kind of, that squeaky wheel gets the grease and they set up a lunch or just a drink or a coffee. And I noticed all of those people have like 30 minutes or 15 minutes but a big deal of them. So

Speaker 3: (20:48)
you really got to have respect, but keep grinding. It’s the people that are farther ahead of you in life don’t see a reason to go meet with the people below them in life. They’re trying to do the same practice. You are with people that are above them in life, right. And success. And one thing that was interesting that bursts that I wasn’t aware that was going to come up was it’s not necessarily money. You know what I mean? It’s looking at the people that are ahead of me in life, in their relationship. It’s like, yeah, I make more than them, but they’re way better or their marriage than I am. So I’ll put them as somebody I want to be intentionally learning from or you know, physical fitness or whatever it is. And it’s how do we be intentional about the places we want to go and surrounding ourselves with people in those places.

Speaker 3: (21:32)
Right. Um, so I appreciate that. I appreciate that. Um, okay, so moving on. Landed this, this is fun. So land in. My question is for you, obviously you kind of, you came into this last minute, you’re younger in the industry than some of these guys. What wisdom can you learn from some people that have been in this for 10 plus years? Like kind of rookie advice for the rookie leaders of the world, like getting into management, those that are coming in. Um, you know, maybe it’s their first year managing, maybe it’s their second year managing you being in that shoes, learning and, and hanging in with some of these guys that had done it for 10 plus years. What advice now would you give them that are maybe not in this experience that they could take away?

Speaker 8: (22:13)
Yes. Honestly for me, sometimes I think I have a lot of the answers to a lot of things in life, but in all reality you just, you have to look up,

Speaker 9: (22:29)
look beyond yourself and, and really listen with full heart to other people are saying, you know, there’s a lot of people in life that have a lot of really good information to give you. You just have to take it and use it in your daily lives.

Speaker 10: (22:43)
Yeah. What was one of the things that you learn about yourself going into the gym? You were struggling with sleep. You’re struggling. Yeah. Being anxious cause you’re like, I’ve got to get so much done. I mean I was reading things on my plate and I think a lot of people can relate to them. Why people are so stressed, overwhelmed. But they came to sleep. Yeah. What’d you find?

Speaker 9: (23:06)
So when I was just sitting there by myself, one of the things I I deal with a lot is just going to bed because of all the noise in my head.

Speaker 8: (23:15)
I found 24 stones just in the river and set them all out. And I, I know we all know that there’s 24 hours in a day, but when I laid it all out there, I was able to see like, hey, I can leave seven hours out to go to sleep. It’s not a big deal. And then as I started distributing the remaining Bronx, I realized I had like five in my hand that was like, Whoa, where’s this going to? So for me it was just a really big Aha moment realizing that I was spending a lot of money a lot of the time worrying about putting the rocks in the right category when in all reality I just need to do it. You know what I mean? And so planning out the next day, the night before, doing things like that to make it so that you’re not so worried about the time of the day.

Speaker 3: (24:04)
Um, can okay. Pass it to Danny. Danny, I have a good question for Ya. So crafting a vision, I’m a big focus of this week was helping ourselves understand our identity, understand our vision, understand our essence, our structures, behaviors, what, what would you give advice? Like what advice would you give a leader that struggling to understand their vision? They’re struggling to understand, man, I can’t even put pen to paper to figure out where to go. How do you, like, what advice would you give that leader that’s maybe sitting there stuck?

Speaker 11: (24:35)
So I’m Danny Hodge, Cmr construction, roofing, uh, Naples, Florida. Oh my guys watching back home. Kudos. Much love, love, love my wife. If you’re watching, hey ma, you know, advice then give, I mean you gotta sometimes you gotta sit back and you got to, you gotta take time to yourself and, and kind of look what’s going on around you and process things a little bit more. I think that was something that, that I’ve struggled with. I’ve, you know, I’m, I’m pretty new to the industry and probably a lot of you don’t know that 18 months in, uh, you know, in the game we had an incredible 18 months, 47 million sold last year. Yes. So, yeah. Um, I think it’s, you know, the, the experience I’ve had here has definitely helped me realize a lot of things that, you know, you got to take some time to yourself and process these things and try to figure out, you know, how you can improve on yourself and, and what steps you need to take and, and seek out, you know, seek out advice from others. You know, guys that are a level above you and you know, where they’re, where they are and it’s where if it’s where you want to be, that’s the guy that you want to learn from.

Speaker 3: (25:51)
I love that has been, what has been the biggest surprise this week that you’ve seen where you maybe came in with some ego and you’re like, wow, I was surprised I was able to learn by just dropping my ego. What have been some of the big surprises that you’ve learned this week that you maybe weren’t expecting to learn that you want to share with people?

Speaker 11: (26:09)
Yeah, so, um, you know, after having the year we had eight, obviously we have a pretty big ego. You know, we had, we had an incredible year. Um, I think what really stuck out to me was, uh, Jake’s Jake’s systems that he implements, you know, with, with making it more competitive, uh, that really, really hit me. And it was like a, a kind of like an Easter egg I guess. Finding. Um, and it’s something that I definitely want to implement with our guys. Uh, you can, you can learn from, from all sorts of different markets and I think that, you know, iron sharpens

Speaker 12: (26:44)
iron and that’s one of the big reasons I want to be here. Love it.

Speaker 3: (26:47)
Love it. Thank you. Okay, Steven, I’ve got a good one. Unification. What have you found that’s been surprising? So we’re obviously all these different industries coming together. Part of my mission was to unify up level and bring honor and integrity to door to door selling. We obviously met in Los Angeles where I spoke at the IMG Stevens in the front row. He ended up, I’m like, yeah, this is my tribe. I love that we’re boys. Anyway. Comes out. What do you, you probably didn’t even know some of these other worlds. Like alarms and satellite and solar and passed. And you know what I mean? So like what has been some surprises that you found through the unification of leaders and this tribe now seeing it on a deeper level? Like what, what’s been surprising or, or come to fruition for you?

Speaker 12: (27:31)
Sure. So I’m Steven Pritchard. Uh, I’m with Swami restoration. Um, you know, the biggest thing is when I met Sam and IMG, we connected like you said, we’re boys part of the tribe. Uh, he touched a little bit about the alarm solar pest and he was talking to me about this inner circle. And you know, at first I was kind of iffy about it, but then as I told Sam, I’m signed up, I’m all in, we’re doing this, I got to thinking and I’m thinking, you’re bringing all these different industries together in one place. And the biggest thing that can come about is all of our techniques that work for us to be successful that can actually go into other industries. And that’s kind of the biggest thing that I personally was excited about because you know, obviously Jake who can go out and recruit like eight months out of the year and just retain and find them.

Speaker 12: (28:39)
Well that’s, that’s huge turnover in the roofing industry and you know, picking the brain of him or talking about it with, with Brandon from, from the, the, the security side and what works for them when they knocked doors. Because at the, at the same time, what’s coming in is, you know, we all do the same thing, different widget. We all knocked doors. It’s not to be nothing to be ashamed about. It’s how we make a living a very good living. And it’s something that, you know, Sam was either a Godson or something just to see the, the fact of the perception of door knocking was taking a turn for the worst and

Speaker 3: (29:22)
hey, you didn’t even come to door to door. County is already embracing it. Yes. Love it.

Speaker 12: (29:27)
And the biggest, the biggest thing is, is, you know, he believed that he needed, it was his calling to change that. And I think when he decided to put this inner circle together, he had, he definitely held that close to heart and he saw the potential that each industry and the different manners in which they use door knocking can benefit from each other. So I mean that’s what’s been mind blowing to me from everybody’s backgrounds to their stories, how they go out and find guys, how they approached the doors and things like that I think is huge.

Speaker 3: (30:03)
So Eric, I got one for you here coming in out of Omaha, Nebraska, door to door. You’re like, I don’t even knock doors, my guys do that. Whatever. Uh, how do you see door to door from being in your own little world? You know, you live in your own little bubble now, opening your eyes to a whole nother national bubble. How has it changed your perspective of how your business could now be?

Speaker 12: (30:27)
Wow. Um,

Speaker 5: (30:29)
you know, we, I’m going to say wheat dabbled in door knocking your amateurs. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Guys are watching now. how’s he coming home? Yeah, there’s going to be no more dabbling. We will have systems in place. Um, I, I’ve learned so much about how other other people do it in different industries, which is what’s crazy. And I know that’s been touched on about nine times now, but, but to hear how, how different industries do it and you know, make it a system and make it a culture and make it a competition and everybody buys in. Right. And that’s the big thing is getting everybody to buy in. I’m super excited to go home to get my guys to buy in because I will get them to buy it because of everything that I have absorbed here. Um, I’m, I’m really excited.

Speaker 3: (31:27)
Yeah. Because I travel around and speak so much around the country about this and I watched so many companies over and over and over again, dabble and I go, guys stopped dabbling by in commit. Put a system in place and I promise you you’ll get 10 x the results.

Speaker 5: (31:48)
Guys want to knock one door and get 10 referrals and sit back and hope for hope, for the quality of they knock a hundred doors. How many referrals are you getting off of? 100 doors and guys just don’t want to do that in our business, in our business because sometimes because those numbers are so much higher, so they see one,

Speaker 3: (32:07)
you know what I mean? They’re not hungry anymore. Like they had, they had dinner, they had dinner. Yup. Yup, Yup. And it’s so interesting us as leaders and we all do with it. We sit with complacency and we sit with our, oh, we made what we needed to make. Oh we recruited what we needed to recruit it and, and we failed to really accomplish what we truly are potentially able to do. Like we don’t ever reach our true potential. And I feel like it’s the benighted I talked this a door to door. It’s, we just don’t know what we don’t know. And so by networking and by environment and by pulling things from the Bohemus and the little guy and the big guy and putting it all in a circle, has it not been like, wow, like there’s a better way. And I’m sure some of these guys that are running these big teams are kind of like, wow, what if we did this?

Speaker 3: (32:58)
And this and this. So what’s powerful is it’s we’re able to collectively create a better outcome for everybody. So super excited for to see results, you know what I mean? Working together with the university we’re going to, Joan has coming out there, what are you going out there? Two weeks. So I hope in two weeks when Jonah goes out there, it’s like boom, we’ve already seen some results. And then in a month we’ll have a call and it’ll be like boom. Cause there’s a group. Aren’t we excited to hold each other accountable to each other? I mean freak, you even said, I want to go create a charity and a or a in a, in a, in a unified, my roofers and Omaha. So if you’re watching this and you’re an Omaha, Eric’s going to be reaching out and publicly announcing this to the world. Now if you don’t join, you’re right then on the black list,

Speaker 10: (33:42)
right, right next to each other. It was so funny. You guys almost slipped in two random roofers from Omaha, Nebraska. I happened to be in the circle. But doesn’t it make you more excited to say, wow, we can learn each other and support each other at a higher standard cooperation instead of competition?

Speaker 13: (34:08)
Yes. I’m super excited. Yeah.

Speaker 10: (34:10)
Love it. Okay,

Speaker 13: (34:11)
Derek, so one more. Okay. We’ve got a, I’m going to ask Kay. So everybody’s kind of gotten a quick question and I’m going to ask the same question. Keep it to a short answer. But what I want is a quick little answer for leaders in this industry. So the is my best advice in a nutshell is four a leader in this space, cause we’re all leaders here. My best advice for a leader is, and then pass the mic to your right or left or whichever way you start. We’re gonna start here. So if you’re listening to this, this is this. These guys are leaders that run massive teams, have built businesses. And I’m excited to hear this. Just being a leader, I’m humbled to be in the circle people. So this is, this is an honor and I appreciate how you guys have shown up this week and I appreciate how you guys have been for each other and willing to give and receive.

Speaker 13: (35:00)
So just this podcast alone, it’s fun to hear the secrets from the best. So if you’re watching this on Facebook, this is the part where it’s going to get really fun. So my advice for leaders is, or my one short piece of advice for a leader would be, and I’m gonna start here with Jake when we’re just going to pass the mic this way. Um, my advice would be to have the abundance mentality as a leader. Sometimes we get really caught up and how much we can earn and our margins and all this different kind of stuff and that’s very short sighted and you won’t retain people that way. So have the abundance mentality. Take care of your reps and invest time into them. Let them know that you care.

Speaker 12: (35:38)
Um, they’re not a number, they’re a person and then you’ll have growth.

Speaker 10: (35:42)
Love that.

Speaker 12: (35:44)
Yeah. My answer to that question would be, and it’s the thing I took away from this, like I said, is to see the big picture. Don’t get caught up so in there right now, but set a goal, set a vision and see where you want to be and you know, one year, three year, five year, 10 year and really see that big picture and do everything every single day to get to that big picture.

Speaker 10: (36:02)
You don’t know where you want to go. Drop in the ocean and there’s no island to swim towards which direction do you sweat if you have, if you were able to paint the big picture, if you’re able to just spread the word and show people that vision, there’s a direction to swim towards. Yeah,

Speaker 12: (36:19)
I think my biggest takeaway is a leader is going to be like build a structure where people have an opportunity for true growth. I like, I’ve always been one that wants to grow, grow, grow, and as a leader I’ve really not set that staircase up for my people underneath me. And so that’s my biggest takeaway as a leader. Absolutely.

Speaker 10: (36:36)
And I think guys, if you’re in the roofing business listening to this, that’s my, once I get to teach a lot, the whole model is built. It’s just the structure of it is simply be a salesman forever. And I own the company and its salesmen to owner and have you ever want to move up? It’s you start your own company, but there’s a better structures to say, I want to build a path of growth. I want to inspire you to be a beck, a bigger and better player and build teams and manage it. Filled it. The film is the building. Correct.

Speaker 7: (37:07)
So as a leader we have to take audacious action, measure the results, adjust your actions, take more audacious action thing comes big mo baby momentum. And uh, yeah, I love that thing. So a poison or fuel, you have to remember that you have two things, poison or fuels. So we’re not going to have instant gratification. So things we want to happen, it will not happen instantly. If it’s something that’s a huge obstacle we’re overcoming. So it just takes time. And so just endure. You can do it. And a growth mindset always wins.

Speaker 12: (37:45)
My best piece of advice would be to cocreate take advice from others and be humble enough to collaborate with others. Because if you ever think that you have all the, all the answers, oh, you’re dead wrong, you’re just, you’re going to fill more than likely if you, if you don’t take advice from others,

Speaker 7: (38:03)
my advice would be be committed to your process, be committed to your company and definitely be committed to your family. Those that support you and find balance in those things.

Speaker 10: (38:13)
Isn’t it a been wild to see how much family is actually from Greek? I mean, we’ve talked probably more about our families, marriages, personal relationships. It goes, so he and his wife, we love you. Super excited to me. Yeah, much.

Speaker 11: (38:36)
Um, my answer to that question would be, uh, create a culture that is ever evolving. You know, you gotta, you gotta make it fun for the guys. You gotta change it up so it doesn’t stay the same. I think that’s very important. Um, never stopped becoming a better version of yourself, you know, evolving yourself as well. And definitely always take time for your family and make sure you, you put them higher than business.

Speaker 10: (39:02)
Well done.

Speaker 9: (39:08)
So my biggest piece of advice kind of goes along with his, his culture is everything. If you don’t have good culture within your team, within your business, within your company, then there’s no way that you can build together into something that you want to be

Speaker 10: (39:22)
in the future. It’s so many people focus on pay money, you know, that it’s, that’s a byproduct of a good culture. Absolutely. Yeah.

Speaker 9: (39:38)
So there may not be an industry that requires more failure then what we deal with. So my advice would be simple, uh, fail, tweak and repeat.

Speaker 10: (39:52)
Yeah. And I’m sure as an owner you failing times, majority of times the old guys because of that, you know what I mean? It’s just like learn from it. Love that.

Speaker 5: (40:07)
My advice to a leader is care about your people more than you care about what happens to you. Because if you bring them up, everybody is going to succeed based off of that and do it genuinely. Because, I mean, people know, it kind of goes back to us giving and, and going to the, to the lady’s house and cleaning. We all went there. Um, you know, to help her, not to help ourselves. But in the end we got back what we gave, you know, so if we give to our people, um, we’re gonna get back 10 times that,

Speaker 10: (40:44)

Speaker 12: (40:47)
so my advice pretty much grab almost everybody’s, um, I’m a firm believer when growing or doing anything just to have fun to make it, it you’re doing something you love and you’re building something. Sure there’s going to be hard time. Sure there’s going to be the ups and downs. But if you don’t create the environment, the culture or anything to where your reps are excited to come in, or if your reps, you know, are dreading going in or going out and knocking it, it’s not, you’re not gonna, you’re not going to be successful. It might look like you’re successful. I’m on paper. But again, you might be hitting the reset button every year, year in and year, which is a nightmare because you always have to go find those new recruits. You always have to train those new recruits. You always have to repeat and it’s not always the best idea. So I think a fun environment, uh, an environment that

Speaker 14: (41:49)

Speaker 12: (41:50)
allows your people that you guys hire to come in wanting to work for you or wanting to be the best and, and prove to you that they are the best and you know,

Speaker 14: (42:02)

Speaker 12: (42:03)
Giving them the power in the vehicle to be successful. So that’s my, that’s my advice. I love it.

Speaker 13: (42:12)
Hey, thank you guys so much for showing up like this. This is cool. This is my first for everything, right? Uh, let’s give this podcast a big two clip. Love it. So out here we’ve, we’ve broken through transformation. We’ve got one more day. And if you’re watching or listening to this, uh, this is your opportunity to become a better leader. Go invite friends to watch this. Go rewatch this. This has been awesome. A lot of good content. Um, if you’re interested in the circle, hit us up, hit me up on DM. It’s very selective on who we want in this group because of the sacred level of leadership that were, um, that we have in here, that their commitment level is where it’s at. So, uh, let us know and, uh, yeah, we’re excited. We’re excited for you guys in your transformation. I’ll give you, I want to, we’re going to stay posted. We’ll keep you guys posted. Do so much love, appreciate you guys. And, uh, we’re out.

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