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What’s up everybody? This is Sam Tagger, your host, and I’m here with Eric over the CEO of d n m roofing out in Omaha, Nebraska. And you’ve been running that company for how long?

So our company has been around since 1965 my grandpa started it back then and I started working with him when I was a little kid and I’ve been probably running day to day operations for the last 10 to 15. GRANDPA passed away five years ago. And that was when I took over full control of the company. That’s awesome. So roofs,

this is all you really know, right? I mean it’s all gone. Yup. That’s awesome. Literally

all I’ve ever done my whole life. And so it’s, it’s uh, it’s Kinda in the blood.

Yeah. And you have a very established name. We’re literally on the golf course today and you’d see in the little pop up thing DNM roofing and yeah. You know, uh, it’s just, you’re a well established business here in Omaha, which is pretty cool. And you have a branching Iowa, right?

Yup. So we just opened an office in Des Moines as well, so we’re starting to see some growth there. Um, you know, when we’re trying to basically make a, make a, uh, a duplicate of our Omaha office out in Des Moines, so we can kind of serve as a bigger, bigger area in bigger chunk of people. Cool. Yeah. Yeah.

So we’re going to dive in. I just think you show a bit of shirt. Shirt. Yeah. So this is the topic of today. So if you’re listening to this, check this out. He was going to give me the shirt and I was like, it’d be kinda controversy. Oh, if I wore

DNA, I’m sure,

and on the back and then stand out. So there’s literally posters in his office of just like everywhere. Oh. And a lot of people would be not, you know, and very opposed to even just wearing the shirt. Right. But that’s the point of where I, Mr, it’s like, wait a minute, that’s, I’m literally intentionally trying to not fit in. So like, where did this whole motto or mission, like where did that all come from? Like where, how did W, why is that? So, I mean, I’ve got, I

mean, I’ve got a story. Everybody’s got a story. Um, I’ve seen how everybody does things in our, in our arena, right in the, in the roofing arena. And everybody’s Kinda got a formula and it’s like, we do this, we do this. And then everybody brags about their numbers and they do, you know, this, that, and the other. Um, that’s not really how we operate at our office. Um, we’re really about, we’re really about the people in the company and the team and everything and doing things a little bit differently. Um, so we’re very focused on picking our five, six, seven, you know, best guys that we know can really stand out and not just trying to get, um, the diamond doesn’t get right. Yeah. And, and, and just, and banging through those. So that’s kind of, I, I saw this quote somewhere and I was like, holy cow, that couldn’t describe me and my team more, you know, than anything.

And I’m like, we’re putting fuck fitting in, stand out on tee shirts and on my wall and everywhere. And if people don’t like it, then maybe they weren’t our customer, I guess. Yeah. I love it. And cause you, you have a different story. You weren’t the average run of the mill, graduated college, go through the words Blah Blah Blah. But like, you know, kind of tell us a little bit about your history and kind of how you’ve gotten to where you’re at now. So I’ve got a story that is for sure. Um, so I, uh, like I said, I’ve been doing this forever. Um, I grew up doing this. I was putting on tar roofs on, you know, flat commercial buildings when I was, you know, 12, 13 years old with my grandpa. Um, as I got older, I obviously took on a little bit more responsibility in the company, but at the same time, um, I enjoyed getting into trouble.

Um, which a lot of people in this industry do. It’s kind of a, it’s just kind of a thing right now. And I think it’s, I think it’d be wrong for us not to openly talk about like sales guys and drugs, women crazy live sometimes go. And you know what I mean? Absolutely. I mean, workers, sales reps, everything. I mean you kind of run fast and loose. A lot of guys make, we’ll make a ton of money right during the summer and then who knows what they’re doing with it. Right. Well, I mean I know what they’re doing with it, but you know, cause I did that. Um, so I got into a lot of trouble in my twenties. Um, got a lot of DUIs. I’m an alcoholic. Um, I went to rehab. Um, I was kind of at my lowest of lows. I was about ready to lose my business.

Um, my grandpa and I actually had a conversation after I got out of Rehab and I was like, how much time did I have left before I lost everything? And he was like, I was going to give you about six more months. So like that was pretty eyeopening. You know, you just lost your shot. Yeah. Like I was going to lose everything, you know, business wise. And, um, so luckily the timing all worked out and I, I went to Rehab and I decided to get clean and I’ve been sober for almost 10 years now. And that has led me to where we’re at now. Um, having the opportunity to grow to scale and then the opportunity to help other people get into the business to help them grow because a lot of people say it, but I really believe in that

our company and our businesses first about the people that are in the company, you know, and I’ve seen a million people say it, it doesn’t make it cliche though right now. Um, but it’s really like it’s about those people and if those people are taken care of and we bring new people in to help them raise them up because to become better people and have better lives, that’s going to translate into helping our customers and you know, and everything else that comes with that. So do you think your grandpa was like a mentor in that regard? It is. You like, do you feel like he was somebody that’s like, Hey, I want to put you back in the straight and narrow, like I did it stem from him or is that something that you’ve now implemented or you know, a little bit of both. Right. Um, my grandpa was a, he was a great person and he, he loved helping people.

Um, I don’t think that I saw that until I got older. Right. And I kind of looked back and saw all the things that he did for people that he did not need to help. Isn’t that an interesting how it takes us to actually be in the leadership role into the CEO role for us to kind of like open her eyes to be like, oh my gosh. Like you don’t realize the little phone calls, the little gifts, the little bonus that you slip under that, you know, you, you’re telling me this is interesting story. I mean we’re driving and there’s a lady that messed up and put the wrong address on the house. You know what I mean? And, and you guys reroofed the wrong hat sit and you had to make an example and be like, Hey, I, you can charge you for the extra five grand.

We just lost. But then you’re like, but I wasn’t going to really charge her. I just had to like make her feel right. I didn’t make her feel like she was in trouble. But like those little things that you couldn’t ever appreciate cause she probably didn’t even appreciate or realize no, until you’re there. And I think a lot of people maybe listening or watching this, like it truly is sometimes we’re blind to that mentor. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. You see it after they’re gone. I mean, it’s kind of the, you know, the whole thing, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Whatever. And I think that that’s 1000% sure. Especially with my grandpa. Right? I mean I look back and I see more and more of how I’m becoming him, which is great. Like, which obviously always, you know what I wanted and hopefully better.

Right? I mean, and that’s the goal, right? I mean, that’s what he would’ve wanted was like take what I did and what I was doing, but be better at it. And so that’s what I, I think that’s my, that’s my goal. So that my daughter sees that as she gets older and she’s like, Oh, dad helps people. That’s what he does. And so then she’ll want to help people however she does. Right. I mean that’s why we do everything 100%. So, you know, if we kind of focused on these helping people and like at what point did you kind of have this, I need to help myself first. Right. And now you can then help others. I have kind of this motto of like, first you gotta be able to figure out how to manage yourself than managing an individual, the manager group. Right. Um, at what point were you like, you know, you said you went through this rehab, but like I think a lot of people are still stuck in their own vise of second years or addiction or mediocre results or like what, what, what’s it that like kind of triggered or pivoted or finally woke you up to be like Ms Def and grab life by the balls?

I’m going to fricking shape up. Like was there anything that like specifically you’d find like figured out like now I’m crystal clear what I want, let’s go get it. Right.

Once I started, once I got out of Rehab and I got clean and I can see it clear. Yeah. For, so that was, yeah, that was, I mean I didn’t want to be there. I mean I didn’t want to go. Um, I went to try and save my ass and stay out of jail. And so I went with that in mind. And then I was there for, maybe I was there for a total of a month and I’d say I was there for like two weeks. And the story that I tell everybody is that after about two weeks, I remember sitting in a room and looking around at all these people that were in the room and looking at the walls and the stuff that was hanging on the walls. And I went, Holy Shit, I’m in Rehab. Like I had this like epiphany. I was like, I’m in Rehab. I’m like, maybe I have a problem because everybody isn’t here. Right?

Yeah. Like I, I’m definitely the one that

like if I didn’t have a problem, I wouldn’t be, I probably wouldn’t be here. And I kind of had that epiphany and that’s when I was like, alright, maybe I need to get better. And then maybe if I get better, right, then I can start doing things and be better. Right. But I had to take the next oh man year at least to work on myself and be okay with me. Right. And then once I got past that, then I could start like seeing a bigger picture of what I wanted to do with myself in the business,

things like that. And I think one of the key components is talking offline was this whole factor of just owning like my truth. Right? And rehabs a lot about that. And I think we all need to go through our own life rehab in our own ways. And it may be an actual rehab, but it may be we need to rehabilitate our belief systems. I think it starts with your, this quote, I’m literally taking a Piss in your bathroom

and it’s like,

what’s the goal? It’s like on the wall and it said something about um, truth and it just said truth is like the thing that unlocks it. Yeah. I can’t remember the exact quote, but offline you’re tying to me about this whole owning like, oh, I am here instead of faking this reality. Right? What do you find a lot of these addicts are people that are living mediocre lives. They kind of lie about them. So like, yeah,

the thing that drives me more nuts than non truth, right? Because I do own mine. Like I, I was horrible, but I’m anymore. But I own what I was right. And I think the guys that are still living in mediocrity or you know, whatever and don’t want to take that push. Um, they’re usually the guys that are the first to judge the other guys that are trying to break through. Right. Cause you’ll see the different, you know, reps and the ones that are killing it. And then the ones like why are you working so hard? Like yeah, why would you do that then you’re trying to like be better than that. Yeah. When you’re trying to kiss his ass. Like he was like no man, I’m trying to, I’m trying to be better. You know? And it’s like those are the people that I want to surround myself with.

Right. And that I want the rest of my team to be surrounded with cause that’s going to bring them up. You know? I mean that’s the whole point. Yeah. Cause I think we often times want to justify ourselves feeling good. Yup. So that we tried to create this live, our reality is so much better than whatever else is ideal reality. Don’t you know, success then don’t get me wrong. The people that are like, oh, I don’t really want to make, if I wanted to make 150 grand a year, I do it. I do it if I wanted to. They’re like, yeah. And it’s Kinda like, so you’re just trying to like lie about, it’s like, no, if you were making 150 grand, you probably wouldn’t be plenty that I’m making 40 like the best of the best one is like, Yo, I’m going to go buy that truck next year.

I’m going to get that. Like, yeah, I got that. Like I just don’t want it now. Yeah. But I’ll go get that bag will. Yeah. It’s like really you and I think a lot of people live that life and it’s a, it’s a, it’s almost like a learned habit where it’s a PR, it’s like a false sense of living and, well we talked about it yesterday I think, and it was just like the people that have that obligatory number that they’re scared to get past is financial relationship. Yeah. With a number, like whether it’s a hundred thousand or 150 or whatever it is, and it’s like a lot of guys who might be 70 grand, right. And they’re like, dude, I don’t know what I’m going to do if I go past that. Like that’s all I need to hit. Like I can still hit that 20 grand.

I’m totally right. Yeah. And I can stop there in October. I don’t need to do anything else. Yes, I’m good. I’m good. Like what am I going to do with 200 grand? And they, and they live this. Yes. This is a huge blog. Another thing that you said though, that it’s important is just like, you’re not afraid to just say it. Like we’re sitting there and you’ve got the cart girl as a lot of guys love this. Um, yeah. See Jordan was like [inaudible] Jordan, Jordan. Jordan knows what we’re talking about when we talk about authenticity here. But you know, we’re sitting there and there’s the cart girl, attractive girl, we’re going to start drinks. And you were just like, my wife might watch this. [inaudible] it’s so funny. You’re just like, if every, if any dude lies to you and says, wow, like that chicks mighty fine, like I wouldn’t mind, you know, and it’s like I married, I’m not going to do anything. But it’s like, at least I’m openly gonna say what you’re not going to say. Right. And it’s like we can all hide behind these dumb thoughts all the times. And it’s like, okay, we’re human. I’m going to speak it and be authentic about it. Then

I think there’s power in that quality. And I think a lot of people, it’s inspiring to me. Like I literally am like, man, a lot of times I hold back because I’m nervous what they’re gonna think. If I said I was truly thinking, but there’s a law of leadership that the most authentic person in the room tends to have the highest level of influence. And I think this truth is authenticity. Right? And speaking truth when a lot of people are fearful of seeing that unsaid by living fitting in, fitting in. Exactly. Yeah. And fitting in. But by living life like that, what repercussions do you find people in your life or friends or coworkers or reps? What’s the repercussion? What’s the consequences? You could see that people not abiding by that.

So like maybe something I’ve seen directly is literally, so the first day after you get here and we show up at the course, right, we’re backing into a parking stall and what did I say? Everybody here either loves me or they hate me. Like there’s not a whole lot of in between. Like you mean Russ flip the bird to the dude that was going to take a spot, try to take my spot. I don’t like that guy either. You could see I’m just like, yeah, yeah, no, I think I did. Yeah. Yeah. I think I already like gave him the Burger. I didn’t, I didn’t think about it. It’s like, okay. But no, I mean I think that that’s, that’s part of it cause you, yeah. I’m not worried about everybody liking me. I don’t care. Right. I don’t know if that comes with age or experience or what it is.

Um, it’s also a book, like a short book that I read and I think it’s called like giving zero fucks. Like that’s the name of the book. Um, you should really all read it. Like it’s really, really good. And it shouldn’t be the secret as you would be the writer. I do. I read that. Like I read an excerpt and I was like, I could have wrote, it should be rounded. I cannot write this book. Yeah. But so I, I read this and I was like, oh my God. Um, this thing is, I mean it’s, it’s exactly how we should all live life because we’re so worried about what this guy is thinking. Like why do I care what Johnny? But it’s

so interestingly, we were telling you about, we just did this golf tournament. If you’re listening or watching this as there’s three days and you’re a member, you’re a member of a country club and that’s the place I feel like everybody does give an f. You know what I mean? Because

I’m a country club. Look at what car I drive, like my profession. You’re trying to play a dick measuring contest, right. Golf Tournament. You know what I mean? And that you noticed that as I walked in that I didn’t know you could get yelled at everybody. Yeah, that guy’s an idiot. [inaudible] morning talking. I hope it’s got his not come over here and he knows it. It’s not like I’m, that’s all I’m trying to [inaudible] I got 75 other people that are like best friends near the hit. Funny is that you just knew you’re intentional about who you want to do win over and not even win them over. Know who the who needed to resonate with you resonated with you because you’re just, were you, because the guys that I don’t maybe get along with in life in general or whatever are guys that don’t

tell their truth.

Yeah. They’re the ones that are the fake. I’m worried about what you’re thinking about me. You ask them what they do for a living and I’ve got to listen to, I’m a financial advisor with bullshit for 20 minutes. All right, true. True Story. These probably, no, I didn’t. No, no, wait. Yeah, it’s safe. And it’s like,

I can’t even afford to be a member here. Half the time it’s like, but he’s not reading it. Like show that or say it instead of just be like, dude, like I’m just trying to fit in or whatever. And it’s like for me, that quality and, and, and getting what you want is having the haters, having the lovers, the people love you more because you’re the one that’s willing to say what you’re wanting to say and you’re speaking your truth and you’re willing to lead by authenticity. And I think that that’s an inspiring attributes that I think anybody listening to this should say, how do I body that more in my business, in my sales? You know? I think a lot of people in sales are trying to be a chameleon always and be like, oh

yeah, yeah, I love seeing horses too. You know what I mean? It’s like we don’t want to see horses if the old ladies like trying to get you sold on [inaudible]. It’s like, right. Honestly me, I could care less about the horses, but that’s not about this. Instead of being like, Yay, oh yeah, the rangers there might try to bring home the girl from the bar. It’s not like you love macaroni and cheese. I love [inaudible]. I know. I don’t even know what macaroons.

So often we just think that that’s the right way because we’re just trying to fit in and, right. And so living by this motto, you know, f fitting in, let’s stand out, I think is a huge principle, really achievement and getting where you want to be because it’s where you want to be in life, not where somebody else thinks I should be. Exactly. I think that’s why it’s a biggest roadblock, I feel like in success in, in people’s lives. Um, and then I want to trans translate into this whole creating and building and bringing, you know, it’s like, why don’t you lead yourself now leading others, you know, you’ve got a couple of these guys like Tim who is a project and hopefully he’s watching this, but um, where, you know, it kind of has a similar background to you it sounds like, and what, like what, what motivates you to do that?

Like, why you joined the APA or board member you hosted, cause he’s literally hosted events here in Omaha where he brings a hundred roofers in a room and says let’s go, you know, lobby together, you know, new regulations with insurance and things like that. So like you’re doing bigger things for impact, not just for money but like, like what, why is this like telling them that? It took a while for me to figure out a couple of things. And one was that, yeah, we’re a roofing company but that doesn’t have to be all we do. And so I actually had a meeting with my team, um, individually and as a group and I explained to him and I said, hey, I’m going to need to have some help getting stuff taken off my plate

and having you guys take, you know, more responsibility and really step up to the plate so that I can do these things that are a little bit bigger than ourselves to raise us up as a group, as a company, as a people, and that we can all be involved in these awesome things like the APA that you were talking about. Other things like that. Um, that was really neat cause it was super well received. Um, and, and I was really excited about that. Um, I guess go back to your other question and other questions about why bringing up people right? And things like that. So once I finally got to a place where I was comfortable, I guess you want to call it right, where, where I wasn’t worried about next week, um, that was when I, you know, started to have the ability to bring people on, right. Bring people into the company. Um, and it occurred to me, obviously that I was a bit of a pain in the ass for a very, very long time. Right. And, um, now granted it was family, right. But my, my grandpa never gave up on me and saw something in me and it was like, you’re going to succeed. I don’t know how you’re going to do it or what’s going to happen, but like you’re going,

which is a value quality in a leader, right. Being able to see the unseen in an individual before the individual sees it. Yep.

And, and if that, if that confidence that he had in me, if I wouldn’t have saw that, I have no idea what I’d probably be doing right now. Right. Um, I definitely wouldn’t be where I’m at. And so when I saw the opportunity to do, to try and do that for other people, I mean, I can’t do it for everybody. Right. And everybody doesn’t want to be helped and everybody doesn’t want to be better. And everybody doesn’t want to make a lot of money, you know, and be comfortable and be happy and whatever. Like, I can’t, I can’t make people want to be happy or you know, whatever. But when you see that sometimes you do, you just see it hopefully, and you’re like, I want to help that person. It means more to me to see that guy sell a half a million dollar job. You know what I mean?

And bring home 50, $60,000 in commission than it does for me to go sell $1 million commercial project. Yeah. I don’t care. Right. I don’t care. I give out all the leads that come to me, to my guys. I don’t keep them. Um, I don’t go work. Um, um, I might do splits with them if I have to close them, you know, whatever. Like we’ll work on together. Um, but I don’t, I don’t, I don’t want any of that. I want them to succeed so that one day down the road they can look back and go, you know what he did, you know, like helping me do that. Yeah. Like that’ll be cool. That’ll be a cool legacy when they dig my hole and somebody looks back and goes, that was a cool guy. He helped me out. That’s what I want to have.

Yeah. And it’s it, when you use the word legacy, it’s like the impact as what creates the legacy, not the financial governing the dollars. It’s just, it’s simply the impact on one individual or an organization or you know, in some ways life is supersedes and it’s such a higher purpose. It’s such a bigger mission to fight after then another paycheck. Yeah.

And I, I know that there’ll probably be somebody pissing on my grave as well, but that’s okay cause you have to lovers and haters because I, but if I can help

more, yeah. You know what I mean? Like that’s, that’s what I want. But it takes the country club, it’s like you can tell 90% of the people were just, Oh biggie. What’s up man? And it’s like, and they just resonate. They honestly, you could even see them adapting and being more comfortable to be authentic when they were around. You know? And that’s probably the feeling they like getting in themselves. So it’s like right then and there like that development of saying, Hey, I’m trying to impact and really serve and being authentic and real about that mission is very attractive. Right. That’s what creates this off. It results in lot of accomplishment in what you’ve got. So that’s awesome. So, um, anything else that you’re like, man, I feel, you know, itching to say like, is there any like other thing you want to say on that? I’m just super, I’m super excited about just what this last, even this last year, you know, year, year and a half has been for me, my family and our business just by, you know, some little leaps of faith that I took.

Right. I’m like, like flying to Mexico four days before I booked a flight to go to Mexico and like, and it was the best thing I ever did. And like w I mean the things that I manifested out of that trip.


Right. Like taking a leap of faith guys. You know what I mean? Like every once in a while I’ll take a leap of faith. Let me get it. Let me get some bags. Stories. Yeah.

So I me Eric it when the storm, um, you know, I kinda like was trying to sell them on the circle for what, a couple of months, maybe a month or so. A couple of weeks. No, not even. No,

we didn’t even talk about [inaudible] university that didn’t. Yes. And then I texted her,

okay, you really should do this, this expert circle, which is a, if you don’t know what that is, it’s a mastermind group where, you know, we take CEO’s and we do cool experiences. Like we’re going to Lake Powell in September and park city and you know, Costa Rica next spring. Anyways, so I call him, we were texting back and forth and we got on the phone and I was like, well, I’m flying out to Mexico right now. And it starts in two days. It’s like two, three days. If you really have some Kimonos.

Yeah. But go fly. You basically told me I didn’t have any balls. Instead said, if I did it, you truly, you’re all in and you are somebody that’s just willing to like, right. And he had some balls, you book a plane ticket right now and come out to Mexico and you’re like, yeah, you can do that. I could like 20 minutes later you’re like, flights booked, I’m doing this. I’m like, there we go. Yeah,

but, but what do w like you went in, what we did in Mexico is all individual. It’s, it’s, it’s helping you transform, you know, that’s like the whole mission of the circle is to really up level the leaders of this space and you look back and you say that shift, that shaped, you know, just so people know, we literally dropped them in the jungle for a full day by themselves sitting on a rock. Like stuff like that. Those, that time of silence and the time of networking. Like what did that do now we fast forward another year.

Yeah. I mean it literally changed the whole trajection or trajectory of everything that I do and that we do. I mean, the stuff that, like I said, that I manifested out of that, um, you know, coming back and starting our own little circle here to try and bring contractors together in our area. Um, I just started talking about that at the, at the, um, tree birth and birth there. I was like, okay, I’m gonna do it. You know, and I, and I, I did it right. And people flew in and like, it was, it was nuts. Like there was no, this wasn’t because of me, but it was because of the other people that I had take part of it. There’s people flew in from Canada and the reeds flew in from Colorado. I mean, people came from everywhere, which was insane. Um, and then that, and the APA came and, uh, Doug and Heather with the APA came out, which was amazing. And they’re like, you are just amazing people. And you were a blip on, yes. You were like, you were a speck in the yes. Of contract. Yes. And I still am. I’m still nobody but like, but now it’s like you’re a board member of a, yeah. Now I’m on the block. Yeah. Advisory Board, member of the APA, which is amazing. It’s just within four months

he became an influence in your market to where you can shape the future of this industry. Yeah. Yeah. You know what I mean? And that’s like what’s so powerful when we take a risk and we said it’s time to invest in herself and time to transform and really get a true achievement.

Yeah. Cause we’re gonna have a ton of $10,000 mistakes. I mean, that’s what I call them anymore because everything’s a $10,000 mistake or a $10,000 win. Right. You know, we either leave lose 10 grand or we’d make that 10 grand into a hundred or whatever. But I mean, it’s like when you’re building a house, right? Like when I built our last house, it was like everything or a pool. It was like, well, how much is that? Oh, it’s a grand. You didn’t even check to see what it was. Yeah. But it’s about a gram, right? Everything’s a grand or everything’s 10 grand or you know, things just scale up. Yeah. Everything’s 10 grand, 10 grand the planes is in. Right? Yeah. So, but, but you throw in and you take that leap of faith and I mean, you don’t know what you’re going to get out of it. Right. That has, it’s been amazing where we’re at now because, and me as a person, I think that I’m a better person because of that trip and the stuff that we did together and the way that we all connected. I think that I’m a better person now because of it. And I think because I’m a better person, I’ve been able to hopefully make the people around me better and then the company grows because of that. I think that that’s how it all works out. Yup. Um, well I appreciate you sharing that, that honestly,

it’s huge. Um, so anyway, we got to wrap up. I always ask if there’s like in a nutshell, meaning your two minute, two second piece of advice. Is there any advice you give and you can pick either a sales rep, you could pick a leader or a business owner. Um, if you could give the industry one piece of advice, what would it be?

Be Kind and don’t lie. I like that. Yeah. I think what’s funny is we talked to on a story of where, you know, back like in your early days, you’d have to, I’d be asked this. It’s like we go back and we’re like, we probably didn’t have to be it and how do we just set it? And we were doing it from the right heart. I’d lie about everything just about to not have to go to a dinner. Yeah. And it’s just like, now I just said, I don’t want to eat with you. Yeah. It’s like, it’s funny, you literally, Hey, I don’t want to drive out there to go, I’d rather just go to dinner down the street with my daughter. Yeah. Um, and I think that Amen. If you like this or, or got a nugget, give it a big thumbs up. Um, show Erickson love and, uh, anyway, I appreciate you guys and appreciate being on the show, man. Awesome. Okay. Hey, much love guys. See on there?


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