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All right everybody, this is Sam tagger with the d twoD podcast and I’m here with the buddy that I met in Vegas a couple of weeks ago at John Marone who is the ultimate personal coach speaker who helps people see and change to become the ultimate versions of themselves. He has helped, you know, gone from literally in jail addiction like crazy crap, bottom barrel life, to now transforming him to helping others really see that change in their own lives. So it’s really cool that he’s gone through his own transformation and now he’s speaking and supporting his people and helping see the change in them. And so today we’re going to be jamming on creating the ultimate version of you and all six equities and really how to live a balanced life and everything that you do. And we’re also going to jam on how to become a coach, how to, how to be a one on one, how to be the coach for your salespeople to, for your, for your people, for your wife or whatever that is.

We’re always coaching. We’re always helping people see the better version of them and, and change and get from a to B. And so I’m excited to kind of help give some actual nuggets and tangible things we can all take away from where we can really, uh, make somebody different. Because a lot of people get trapped, they get stuck and where they’re at, they’re there. They’re lost. They’re, they’re looking for somebody to pull them out of the fricking ditch and show them a new path. And so that’s a skill that’s an art. And so I’m excited to, to have John on the show as one of the masters at that. So welcome to the show, John. What’s going on brother? How you doing today? Good man. Uh, so you’re coming at us from where? Where are you at right now? Destin. Florida. So the most beautiful beaches in the country, if you’ve never been, come down here, hit me up and let’s go ahead and get a beer and walk on the widest beaches in the country. Man, it’s beautiful. I traveled all across the United States trying to find the best beach to raise my family. And eight spots later, this is where I landed the great boardwalk. Terrible seafood. No, I’m awesome. Do we went deep sea fishing and Dustin and literally you throw out your Rod, boom, fish, boom fish. And then the three days next to me, you’re like, why are they biting your bait all the time? I’m like, I dunno. I just didn’t get lucky. But literally every cast, I’m like, boom, baby. It was awesome.

Yeah, it’s actually called the lucky, yeah, it’s called the luckiest fishing town in the world or something like that. So I live in Santa Rosa Beach, which is basically, everybody knows Destin. Santa Rosa beach is right next to it though.

That’s awesome. That’s awesome. No, I definitely, I went there last year with the client and it was, it was great. So yeah. So let’s talk about you. I mean a little bit, you know, in a brief nutshell, I kind of intro to it as like this guy was literally the scum of the earth in jail and now is transforming lives. So first off, like kind of a little brief story, like where, where’d you come from? How’d you get to where you’re at now?

Yeah, man. So it was definitely a long journey. I think, you know, every super, Super Uber successful person has that journey, but it’s a little bit different. Right. The thing that’s great about this world is that everybody has something that’s unique about them and that’s their story. And my story starts very young, where, you know, I was raised in a family that had a ton of love, but they just made bad decisions. So, you know, we went times without electric or gas, um, you know, where we lived in motels and there was an addiction that, you know, obviously not just the drugs but also to making bad decisions. Um, and it just continued and continued and probably around 14 or so, man is really when I went ahead and said, you know what, I’m going to go ahead and do the same thing. I looked at it, I don’t know why I made that decision. I had to, you know, directly that could have went and I decided to kind of fall into that same boat. So I got into dealing drugs, I got into doing drugs, I got into fighting every single day. I could, um, and then put me into a bad situation. Um, and, and unfortunately I got myself locked up and put in jail.

Well, I, I like the phrase you just said, people get addicted to making bad decisions. Yeah. You know, and, and some people cope, they feel like their coping mechanism, just like any other addiction, addiction is just covering up for other stuff. Right? So it’s like, well, maybe we just do it through making bad decisions, even though we shouldn’t be just the, the, the resisting the, the good path and wanting to just retaliate and get addicted to bad decisions. I mean, and then some people listening to this might be trapped in that and you’re probably saying, well, that’s not me. And I’m like, maybe it is, I don’t know. Check yourself. I’m, maybe I just, Manny, I don’t know. We might have all been there. Trust me, I still to some stupid crap right now. So

I think, I think we all have been there. Um, you know, I sat there for too long. That was my thing. So like will Smith says it’s not your fault and what you’re born into, but it’s your damn responsibility to change it. And at a young age, I didn’t write it. I mean, I was making money by selling drugs. Right? That was my first sales job ever. Um, you know, and you know, and, and I got addicted to not just drugs but to negativity, to fighting, and I was going down a bad path and the best thing ever happened to me was getting put behind bars and, and in all reality, I look at that and I say thank God that he went ahead and said, you’re done. Like you got to finally stop. And it didn’t, I’ll be honest with you though, Sam, cause I didn’t like it didn’t stop there.

So when I got out, um, I was living in a motel and I was still wanting to make bad decisions. Uh, but my now wife basically had said, no, you’re not going to make bad decisions. I’m going to be by your side. I’ve always been the one that’s been like, she’s the best coach for you, man. Oh yeah, man, behind every great man, there’s a better woman. Right. So, you know, she, she kind of locked me down, but I don’t know that I still tried to do, you know, my own thing and she wanted to allow it. Now, the big thing that that change, I’ll be honest with you, Sam, was um, I was actually running a door to door company. Did it is a tribe. Yeah. Maybe the child, I just a lot of things door to door and I’ve done a door, a door and B2b and cocaine baby.

Ooh. Uh, but you know, so I was in Florida is doing well and actually finally started making some strides and, and I went into this opportunity with the clothes on my back and that was it. And I started finally getting some traction. Well, long story short, I got screwed over by my then partner, uh, that was supposed to take over the business for, I headed back to jersey, started falling back into the same routine. And then I met a gentleman named, uh, patent Hackerati. Great Christian man. He basically taught me how to live life the right way, um, and told me once he shows me all the things on how to create the ultimate version of you without saying those words, I want you go ahead and give it back to the world. And I was like, cool, I’ll do it. But the reality is I was so income driven that it just, it went in one ear and out the other. I just saw it. I was going to run a sales company and I was like, that’s it. All the other stuff about getting better and you know, bettering yourself, man. I was like, whatever, like it to me, I didn’t care. Like to me I wanted money, income, income. Um, and then it was end of October in 2012 when everything changed,

there’s a lot of people that get caught up, especially in sales that get caught on that path. And it’s so easy. It’s so easy and it doesn’t take much thought. Once you become good at what you do, you’re on autopilot, you’re just printing more money. Like that’s the cool part about a good salesperson as they become literally a Bitcoin Bot or whatever they’re called that like, what are they called? The, the print the bitcoin or print the money, like yeah, can get into bitcoin that may, no, I’m just, I’m just saying. But anyway, so if the scripture I wanted to share that kind of came to my mind, and I’m not like, I’m not trying to get all preachy, but it was funny that you said, because there’s, it’s one of my favorites and it’s, it’s like if I, if, if it says, if men come unto me, I will show them their weakness.

I would give them, I give unto men weakness that they may be humble and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me for if they humble themselves before me and have faith in me, they’ll make weak things become strong under them. And you know, I think that that’s kind of the, the, the ultimate transformational scripture. I don’t, I don’t often get religious on these, but it’s interesting that you said the Critch, the Christian man came to me and said, look like you are so humbled at this point. Like you went through jail. You don’t see it. God had to kind of whack you over the head for you to kind of wake up. And I’m assuming that that’s where, you know, it’s like if you don’t humble yourself, somebody else probably will end up humbling you and I,

well that’s, that was crazy. I thought he, I thought like even at that, even though he’s a great man, that’s still didn’t work, man. Oh really? Like I was still making, I was making changes. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was making changes. I was bettering myself. I’m talking about incremental steps.

So, so yeah, when, yeah, when did it kind of start to click is, and you know,

it was, it was the end of October nine 2012 when I was living in Jersey and they’ve done a barrier islands. So we’re surrounded by water and hurricane sandy paid us a visit and I, you know, I was, look, I’m from Jersey, I’m Italian. That means one thing. I am stubborn. It’s all get right. Like I am super stubborn. Not Anymore, but I was, um, and so when they said hurricane was coming, I was like, oh, we’ll be fine. So I got my family from their motel. We finally got that. Now get this. I went from Motel, oh first homeless jail motel, apartment condo finally got my own place, like my own house. And so that was three weeks before hurricane sandy came and all of a sudden it’s about eight o’clock and we’re sitting there playing monopoly and were in my bedroom. It’s a one story.

And I heard trickle, trickle, trickle. And I looked to the right and this is the living room and I see water trickling through my living room and I kind of freaked out because I was just outside an hour ago and there was no rain or it’s a lot of wind, that’s for sure. And I started going through the water and I opened up the door and I’m on like a four foot elevation, right? I like a slant and I look outside and it’s like Roran rapids out there. And what happened was the tide came in in, the surge came in and it pushed all the water. We had four feet of water outside and within minutes it cracked through the foundation and it’s funneling and funneling and funneling. And so I’m doing the one thing that I thought I should be doing at the time because I was stubborn.

I was, you know, all about income. I got burned in front of trash trying to put it up right, like so stupid. And you drive around and try and save my family. I’m trying to save materialistic things. So that’s just where my head was. But anyway, I do get it up for the most part and, and everything’s on a high ground and we’d go up to the attic. All of a sudden the waters climbing rung by Rung by Rung and hear Thump, dump dump and the tree man, it’s just cut out the come through and waters rise and the trees about the come through and I’m freezing. It’s October in New Jersey. I’m soaking wet trying to say my furniture. So I’m sitting there not knowing what to do. And I looked at my family and it was like the weirdest feeling, man. I’d have done tons of drugs.

I’ve been in jail like I’ve lost money. Like I’ve done it all, you know, for, for doing bad things and people trying to wake me up. It was in that moment I thought I was going to die. Like the fear of death literally came in to my world and when I looked back at my family, I said a word I’ve never used and like the, the context I use it in nowadays, which is what impact have I made in a truly kind of put me through like a rear twist and a roller coaster. Um, in my mind because I was like, I don’t understand that word means, but all of a sudden words started coming out my mouth of what have I done? How have I, how am I going to leave this world not leaving a footprint, a legacy, something to be remembered for is remember for the guy that used to fight, got locked up, you know, it was a fun party or that’s my legacy and all of that.

I put my family at risk because I was stubborn all because I was selfish. I was like, I need to live my life with impact. God, if you let me out of this flat out was the fricking that was it, man. That was it. And then I had no clue what to do from there. Then I was like, man, impact first income second, what do I do? And then I just started digesting and investigating and interviewing the best minds in the world to find out what they have done to overcome obstacles and what they do day in and day out implemented in my life. And now I’m able to go ahead and put processes and systems and other people’s lives as well as give it back in a public speaking atmosphere to go ahead and change the world that we currently live in, to show people you could design the life you always wanted to live no matter where you’re at today.

Tomorrow can be so much better, but the biggest battle you’re ever going to endure is the one between who you are today and who you want to become. That’s the biggest battle. So what I want to get people on his podcast is some actionable things to truly understand that success. Man, it’s, I’ll be honest, it’s simple, but it’s hard. It’s hard because there’s a 3000 pound gorilla in your mind that is trying to suffocate you to be average, right? To be average. I mean, Andy Mineo says it in, in uh, in one of his songs, he said, my teacher told me to stop rapping because it’s going to hurt my average. He said, that’s all good because I’m not here to be average, like so good. And so I want to help people realize that no matter where you’re at him, he may be making six figures, seven figures.

I want to help you get to the next level up level and not just in figures, but I want you to do that in every equity. So when you do finally go ahead and they call it a day and you meet the man upstairs, you’ve lived the life that you were put here because it’s 400 trillion to one. That’s the odds of us being born. There’s a reason why you’re put here. The problem is, is some people know their purpose and our passions am. I think that’s not the problem. I think the problem is, is people are scared to go after it because there’s so many different things. Um, and we can totally get into that. But yes. So that’s, that’s

me in a nutshell and kind of why I do what I do and why I’m so intentional and so fired up when I talk about it. And you could probably see I can’t hold it, my man. Thanks that share in that energy, my man. Uh, so talk to me about this whole six, six versions or six equities that really, you know, you’re talking about success, you talk about impact. And it was so funny off camera we were jamming and you were like, I make an impact on when I’m with my kid. I’m like in an impact when I’m with my wife, I’m making an impact. And I think that’s all something we all struggle with. I mean, I was out in Mexico with my mastermind group last week and you know, all, all these CEOS, I’m out there coaching, right? And it’s like every one of them.

How do I be more balanced? You know, I’m so top heavy on my work that my family life is struggling. My weight, my this, my, that. And you know, it’s so funny cause they, they come to this circle, they come to Mexico, they come to my groups because they’re like, hey, I want to learn the structures, the systems, the, the, the exact like formulas to make more money. And they leave going, wow, we spent 20% talking about that and 80% talking about the other equities of your life. So I love that we’re aligned on this whole vision. Cause I’m, dude, I’m stuck in it too. I mean literally I had to send my wife to then tomorrow on a hiatus up at the hotel so I could just be with the kids and she could be not with the kids because she’s unbalanced with the kids too much.

If you’re on balance, so your partner, she’s on balances sense like I’m going insane here. You try to be with a two and a four year old for literally 72 hours straight. Like, you know, it’s not easy. I, she’s like, I want you to go 48 hours, no pawning them off to the kids no near, you know, to, to the assistance or anything. And she’s like, you go him for 48 hours and then you could complain. And I’m like, oh, I don’t know if I’m going to make that. I don’t know if that, I called Lindsay, my exec, my chief of staff, I’m like, Lindsey helped me out. I got a Friday meeting and already I’m creeping in on ally, you know, my natural unbalanced and the, and those listening can probably relate in their own form or fashion. So I’m excited to hear the life hacks.

I’m like, let’s go. What’s the secret man? Go tell me first off all the moms out there that are, are sitting there and you know, holding down the fort. Thank you so much. You know, and all the Dads, you know what I mean? Thank you so much. Can you hear that barking by the way? Oh No. Ooh. Is that okay? Cool. I just want to say I got a big gun. This is the, that’s why I love podcasts, because things like that could happen. And guess what? The wife’s not here to go ahead and tell her to shush. Hey, hold on John. Actually, I’ve got to take a five minute break and go take out my garbage.

That’s where I’m at. I’m getting in trouble. It’s garbage day. My wife, you know, I’m like, I can’t handle the smell like I’m like, all right, we might miss going. Got take the garbage out man. Take the garbage. I don’t want you to look, this may be your last podcast ever be. I think that garbage. Let’s talk about impacts here. Let’s talk about impact. So let, let, let’s tell me, go back to the word balance. There’s a lot of different things that are going on out there, but you, if you’re running a business, there’s no way you can be balanced. Then it’s like, yeah, you can be balanced. So I’m going to kill kind of both of those because to me it’s integration. You have to integrate these six equities and what does integration mean? First off, one of the six equities. Let’s kind of talk about that.

So it’s our relationship, it’s our personal life, like our leisure life, right? It’s our health, it’s our finances, it’s our spirituality. Then start income, those sort of six equities guys as humans, this is what we’re made up of. And a problem, what you’re feeling, I’m gonna use the word because, but he knows it one more time. Don’t mean to cut you off. No. Yeah. So you have relationships, relationships. Yup. You have your personal life, which is like leisure, right? Things jumping out of airplanes, all that fun stuff that in there, right? Then you have your business or career, whatever it might be. Then you have your health, then you have spirituality and whatever that is for you. And then last but not least, you have your income, right? You have, you have finances. So when I say finances, I mean savings. I mean money coming in from a longterm plan where you’re putting it in.

Yeah, absolutely. And the problem comes down to saving. Everybody listening to this, you’d are not clear of what success or what I call fulfillment in each of these equities are. If I would ask every single listener, do you truly know what fulfillment is in each of these equities? They probably would not be able to tell me. And maybe you can guys, maybe you can, but my question to you is, if you could tell me that, what did you do yesterday intentionally to grab that fulfillment to get a little bit closer? Because successive fulfillment only comes through progression. You know, when you’re losing the weight, it feels good. It feels so good. It’s that progression. When you get to the final weight, it doesn’t, I mean it’s like a Hurrah, but the real release is when you have that progression. So going back to I’m going to integrate everybody’s life.

Could let them know you can have a integrated life. The first thing is understanding what does success look like in each of those equities. It’s super clear, super clear. And then every single week like I have my uh, clients filling out a weekly progression plan and on a weekly progression plan on Sundays, they must feel it out and it shows them all the equities and what does at least one thing you will do this week in that equity to get closer to your goals and that equity. And then every day they have a must crush. It lists just like a to do list, right? And then it asks you what are the things you need to do today? And it forces you to put down what equity it is. Somebody ended a week. If you’re looking at it and it says B for business, all of them say B, guess what brother?

You have not a held your promise on Sunday, which you said are you going to do all the other ones? And B, you realize that you’ve been way too heavily focused. Now also on that I talk about conversations and the problem comes down to everybody listening. Why don’t you guys take a visual moment right now and close your eyes and think about that one person that you’ve been putting off having a conversation with. Is that your wife? Is it your son? Is that your daughter? Is your client, is a your employee? Like who’s that one person you’ve been putting off having that conversation with you? He said, you mother, I don’t know who it is, but whoever it is, you’re worried and you’re tied to the outcome versus tied to have in the conversation. And that’s not allowing you to be balanced and it’s allowing, it’s actually putting more stress and a feeling of being overwhelmed on you.

Um, and therefore I don’t think you can integrate if you don’t take care of these conversations. So I challenge everybody every week is say, who’s the conversations that you need to, you know, who’s a people you got to have conversations with? Um, and a lot of times they’re just tied to the outcome, right? Like maybe you have a problem with your spouse or your kid or your employee and you’re like, I don’t know how they’re gonna react to this. I’ll just put it off. I’ll wait until I could really know what to say. And then I’ll say it. Well, I don’t know if you know this, but there’s something called the law of diminishing intent. The longer you wait to do something, the less likely you are to do it. And therefore guys, they’ll all dimension 10. If it’s creeping in on conversations and it may be in your business life equity, it may be in your health.

And you know, with your, uh, personal trainer, it may be with your relationships, guests, what you will not be balanced conversations need to be had in order to be quote unquote balance. So when I say integration, so it, there’s a process to it. But I’m talking about every situation I walk into. Man, I am super intentional when I’m with my daughter, I am super, super intentional, right? Like, like I am, I’m trying to be the ultimate father, right? I’m trying to be the ultimate coach, the ultimate, uh, you know, speaker. I’m trying to be the best of the best and we want to in that moment. I got to stay present in that moment. And in order to do that, you’ve got to know what success looks like. So me and my daughter have a date night or date day or date lunch every single week, every week. And my wife holds me accountable to it.

And that’s the next part of it. Like if you don’t have somebody holding you accountable, it, you will not be able to have that true fulfillment. Because we, we say more the biggest liars to ourselves. Like I asked a lot of people, hey, who’s the biggest liar? You know? Oh, it’s my uncle. Oh, it’s my, it’s my buddy. You know, you know Chris, it’s this. It’s that. No, it’s you. You’re the biggest liar. Even if you’re not a salesman and you’re the best salesman, you know, because you are lying to yourself, man. And not only that, we talk about these dream killers. My boss is a dream killer. He’s a dream crusher. My mom’s a dream killer. You know, this is a dream killer. No, you’re the dream killer because you’re lying to yourself and you’re not willing to do the things that you don’t want to do when you know you need to do it.

When the motivation leaves your body, Sam, when the motivation leaves your body, that is when success and fulfillment absolutely start to form. It’s not when you’re motivated. Motivation is temporary. If everyone is motivated all the time, we’d have billionaires all over the place. The reason why you guys listening are not where you want to be is because when the feeling of motivation, when you get off this podcast and motivation leaves after two, three, four, five days, it’s what you do then that really matters. Hmm. And that right there will help you have that fulfillment, but we kind of going back to the equities and integrating it, you just have to have a process in that weekly progression plan that must crush it. Lists that the conversations you need to have this week and then understanding, we talked about this offline, there will be weeks that you are a little lopsided.

That’s okay. For instance, I talked about my retreat coming up. Well, I’m, I gotta make sure this agenda is done. I just did four cities in 30 days speaking and you know, it’s, that takes a lot out of you. So what I was doing that I didn’t have time to really create the agenda because when I’m focused on focused on priorities, priorities. Now next week I will be heavy on, you know, the retreat side, which is the business side, but there’ll be a dead stop time and then I’ll have straight family time because I will be eight to six straight agenda, straight retreat, everything that I want to make sure that, you know, six o’clock at six to eight boom family time, no excuses, phones away.

Guys, if you are listening to this, think about it. Think about how important, what John just said is like, a lot of people are gonna listen to this and go, well he doesn’t get it. And I’m like, if he gets it, you ran businesses like, you know what I mean? Like, oh, but I’m different. Oh, but maybe in four years I’ll start doing that. Or, you know, once I can reach this point in life, I’ll then start to get more balanced. And me and my wife, we literally had this conversation this morning and you know, it’s funny cause I was like, I’m going to retire by the time I’m 40 and $20 million net, you know, net worth or whatever. And you know, I kind of show her this. And I was like, and that’s when at least 15 and 13 Nora and you know what I mean? And I can fricking be the ultimate, coolest high school dad, like ever. And then literally my wife goes boom with a pound of bricks. And she’s like, yeah, if they want to be with you.


Hmm. And I was just like, oh. And I was like, you know what I mean? And, and, and it hit me and it was just like, look, you know, you, she’s like, think about it. Like, what are you doing intentionally? And you know, and I was like, Oh babe, I’m not trying to like negate like what we’re talking about here. But she saw it. It’s like, look dude, like if you’re sober focused about that vision, then you’re going to like, great. You might miss up on those moments of key development, mental like brains and attachments and you know, that whole like just key moments. You’re never going to get those 18 years back once they knew about once they move out, like there’s somebody else’s and I’m lover at that point. You know what I mean? Like man knowledge that brother. So do you know how kids spell love the tension?

I Dunno. T. I. M. E. T. I, yeah, at time. Okay. You’ve got to spend time with him. He got to get on their level. So your wife’s right, man. It’s sucks to hear that guys, listen, it sucks because we’re working on what’s off, right? We’re like out here grinding for our family. Like, well, you’re not spending enough time with your family. Well it’s says, it goes back to what you say were the biggest liars to ourselves. Yup. Anything. And I loved that. It’s just like it’s the success is that fulfillment through the process and instead of that destination of net worth of 20 million or whatever, you know what I mean? Like, yeah, no. So I just think like what you’re saying, if our audience could resonate more and actually take it to heart. So I love that you just, here’s the process, here’s the system. Sunday you write your weekly progression, what do you call it that we could progression.

Yup. Weekly progression plan and then you have in, and you guys could do it. I mean if anybody wants to reach out to me, but it’s basically write down all the equities and what’s one thing you’re going to do to get closer? So like, and it could be for, let me give you an example. Like for my wife, it may be just sent her a text message of love every single day. Maybe write her a note right from our relationships. So it doesn’t have to be anything big guys. It just needs to be some progression. That’s it. Just though, not to like just try to sell my planner or anything. But if you’re listening by my planner, no. So I wrote a planner, and it’s so funny because it’s not like this is rocket science, but it’s just doing it and I sucked at it. So every week I’m going to show a blank page.

I created the six doors to a balanced life. I’m like, oh wait, your doors happened to be the same effing doors that might, you know you’re, I could is financial, spiritual relationship, social or personal, you know what I mean? It’s just like, holy crap guys. This is very simple. So I put little boxes. That’s what he put a little doors and you write in there your weekly progression and it’s like what you just said. And then you said, hey, what’s your crush it describe a crush it list. Yeah. So every day, every week I have my spots for my crush. It lists and every day I call my three battles. It come from the disciplines of execution. It’s like what’s your three battles every day? Which would be your daily crush it list, no matter what. If only got three things

done today. And I sat and watched Netflix the rest of the day, I’m gonna feel good about my debt. So you mean that every week and every day you look at that and it’s a system behind how you grow and find impact in each level of your life. Boom, baby. Now and then we kind of talk on that for a second. So I ask people every single time I speak, I don’t know if you’re in it for that part of session, but every time I speak I say, what is the number one, all these people I’ve interviewed, you know my, my own success, the people that I’ve digested their information. I’ve always found out what the number one piece of success is. The number one habit. And nobody ever gets it, right, man. I’m talking about anywhere from, if I’m going to a session with 20 people to 2000 people, nobody ever gets it right?

I give them five minutes telling me what’s the number one habit guys to be successful? And everybody says it’s discipline, it’s motivation, it’s get up early. It’s this, the no, and this is what I need. You guys listen to right now, everything I’m telling you, everything that Sam tells you, everything that you hear that you know will help, does not matter if you don’t have this one habit because it is the umbrella to all the other habits. And that is self awareness with vulnerability. That’s it man. Like if every day you kind of trigger come up onto your calendar and it said, were you self aware today and you had to answer it, would that help you? So every single day pops up and when I tell people is what are the three habits that you’re trying to create or stick to? Because kind of going back to what I talk about creating ultimate version of you and building a future that you’ve only, you know, dreamed of.

Yup. We can predict our future. Like people don’t realize that, right? How? Because our habits control our future. Okay. And we control our habits. The problem is we’re not self aware enough to know when our habits are falling off. So every day, let’s just say I want to start waking up at four o’clock. I want to start going to the gym every day and I want to start making 20 extra calls. All right, let’s say, or 20 extra Knox, whatever it might be it. Those are three empowering habits I’m trying to put into my life because I know it’s going to get me closer. I want every single day something pop up in your calendar and say, did you accomplish that habit? Did you actually do it? And then this is what you do next to it. Did you accomplish it? It yes or no. No Gray area guys, stop lying to yourself.

Just yes or no. If it’s a no, you say, okay, why didn’t it I there comes in your vulnerability. Why didn’t it? I just be real like what bs excuses you give yourself. Then next, what will I do differently tomorrow to make sure that that habit is actually hit, that I actually go ahead and knock on 20 extra doors that I wake up before they go to a gym. What are you gonna do differently tomorrow? Because if you don’t change a strategy, you won’t change your results. Plain and simple. So self awareness, guys listening to this, no matter what you hear in this world of a plethora of information all out there, if you don’t have self awareness daily, you will be struggling forever.

Boom. No, I just think guys,

how much just want to end on that. She

give her a, raise your hand if you want to struggle forever. And if you’re on that bandwagon, I uh, I applaud you and for gold, the eternal struggle. Good job for those that us that don’t want that. Uh, which probably listened to that advice you just gave.

So you know what I do hasn’t mag, I mean it’s kind of like,

let’s be real. So I did, I, we gotta I gotta wrap up due to time, but dude, I am sitting here going, um, if you want more of Mr John Marone, where do we find you dude? Like what’s your like Instagram or something or Facebook or you have a podcast too, right?

Absolutely man. So I’ve got a podcast as well. It’s called power of progression. A progression. Phenomenal guests on there. You’ll be coming on soon, but I got some powerhouses, you know, I got people that are running multiple businesses making billions or multiple millions of dollars a year from Patrick. Bet David to Chris, harder to Jasmine, star to Howe, l rod to Sam Bakhtiar, uh, to call and Sandra had her. There’s just so many. That list goes on and on and on. But if you want to be better today than you were yesterday and get actionable tools to do it, that’s what my podcast is about. It’s called power of progression. Every single Tuesday, please go check it out. Hit the subscribe button or whatever it might be. Whatever platform you use. Now on Facebook and Instagram, it’s at Real John Morone. So it’s real. Yes. J O, h n don’t make sure to not follow fake John Maroney.

I’m wrong. I’m telling you, man, I’m going to do to fund him Monday. You’re going to follow real John. Yeah. Real John Ron. It’s M, a R R, O, n. E. And then you can go check out my website men. It’s just John Super Simple and I love to hear your story. Um, and, and see if there’s any value I could add to you and, and just, you know, go ahead and jam on, you know, some life, um, you know, tactics and, and, and some hacks. But more importantly, let me just try to go ahead and get into your story and feel you’re out and see if I can help you.

Beautiful. I honestly want to do, I mean, we didn’t even touch on the stuff that I want it to. We just touched on awesome stuff, which was meant to be, I mean, it just took us down. So maybe we do another one of these where you talked to the coaching programs and, and, and how you have that one on one conversation and really the impact and others. And I mean, that was like the thread, but I mean, we just threaded this to a completely better, uh, you know, it just was what it was supposed to be. I love it. That’s so cool about podcasts.

I am down. Let’s let, let, let’s help these leaders become leaders and these leaders create other leaders. Um, and now we get jam on that man for a long time. And anybody that’s listening to this, you know, I just kind of give you a heads up. If you think you’re a leader, remember it’s a lifestyle. It is not something you put on your card. It is not a title. Leadership is a lifestyle, which means you must act as if every word you go inside the house, outside the house work. And if you don’t think you’re a leader, I got something to tell you you are because somebody is looking up to you. I don’t know who it is. Uh, but somebody is looking up to you and they may not even be telling you that they are, but start acting like a leader because it is a lifestyle. When you make that shift, right, you started making better decisions, you started getting a little bit more into taking bigger action steps. Um, and, and you know, you realize, I mean you could be helping one person, which means you help their family, which means you helped her legacy and that’s all he needed to do it for. You don’t need to do for millions. All you gotta do it just for one person,

Mike drop. Oh Man. Okay, so did thank you so much for being on the show. I appreciate your time and you inspiring and, and it’s crazy how aligned you are with our mission at DVD and you know, it’s really the go up level and unify these direct sales guys and, and leaders and owners of these companies that really were kind of a broken person. You know, sometimes. And if we’re not aware of that and like you said, the self awareness vote with vulnerability, like we’re all just faking it. You know what I mean? That it’s like your, your Instagram should all just say fake

your name. You know what I mean? It’s like I just want to chat on there. I know we’ve got to go by, she surely want to touch on that for like one minute. So sales guys, so we, everybody is made up of several human needs, right? And everybody has one human need that’s higher than others. Sales guys, this is your human need is significance. That is your biggest human need. And to fulfill that. You feel like you got to act a certain way. But I’m here to tell you that ego death ends a pain of stupidity. So if you think that you’re going to have ego and you can grow, it is not going to happen. You will have a threshold. So you got to drop the Ego, right? And you’ve got to realize with without the ego, that’s your biggest chance to grow. And significance could still be your number one need man.

Like I love hearing my name, you know, shouted out, I love, I love it. Who Does it right? Just a few people that don’t. But I love that. But now I’m doing it for a different reason, but I still still love it. So I’m telling you, significance could still be that, but you have to drop your ego. Sales guys and girls, we have to drop our ego in order to grow and realize you don’t know what you don’t know. And if you really want to create that legacy, right? The most important part of our grave is that dash. If you really want people to come to the dash when you’re all said and done and remember you a certain way that brings impacted their life, then you need to drop the ego. You could sell significance and you need to realize you don’t know what you don’t know and truly live every day because it gets your last, right.

Everyday I up, it’s the biggest game of my life and I’m talking about every equity because you’re one breath away from death and as you don’t take that into consideration, you’re going to be playing average and mediocre every single day. And that’s not why you’re put on this earth. You were put here to be great and you’re destined for it no matter what your past look like, no matter where you’re at currently. But it won’t. It won’t happen unless you start being grateful for the things you currently have. You start putting your ego down and he start truly taking massive, aggressive, empowering action because you and your family deserve it. So go get it. It’s yours. The only thing that’s stopping you is you, and that is it. Amen.

Sorry, I had to go on a rant, dude. I need to like a hallway, Lou. Yeah. You got to be some like southern Baptist preacher. Like I’m loving. Got The hand waving gone and everything. I mean it’s, it’s, it’s awesome just to see your passion for just helping people see the greater version of them. I mean, that’s like your whole mission is, it’s like, dude, it’s so funny. What makes a good leader? I always tell people, I’m like, leadership is really just helping see the greater version and somebody that they’re not seeing, you know, so it’s, and it’s helping them get there. So anyway, you, like you said, everyone on this listening as a leader in some sort of fashion. So own it, make it a lifestyle. I love that. Um, yes. Well, much love, love you. And uh, we’ll, we’ll be, we’ll be chatting soon. I’m in.

Yeah, absolutely. Man, I appreciate you and for what you do, man. Thank you so much and thank you to everybody who is listening. Uh, but thank you for what you do in the platform that you have, um, and, and continually continually changing and disrupting. The DDD industry. Um, and yeah, if they don’t know who you are today, they will soon enough because the passion and the reason why you’re doing what you’re doing shows and for that, that’s why I’m gonna ride with you

rod and die, baby. Let’s go. Let’s go, baby. I will see my man. Thank you so much.


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