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Hey Everybody. This is Sam Taggart, your host with the D2D podcast. And I’m here with Amy Spencer on the D2D podcast and we are live here in my basement. So we’re literally doing this one in Lehi, Utah and I’m super excited because Amy is one of the few and far between that are females on the podcast.

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I’m like, girl power more on you guys. Like I’m like, where are they? So if there’s more girls out there, there are crushing it
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And we need to know

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We need to know like you come out of the woodworks, there are a lot of amazing female talent out there. Yeah. I just think a lot of times they don’t get recognized like they should. And I want to want to acknowledge you won for being one of the best female rats, but not only that, one of the best reps in the industry.
So one of the best reps in the entire industry and pest control right now she’s sitting at 905 service accounts and on her way, you know, we’re sitting beginning of August on her way to easily crush over a thousand this year and be one of the first female golden door award winners. So we’re super excited to have you on stage and door to door Khan and have you, you know, get your award and that’ll be, that’ll be exciting.

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No thank you. That’s a great intro. Not to mention I need to add something because I not somebody to contradict this because I was trying to rack my brain. Has anyone done this 333 accounts in a month? Yeah, that’s incredible. So if you guys sell pest control and you’re sitting there saying, why would I listen to this podcast? Well if you haven’t done 330 in a year, there’s one thing, let alone a month. That’s another thing. So to put things into perspective, does it, don’t do pest control that you know, maybe sell a different service. Most people in the pest control space sell maybe a hundred 175 on average, and that range in a summer. She didn’t have 333 in a month. That’s insane. People. Yeah, I went hard. Hard. Yeah. So we’re going to dive into one. How does she do it? Because a lot of people, how many dms a day do you get?

Speaker 1: (02:53)
What’s your, what’s your secret? I’m ready to share some secret sauce. You’re kind of on it. So the other thing is the mental game and just kind of dealing with the trials and stuff that comes with being a female knocker you know what I mean? There’s a whole different aspect that you may have to deal with and some of the stories that may come with that, which will be kind of interesting right into a, and then we’re going to dive into the sales process like a little bit of like the psychology that she goes into her process and how she crushes the, the doors and, and just tips and tricks. She’s willing to get abundance. So let’s get abundant together. So welcome to the show. I’m excited. Okay. So we’re going to dive into first tell us a little bit about how you got started in, and we’ll just keep this super brief because a lot of people honestly don’t care. Yeah, I care. But they didn’t, they do that. They don’t, they don’t want to spend 20 minutes on this. Then I get to the nuggets. But it kind of quick in a nutshell how you got into it, how you got started. So I was selling

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for a while and I’d done a bunch of sales jobs that I was good at. And then I had some friends that were going out and selling that word girls. So it was like, okay, I’ve got nothing to lose.

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They’re doing it, I’m doing, I’m going to go out and do it. And then I happened to just do really well. So how I need you to do the first week or day like did it, when you say do really well, is it like an instant like boom, I got it or yeah, it Kinda was like

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solve with my friend. It was actually labor day and or wasn’t memorial day, I don’t even know. Memorial Day. Is that the day that was like super big. Yeah, that’s the big day. And like she was kind of rough too, so I was like, okay, I’m just going to throw in some good, like make it little bit less serious. And we ended up selling six that day and she was the first year two and it was our first day. So two rookies training each other? Yeah. Okay. Something like that. It was fun. It was hard, but it was fun. That’s awesome. And then I just, but I think it’s important to know, let’s, let’s rewind a little bit. K, was that really your first sales job? No, no, I didn’t fall. I’ve sold like everything direct TV. I sold Seo and you probably don’t even know what that is, do you?

Speaker 2: (05:03)
Yeah, over the phone to like people that were broke business people and I felt like guilty doing that. I’m like, okay, this is, they’re broke. You know what I mean? But I’m just like, okay, I like selling, I need to find the right thing. And yeah, I just decided to go out and sell door to door and happened to make a lot of money and do really well and I’m like, I’m hot. I got it. Yeah. So I guess if you ever had the stereotype of, Oh, you do door to door. Like it wasn’t expecting that. Like what? Like, you know what I mean? Or when your parents were like, wait, I’m not going to let you. Yeah, they’re probably going to be mad that I say, I’m curious. I really am. They did not want me to go out. And so I figured because I’m a girl first of all and they’re like scared. They didn’t want me to leave or whatever, but I’m like, I’m going.

Speaker 1: (05:52)
So what were the limiting beliefs may be that you were having kind of as you are, like should I really go knock on doors? I was nervous,

Speaker 2: (05:59)
but I was at a point in my life where I like honestly had nothing to lose

Speaker 1: (06:03)
cause I was not happy going to play. Yeah. Well I was just

Speaker 2: (06:08)
sick of, you know, just not doing anything. So I’m like, what do I glutens? And it just happened to change my life.

Speaker 1: (06:14)
That’s crazy. I mean, looking back now, you’ve done it three years. Oh yeah. Mid more than a thousand dollars. Right? Something like something like that. Uh, and you, you come, you look back at life and you say me three, four years ago, is it phone call, Seo, whatever, whatever. Like, I mean, you probably never look at life the same. Oh No. And like that

Speaker 2: (06:40)
also the thing that makes me so happy that people that knew me before I did it because it almost like makes it even better because it was such a three 60 like it wa I honestly was just to know like weird place. So the people that know me from that and now they’re like, wow. And it’s inspiring. Like I feel like I’m inspiring people and I love that. You know what I mean? It almost makes me want to like do better.

Speaker 1: (07:04)
So have you found, because you’d been crushing it, other girls are kind of like, well if she can do it I can do it. And is it kind of helped a snowball effect and the in your little network of like, Oh, total got this girl, like we can do it together. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (07:18)
Yeah. Like, and that’s the thing that surprised me the most I think was just how much of a leader or just like I feel like I have a role in this industry as a female that’s doing the amount that I’m doing and that makes me even more want to like go out there and kill it for all those girls that are watching and telling me that they’re inspired by me.

Speaker 1: (07:40)
Yeah. And there are a lot out there. I mean I had probably five or six on my team at any given time and yeah, I remember there’s one on, she did literally like 10 accounts and like 20 weeks. Okay. Yeah. I was like, go home girl scout please. Probably flirting with the guy. She’s like, yeah, exactly. She probably had something like backdoor flooding I didn’t know about. Anyway, I can kind of find out. Last year she did 300 wow. And I was like, oh wow. Like she’s freaking figure it out. She bought it. But I mean, it’s just out there and people sometimes they get this story out of like, well, girls don’t have the skin or girls don’t have, well they do. They do.

Speaker 2: (08:21)
It’s just, here’s the thing about girls, I’m just going to say this. They’re more emotional, like that’s the problem and they don’t know how to like actually control their emotions. That really is the difference. Girls honestly, are just as competitive. They worked just as hard. If anything, they might have like a better, I think girls are more trusted when they’re selling 100% but the clothes has to be stronger because they don’t take girls as seriously where guys are not as trusted. They have to build a little more report, but the close is not as serious because you see what I’m, yeah,

Speaker 1: (08:56)
no, that’s actually interesting and well, what’s funny, last weekend I was in California and I went to this full seminar on understanding the difference between feminine and Masculine Energy. There is a difference and it was all men. Oh yeah. Well, we literally spent three days, 75% of the time was dancing. We did a tribal dance blindfolded 61 minutes and we didn’t realize it. I’m not even kidding. And I’m talking like weird, like modern. Like just let it go. Yeah. Feminine just to the Max and you have a lunch of Macho. You know what I mean? Nolan? I pay money to one. No. And the whole thing was downcast. Meaning like you don’t look up like you kind of just keeping your zone so you’re not judging. So we’re all, cause if you looked up you’re like no. Bottom line, total incompetent. But it was so interesting because I really tapped into this feminine energy side.

Speaker 1: (09:48)
So on this like weird high right now, just say it up. But I want to speak to that because when you said the feminine and guys have feminine. Yeah. Believe it or not, there’s a lot of guys that are more feministic thing. Macho masculine. Right. And then I had a bad thing. It’s just channeling the, the, the, the energies for what they’re doing. Channeling your market. Yeah. And it’s, and it’s not that the feminine doesn’t sell, it’s just how you leverage that. Oh, totally. And how do you bring the masculine energy when you need it because you had a lot of masculine energy to you. You have to have both. Exactly. And that’s the thing I’ve had to like realize is training people. There’s two different dynamics. You have to teach a girl how to sell like a girl and the guy to sound like a guy and if you can actually get that down, then you can train both people the same pitch and they’ll both be successful.

Speaker 1: (10:37)
A hundred percent hundred percent and I think to add to that is you also need to learn what the market that you’re resonating. It’s like you’ll go pitch somebody and I’ll go pitch in your clothes on and I want vice a versa. Oh yeah. People resonate with different people and it’s like understanding how do I make me and my personality. Whereas in a work and cater my approach in mind, you want to know something funny? Actually, I’m not joking. Like probably eight out of 10 times if I’m selling a guy and the wife walks in in the middle of the cell, the wife is so rude to me and I don’t close it. Oh my God, crap. Like if they’re bulk there, it’s different. But if I’m selling the guy first and the wife walks in in the middle of the cell, it’s game over. And you know what’s funny is reverse that I sell single moms all the time.

Speaker 1: (11:29)
My favorite is mom’s there. Uh, there was one time I’m literally shirts off. Pretty Lady. Yeah. Giving me a haircut and the living room dude walks in. Husband. Yeah. Who’s this guy looking through his shirt off in the living room but like the guy doesn’t care. Like, cause it’s just like, oh, whatever. Like there’s so much difference even play it off. But like I could see a girl getting so much more like that kill that cell versus like dude walks in and I’m still in the life. It’s like the woman walks in is you didn’t make eye contact with her the entire time she looked at him. Then she’s like, oh, you guys in 100% of your female. Make sure to tee those situations, that contact with the girl and I’m going to drive over and be like, I’m more interested in you than him.

Speaker 1: (12:26)
Don’t even look at him. Yeah. It’s like, Oh yeah, we’re done. Your turn. Um, so yeah, let’s keep jamming on this feminine thing. So what are some of the other like disbeliefs that you’ve seen other girls maybe you say that you have kind of had to overcome or maybe people that tell you, oh, you probably aren’t that great, or I dunno, like, Oh, some of the challenges that I guess it is challenging like being a girl in such a dominant guy. Oh yeah. It’s a bunch of modules. So I think you just have to like, you really just have to like let your emotions go. Like just put them aside. Like they’ll out them later. You have plenty of time. Like you’re outselling, you can deal with those. Like you just need to prioritize. Like that’s the most important thing, I guess the nugget. Simply be process your emotions and realize that they’re just emotions and that’s the thing like my first year versus now.

Speaker 1: (13:23)
I think the biggest takeaway for me was you’re going to have something come up regardless. Like something will come up that’s gonna like get you down. You’re going to have to deal with that, but realize you can deal with it later. Like you don’t have to deal with it right then and there and it’s not just speaking to females. That’s a male thing. I think the issue is is in sales there’s so much negativity, so much rejection, so much like totally hitting you in the face and then add something like in your personal life and it’s over. Yeah. Your wife calls you pissed and you’re just like, I’m already having people pissed at me. And lastly I want to to me. And then you’re like the rest of the day shot, but it’s like I’m here, I’m selling is going on, but I am like stoned and I think that really is like my biggest, probably like the best thing.

Speaker 1: (14:15)
The thing that I’m best at, I would say is that just focusing like on what’s right in front of me. So let’s talk on that. Well we’re going to get to that cause that’s one of the points and I don’t want to move too quick because there’s other two questions I want to ask and the on the girl’s side before we, so the next point we’re going to discuss is kind of how do you focus and weed out the emotions and weed out the distractions and without out the chaos in this job. And what tricks and tips have you trained yourself to? Oh yeah, it’s really dive into that. But one more, couple more questions on the female had one if you advice for girls knocking to make sure that they avoid weird situations, unsafe situations. Cause I think that’s something that a lot of girls that you know, maybe that if they’re listening to this and they haven’t sold yet, but they’re like should I sell and their fair is like what if I get attacked or what if I get in a weird situation?

Speaker 1: (15:09)
Like that’s something I just almost want to address and maybe speak to that and the sense of like what you do and how you would help other girls out there and knocking with that situation. Let’s just like face it. It is a thing you’re going to like be in a situation where someone’s going to be creepy and like, yeah, like I had someone literally stock me like probably a couple of weeks ago and it was a little scary. But here’s the thing, like if you’re in a good neighborhood or just like a decent neighborhood and you’re not dumb, like you don’t go in someone’s house. If you like feel like they’re already flirting with you, then you’re literally making the risk like from 80% to light 10% you know what I mean? Like there are definitely ways to overcome it. There’s, I’ve never been in a situation like that and I’ve been in this industry for three years and I’ve had plenty of guys creep on me, texted me that I’ve had to block call me like you name it.

Speaker 1: (16:06)
I’ve probably ran into it, but I’m smart about it. Like you can be smart about it and it won’t happen. I think that’s the, that’s what’s helping kind of debunk it because I think there’s almost this myth of like there’s this like chances chance you’re going to get like kidnapped and it’s now and if not all, I would never let my daughter knocked doors. It’s like, well it’s like imagine like you’re in your own neighborhood and you’re walking outside around the block or going on a run. If you actually think of it like that, then you’re not going to run into it like that. You know what I mean? Even if you’re in a different state, like if you’re smart about it, like you would be in your own neighborhood, then the chances of you actually running into a situation that you don’t want to be in is very like slim, very low people.

Speaker 1: (16:49)
One naturally are good people like, oh yeah. It gets risky is when you play with the flirt. Yeah. If you lead them on and keep that going. That actually brings something up that I should have like said earlier. Now that I’m thinking about it, that whole game of like flirting, I am very smart about like leveraging it to a certain point because there’s a part of charm. I’m the same way. Yeah. And like I flew the guy like 40 year old women. Yeah, I’ll crush cause I know the charm, but it’s like I’m here to do business but I’m at least going to like leverage what I can like each other. But it’s, there’s never a point where it’s like, this is kind of interesting. You know what I mean? I’m not, not that emotion if there’s, but I’m playing with like I’m a very local person.

Speaker 1: (17:39)
I actually charisma and that’s the thing, like if I’m getting in that point where they’re like flirting with me, I will actually like be a lot more dominant. Like I’ll them quicker because you know, I know what’s going to happen. Well, and also they’re afraid to like reject anything that make you mad. They want, the longer you sit on that flirting game, actually the less likely they’re going to close because they feel like you’re not giving a more. Yeah, yeah. Yes. So hack. Yeah, you got them in your hands at that point, slay it out, but then stop quickly. It’s like, okay, now that obviously we are like, obviously there’s like something here, let’s get this thing done. I’m done. Payment. Oh, leave them wanting more. They will see you later. Call me for the money. Right. Love this. And that goes, that goes two ways guys.

Speaker 1: (18:29)
Women too. I think it plays both sides, but I think, I actually think people don’t psychologically understand that game and they, they, they don’t ever tap into that that close. Like I really don’t think I can secure to do it. Yeah, they really are. It’s almost like, well yeah, I’m not going to know for what. It’s almost talk themselves out. I taught that. Yeah. And then they’ve taught themselves that maybe their whole life for what it is and just run with it. I think that’s what I’m probably the best time. It’s just like taking what I have and just going with it. Okay. So now any other female advice that you’re like any girl dockers out there? Girl power, like Wah. Any other advice that you’re like, I always tell like any girl that messages me, I will just like go full on like there are guys out there that are very lonely guys.

Speaker 1: (19:22)
You get lonely like ignore that. You’re out there with a purpose like focus on selling, don’t get, don’t get caught up in the office drama and that is why guys are so reluctant to get girls as reps so I didn’t for literally my first two years managing I will like I will never recruited a girl. I’m going to simply because I had a drama. No, I literally was like, I just don’t want to deal with the office drama. This do did it. Then the first jerker girl, she literally dated three different dudes on the team throughout the summer and they all do really awkward. It’s like you just were making out with him. I’m not going to do anything but like what are you doing? I’m like, I’m glad you are here to sell. Luckily she did sell but it was like what reason? Like I’ve had other girls come out because it’s like how cool I get to go be around 20 good looking dudes that all are successful and it’s like I don’t want you on that. Girls like they will like you so much more if you’re killing it and not paying attention to them. Honestly. That’s probably true. So actually like yeah, just go, go kill it. It’s just like, hey look, I’m not going to work. Like wait, why are you messaging can be ignored. I’m sorry, I’m so glad that he’s talking about this is awesome. Good stuff guys. Just realize this is how the game goes. I know the game. So next. Any. Yeah, anything else? Anything else for girls?

Speaker 2: (20:56)
That is some really good advice that I would say that is like probably what makes it or breaks it but also I think just like stop being a baby, like you have it, you’ve got it down like there’s no difference between a girl and a guy. There really isn’t. If you go out there and put in the hours and like actually just like set a goal and stick to it, then you’ll probably hit it. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (21:19)
Okay. Here’s two really awkward, weird question, but I know girls have asked Sweaty, Hot Georgia. How do you deal with makeup? And I deal with it odd like, yeah, like cause I’ve had that it’s so hot and I just feel like I’m melting like you are, you are racing. So it’s the customer. Okay. Okay, good. At least you look good and like you’re still melting looking good like a girl. I love it. So anything advice on what to wear? Um, you know, a lot of girls have the questions. Like is there a length of shorts that’s too short? Yeah. You know what I mean? Like as far as the tire, is there any advice there?

Speaker 2: (21:57)
I did cut a pair of shorts, like at a certain length because if you were him too short, the mom actually won’t buy.

Speaker 1: (22:03)
Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. My God. Notice. Exactly. You don’t want to look too hot, but you don’t want to look like a guy either. You know what I mean? Yeah. Like do it in the middle length. Yeah. But not like, Hey, I’m out here

Speaker 2: (22:16)
or selling other things. Maybe that you might not exactly I think is pest control.

Speaker 1: (22:21)
No, it’s a question that I have a lot of people have is like where’s the line? Because I think people lose sales because of their short shorts or long. Yeah, exactly. Look Pretty, but don’t look hot. Yeah. Like whoa, whoa. Yeah. Good. Um, now guys paid attention. Now we’re about to get to the good stuff once I’m not female. So if you’re male watching them, I’m sure they’re very intrigued. No, I’m sure they are. Honestly. I’m sure they are. Um, okay. So next question. Focus you. You’ve kind of, you know, off camera we talked about there’s this practice that you’ve kind of, over the few years you’ve done this, you’ve trained your mind to just dial in like you’re honed in. What do you do to just hone in?

Speaker 2: (23:05)
Well, trained is like the key word because it does, it’s not easy.

Speaker 1: (23:08)
Oh, were we all have add or, oh yeah, I’ve add, yeah. Terribly. Exactly. That’s why I’m like, the biggest problem with salespeople is they just really good and then come night time I’m just like whistling like I’m annoying. I’m like, okay, focus. You know what I mean?

Speaker 2: (23:24)
But like aside from that, like what I do actually is I will literally make myself focus on what I’m doing in the moment. Like even when I’m driving, I will like tell myself, if I start thinking of something else, I’ll be like, you’re focusing on driving and the music it, that’s it. That’s all you’re allowed to think about. Like I will literally

Speaker 1: (23:44)
awesome myself focusing

Speaker 2: (23:46)
on what’s on, what’s my moment because in the, and that’s an interesting practice. So important. Think about it just door by door. And this is actually a principle. I travel around speaking and yeah, this is one of the principles I teach. So I’m glad you said that. Yeah, because it’s, mine is every knock, every door knock every day. Right? Right. So if I’m focused on the past door, no, I screw that focus on the future doors. I’m like, oh, what about all that door over there and tried to talk to this person? It’s like, no, every door, every day is a day prior. I could have thrown in 10 but it’s a new day. So hyped up on yesterday. Then today I might fuck or you know what actually, like I told my bosses, I said, believe it or not, I said, I’m going to hit a thousand accounts list here. And they’re like, oh yeah, you are.

Speaker 1: (24:37)
Yeah, but that’s all I was told later. I’m called tall. No, he,

Speaker 2: (24:43)
we like, I posted something of Shannon’s saying like, Amy’s going to hit a thousand miles last year, so I know they did think that, but I do think a part of them was like, oh, everybody talks. They’ve been doing it forever and a lot of people do talk. Oh, you’re talking about they’re just just in come on. But like halfway through or like in the beginning of the summer, I was focusing on, I noticed I was focusing on that thousand accounts and I own a psyched me out where I was like, okay, getting anxiety about it. And I’m like, what am I doing? Just like, okay, rewind and go back, focus on the moment and like forget about that. Don’t have a goal. Like my three before, three goal I tell you about. Yeah. That’s not as Michael. So if you’re able to, for three you’re driving, your focus is three or four 3000 it’s like that will come as long as I’m doing my three before and then like around five or six in my head I’m like I have, I’m should be at like seven or eight at that point like I should be. And if I’m not that, I’m like, okay, I need to like go a little harder. So like I do have those goals, but I don’t like say, okay, I’m going to sell 14 today. I never do that actually before three I do it in my head a little bit, but there’s no like goal

Speaker 1: (25:55)
that’s so, and I’ll get it, write it down every, yeah, because the, the issue is so many people get hyped out out of themselves. Like they psych themselves out totally because they’re focusing not what’s in front of them. They’re focusing on what’s way down? Like the job’s hard enough. Don’t put more pressure if it’s not necessary. You know what I mean? 100% yeah. So what are the things to focus or actually the better question, what other things to deal with the emotional side? Because you do have feminine energy. Oh yeah. So it’s kind of like, and I’m talking to guys and girls. Yeah. That feministic energy that wants to just, just try like just, just validate that the day suck. Let me play victim for awhile. Yeah. I just need somebody to like hold me for a second. Like that kind of feminine energy we do it to, I’ve heard them, people trust me, got on the phone calls and like to talk to me through this. Help me out. Can you talk with me? Oh yeah, I’ve had that. That is a feminine piece of energy on it. Saying I can’t process my emotion. So like that’s really the question. It’s like what have you done to hack

Speaker 2: (27:08)
and say,

Speaker 1: (27:09)
here’s how I processed the emotion that comes with this hectic job.

Speaker 2: (27:14)
Well, like it’s important like I feel like the most important thing is like respecting yourself because if you have self respect you’re going to get the crap kicked. Like you’re going to like actually get people like telling no.

Speaker 1: (27:28)
Yeah, like not nearly as bad. Nice anecdote. I laugh because people like I’ll go knock with people and they just assume that everybody says yes. I still have. I told you I’m Helen. She’s been thrown in jail, two dogs, those two dogs fit me. I went to the hospital, the for that and stitches and two guns. Like yeah, it still happens to you and you still get your face kicked in. Oh yeah. But it’s, it’s what we do with that is what makes it top rep

Speaker 2: (28:05)
good. No, legit like you can’t just be like, it’s not black and white. You have to acknowledge it because if you don’t then it will get in your head later on. But what I do is I like telling myself like in my head like I will let you deal with it. Just not right now. You’ll deal with it when you’re done selling. We’ll have time to think about it, process it. It’s going to be good. We’re not going to focus on it right now cause you have to tell you, you have to give your time to like process

Speaker 1: (28:32)
the fact that your body dealt with him, wants to deal with it, and it’s, yeah, it’s just getting beat up and allowed it, but not then. So then so you tell yourself, you’re like, okay, we’ll deal with this later. It’s cool. Let’s just keep going. I do tell myself it’s that self talk on a consistent basis, right? Oh yeah. In the end of the day comes, do you do anything to kind of decompress and like, Oh yeah, no, I can just let it all come now. Like it’s usually

Speaker 2: (28:59)
I’m like actually want to deal with it at that

Speaker 1: (29:01)
point of this as a kind of like con good. Yeah, it’s all good. It works itself out. That’s what’s so crazy. That’s why I asked the question because I think a lot of people realize it’s, they don’t, you can’t sweat the small stuff and people sweat the small stuff. They want to naturally because they don’t want to deal with the honking on people. They want to justify why they’re such a victim. They want to play the victim because it makes them feel good. So the know better about what’s happened. To have a story really fun to go to. Manager was like, well I bet. I mean it was because of this and that. And then there was this dog and that’s why big one. I mean, had I had to say no. After

Speaker 2: (29:39)
I got bit by that dog and went to the hospital,

Speaker 1: (29:42)
I went back out and sold nine you heard me? Yeah. Hold on. You got to read this real quick, but you literally heard it firsthand. Sold nine after he got divided and went to the hospital. Yeah. Yeah. I think people, yeah, guys, just, I just stop here. It’s almost like God, it’s like playing the next time I’ve trained my brain to in this video, so in university, if you have university, you’re watching. Yeah. This video managers play this. All right guys, let’s get it out there today. And everybody’s like, Oh man, it’s tough. Dog sold nine right after. Now the rest of Y’all, what story you got it. It’s kind of like, and after I went to jail for six hours, the next day I think I went out and full 12 is the number I hit works. Then you know, I actually had a rep got thrown in jail went, Huh?

Speaker 1: (30:41)
First soliciting. By the way, that’s why I went to jail. Just so you all know. It wasn’t for anything, you know, just getting good, weird. Literally. Just so you all know, I had to get thrown in jail and he, he’s just drafted this mission. Just the most Peter posting cat guy never had a speeding ticket. Oh God isn’t just shell and the literally I go pick them up. I’m like, oh my belly out. Like I’m sorry man. No worries. You’re good. Do you have, sorry, I’ll take responsibility. You whatever. Yeah. He goes home like literally, I need the next flight home. I can’t hack the course is crazy. And I’m like, his life sober. He’s life is, it was, I’m never married. Yeah. It was like, I’ve been so sick, like I need to get baptized again. Like he was like, oh, like the looks that the people in jail were giving me the people walking by like what did he do?

Speaker 1: (31:36)
He’s not a rapist, isn’t it? It’s like, no, you didn’t have your permit and when you were supposed to do, and he didn’t even realize were in city limits like right. It was a fluke incidence, like I’m sorry, but guess what? Yeah. I could have said like I got thrown in jail one time and I was like, I’m like, I actually went back to the same damn town and I was like, this is my hood. I’m loving this. Yeah. You’re almost like, if this is the tongues, now I’m going to go back there and face that town and killed it. Own it. Yeah, exactly. That’s important. Hashtag hack, why is she a top performer in this space? Plants and things. A challenge to me. Yeah. I embrace it and you just stop caring. Like who cares? It’s like, oh, I want to know. Especially in Utah, everyone, judges, whatever, like who cares?

Speaker 1: (32:23)
Most of those people aren’t even doing anything with their lives. So they think and what’s so funny, it’s like almost like, it’s almost like fun to me in the sense of yeah, I knocked doors. Yeah. I ride a scooter door and I’m like, I don’t care. Who Cares? It’s like, wow, that’s cool quote and get afraid. Him Go for free. Yeah. Having that whole like, let me brush it off. It’s whatever. I’ll deal with it later. It’s don’t sweat the small stuff. I love that. Okay. We’ve got to move on because I want to dive into the nitty verde sales stuff. So if you’re listening and you sell pest control, we’re about to get real. If you’re listening, if you’re not selling pest control, this is kind of way hang up. Or if you want to ever sell pest control it this way, it gets real.

Speaker 1: (33:05)
So don’t hang up. It’ll be the psychology of selling like the end of the day. What’s so funny is I good stuff. I took my alarm pitch and I did told her and I did the same pitch and then I did roofing did the same page. I’ve done this and that and I’m like, so now I travel around. I literally trained for JF, the largest roofing manufacturer in the world, and I travel around the country speaking for him and I’m like, I never even had roofs, but here’s my process. I’m like, it’ll work. And they go out and try it and they’re like, holy cow. It’s a confidence, like so important. It’s so true. Like having just a process and the confidence and what you say and who you are. Amen. Okay, so let’s dive into it. Tell us first off, secret to sounding pest control. Just, it doesn’t have to be pitched. It’s like what’s, is there a, is there a secret you want them?

Speaker 2: (33:59)
Yeah, there’s a lot of secrets and I’ve been asked that a lot this summer. There’s a lot of secrets. I’m just saying there’s got to be common work for me. I’ll teach you everything. Just kick. No. In other words like, yeah, there are some secrets. I think the most important thing is people just want to relate. Like they want to know that they’re understood. That is the secret. If you can actually make that person feel like you’re understanding them, then you’re already halfway there. If anything, like you’ve pretty much told them,

Speaker 1: (34:29)
so when you say understand, expound on that. Like I’m customer your rep, so like, like, like it’s more like I’m a problem or you,

Speaker 2: (34:39)
it’s on the problem. But like if anything, just like they, okay. This is what I think a lot of people, a lot of people go out and knock and they’re like, okay, if I act like I’m a boss, then they’re going to buy from me. No they won’t. They’ll just look at you like you’re an idiot and they’ll shut the door in your face because you’re superior to them. And nobody likes that. If you go out there and like, I’m sorry for myself, then they’ll probably treat you like that and you’ll leave feeling more. Sorry for yourself. There’s a middle ground, like don’t act superior donuts, sorry for yourself. Like level with people. They just like, they’re human. Like if you treat them like they’re human and that’s that, then yeah, it’s like honestly makes a big difference where they are. Yeah, exactly. Don’t come. They’re your best friend. Like, Hey, it’s been awhile. Wasn’t in Lasagna recruitment like total Lasagna wasn’t it?

Speaker 1: (35:38)
And it’s like that approach it like that. And you’re like, didn’t you invite us in and you could even do that. I’ve done. I tell you like you approach in the sense of I was invited were your best friends. You didn’t know it. But we’ll be best friends to have that attitude. That will make a big difference. I love that. Okay, so average sell time and what do you mean? Well, how long does it take to get your sale? Start a sentence. Like 15 minutes. That’s awesome. Because I think some people, it’s 30 minutes and I’m like, all right, get it gone. You’re really making me explain how the eaves get sprayed again please. Like please, ma’am. No, I mean to myself, I’m like, come on, what’s wrong with you? Come on. So ratio out of 10 doors. How many clothes? I close a lot.

Speaker 1: (36:31)
Like probably if I, okay, fine. Knock like 10 doors. The answer like PR potential, probably close like seven of them. That’s maybe so sorry. I’m just given like good frame to this and then we’re going to go into the nitty gritties. So let’s go into just simple your icebreaker. Do you have like a key first 32nd time? Give me your first two favorite and, and, and I’ll play, I’ll give you my scenario. My intro or what do you mean? Yeah, intro first 30 seconds. So I’m going to be not getting too much. Yeah, you can give as much as you want, but I’m just saying I’m, I’m a 65 year old dude retired and the kids in the house like a little bit lighter actually. No, no, no. I’ll play that. I’m like, no, no, no. What you would, if it’s a 65 year old man, you talk slower and lighter.

Speaker 1: (37:23)
They don’t want, I like strong aggressive person. They’re more, you have to talk louder. Amen. So let’s do it. Hi, how are you? Like a little certain and then like if you go to an older guy, I’d be like, hey, how’s it gotten? Like there’s two different approaches like slower and softer or more aggressive. And so you’ve even studied down to, I think a lot of people don’t pay attention to those little details. And then why you guys, as you watch this, listen to how dialpad voice, she knows, she knows what six, five oh light and soft and slower to be a lot sweeter. Like if anything you might even flirt with them a little bit because it’s like they’re the same as the guy they want. I want to feel connection and to feel like, oh, it’s my girl. Your eyes a little bit, smile with your eyes like yeah, totally love it.

Speaker 1: (38:17)
Okay, so then I’m a, let’s go through it a little bit. So I’m middle thirties to little kids, you know, kind of a new family, younger family, first time homeowner average. Then I’ll be very competent, very competent. So give it to me. So a place that they don’t know either. They’re figuring it out too, you know what I mean? You’re the expert, the expert. The older guy might, it’s like act like the expert and I’ll like let him, but this guy, like he’s not the expert. I know he’s not. So I’m going to take advantage of that. I, yeah. Okay. So give it to me. Ready? Go. Hi, how are you? What do you want?

Speaker 2: (38:56)
Yeah, my name is Amy. So we’re going to go ahead and set up a route for the community. I guess everyone’s been seeing like a ton of bugs. Are you seeing ants and spiders, I’m assuming, right?

Speaker 1: (39:07)
Oh yeah, like all the bugs, like the wasp. Oh yeah,

Speaker 2: (39:12)
exactly. So we’re going to go ahead and take care of all the homes today and tomorrow. If you can just be here while we’re out. It’s more than half off. How much is it? How many bathrooms do you have?

Speaker 1: (39:25)
Bathrooms? Do I have it? Yeah, that’s all I’m giving you. How many bathrooms do it? I changed the subject. I changed it all the time. Right? I know. I saw what you did, but I was like, I love that. Cause like that. So Josh Sutherland, I was telling you about like, we did the same kind of thing on the podcast. I don’t say that every time. No, but what you’re doing ecology, it’s a redirect. So He’d be like, so who’s your homeowner’s insurance through? Or just random. So like, oh, did you, did you see your kids played baseball four? I’d be like, what are you seeing again? Did you say spiders? Okay, let me show you how it works, so let’s go to that. So would you say that’s an objection or it’s just no, I asked a question, right? I said, so how much is it because aren’t you going to get that? Nothing is like actually an objection, I don’t think. Yeah, it’s just kind of like all just like, okay, what do I say? Go. It’s just like Matrix. Actually think of it as an objection. I think it’s gonna like getting your head. I said, how much is it? You said, how many bathrooms do you have your psychology behind that

Speaker 1: (40:31)
change the subject, get them off the topic and the price. You just keep going slow.

Speaker 2: (40:36)
There’s one thing I actually do, I’m might find my time for saying this, but I do not let people take the power away from me. Like that’s I think very important, especially for a girl. I don’t know. Maybe maybe

Speaker 1: (40:50)
a guy too. It is important just as much for a guy. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it totally to draw on the door, I’m like, is my, I’ll let you know when you’re, oh goodness, yes. My, as soon as you give up that control, that power, it’s game over so you can control by the way, asking a question. I think a lot of people think if I talk faster and louder, then I’ll give more control. I can control by not responding when they’re asking me to response. There you go. I do things on my time that is control. There’s a thing, and I think it’s so important because I think a lot of people misunderstand when they say, well, I’ve got to be in patrol. They bring that whole superior and people hate that eat. It’s, I don’t know why they’re so rude to you if you act that way.

Speaker 1: (41:38)
Yeah. People I’m giving too much. No. But no, but this is, it’s just simple principles that I think people want to hear, but they don’t ever really get taught on. And so that’s why I wanted to tell a lot of people don’t like actually sit there and realize you don’t process that. They don’t, oh, I’m being a dick. Like what he wants to buy from a Dick. So like it’s simply so then I’ll be overly nice. Well, nobody wants to buy from someone overly nice either it’s I’m in the middle and meeting them at their level, but I’m not letting, I’m not buying into their game. I’m going to let them play my game. So let’s play a couple of other objections and I want to kind of dive into, and I would watch how you maintain control because this is an interesting case. Okay.

Speaker 1: (42:19)
Oh, well, we’ve already got, we’ve already got a Peskin it’s pest controller. We’ve already, we’ve already got it. Said the same thing. Who are you using? Oh, we use Orkin. Orkin. Uh, they’re a great company, Huh? Yeah. How much are you paying? Uh, was, I dunno, but we’re pretty active. Yeah. You’re probably paying a ton actually cause they charge a lot. So I’ll go ahead and give you a really good price and we’ll do just as much if not more. So let me show you how it works and then you transition. Cool. Okay. So you played in, tell me kind of what you did there. You have to acknowledge like what they’re telling you. Cause if you just like jump over them, then they’re going to be like even more defensive because that is a defensive thing that they’re saying already. So if you don’t acknowledge that and bring it down, then they’re just going to like make you leave even faster. Cause I think I notice, I want the listeners to notice you didn’t speed up, you didn’t give jog or you’re kind of like, oh yeah, they, they see back to, to speed up guys. I don’t think a lot of people catch these little things that I do. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (43:30)
Um, let’s do it slower, Ken. Oh, I already have a company. Sure. I’m not the people who are easing where, what he’s expecting you to say is, oh my gosh. Oh. So okay. You already have a company like, oh darn it. I was expecting, he wants to shake you up. Hey, I want you to leave. And that’s assuming I can get you to leave by saying I already have it. And you’re just like, oh yeah, you want to have a conversation about your company. Thanks for bringing that up. Like Duh, you have a company that’s awesome. Of course you have a company just like of course, to everything. Curious. I appreciate you. So yeah, let me show you how low we, and I think that’s, that’s new mom. Oh, interesting. Yeah. Um, so kind of what we do and don’t let them see that you’re like actually like one grain or like stopped in your steps a hundred percent and just keep moving and don’t let them see that your change don’t joggle to um, another objection. Ready. Um, honestly you’re like the fifth pest control guy that’s coming,

Speaker 2: (44:37)
but those guys, you know, when I do say this is funny, those guys are so annoying. Don’t you hate that they calm? You should put a no soliciting sign up. Probably make less of them come. Anyway. Let me show you how it works. I know. Joke say that. I love it. Oh my God. I literally will be like, oh my gosh, those guys are so annoying. Yeah, your neighbors told me too. They’re so annoying.

Speaker 1: (45:03)
What’s the psychology there? Cause I want people to catch because it’s not that she’s just seeing it.

Speaker 2: (45:08)
No, in my head I believe I’m meant to be there. I’m not soliciting.

Speaker 1: (45:13)
You’re, you’re, you’re one. You’re respecting yourself too. You’re meant to be there. It’s kind of like, oh Whoa, I’m split. Like I’m supposed to be right. I got you. I think I was annoying. Guys are just trying to like, yeah, I got you.

Speaker 2: (45:31)
And if it’s like one of those soliciting signs that are like handwritten or like something crazy, then all I acknowledge it, I’ll be like, I saw your no soliciting sign. Don’t worry. I’m not soliciting anyways. Like you got to acknowledge it. If it’s like threat

Speaker 1: (45:48)
so big. Yeah, we’ll bring it on the tribe. You know, this uh, I mean there’s been some creative ones posted. Totally. Like, who takes the time to like, Hey, just so you know we have guns here. Like excuse me, what happened? Cool. Thanks for]. We’re going to shoot me stall thing at your door. It shows the last topic that we finished, Ken, there’s a level of persistence. What’s your level of persistence ferry there and I want to speak to this and I assumed that for two reasons. One, your top performer, which persist I think a lot harder than most. And two you’ve had two guns pulled on you and you’re attractive and you know what I mean? Not most people are like, well they pulled a gun on this random girl knocking on my door. By the way, I haven’t even like said anything both times. Like I just knock on the door and they’re holding a gun. It’s wild. So what I want it, this is an interesting question. I’ve never asked this to people. Yeah. Level of persistence. When do you stop?

Speaker 2: (46:48)
Sometimes I like actually will be like, what the crap did you just do? You should’ve stopped earlier. Like sometimes I’ll get carried away. It’s almost like a game. Do it though. I’ll just keep going. I gotta keep going. If they don’t. Okay. I’ve actually told people, I would have said this before if you don’t literally tell me no and to get off your property, just so you know, I’m not going to stop.

Speaker 1: (47:12)
I will say that. That is so cool.

Speaker 2: (47:15)
Like I’ve done that plenty of times. It’s like just, hey, if you don’t literally like kick me off your property, I’m going to keep talking you into buying this.

Speaker 1: (47:24)
So how does it end up for, do you feel like that

Speaker 2: (47:26)
they love it? People want to like actually think you’re working for them. It’s like I’m here to earn your freaking business. Like I’m here to make it happen. Brace it. Yeah. And I think what happens is it shocks them. Oh and what does people like it? It’s a really been that persistent, persistent, like that’s pretty cool and they think highly of you. If you can sell that person, they’re actually like way stoked on you because at that point they’re like, wow, that person wanted me that bad that they went over all that bull crap just to like get me

Speaker 1: (47:59)
my favorite line. You’re the first door to door personal last 20 years that I’ve ever bought from. Oh you want to know the worst line? You’re such a good cellphone. Oh, I’m like, don’t tell them. I’m like, that’s insulting. I’ve had that where I’ve literally said to the guy, I’m like, you just told me I’m a great salesperson and didn’t buy. That makes no sense. And he’s like, it’s like you’re really good man. Like you really like probably do pretty well. Like no, you need to work on some. It’s by, let’s go, let’s do this. How I am too told you. Is there any other thing on persistence like B

Speaker 2: (48:43)
like oh my gosh, I actually, you know what like that’s where a lot of people go wrong in their day to day is that they aren’t as persistent with their numbers. Like I have had the worst days. I told you I got bit and sold nine, like I’ve had the worst days, but like I am so stubborn about my freaking goals. Like if I have a number in my head and I haven’t hit that number, which is usually like at least double digits, then I like, I don’t care. I’m like I’m hitting the goal. Like I owe that to myself. Expecially because of all the crap I’ve dealt with. If anything like at least have something to show for it because once I go home feeling that way, I know it’s going to be 10 times worse if I don’t have success from that.

Speaker 1: (49:31)
Yeah, so true. Okay guys, you’ve heard it firsthand. She just shared one good, good stuff. So we didn’t hold back and I honestly want to acknowledge you for that. Like I know you’re kind of nervous at the first we were like, ah, and guys, if you don’t take something away from this guys in gas, just so you all know, like

Speaker 2: (49:53)
trained people with this stuff and seeing them hit double like this stuff works. Honestly

Speaker 1: (50:00)
it does. And that’s what you know. And I, I to just say thank you for being on the show and I’m excited to acknowledge you up on the big stage. And you know, this would be a bigger, much bigger stage this year. We’ve already had a lot of tickets sold and this will be fun anyway. You get to come for free, but you get the VIP dinner, something really cool on Friday night. And um, anyway, I got you a book by the way. I wanted to give you this, but um, and Oh, this is

Speaker 2: (50:28)
your book. It’s your book. Everyone should read this. Just so you know, this guy is hitting numbers that people don’t hit and alarms and he’s been in every type of environment with Sali and killed it, ABC’s of closing and I’ll read it.

Speaker 1: (50:44)
Um, and then I always ask this question, the last thing in the podcast in a really short summed up version, if you could give one piece of advice to the whole door were space, what would you give them?

Speaker 2: (50:55)
Do you know what? Like, honestly, I just felt like in life we have this one life and it’s so important to like just believe in yourself. You know what I mean? Like there’s so many people that could be rooting against you or obstacles. Everyone deals with it. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have the chance to actually overcome those and be something, you know what I mean? Like I didn’t start from this point. Uh, it was a lot of work and consistency. But if you actually keep going with the thing you’re working on, then you’ll probably have something to show for it. That’s awesome. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (51:28)
Okay guys, you guys heard it. I appreciate you being honest. Yeah. You guys much love share this. If you thank you all your friends.

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