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Hey Everybody. This is Sam Taggart, your host with the D2D podcast. And I’m here with Tyler Melton today. He is from Dallas, Texas and we’re both sitting in Los Angeles, Texas or Las Angeles, California right now. We are alive coming at you. So what’s exciting is worth the IMG expo.
Great. Great turnout. We had Bradley speak today and um, some awesome workshops, but we came out here to a roofing convention. We got to know each other a little bit and I decided, shoot, we need to get you on the podcast. She has some interesting stories. We’re going to dive into the most craziest story I’ve heard to date in door to door two days. So make sure to listen cause there’s going to be interesting. Um, but we’re going to talk on how to take your business from, you know, you’ve been in business for about three years now and you’ve now done over 30 million in business in those three years where most people that are just scraping by to get two to three, 4 million, you know what I need? And to go do that from nothing obviously takes a good leader, a good team, and you’ve done it in one of the hardest markets per se, right? Everyone’s like Dallas, there are 10,000 roofing companies in Dallas. And you just said, well, I’m going to do this. Boom, started up and have done what you’d done. So big props.

Speaker 4: (01:57)
100%, man. I appreciate it. Glad to. Glad to be here, man. Uh, love coming to Cali for these conventions. Uh, learned a lot, met a lot of good people. Um, but yeah, man, the Dallas market, it’s crazy. Um, I’ve got some crazy stories for y’all, so listen up. Um, but yeah, I started in 2016. January 11th one, one one, you know, I like seeing those numbers line up.

Speaker 3: (02:19)
Yeah. You kind of had this like weird aligning, you know, tell me the case. So you, you, you had been in roofing, how long? So you started, so I’ll start it. It was

Speaker 4: (02:27)
about 25 years old in 2011. I worked for another company for about five years. I was their top salesman. I sold over 5 million for Roman. It was brand new to the industry, never had a sales job before. I was just a go getter. Um, loved the hustle. No one’s going to outwork me. And, uh, you know, I took that and I just literally went door to door and started my business. I would knock doors for five, six hours a day. And, you know, I just refuse to lose. And I kept that attitude going and I just kind of built off that from, from 2016. Here we are in 2019 and I’ve done over $30 million in sales in the past three years. So it’s been awesome. It’s been a great, yeah,

Speaker 3: (03:04)
ride man. But I’ve learned a lot. Um, it took a lot of hits on the Chin and, and I’ve had to get up and face it and just keep going and, and man, it’s been a blessing and, and, and I love what I do, so it’s fun. That’s awesome. So obviously, you know, it isn’t always a smooth to 30 million, you know what I mean? Is we always make it out to be, and I mean, when you first started your own roofing Gig, right? Were you, did you have this like vision of like, we will do 30 million in three years or were you like, dude, I just hope that we freaking figure it out.

Speaker 4: (03:36)
No, look, literally I took it day by day, a door by door. I mean literally one step in front of the other. I didn’t worry about like where I was going to be in five, 10 years. Like I just knew that I had invested so much in my trade and I knew what I wanted. I made that decision ultimately. Um, and I had the faith to go with that. So it wasn’t just me knocking doors, it was me believing like the end result and me having faith in God and in my plan and my mission and uh, you know, the way I was raised, I’m the discipline and the sports and stuff like that. It’s, it just kind of all came out in me when I wanted to start my own business for one. You know, I like being outside. I like talking to people.

Speaker 4: (04:16)
I like making a lot of money. Um, so literally I went door to door after the horse or not hurricane after the tornado, there was a tornado was an f four tornado that hit the end of the December, 2015 and it took out like half a rally. But like the whole city, like it wiped it to the cinder blocks. So like I took that as an opportunity to go out and help people and give back and, and uh, you know, just give back to the community, help restore it better than it was before. Um, and make a good living, you know, won’t while doing that too. So, um, and like I said, I, I really enjoy it, but yeah, it’s been a challenge. It’s, it’s definitely not an easy business to step into and, and, uh, you know, start killing it by any means.

Speaker 3: (04:58)
Yeah. What were, what were some of the, uh, like hardships that you were not expecting? Like what was something in particular that you are like, man, I wasn’t planning on, I wasn’t planning on x by, or this just

Speaker 4: (05:13)
or ball threw me out. Sure, sure. Well, I mean, I was brand new to being an owner, so there was lots of challenges. Like I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Um, but I just took it one challenge at a time and I’m, you know, I’m the type of guy that I’m not just going to go through challenges without having a mentor or having someone to call or someone that’s already experienced it. So like I always call someone or, or whether it’s my family or a mentor or someone like you, and I’ll tell him what I’m going through. And I tried to, uh, you know, learn from ever everyone else’s hardships too and apply that to my own business rather than just go out and hit my head on the wall every day. Um, but yeah, it’s, it’s been a big challenge.

Speaker 4: (05:53)
I would say one of the biggest challenges, if not the biggest, especially starting out, is it’s cashflow. It’s cashflow. Um, you know, when I started this business, I was in debt, uh, probably $50,000. You know what I mean? But, you know, I didn’t let that hang over my head and say, look, I’m in debt. I can’t go out and make this money. And, you know, you don’t want any negative vibes. So, um, basically I just, I said, screw it. I’m going to go do it and nothing’s gonna stop me. You know, I know there’s an opportunity, nothing’s going to go stop me. So, um, but yeah, starting out cashflow was probably my biggest challenge because look, you go sign up 20 jobs and then you, and then you build them all in, in two, three weeks. Well next thing you know, you, you owe your crews, you owe your suppliers and you don’t have a relationship built with either one of them.

Speaker 4: (06:40)
So if you don’t pay your crew on Friday, they leave, they walk. If you don’t pay your supplier in 30 days, they walk and they tell all the other suppliers too. So it’s not like you can just screw over one supplier and you know, you screw over ABC and then you can’t go to southern or RSG. It doesn’t work like that. And like, um, you have to have all bases covered. So, um, with me, the biggest problem is starting off was it wasn’t selling deals because, you know, I mean, people like me and you, we can go, we can go get ink pretty easily, but, um, it’s about being able to build those jobs, being able to build them correctly, being able to warranty them, being able to handle the insurance company and get them approved. Um, and then being able to collect your money.

Speaker 4: (07:21)
You know, if you don’t do all those things then you’re still screwed. You know, you could go, you could go do six out of the seven and then if you don’t get the money, you just wasted all your time. You know what I mean? So, um, but yeah, I mean those are my probably the biggest challenges starting out, uh, you know, cash flow, making sure the crews are paid every week, stuff like that. Because for me, I didn’t have lots of money in the bank when I started. I didn’t have any money. I was in debt. That’s crazy. So,

Speaker 3: (07:48)
well, like relationship wise or family or like friends, like what were they telling you? And you’re like, f this, I’m starting my own.

Speaker 4: (07:55)
Yeah. They didn’t really know what to say. You know, I came out and told some guys and, uh, they were just like, really? You know, that’s, you know, that’s cool. You know? And, but really for me it’s, it’s all like, I’m self driven, so like, it doesn’t matter for me what, what anyone else thinks or says, like I learned at a young age, they’re like, just like Bradley just said on stage, like, don’t, don’t give a shit. Like who cares what people think. And that was the biggest thing for me. If I were to, if I were to cared what anyone thought when I went to start this business, then I would have never got to where I got, you know? So I kind of just said, screw it. I don’t care what I think or what other people think. I want to go do this and no one’s gonna stop me. And that’s still my attitude. Um, and that’s going to continue to be my attitude, you know, until, uh, until I’m gone.

Speaker 3: (08:42)
I love that. You know? So I love that. So you started, how quickly were you hiring others versus just being a one man sales guy? Like, like how fast did you build? Cause now you have 35 sales guys. I mean it’s not like you’re just one man show doing. Right. But I mean at what point where you’re like, okay, I need to build a team.

Speaker 4: (09:00)
Definitely. You know, I started the company in January of 16, so, um, you know, I worked for another company for five years and they actually went under, you know, that’s kind of why I started my own deal. I was a very loyal guy, was the top salesman every year. I’m the hardest worker in the room, the first guy in the last guy out every time. So, um, you know, that’s, that’s just kinda how, how it went. But sorry, I kinda got yeah,

Speaker 3: (09:23)
no, but like when did you hire your sales team or did you pull them from the guys that I pulled a couple guys right

Speaker 4: (09:29)
from the old company and those were my first two guys like to come with me. Um, and, and, and they did really well for me, helped me get some signs. Planet in the neighborhoods helped me get some traction because when it’s just you, like, it’s really tough to get going. Like you wouldn’t need like two or three guys that way. Help you build that traction, help you get the, you know, those sales funnels, the neighborhoods, the plant, the signs, and then your phone starts ringing. You know, once you start building and doing good work and people see your signs planet, um, you know, and then you’re knocking doors too obviously. And then, um, you know, I started firing up leads and stuff like that, but, but yeah, I pretty much immediately got two guys to go with me. So it was like two or three guys.

Speaker 4: (10:13)
And then what I did was I had, you know, I have a lot of friends in the metroplex. Like I’ve been out here for 10 years, 10, 12 years. I went to Tcu, graduated in 2009. So I, I knew a lot of guys, I knew a lot of guys that, that were money driven, that were great guys that I knew I could turn to kill herself. And that’s exactly what I did is I went to like my best friends first. Like, uh, like one of my best friends, uh, you know, his name’s Clayton, you know, he was one of my first guys that I went to and you know, he’s at the top of my sales board every single year. And he had just been waiting for an opportunity like this, like his whole life. He’d never really had a real sales job where he could come in and, and make $150,000 his first year. And that’s exactly what he did. He came in and crushed it. You would have thought this guy was doing this for 10 years. And you know what I mean? So like, so now I had four or five guys, you know, I got a, one of my buddies moved up from, from Austin, you know, he came in and you know, I took him out for two weeks and, and now he’s one of my sales managers.

Speaker 3: (11:21)
I want to, I want to pause you because I think the principle here is you weren’t afraid to go to your best friend and say, dude, I’m doing this and you’re doing this with me. Right. You know what I mean? 100% and I think a lot of people’s fear is they think, oh, I gotta just going to, I’ll post an indeed ad, right, right, right. He studs right? I’m like, no, no, no, no, no, no. Call Your homeboys and say we’re rounding the crew again. Let’s go. And it’s like now this is the new sport that we get a played like we were playing high school

Speaker 4: (11:48)
100% like the last way you’re going to blow up your company off the bat’s indeed. Like you need to grow it. You got to get your, your network to buy in. And if you already know people that that love money and that that are driven and want to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, like those are your best also of your top prospects. Like you have to go for them first. Right.

Speaker 3: (12:09)
And you can’t be scared. People get scared to bring it up to them. They’re like, man, these are really good prospects, but what if I, what if I recruited them and then they didn’t do well and then I look bad and then it hurts my relationship. It’s like, no dude, this is the vehicle. And share it. Spread it out. Like they need to know about this. You’re doing it. The way is, yeah, if you’re doing a disservice if you don’t tell them about this a hundred percent dude, if you’re holding something back that can change their life, yes. They should be pissed off at that. Yes. Clayton, looking back today saying, had you not told me this, where would you be? You know what I mean? It’s like, it’s like, okay, let’s, let’s take the two pass and you go with net without this. Now you’re welcome. You know what I mean? It’s like I literally shaped your new future, your new perspective of money, your new perspective of your self worth. And I was the reason you did that. Like I just think it, I think people get fearful and recruiting and right now as a really heavy recruiting season, it’s like everybody’s like I’m ramping up their summer peak season, whatever, and I’m like, Geez, just open your mouth to your homeboys first. Like just start there.

Speaker 4: (13:14)
Right, right. Yeah, it’s, it’s pretty hard to just ramp up like two months before storm season. So yeah, like you got to build your round, you’ve got to build a brand and you got to, you know, you got to build jobs. Well you got to make sure you provide good customer service, good in house training and you’ve got to kind of grow it organically and the guys have to be happy. They got to like to work there. There’s got to be good atmosphere, good energy, high energy, like you said yesterday and, and that’s my main thing is I try to keep high energy. I tried to elevate everyone around me because I realized that, um, you know, you’re not going to just hire all stars, but you what, you can turn your guys’ end to all stars with training and processes and, and just being out in the field with them holding these meetings.

Speaker 4: (13:55)
He’s one on one, stuff like that. So, um, that’s, that’s really, really helped for us is it’s just building a, building a brand. And I’m still working on that right now. Like this is my first Facebook live video. So, you know, I plan on doing this a whole lot and a lot of podcasts and stuff like that to help grow us and, and want people to see us because we got, we’ve got a great company, we’ve done $30 million in three years from, this is our first three years. So imagine we’re where we’ll be in another three years.

Speaker 3: (14:21)
Yeah, that’s rapid growth. That’s awesome. Yeah. So I want to, I want to dive into this because you’ve had an interesting obviously roadmap and you were telling me about this principle of I just had this, it was like this one, one one kept popping up and you’re like what does the sequence kind of tell me this like story. Cause I think I love how you followed your heart. I love how you followed the signs. And I think a lot of times we don’t follow the science fair. Like I see the sign and then like, uh, so the hardest part,

Speaker 4: (14:52)
yeah it’s the hardest part. So I saw the sign like six months before I started my company. That was the crazy part. You know what I mean? Which, which I’ve always known like look like you’re a great salesman. You’re, you’re a very hard worker. Like I’ve always expected more from myself. I just always have like come from a sports background. So from Permian in highschool, Mojo, football, all that stuff. So I’m sorry I keep getting that trial now jack. So tell me kind of you had these different signs. Yeah. It was like you were like, there was the numbers every time I looked at the clock and he’s one, one, it was 11 so I see 11, 11 a lot. Like, uh, starting my company on one 11 so like, and I look it up like numerology and like the Bible, all that it says like new beginnings.

Speaker 4: (15:39)
Like for, for the number one, one, one, like I was seeing this like six, eight months before I started my company, just caps if not years. And then literally I would have people come up to me like at concerts, stuff like that and they would just tell me, look, I’ve never met you, but like your energy is crazy right now. Like, like I had five, probably five or six people tell me that, like within six months of me starting my company, just because where I was at mentally, like I knew something big was about to happen, but I didn’t know what it was, you know what I mean? But I put in that five years of work selling and hustling my ass off and, and, and not really being paid accordingly. And then your ride. I would see these signs, you know, I pray a lot.

Speaker 4: (16:20)
Obviously I’m big with faith. Um, I would see the numbers. Um, and then boom, all of a sudden the company I was working for went basically went bankrupt and closed their doors when I had six jobs ready to build, I was negative on cash. So boom, all of a sudden I got six jobs here and the company can’t build them and now they’re closing their doors. Well, I was looking forward to that 1820 grand off those six jobs. That was all the money I had coming in. And then all of a sudden that turned into no money. So literally I went from, you know, making hundreds of thousands of dollars, you know, 2012, 13, 14, and then 15 like, you know, all of a sudden they can’t build my jobs and it’s December. It’s already the slow season and I’m killing it. I got six jobs ready to build that’s good for a December salesman and then they can’t build them.

Speaker 4: (17:09)
So, you know, I just, obviously I, I sat back and I, you know, I wasn’t even pissed off was the crazy part. You know, I might’ve been for like 30 seconds, but deep down I knew what I had. I knew what I had inside of me to go out and do what they did, but times 10, you know what I mean? I knew I was good. I knew my trade. I’m great at door to door, I’m a big hustler, so nothing was gonna stop me. Like when I, when I put my mind to something, nothing stops me. So, you know, I took a week or so, and you know, this was like week before Christmas, and I literally just like would just talk to myself and, and I told him and I sat down with my dad and my mom and I said, here’s what’s going on. Here’s, here’s what I’m thinking about doing, you know?

Speaker 4: (17:57)
And, um, and it just kind of happened organically. Like, I decided myself, I had the faith and the mission, and then I just went for it. I said, dude, nothing’s gonna stop me. Even if I go out and sell 20 roofs this year, like I’m going to be positive, I’m going to be in the green and I’m going to work for myself and do this. Like this is my dream to work for myself. You know what I mean? So I just kind of took it as like a assign an opportunity, an opportunity, and then I made something out of nothing.

Speaker 3: (18:27)
I love that. I love that. So you’ve had a rep, I’m going to transition a little bit. You, you had this rep still having that? Yeah. You have this rep that had, this is a crazy story. So if you’re on Facebook or listening to this sooner, the tune into this, this is really interesting and we’ll finish with this. So I’ve never, I’ve had guns pulled on me in Dallas, right? I, I’ve had a gun multiple times. Get off my property effing little door to door guy. Right? Right. All the time. We’ve had those stories like this or give this a thumbs up if you had a gun pulled on you like your comment, your best story. Like Jesus put this out. And if somebody can come up with a cooler story in this one that are like crazier. I don’t say this is cool. I think this is crazy. Just crazy. Um, tell us about this rep in, and I want to talk about the principle and the mindset after this, but sure. Tell us the story. This is crazy.

Speaker 4: (19:16)
Well, first of all, I’ve never heard of anyone. Um, you know, I’ve always heard about people getting guns pulled on him. I’ve met adjusters for six years and I’ve never heard of someone actually getting shot at or you know, getting in a physical battle with someone. Um, so that’s the first thing. But, but yeah, one of my canvassers, he started working for me two years ago. It was right after the Frisco’s storm and a 17, the big storm, I think in March or April. And uh, he’d been working for me for two months, still works for me. Um, anyways, he was like an ex gym trainer, stuff like that. So real fit guy. Um, but he is hardcore door to door. He knocks hundreds of doors a day, and he’s the true killer out there in the market. But anyways, we had trained them up for a couple of weeks.

Speaker 4: (20:01)
He was doing real well. He’s getting 10 20 leads a day, stuff like that. And, um, you know, he’s, he’s one of my, one of my favorite guys in the company, just because of everything that’s happened. And he’s still hardcore. But, but what happened is we were at, or he was out in Frisco with two of my sales guys and, um, you know, he got a gun pulled on him at the door and, and this was the same week of a hell storm. So mind you, there’s probably 30 roofers on the street up and down the street. Like everyone knows what’s going on. Like there’s baseball, size, hail, there’s broken glass, every is beat up, every windshield’s busted, everyone knows it’s a catastrophe. So of course there’s the do not solicit signs, you know, and the neighborhood, which, you know, half of the United States have these signs, but it doesn’t stop.

Speaker 4: (20:43)
Anyone doesn’t stop us. And for one, we’re not selling cookies. You know, we’re, we’re trying to help restore someone’s property better than it was before. So, um, so basically Jake knocked on this guy’s door, um, you know, hello sir. I’m just here to provide a free roof inspection. Um, you know, we’re doing your neighbors across the street. We’re local, we’re fully insured and the guy is pissed off, you know, he’s probably had his door knock 10 times that day and he immediately kind of shuts the door, runs in, grabs his gun and runs outside. So my guy is like, what the hell? What the hell do I do? You know, so he kind of starts backtracking and he says, dude, like this is a free roof inspection. Like, just chill out. And the guy is so pissed. Jake starts running to the neighbor’s yard, right?

Speaker 4: (21:27)
So he’s in the neighbor’s yard. Well, the neighbor shoots him twice. One hits him in the groin and one hit him, um, and his pancreas. So he, he had to have emergency surgery that night, but, so Jake gets shot twice. Um, both my sales guys are on the street and saw it happen. I saw it happen. I’m sure you all saw this on the news. Give me some likes if you saw this on the news. Um, but yeah, both myself guys saw this happen. So Jeremy, uh, he runs down the street and literally might have saved Jake’s life. He, he put his hand on Jake’s wounds and held the blood so he wouldn’t bleed out while calling nine one one at the same time. So, um, you know, his dad’s a doctor, he’s not scared of blood. You know, my other guy, he’s, he didn’t want anything to do with it.

Speaker 4: (22:18)
He’s about to throw up, like he was down the street, like freaking out. Um, Jeremy on the other hand, he’s over here doing two things at once. He’s talking to nine one one. While Holden, you know, Jake probably saved his life and then I tell him this a lot. I’m like, dude, you realize you probably saved Jake’s life, right? And they didn’t. And he’s like, yeah, you know, he kind of doesn’t think much of it, but I think the world of him and you know, all my guys, but especially him for doing that, I mean, that’s like freaking Braveheart. Yeah. Um, but yeah, so anyways, Jake, you know, obviously the ambulance came, got Jake takes him to the hospital, emergency surgery, went through his pancreas. So, um, he had like half his large intestine removed. And um, the other, the other shot was this far away from his spine. And if it was an eighth of an inch, any direction he would have been paralyzed. Wow. And the other bullet, if it would been an eighth of an inch in any direction, he would have bled out. So to me, that tells me God was there. Obviously the angels were there looking after him, all that good stuff. And, uh, you know, Jake still with me now and, and he’s, he’s a warrior man. You should see the scar. He’s got a scar from here all the way down to his belly button. Um,

Speaker 3: (23:30)
I just, I just find this crazy because like to get shot, the trauma coming from that to an average person is like, I’m never knocking doors again. Like every door you go up to your like, cause you’re going to pull a gun on me, is he gonna shoot me? You know what in that right. Like it’s already scary enough going to a door. But after that experience and sort of like the mindset of him being like, all right, I need to get back to work guys. Like

Speaker 4: (23:55)
here we go, here’s like crazy part. Like I went to see him in the hospital like the day after and his parents are in there and he’s like, Tyler, man, I’m, I’m sorry. And you know, I’m like, Jay, what the hell you sorry for dude, like you’re a fucking warrior. Like you’re going to be like, I’m going to make you a star. Like you, you’re an all star. And he’s like, dude, I’m sorry, like I’m ready to go back to work. That’s the first thing he said to me when I went to the hospital and I’m looking at him and he’s like, he’s acting like nothing happened, dude. And I’m like, I’m like, I’m just shaking my head. I’m in shock. Literally. Like I didn’t sleep the night before because I feel so bad. I wouldn’t even, there had nothing to do with it, but I just got a big heart and I wear it on my sleeve and I felt so bad for him and his family and I wanted to do whatever I could to make it better. Um, but yeah, he literally acted like it didn’t phase him. So obviously it took him a couple of months, several months to recover. He was back to work probably in three months and he was knocking doors. He literally was, was ready to come back to work while he was in the hospital. And that, to me, that to me meant everything. Like, just seeing his spirit, like be where it was when that happened. Like shows me whatever I go through in life. Like you can make it out of it.

Speaker 3: (25:14)
Yeah. It could be worse. Right. 100% you know, we had a speaker at doors archine Pugin kids talk about positivity and he’s like, well, think of like it could have been worse. It could have been an eighth of inch to that. He could be parallel, it could be dead because they’re parallel. The mentally damage like to where he never wants to go to work to work again. And here he is, he’s like a fricking warrior. Like yeah, he acted like it didn’t even touch him. And, and that’s the part where in any situation in life, it’s all, how do we respond to it? And it’s like it happened, right? You didn’t control that control. You got shot. It’s like, Geez, we’re not expecting that. But it’s like the, the fact that he was able to just bounce back is still crushing, you know, a year later. And it’s, it’s what we do with situations like that is so powerful. And I’ve watched reps, you know, get a ticket from newer knocking and be like, I can’t do this anymore. And I’m just like,

Speaker 4: (26:10)
well, like for my guys, I offered them a TV, my cell, he got 35 sales guys in Plano proclaim roofing. I offered my guys a TV for the first guy who gets a snow solicitors ticket. You know what I mean?

Speaker 3: (26:24)
I love it. It’s like, it’s like, but it’s crazy because there’s, there’s times where it’s just like, mind the job plays mind games. Now as an owner, you have your own mind games. Like, how am I supposed to make payroll this weekend? We didn’t collect that game happened. You’re sitting there like, Jeez. And then the other mind gain of, well, I haven’t had a sale all day today. Does that mean I’m not going to sell the day? Like what if I don’t sell and then I can’t feed. My wife’s gonna get mad at me and they’re like, you know, like there’s always a mind game. I just think that this warrior of a rep, Jake, that gets shot to be able to go back into the field and just say, I’m gonna pick up where I left off a second, a second. I’m healthy and let’s go. I’m sure he’d go back to that street and just be like, I’m a fucking tell your neighbor he was ready to go while he was in the hospital.

Speaker 3: (27:14)
It was nuts to see like his response, just like you said, coming from an coming through an obstacle and literally for one he acted like it wasn’t an obstacle. And for two like he’s literally got tubes running through him. Dude. I’m like, Gosh, I can’t imagine that blew my mind. So I hope this, if you’re watching this, I hope this didn’t like startle. You know what I mean? That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that. I mean, no one’s, you know, I’ve never heard of anyone getting going door to door. That’s why it’s so crazy. Literally off for probably not 40,000 doors and, and I personally haven’t had a gun pulled on me, but I’ve had several of my guys but never has a shot. Been filed a trigger and I was mad adjusters for six years straight that have worked all over the country and never, you know, even like Detroit or Chicago, like they’ll pull guns but they won’t shoot, you know, shoot.

Speaker 3: (28:00)
Oh yeah. That’s why I was like, don’t think that this is like how it always, is it new to door to door. I’m just saying I wanted to be where. Right. But I just think it’s so cool the principal and the mindset of what he went through. Um, but yeah, I wanted to wrap up on that and I always ask one, I wanted to appreciate your time. Sure. 100% getting on this and then those that are watching and listening obviously, um, give, give him some love, you know, give them a like or something. But, uh, I, I wanted to ask the same question I ask every single person at the end. Uh, one, one piece of advice, if you were to give the door to door space, you know, it could be leaders, it can be repped, it could be roofers. It’d be not one piece of advice that you would just say five in a nutshell. Like a quick, like, here’s my best advice.

Speaker 4: (28:47)
Okay. So my best advice would be don’t listen to anyone. Um, go knock 200 doors a day. Um, make sure your pitches right and make sure you present value at the door on identifying a problem, and then identify a solution. If you guys can do that and make it, um, not about the price. Make it about what they’re getting. You know, that’s, that’s the whole idea. And sales and, and in marketing is present that value up front, up front for free. Do more than the other guy, you know, be hardcore, door to door, be consistent. That’s, that’s the biggest thing. And door to door is consistency and it’s a numbers game. So

Speaker 3: (29:30)
you got to know that. I love that. Well, I appreciate your time, brother. You have to come to come to point on, I’m coming to play it out though. I’m coming out of there in April. Yup. Okay.

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