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at the ADG dealer conference cause we have one of their top 10 dealers today and it’s been Brandon Barch on with America security and we’re going to be jamming on recruiting year round, but also selling gear round. You know, a lot of people, they’re like recruiting mode and they’d put the blinders on and then they’re selling mode and then the recruiting goes to crap and then the selling goes up. You know what I mean? And yeah, it’s just this, yeah. This battle of how to put a system in place to keep production in a constant, you know, you’ve always, you’ve consistently been one of the ADTs best dealers. You’ve figured it out, you know, based out of Arizona, right? Yep. And uh, this is in Mesa Mesa. You don’t have to deal with the weather in the winter, in the winter. But I was going to say it, I was like, you’re the opposite of us in Utah. Um, so I’m excited. Jaylin’s podcast. Thanks for your time.

Absolutely honor and pleasure being here and said such an honor to be here with you. No, I really appreciate all the stuff you do for our industry and so anything I can do to give back, I am all about it. Okay. We’re about to dive into some nugget. Sounds good. So tell us, I guess, I guess let’s get to the chase. How do you, how do you, how did you hear about door to door sales? I guess? You know, it’s, it’s, it’s actually a funny story. I was going to school at Utah Valley University. Okay.

Well Marines, if you’re willing to give it a big smiley face wolverines like this right now. So

I know it’s not there anymore because I drove past it when we went to daughter. Oh Con. But there used to be a gold’s gym. Oh yeah. Right there in Orem. And so I’m sitting there on a treadmill with headphones. Mind you, oh, just in, you’re not doing the job, doing a full sprint. And that’s when somebody came and recruited me. No Way. He’s just like, Hey, you keep flag me down. And I thought something serious was going on. And so he’s like, hey, so what are you doing? You know? And he replied to me, it was a monotronic dealership. Okay. Out of Lehigh. And that’s how my story began. So I was going to school for premed. Yup. Cause I wanted it to be a psychiatrist of course. And got a got real then. That is awesome. So somebody’s enough talking about recruiting. Think about it.

I mean these are simple principles. It’s always like, how’d you get recruited? Cause if we’re going to talk about recruiting, it’s kind of like somebody had the balls to say, hey, you look like you’d be good at this. Take the headphones off, stop the job. We need to talk. Pretty extreme circumstances. If you think about it, it’s creaking. Afraid to talk to, to somebody at a Starbucks or at a gas station when, yeah, here I am on a treadmill with my headphones on in a full sprint. And here’s the question, where is that guy today? So he’s still in the industry though. That’s the only industry and I think, uh, he works for that Orange Company. The beast. Yeah. And uh, so I talked to him now and then and we kind of joke about it, but yeah, he just, he’s not afraid to talk to anybody and he probably recruits more people than he sells alarms.

Yeah, that’s crazy. I mean, and I think a lot of times to be a good recruiter, it’s the open your mouth and not be afraid to just share what you like. Yeah, I mean it’s so often that we get so afraid to be like, what if? What if they say no? I mean doors to get slammed in your face, but you’re afraid of our recruitment like, Nah man. It’s like, okay, move on. You know what I mean? Like what’s the worst that’s going to happen? And really the transition point for me was you have to change yourself into a recruiting mindset if you want to go to the next level of this industry. So I mean, all of us, we can go out and knock doors and we can make a few bucks here and there, right? But if we want to go to that next level, we’ve got to get good at recruiting.

And it’s the same principles that we use in door to door sales. It’s just we have a different customer, right? Yes, yes. So let’s fast forward. When did you kind of start your own thing? Like, so I went and worked for this monitor onyx dealership. Uh, he did talk me into it by the way off the treadmill. And so I went and worked in Riverside, California. And I liked it so much that at the end of the summer program I called up the owner and I said, you know what? I really like this. I think I want to continue. And that was 12 years ago. Wow. Yeah. Wow. 12 years ago. And so I started with, uh, like I rented a house and we would have our correlation meetings in my living room and we had a big white board in our living room and had all the rules on there and we’d draw up where we were going and what we were doing.

And it just evolved from a house and to finally getting an office and to having a couple of vans and then having another office, you know, and, and now we’ve asked seven offices in eight states and growing. So it’s been a fun process. That’s awesome. Very fun process. What’s been the hardest part about it? You know what I mean? Like, like at what point where you’re just like, I want to kill myself. Quit and jump off a cliff. Like, what, what are, what are some of that? I don’t think we have enough time on this. Quite a lot of people see the glory of like, yeah, look at us. We got seven off. Yeah. I mean, but like not everybody can say that. I mean, just talk to a guy. He’s like, yeah, you know, we, we got our five dudes and it’s like, man, like some of these guys don’t even know what to do.

And we got seven states and you know, not just because the subjects of this, but the reality of the matter is recruiting for what we do is hard. Yeah. Nobody says I want to, I want to knock doors. It’s just not, the stereotype in society is not to go knock doors. It kind of looks down on our profession. And so getting people to change their mindset is always very, very difficult. Uh, and it’s, it’s hard work, you know, a little bit of physical hard work, but it’s really, really hard work mentally because we deal with so much objections and so much negative, especially when we start out and we’re not very experienced. That’s when we always get our hardest rejections. Yes and no. And I think for some people that that mental toughness is not there to deal with it. So recruiting is always, in my opinion, going to be the hardest part about what we do.

Yeah. And just kind of shifting somebody’s mindset from like, you can do this, you just got to work hard at it. And coming from a guy that has spent over 10 years trying to perfect a recruiting system, the numbers are bad no matter what you do. It’s just what we do is not made for everybody. And we got to get out of the mentality of everybody should love this and everybody should do this because really there’s just a select group of niche people that enjoy doing what we do as much as we do. And so we’ve got to go through the process of people coming in and people coming out to find those one or two people that just really appreciate and love what we do and want to grow with what we do. But when we do find those people, it’s such an amazing journey to grow with them.

It’s fun to see the guys like this stick with it a couple of years. And you know what I mean? All of a sudden they’re like, wow, I’m actually making a real man money. And Yeah, and, and you know what to see that the change that happens within them and how it changes their family and their lives, their finances, their just their mindset of, you know, I, I, these things are possible and I can do all these things. It’s really fun to watch. So here’s, here’s the question, since there’s so many, let’s say you hire 20 people and you know, how many of those 20 do you think are just going to not work out on average? 19 and a half. So, so here’s where I think a lot of recruiters miss, right? They feel bad about the 19 and a half. Yeah. So like what’s the mindset around the 19 and a half?

Right? So could you see how that like stops some recruiters that gives that ever stopped you in a sense of like, oh, I better not recruit because yeah, it does. Because it’s tough because you spend a lot of time and a lot of money to get people into a room to do a hiring session and to start training them and then you see all these people just leave, you know? And I think it’s hard for anybody to not take that personal, like, what did I do? Or, you know, to have not created a great environment or is you, you can, it’s very easy to doubt yourself. Yeah. But I can tell you from my personal experience, uh, you can’t listen to those little voices. And, uh, a good friend of mine a while back, that was one of my mentors told me, you know, recruiting first securities, kind of like a deck of cards.

You get 52 people in there and you’re looking for four aces, you know? And when you find those four aces, you, you got to dedicate your time and energy to really making them feel comfortable and showing them that it’s very possible. And, uh, we’re a big promoter of culture. And so, uh, if anybody goes onto youtube and just looks at America’s security, we have videos that we do. I mean, we’re just high energy, we’re fine. I mean, we just had all these Amani at our office a couple of days ago for our sales rally and we just have a great time and create that great culture. And in my opinion, it’s not the pay plans that get people to stay. You know, we’ve all heard the term queer people don’t quit companies, they quit people. Uh, it’s creating a great culture where they feel comfortable, where they feel supported and where they feel like they can grow.

Yeah, no, and that’s, that’s huge. And I, I’m excited to work together. Obviously you have the university, we’re going to go start building out, which I’m very excited for that. And you know, hopefully that’s going to make it not 19 and a half, but maybe eight, 10 and a half day. I mean, I’m like, dude, if I can get another one to stay, well at least my mission with this old program was like, Hey, let me help reduce the turnover a little bit. Like I still believe it’s going to happen. There’s people that aren’t cut for it. But here, I guess the other question that a lot of people have is how do you get the 19 how do you get the 20 people in the room? You know what I mean? Like I think a lot of people struggle and even filling the seats to even know to fire those, you know what I mean?

Like in the first place, like what have you done to, you know, I would, I would do a few things. One, you’ve got some existing reps, right? Yeah, I do some sort of system for them to be a part of your recruiting process. Okay. So we do a few things. One. We, we financially incentivize them to bring people in themselves because those are always going to be the people that will stick to John who have no somebody in the business and, and are there. Uh, so we financially incentivize them to bring people into the business and once they hit a mile marker, give them another bonus there. Oh cool. Not only that, but we also can actually incentivize them to train. Are you open to saying, okay, it’s, it’s $100 if they start or it’s a thousand or you know, like it’s, yeah, so it’s 200 bucks bumps.

We get them through training and they get their first deal and then it’s another 500 bucks. Once they get into a gray shirt. We do a shirt program. Oh cool. So there’s a, an a level of progression. It’s in our training manuals so that they need to video. Nice. That and the university. Yeah. I didn’t know you had that. These buddy who’s not doing some sort of shirt structure. I definitely recommend that milestone w we talked about this today. It’s with what we do. It’s not like we’re going out more mowing the lawn and we get to see the tall grass. And then we moved along and we’re like, man, that looks great. Yeah, you get that sense of satisfaction with what we do. We don’t even walk out with paper contracts anymore, you know? So you’re in here getting a sale and you get a digital thing and there’s no gratification unless you have something like that.

It’s gotta be visual. And so that’s, that’s a really important part of it. And a, so us doing different shirts, one is recognition. You come into the office and if somebody sees a black shirt is the, the highest shirts here at belt that you can get within our company. And so when somebody sees a black shirt, they go, okay, he knows when we go to a rally, you’re like, okay, this guy, he’s got some experience under his belt. Oh yeah. I mean pins with eagles on it. All of these kinds of things that you can do to really just give people a sense of pride. It really helps. So we have four different shirt colors. There’s different, I’m looking forward to structuring door to door university too. Every time you upgrade you got different courses that you’ve got to take. Absolutely. Love it. They can get give, we can tie the shirts into a reward shop.

Yeah. In there. Yeah. Like you just got my wheels spinning and that’s all I’m like, oh, okay. I know where we’re doing this. So sure. Program a buddy system and really talking with your existing people. I think if they’re not financially incentivized, your existing people to integrate these people, then they’re going to have their own little cliques, you know, they’re going to kind of steer them away. So, you know, compensation drives behavior, you know, give them a piece of the pie to help out with recruiting takes some pressure off of the manager and get them excited about new people coming in versus the other way around. So it’s, it’s the in there, your people’s people working through that pipeline. Have you found other ways to fill the seats? Uh, you know, and we have our traditional, uh, use, you know, first it was Craig’s list.

You know, everybody’s on Craig’s list and we’re getting all these people in here and we kind of filter it through there. Now we use a variety of different things. We use social media, we use craigslist type ad placements all over the place in deed is a, is a big one right now. And we field calls, you know when we get somebody that calls in and inquires about a a position, we send them a confirmation email with a video about us. Oh cool. About our company and what we do and some of our values. And then we scheduled time for them to come in and then immediately when they come into the office, we take a lot of pride in all of our offices. They’re very nice and we walked into the office and we give them a tour so they’re already starting to feel like they’re part of the family.

And then we sit down with them and we do a disc profile with them. And so we know what type of personality we’re talking to. Out of the, out of the four profiles, do you find that there’s one that you found to be better sales? The Ds and the eyes as he in the eyes are, are typically going to be, if you’re wondering what this is, the disc profile is a, it’s a personality type profiling tests. It’s actually really interesting. They did a workshop here that was fascinating. What was the guy’s name is Jonathan Willis with armor security. So he’s right across the street from us and a cool check it out. I mean I was fascinated. So it’s you can actually download it for free or take it for free on Tony Robbins website. Yeah. And it’s important to know what you are first. No, because yeah, how they interact with each other.

Yeah. Um, so you interview him, you kind of go through this profiling and then you kind of, how do you start on like is there like a, all right, we’re going to start on a Monday or is it kind of like, cause when you’re year round it’s you have new people starting all the time, right? Yeah. And this is where I think a lot of people have their inefficiencies. It’s like you have your veterans, then you’re always plugging new dudes in with the veterans. And then it’s Kinda like the veterans aren’t getting the love because they always have to repeat the new training. So I guess what’s that balance like? That’s I, I’ve found that that’s a nuance in our business with us. We’ve always hired new people outside of the industry. Yeah. And we do big hiring sessions. We bring them all in and we do a couple of days of class training.

And on the first day of class training, we don’t even get into alarms. We don’t get into alarms, we don’t get into cameras, endorsed sensors or monitoring rates. And it’s just the mindset of what we do and wrapping their head around door to door sales. I think the best analogy I’ve heard is a, a trainer came into my office one day and he goes, Brandon asked me what I do and I said, okay, his name was Chris Lu, he’s a trainer in Canada now for another ADT dealer. He said, asked me what I do. And I said, okay, Chris, what do you do? And he goes, I’m a brain surgeon. And he goes, Ooh, ah. And he goes, now asked me what I do. And uh, so I asked them, okay, what do you do? And he goes, I’m a door to door salesman. And he’s like, you know, so we’ve got it there. There’s a big mental barrier for majority of people to get our stars, people, brain surgeons too.

[inaudible] I’m a brain surgeon. I knocked doors. I’m a brain surgeon as a psychic. Well, no, I’m saying like I surgically mess with people’s minds. That’s like I’m a brain wizard. Yeah, no, but I was like, no, I get it though. It’s true. It’s this like condoms.

Yeah. And that’s the whole movement of DDD and Dde con and this podcast. It’s like, it’s, hopefully you can look at it from a different perspective, but it’s also just mentally getting them in a state where they can actually go and get their face kicked in. You don’t know what I mean? Cause the, you know, you have will and the enough skill and we’re very good at teaching skill, but the will is something they’ve got to have and the will is the hardest one to overcome in this because they just, some people just can’t get over that barrier. And so that’s a, we spend the first day doing that. The second day, uh, we go over selling techniques and then the third day we partner them up with an existing Rep. Okay. That then takes them out in the field, shows them the ropes, and then that person has their go to from there.

So like the buddies, it’s not tying up the manager 24, seven and they have to split their first three deals with them. So the upside for the buddy is you get a couple leads essentially, that you can make a little extra money on. Correct. And it’s part of their incentivization to get to the next shirt class. Oh, that’s cool. So he hadn’t three deals for a certain number of people under their belt. Oh, that’s brilliant. So it’s tying behavior of like, you need to be the mentor. Right. It’s almost like a mentorship, right? To qualify for the next and that manager gets to sit back and see certain reps that are doing great at training and know, okay, this could potentially be a leader here cause we have two different types of black shirts. We have a black shirt that is strictly dedicated to sales.

You know, they don’t want to train anybody, they just want to go out and they want to hustle and get deals, you know? And so I totally respect those people. And then we have the ones that they want to get into teaching and developing other people. And so we have two different paths. Once you get to black shirt that you can start to grow with it. That’s cool. Now that’s, that’s brilliant. I think a lot of people that are very unsophisticated when it comes to let’s hire people, throw them out there. What the freak, it didn’t work. But you can tell like, but plugging them into a program like, and it’s, it’s year round whenever if you had 10 guys plugin or 50 guys or two guys plugin, it sounds like it’s kind of systematic. It’s like we know day three, you’re Bartner, we know the partners, they’re motivated.

We know because of that they feel welcome. They have accountability. Like I think that’s the piece that most of these, and not saying most, but yeah, a lot of companies they just miss, right? You have to be able to put yourself in their shoes. This is new there. There’s more than likely other people around because we do a group atmosphere. They’ve got all kinds of thoughts going through their head. Most of them were, or at least some of them definitely have negative bank accounts. So there’s a lot of stressors going on in their head. And unless you create that perfect environment that you can hold their hand through the process, they’re going to find any excuse they can just slip out. That’s kind of the unfortunate. Uh, and I’m a millennial, so that’s, I think we both are so we can throw ourselves on this, but I think that’s what it is, is there, when it comes to fight or flight, uh, unfortunately a lot of them will flight now.

So that’s why we spend the whole first day on the mental aspects of, you know, being determined and working hard and all those things. We just really badly. If you don’t have that, the door sensors not going to keep you doing as a matter of, it’s just kinda like, I don’t care what you’re doing. It’s like, good. I learned how to talk about the motion sensors and stuff. Yeah. I don’t know if I want to be doing this. Like I can’t, like I can’t see past tomorrow and the equipment and the monthly monitoring race is irrelevant. It’s easy. It’s the nitty gritty. It’s getting in the mindset or getting these guys to switch, flip that switch in their brain that says, you know what? This is new. I never thought of myself of doing this. Let’s, let’s give it a try. Let’s go all out.

Okay, so let’s shift gears a little bit. Selling. So because it’s year round, it’s hard to keep a high volume, right? It’s like, I remember when I switched to solar, that was my biggest pain point. Like we’re selling in our backyards, you know what I mean? To keep a consistent volume. You’d have guys going to make a good paycheck and a week and then disappear for a week and you’re like, like, is it like this is a vacation time now? Like, like, you know what I mean? I’m sure you deal with that. Like when you’re running a year round selling volume, how do you maintain volume or what do you do to kind of predict volume and create a constant motivation? Yeah, I mean we don’t really have a summer program style. We’ve, we’ve always been with exception to my first summer that I spent knocking myself.

It’s always been a year round program and we’re always recruiting people from local offices that were at, that we’re bringing in and stuff. You know, a lot of them don’t want part time anyways. Some people are in a different scenario where they’re going to college, which I was doing at the time. And this was a great summer thing to help pay for bills and to get some really good life experience. Uh, so most of the time we don’t deal with a lot of college students we’re dealing with after college or no college, uh, adult. Yeah. Like people are looking for this as a job. Yeah. Yeah. So then how do you keep them excited throughout the year and it is like a job, like how do you, like what systems do you put in place to kind of avoid the highs, the lows. And I’m sure you still have it.

I’m just saying. I absolutely do. You have things that kind of, you found a work, it keeps sparking and full of motivation. And we do, we do a few things because getting into ruts, I’ve been into a few reds myself, we all, and I think the best way to avoid a Rut is so first recognize your internet and to know why you find out why you’re in a Rut. And then three, actively change it. When we go out in the field, it’s a solo sport and we’ll, we’ll start to do things that we don’t realize are detrimental to our pitch. And it’s usually just the smallest little thing. I remember one right? I had and I mean I would sell for a day. When I was working, I was, I mean I would work all day. I would get to go to Jamba juice. That was my thing, and then go get another two.

That was my routine. Everybody has that. Everybody has their own routine. In fact, if you’re listening to this fact and and, and maybe comment on the feed your routine. I want to hear what people’s thing is. Mine, it was, I had to wear a hat. Like for me it was like this weird thing like you, it’s a head to get my John Vinci. It’s like I had a guy that was, had to have his coke at five o’clock I had a guy that had to have his button top button like, you know what I mean? It’s, it’s funny that you say that. It’s like I get my two big and majorities, I come back, I get out of it. For me it was white shoes. White shoes. Okay. I had to have white shoes and if they get start to get scuffed up, I try and clean them.

If I couldn’t clean them, I have to get new white shoes. It was a mental thing. I didn’t have really, really white shoes and Khakis because I spent my whole knockin career basically in southern California. So for the most part it was nice weather, but didn’t have to deal with a lot of the things that, uh, they do in Utah or Arizona where it gets so hot. So it was kind of an even balance throughout the, uh, the year. But yeah, I think it’s important that you look at though the habits that you have. I see a lot of, uh, uh, people in our company now, they’ll walk into a corelation meeting with the five gallon monster, you know? And so some, some of the habits that we do, I don’t think are really constructive for what we’re doing. We have to understand that it’s a mental sport, you know?

And if we’re not mentally sound when we come into work, it’s, it’s dramatically affecting your paycheck. You know, it’s like building a brick wall with only one arm. It just doesn’t make sense, you know? So you don’t have to prepare yourself to be mentally sharp. I would go to the gym before I started working, get my endorphins going and then go out and get a couple of deals, have a healthy drink or uh, if, if you’re one of those caffeine addicts, you know, get some coffee that doesn’t have a bunch of creamers in it or you know, just uh, or it’s going to get you a run into Starbucks again three seconds later. And so it, healthy habits are very, very important. And so we preach a lot of that stuff when we’re working to make sure that we don’t have any issues. That’s smart.

I mean, I’ve watched people literally lose production because of unhealthy habits. Right? It’s like thinking about even a smoke break. I have reps that have just about, and you know, if there every hour taking a 15 minute smoke break, you add that up over a year and a lot of minutes lost. Or you know, guys that physically or out of shape and it come six o’clock. It’s like the body’s like dying, but you know what I mean? Like they’re exhausted. Like the legs aren’t working that you know. So I just think even simple like it’s, it’s huge and a lot of people under under or overlook that aspect of this job is the physical. Every job has tools. Yes. That you’ve got to have to be successful for door knocking. Your primary tool is your mind. Yes. And all, it never fails. All of the successful doorknockers that I see, they understand that and they’re eating their mind every single day.

You know, you know, get obsessed with Tony robins. Get obsessed with what Jim Rone or a grand car down or any of these guys or you with all the great content that you have, dive into it. Watch that stuff right before you go and work so that you can get your mind in the right state to go out and be successful and to go out to be excited. We all have our personal lives and sometimes their chaos, mine included. And so it can be challenging at times to really want to get out there and do it. Whether you’re knocking doors or whether you’re recruiting, it can be challenging, right. Because there’s so, it’s so easy for our brain to say, ah, I have knocked enough doors for today. We got one under my belt, you know, or, or for an office manager. Ah, we’re, I’ve already got two vans gone.

If I did recruit another person, then I’d have to go get, I don’t have space for in my van. And I think we kind of create these mental barriers on ourself that hinders us from getting to the next level, 100%. And so it’s breaking through all those. And, uh, what I like to do is I have a couple of mentors in my life and I always tell them ridiculous goals. Smart. And uh, Dorian, who I think you’ve met. Yeah, he’s one of my mentors and I’m like, during this year I’m doing this and I know that if I tell Dorian, because I have so much respect for him, then if I don’t do it, it’s going to be one. He’s going to hold me accountable and to, I’m going to feel really bad. I’m going to feel like I let him down. So set some goals. We’ve got to have goals. Tell people, put it on social media, I’m going to do this this year, I’m going to lose x amount of pounds, I’m going to get x amount of deals. Uh, I’m gonna do this for my family, whatever it’s going to be. Put it out there.

Want to be a man of your word naturally. We don’t want to be made to liar. Sorry. Actually the DS, right? Yeah. The pride, the, the, the dude, I mean, when they yesterday put that game out and he’s like, nobody has ever gotten in the right numbers. They had to write. So if you’re listening to this, we had to write down the numbers and he’s saying them fast. It’s like 10, 27,017 d and then you’re just sitting there trying to keep up. And he’s like, all right, and give me a color and it throws your brain off. And I was so competitive. I mean, just like the, the little thing and it’s like, no, I’ll beat it. Ping Pong yesterday and Michael Burcham and I was like, I’m gonna pull it off handed it just cause I want to like the pride, you know, you can tell like he’s a very high d actually sat next to me when we were doing the disc profile and he’s a seven out of 10 for the d range. I was an eight out of 10, eight. Wow. It’s even higher. So no, but for me it’s, it’s being able to stay competitive, just like compete with yourself a lot of times. Like it’s not even necessarily like, oh I want to beat everybody else a lot of times. But it’s just like if I say a goal externally, internally, like I’m kind of like, I will go do that and honoring that. So that’s an important, can you say, I’m glad you brought that up. Yeah. I’ve one last story. If we have time.

I is uh, I tell this story when I do my training classes because it was kind of the transition point in my life. I remember knocking in a neighborhood in Riverside, California, and there was a little car dealership on the corner and there was a red seal, six corvette. And I went in, I’m looking at this corvette and the guy takes me for a test drive, couldn’t pass that up. So I’m driving through the neighborhood and I’m like,

they probably hate that. They’re like, why is this point? Yeah, I know. I have my name John. He’s like, I’m literally doing nothing today. Might as well take the whatever. Let’s go. Uh, and at the time I had no credit, you know, like 18, 19, 19

years old, summer of my first, uh, my first summer out. And he goes, okay, well yeah, you know, you can, we can get this goal and you’re going to need $10,000 down. And I got so obsessed over the fact that, okay, $10,000 translates into x amount of deals. I can get x amount of deals on average a day if I really, really pushed myself. And so an x amount of time, I can get this. And I calculated all of this while I was there with him and I said, I’ll see you in two weeks. And I came back two weeks, $10,000 cash in hand and drove off with his car. And it was a really big transitional point for me because I realized if I can put my mind to this, what else is what’s next? You know, what else can I do? Boom. Give this some love.

No, I mean that’s the point. And I’m sure when you said two weeks, he goes, what? What do you mean two weeks? What do you do to sell drugs? I wasn’t expecting to see me two weeks and then I’ll send you did it like, and that’s the thing, you took action on it. It’s like a lot of times we talk and we said, I’m going to go get this car vet and then we never do. You know what I mean? And it’s like, it taught our brains the opposite of what you just taught your brain. Think about it. It’s like we teach ourselves the alternative of like, I’m going to go do this now. Just kidding. I never can even trust my own self when I say to go do something. Exactly, and this is one reason why I really don’t like goals as much as I probably should because I feel like people use the term too loosely.

Yes. You know, they’ll set goals. We have a goal board in the office for a day. You know how many deals they want to do in a day and you’ll hear people will throw out this ridiculous, crazy goal and I love that they want to challenge themselves to do it, but I think sometimes we don’t understand what it does to us mentally when we set a goal and we don’t achieve it. I Love Jason Hewlett and his philosophy of these, I don’t set a goal. Make a promise. There you go. It’s like nobody wants to break a promise and he’s like, if I promised you I was going to do something. Yeah, like that’s how you have to look at it. We make them wishes. Yeah. We make them like, oh, I want to get that. It’s like, obviously you want to get that, but it’d be nice if I got for today, but when you’ve got to and it’s a couple of hours and you’re sitting on the curb, it’s just, it wasn’t a for you, you shouldn’t have said for like safe, just say, just say what you’re going to do.

Yeah. And I think like specially running teams, running sale, like your own sales, like whatever you’re doing or whatever position you’re in, it’s that be a man of your word to yourself and don’t fake like, like this. Pretend you know? And if you’re not hitting the goals that you really want to be, look inward and ask yourself, what do I need to change about myself so that I am hitting those things instead of just keeps saying the numbers. Do something about it. So the, the two majors or things that I would probably add to this is, is this if there’s anything wrong in my life or if there’s anything wrong in any of your guys’s life that you guys want to change or upgrade, understand that it has nothing to do with the circumstances you’re in. The people that, you know, everything can be pointed back to you.

You know, I like the saying when you’re pointing at somebody, there’s always, you know, three or four fingers pointing right back at Ya. And when we have this mentality, that’s when we can truly begin to have progress because we realize that we are the ones in charge of everything happening around us and we start to shift our mind from being a product of our environment to shaping our life. Yes. And uh, my famous saying that I like to tell everybody is the second that you decide that anything is possible, that is the day that your life truly begins. But it to be a decision and it has to be reinforced. There has to be legs on the table to hold it up of I know this is what I want for me and be willing to do the things that it takes. An integrity is a huge one.

You know, I talked about last week in a seminar, making yourself a brand, you know, and how do people see your brand? Everybody has a brand. And for me the biggest one is integrity. The second you do something different than what you’re going to say, your brand really loses all of its validity and its so hard to rebuild from not having integrity and that is a huge problem. I think in a lot of recent things and when you’re recruiting, how this relates to recruiting is if you’re going to do something with your reps and you’re going to promise this and you’re going to do this, you must do it.

It’s because you’re, you’re, you’re, I don’t know if it’s network equity. It’s like your relationship equity goes down. Speed of trust. Yeah, exactly. It’s the, it’s that personal brand and that brand, we’ll call it goodwill, right? Every brand has a value called goodwill and it’s kind of like your own ability to honor your word with integrity and it’s like, dude, that guy’s a fricking stud. He delivers, he produces, he does what he says. Like you might not get that recruit the first go around, but the second he goes with a leader that sucks. He’s like, I know that one leader delivers his brand equity is worth more than that guy. Yeah. I want to go work with this guy. And I think that happens over and over and over again. And I think everybody should reflect more on what’s their personal brand like. Yeah. Or what’s the word? Like portraying. Yeah.

And, and if you’re going to have managers recruit people, don’t make your best salespeople, managers, it usually doesn’t work. This is, this is from my personal experience. I have been doing this awhile. UNICORNS, they usually don’t make the best managers find somebody that you trust and there find somebody whose brand is dependability. Their brand is absolute integrity or of one mind, I know that they’re going to be out in the field doing what they’re supposed to be doing. I know that they’re going to make sure nobody is smoking and uniform or in the car. I am like, you know that those things are gonna happen. And you know, that can create personal relationships with the new people that you bring in

and the best sales guys. Sometimes he’s like, I’m in my own land. I’m just kidding.

You know, and this is nothing against salespeople, but usually the best salespeople and, and, and they’re prideful. All right? They’re prideful and it’s more, it’s a little bit about them than it is other people.

I had to, I learned the hard way multiple years. I did. I mean, I lost, I lost reps because guys are like, it’s all about you man. And I’m like, I make good money. You know what I mean? And then I had to shift and I had to say, okay, what if I sold 50 accounts less and not cared about the recognition and cared more about how do I get these numbers up? Yeah, we did more. You know what I mean? And then it’s like, it’s, it’s, uh, and you upgrade yourself to the next level of our, you know, people

think, oh, I don’t want to be a door to door salesman forever. You don’t have to be. Yeah. You know, if you want to, you can make over $100,000 a year and live comfortable, have great vacations, you can live a great life being a, a sales representative. And it’s whether it’s solar or whatever it is, they all had the opportunity to make an insane amount of money. But if you want to go to that next level, then you have to have to start, have to change the mindset into being more selfless. Love it. Right. Well we’re about out of time. So if you guys are on this and you guys have had a nugget, even like Dang fire fire and give them some love, like share this, give him a little fired, thumbs up, whatever. Um, I appreciate honestly your time and the relationship and we just started this journey.

I’m excited. Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, like power did some fun stuff here in a minute. But uh, anyway, I, if it lasts the question I always asked and just a quick nut like quick little nugget, one piece of advice for the industry. You can pick rep new guy. Yeah. I think since we’re on the topic of recruiting and the topic of being a little selfless to be recruiting to be a successful recruiter, I’ll, I’ll leave you with this quote, which is probably one of my favorite quotes of all time, and I’m not sure exactly who said it. Maybe you might know and can tell me, but the quote goes like, this success.


It’s getting what you want. Fulfillment is giving what you have.

Probably like Gandhi or something. Yeah. I love that though. The second I heard that it clicked. You know, you have to, as salespeople, we want to say, you’ve got to give me, give to me before I give to you. And it has to be, I’m going to give you everything that I have without expecting anything in return. Well, it’s, it goes back to the law of reciprocation or you, and it’s the fulfillment of, you know, and trust. The university is going to reciprocate back through your value ads. Yeah. And I love that. I love that. And absolutely. K Hey, much love you guys are awesome. Tyler Melon in Dallas. See you guys.

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