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Hey Everybody. This is Sam Taggart, your host with the D2D podcast. And I’m here with some really special guests. We’re actually here in Kansas City. And I’m with Clint Shuckman and Joey Kramer. Clint is the owner of the home improvement side of FCR home improvement. They also do roofing and then you’re a project sales consultant. I will say it, I’m proud to say I’m in sales. There we go, baby.
For a former top sales rep at Sears home improvement, um, you are also in the senior side. Uh, so you come from a lot of the retail, in home selling, you know, very much so, which is really cool. And I thought this is like where it became podcast-worthy for me. It was the simple fact of like they taught and they spent millions and millions and millions of dollars in their training to master their processes.

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Right. And you guys are kind of now duplicated that to make a really successful home improvement and shot and doubled your sales this year and had some awesome growth just starting what a over a year ago, last April, last April and are taking off. So that’s, that’s awesome. Super. You know, Kudos to you guys. Um, and I’m really, you know, a lot of people go just insurance, but they don’t really know the whole home improvement side of the business, how to sell the windows. And the upsell, the gutters and the sidings and the doors and that, you know what I mean? And I think the, this is a fun one because it’s like you literally have to be a salesperson. You can’t just be like, hey, you want a free roof inspection and we’ll pay them $500 deductible and let’s do this. You know what I mean? Like that. That doesn’t take much sales in.

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My Kid’s not order taking as much as it’s actually going through a process of selling the customer on what it is he had it up. Exactly what you’re creating, an emotion, you’re creating some urgency, you’re creating value, and you have to be able to sell in order to do home improvement, in my opinion, which is, which is awesome. So let me super excited one, learn from you guys and to have you guys on the show. So therefore the thank you. Yes. Thanks for coming out. We’re excited. I’m going to, I’m going to call him out though. They were at when the storm last year and they missed my, I missed my stinking workshop Saturday morning. Just kidding. I’m just kidding.
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they’re working. Hey, he was in the food. They were there. He went to the keynote. We were in the same hotel and we wouldn’t say casino. All right, but hey, make it up to me by coming to door to door cone in January. Maybe, you know, you can come to my event. Don’t come. It’s in Salt Lake where I think we’ve learned there’s five liquor stores in the entire State of Utah. So welcome to you Todd. Come. We’d love to have, you know, so what we’re going to do, we’re going to jump into first understanding why 10 steps, why this having a process, why having something systematic? Why is that important?

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It’s definitely, you know, the biggest things with the 10 steps, there’s a purpose behind it. And you know, there, there’s tons of different sales trainings out there. The whole point for the temp says for 10 steps for us is so the salesman knows where they’re at. They go through it, they can mix and match them a little bit here and there, but they can always get back on track and they didn’t know what they need to do. They know how to cover it and kind of just leads them down the right path. Then you follow everything directly. It’s gonna at the end. It doesn’t work 100% of the time, obviously, or we’d all be billionaires. Right. But it’s going to keep you on that same path and everything’s going to go to right. And it’s going to throw it and go on to lead the homework to understand what they’re needing to get out of it and hopefully purchase when you’re all done. Yeah, and you were telling me earlier, it’s literally you could read the thing, you could almost read through a script and people are going to, you know, purchase from it because it goes through, it kind of directs you all the way through it.

Speaker 4: (04:39)
Yeah. I think, um, you know, to go with that, uh, you know, there’s a psychological factor that comes into play when you’re doing a one call close in a home with the home buyer and the research, the reason that the 10 steps work the way they do is it takes that customer on a journey of emotional highs and lows, highs and lows. And get them really excited and get them really scared. I get scared and sad and scared. And by the end of it, you want them when you’re closing them down, you want them at a nice even kill and then get them excited about sales. So they leave high, but still you don’t want him to do, there’s a lot of psychological, you know, reasoning behind the 10 steps and how we do it.

Speaker 2: (05:23)
And I’m excited to kind of learn and some of that they don’t. That’s like the meat, you know, I was listening to the way the wolf this morning, have you heard of that book by during Belfort and he was talking about with the minister go to the real world. Right. And he’s talking about that simple principle of like just kind of this roller coaster you take him on in these emotional certainties that you create in the logical certainty is, and then, you know, I, it was, it was interesting cause literally working out this morning we license, yeah, listen to him. He’s actually coming to the door to door. God speaking in January. I seen him. Yeah, he’s, he’s, he’s the real deal. So, um, so let’s, yeah,

Speaker 3: (05:58)
what other things before we can dive into it? Like what, why the 10 steps or what are some of the main points you want us to make sure that we understand before we kind of go through each step? I mean with, with the step, they’re all going to kind of lead their way and segue into the other and you have to kind of transition through them. You know, just kind of like when you’re writing a paper, right? You have to, everyone transitions the way through. Same thing with the 10 steps and what it’s going to do in the end, the homeowners going on understood. They have to realize that you’re a professional where you’re talking about, you know, the products, you know what you’re there for. You’re not just some salesman that knows how to talk real smooth and convinces them into it. Really, it ensures them the whole process of the way the purpose is.

Speaker 3: (06:42)
They find out about you, the company and the products and what separates you. And so they real comfortable at the end. You give them the prices, you give them options and they say, I want that one. You know, are you a great salesman or do you have a great process that went through and they said, I want that one. You know, it can really help and lead the whole way. And the homeowner likes the company like the products and in the end the link. Yeah, it’s affordable. So why wouldn’t I do it? Great, let’s do it. And that’s what this does for you.

Speaker 4: (07:07)
Cool. Cool. I think it all, the other main thing you got to think about when you’re going into a home like this is you will never sell a single job if you don’t have the right mindset and the right mindset of, you know, you’re going there to help the homeowners solve their problem. You’re not going to have to sell them on anything. So if number one, you got to use these 10 steps in order to help them achieve their end goal of fixing whatever is wrong. That’s number one. Uh, number two, you just have to have the right mindset as a salesman. If you go in thinking this is a Turd of a lead, then you’re not selling it and it’s going to be a target of a lead. Versus if you go in to every single one, same thing each and every time you’re excited, you’re there to help them. The people that look like they have not a dime to their name and up, Oh yeah, I’m retired from the post office. I’m 750 credit score. They just decided they want to live in this home and,

Speaker 3: (08:07)
and you can’t prejudge pass. Other than that, I think, and it’s, I’m so glad you brought this up because I watched people lose sales before they start. Sales simply went through a terrible neighborhood. Look at the yard. They got a car on blocks or for the last 10 people told me no, right, so therefore this person’s going to tell me now or you know what I mean? It’s this own mental game. There you go. This salesperson plays the defeats them more so than the customers that fees sales is right here. It’s all meant it, right? Mindset you’re heading into. I always tell the guys, you know, through training, hey listen, talk to your significant others, your wives or spouses, whoever it is, don’t leave. The last thing you do is you’re walking out of your car, then yelling at you for something. You had a bad day and he says, right now all you’ve done that whole time, you go on there and you put yourself in a bad mood, right?

Speaker 3: (08:57)
It’s all the real lesson. Let’s talk about this later. You don’t get over it. You don’t want the last thing you can do for you. Get out of the car, something negative because people sense that you don’t want to be desperate. They censored on, it’s like a sand. All right, so you got to just, you know, get in there where mind you look at it. I want to tell everybody, smile when you get out of this, believe it or not, be on time. People are staring at their windows at the wines and see a up. I had a guy one time and they were tiny plot to a house with smiling wave. At the house,

Speaker 2: (09:21)
even in lake around here. So watch it.

Speaker 3: (09:31)
I guess before you get into it, be on time. When you set a time, set a time and be there when you told her you gotta be there at 10 and give her a 10 don’t be there at 10 15 and nine 30 with groups and companies. I mean it’s everywhere you go. They’re like, man, I’ll call five guys and none of them shelter. Don’t call me back. You guys are actually here on time. This is amazing.

Speaker 2: (09:54)
Oh, by just simply done, what’s the price? They’ll sign up. That’s a simple

Speaker 3: (09:59)
the thing that you as a salesman can control, you know, get your shit together, be on time, be ready.

Speaker 2: (10:06)
No, I love it. So I’m going to actually like three or four important principles that I want to just say here, here, here in this. Sum this up in a nutshell. A lot of yourself is one before you actually go even visit, right? So it’s have the right mindset, you know, prep, which I think trusting the process. So it’s like simply one, have the right mindset to trust the process. And prepare yourself on the process. It’s like you, you literally wrote that those 10 steps down right there in a matter of 10 seconds, you’re like boom, boom. It’s not like you had a big lot and the steps that, you know what I mean? Like uh, skip it at screw six cause I can’t remember it. And therefore you just, yeah, not like you can’t, you can’t necessarily just say, ah, I don’t know the process. So I think before diving into this, it’s, it’s have the right mentality. Trust the process, no the process and then be the expert in your field and presentable and professional. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (11:01)
Were you guys uh, as a professional yes. Be on time and definitely be the expert.

Speaker 2: (11:06)
So there’s how you win the sale before the sale has even started them. Last fundamental of that I would add is you’re there to help and that’s the one that gets to your right. You’re there to serve customers, solve problems. Like realize you’re going in there as a service. Professional problem solvers. Brian Tracy would call it. It’s not a sales guy. And that’s why I joke because he called him, you know, you notice how I’m in this whole, your title as a consultant, but it’s more like I am a, I am a project manager, I am a problem solver. I am here to help you walk you through your day.

Speaker 3: (11:41)
Right? And I’ve got some clients always been big on project consultant. I don’t care. I’m proud that I am a salesman but I’m there to help the person that it doesn’t matter. I’m there to service the customer. I’m just doing it through the avenue of sales. I would 100% in here. Here’s my thing and then it’s not that I don’t like salesman as the word or sales consultant, but we’re there to consult on the project, the solve the project. And when people see the busy business cards are going to say project consultant and it’s not sales consultant because as soon as they see sales and they lose everything else, all of the salesmen here, my guards up, I got to fight him. Right? I got to watch out. I want to hit salt talking salesman. Right. This brings us right into the first step. First step, perfect flow. So

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the best place to find your next job is right next door to your current job. With call neighborhoods. You can find names, addresses, real cell phone numbers, email addresses, and more for neighbors of your existing clients. Knock doors more confidently and map around installs more effectively. Visit call neighborhoods.com or call (800) 800-3271 today to request a free demo.

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So we’re diving in. Ready? Step one, what’s it called? The entry in warm up. Okay, that’s an entry.

Speaker 3: (13:06)
It sounds crazy, right? Give it to me. I mean, and a lot of people you’ll hear like we had to use the term getting torched. You don’t want to get points. The goal when you get there is, again, I said beyond time, knock on the door and stepped back from the door. And this sounds really dumb and elementary, but the worst thing you want to do is when someone knocks on your door is a door. When you open it up and they’re like right in your face, you’re like, cool. You know what? I mean, so step back when we give him some room, you look professional, you have your company, your shirts on. If you have, you know, your, your idea of badges, make sure their CNA and just, you know, just going to introduce yourself, let them know, you know, you know how I am here with SCR here to help you all with your needs. Okay. You know, and you want to get in the house cause we were, the worst thing you want to do is that homeowner that opens the door and walks out and close the door behind them because now you have to overcome that, right? You got another wall to go through it and you’re gonna happen. It’s gonna happen. So you know, but you want to be able to, that’s why you’d be on time, look professional. Right.

Speaker 2: (14:03)
And I think the quicker, I think it step on that, that I want to touch on is the quicker you can get into the home. It’s not like, like there’s so many showed up to your head. Like, if my friend showed up to my house, I’m not going to make him talk to me on the porch for five minutes before he’s coming in. It’s like, like, hey, you’re here. Cool. Like it should be that. It’s like you say you’re here. Cool. Like we’re like, Hey, do you want to take my shoes off? Like Yup, that’s it. It’s like go in and I just said, I just assumed you know, I mean what the hell core door, hi, my name’s Joey. I’m here with FCR. Uh, you call about a roof. Mind if I come in and you’re just trying to sell them on the porch, cause I think that’s a common mistake a lot of people do is they’re like, okay, now I’ve got to hurry and like give them some sales and rapport and whatever. And it’s like, no, no, no, no, no, no. Inside you’re a guest outside, you’re a pest.

Speaker 3: (14:52)
So can you send that person, like you said, when your friends show up, the whole goal in this whole process and before you get into really about the company and about everything else is to become the friend. Because no one wants to buy from the salesman. One of the salesman walks up to you at a furniture store or a car lot. You’re trying to get every excuse out of, you can’t get them to go away, right? You don’t wanna be bothered. So the first thing you gotta do is get past the salesman. You don’t want to use the same thing. Oh you’re, you’re gone. What’s great? Okay, I see the guy actually to your lawn. What’s wonderful out here. It was this tall. Okay. Now as you insulted him, right. You know, so you want to be the real, when you see things, you know as you’re walking up notice stuff.

Speaker 3: (15:35)
You know when you see the car that’s under the tarp over there, he’s probably pretty proud of that thing is protecting it. You know what I mean? I’m not going to act like I know a ton about cards if I don’t, but I’m going to be curious cause that guy hasn’t, that way, when you see the lines are cut all different directions in the grass and it’s perfect compliment him. That’s the biggest thing you can do, man. You must spend a lot of time on this. That thing looks amazing. I wish I could have my long legs like that right now. He’s going to talk about it, but don’t just say it. Say it mean that you want to get them talking to you and so that’s the biggest important part of getting in, entering, warming up with them, going from salesmen and stranger to someone they trust and a friend, you have to do it quickly. It can take two minutes and it can take 35 40 on that and take five minutes. I’ve had it take

Speaker 4: (16:23)
oh an hour and either way, if you do the warm up properly and you’ve connected with them, you earn their trust already. Then you can walk out that door before you’ve done anything else and already know I got that

Speaker 3: (16:36)
is afforded them and this is a done deal

Speaker 4: (16:42)
or in their trust with that warm up, which is probably the most important aspect of this whole thing. You’re golden. Nothing. They don’t trust you. You can offer them in current data and they’re not going to buy it

Speaker 3: (16:54)
100% I’m still, I’m still going to check and see some other pricing. Yeah, hundred percent okay, let’s go on to step two. So number two, what is it called? The needs assessment, needs assessment or you know, kind of what’s happening out there. Why am I here? And again, I need you to tell me, this is what I say. I’m trying to get your pain. Your pain is what’s wrong. So obviously you’re there for insurance purposes that you got to hit or either on a retail job, you know. Okay, I know you’re here for a roof. Why do you think you need it for? I’m here for windows. Okay. Get into the windows. Okay. But there’s a process to it. You don’t want to just walk straight to the windows. You need to get some information about the house. Cause if you start to pitch them on windows and then I get really just care about my kitchen, you’re going to shoot yourself in the foot because you spend all the time on the wrong thing.

Speaker 3: (17:38)
But you need more info though. So not just to the windows, you know before we really get into, I know you called us out for windows, I have a few other questions to ask. If fires need to enter your questions and the first thing I need to know how old the home is. Okay. And that lets me know right now I need to know is that led issues is they’re not, I wouldn’t have to handle on their um, how long have you been in the home? Okay. There’s a reason for that too. How long you been in the home? How long have you been having problems with their windows? Okay. Now I know. How long has it been bothering you? What are the problems with the windows now before we go look at him, what are some things you don’t like about it? If we stick with windows, okay, maybe it’s the upkeep maybe are ugly. Maybe the blinds are moving when the wind blows. Okay, it’s a weekend. That house is dusty. You’re going to find out what the problems are. They’re telling you their main points, the problems with it. You just got to be good to listen and write it down. And this is the discovery phase, not just for what they’re wanting to have done on their house, but also to help us close to that.

Speaker 2: (18:37)
You’re talking all notes of everything, and I’m covering that, that, that, that, that

Speaker 3: (18:44)
by the time you broke it down with the clothes, you hit all of them and there’s no reason

Speaker 2: (18:49)
they should say no, and I think it’s important to write it down. They get it. You asked him a question and they’re like, it’s the blinds and you just put a note blinds. You know what I mean? Because now is important to you. Exactly. It’s there to sell them and hearing them. And I think what happens too is during needs audits, sales reps have their agenda and they’re, it’s so attached to their agenda that they fail to meet the customer’s agenda, the customer’s agenda, agendas, the blinds, the customer’s agenda is the, you know, fixing this problem in their brain. But the sales rep makes an assumption, therefore failing as a salesperson because he’s not caring about the customer’s agenda as much. And I think that’s an important principle for people to remember. Definitely. Yeah. Okay. Anything else?

Speaker 3: (19:34)
He’s audit, I mean, good things in there. Things as far as what are their electric bills right now is, you know, saving money. Would that be good for you? You know, what other things, you know, is it going to a virtually maintenance free product? You know, maybe that’s another big deal. They don’t want to paint anyone on things. And then are there any other projects you’re thinking of along with, have they ever done home improvements before and how that went? Because if they had a bad experience you can utilize that to, or if they trust you and some of your closings later. So you’d get a lot of information and mediation. I don’t know. What’s the goal for helping you at the end to help them overcome their fear of buying from you? There’s always to get them talking. 80% of the time you asked the question and keep it not closed questions. Yes. No open ended. Make them build on fizzy. Yes. No, follow it up with why. Why would you say that?

Speaker 2: (20:28)
So important nugget here. Head attention. It’s simply so many times sales reps go in, I got to get through my presentation. I got to get through my script. Versus your script should be questions to get them through their script as Augustus. Does that make sense? You know what I mean? It’s through flip it and say, how do talk less, not more. How do I be the guy? That’s right.

Speaker 3: (20:51)
Curious. Not like how fast can I get through my presentation? Knowing your presentation, knowing your script allows you to listen and as they make a key point or say something you clutches and jump right in with that point here and you know, and hit that and that, but then you’re not a robot. Just ABCD. You know the other key point though, at this point, remember we’re fact finding and the big mistake is a lot of people want to jump in and sell right now because as soon as I do that, I went from friend to salesmen again and their guard comes up

Speaker 2: (21:25)
just right there. Remember we’re at this point right now, right in the scale of the emotions and right now we want to leave. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (21:33)
Hi. Feeling like, man, somebody is listening to me. They’re actually here.

Speaker 2: (21:36)
Solve my problem. I can’t wait to see what their solution is. So they’re up here and validate that Mandy and my sec having the blinds way bill or a muscle cell can have in a dusty house or it must suck having this problem. And you’re kind of validating that. Not Saying, oh well guess what? We have that later. What that does is it it, it, it takes away that trust and now suddenly they’re like, oh, and I think super important. I’m glad you brought that up. Thank you. That’s huge to that because I see too many times, oh, we could solve that. Just put the carcass. Hey, I’m listening. Keep telling me. Keep it coming. Yeah. Okay. So step three,

Speaker 3: (22:12)
uh, number three. Yup. Then the, I guess there’s kind of a segue in the three. Always let the homeowner know as you’re finishing two to three what’s going to happen next. Okay. Now I’m going to tell you about my company, how we do business, tell you about our product and our installation practices. So this has taken a little while, get into there and usually in there going, oh gosh, she told me that hour, hour and a half of my time and we’ve been 45 minutes. This is going to be all day. Kind of let them know now can I like the layout and the, let them know also that hey, if you like everything at the end, great. We can move forward today. If not, that’s fine too. You know, no matter what, you know, the last thing I want to do is ask you to buy it. How? Funny. Joke, right? But that’s the last thing we’re going to do is ask you to buy, right? But you’re giving them the whole direction into it. So then step three is your company’s story. If you don’t know what, I don’t have a company story, can’t describe your company. Tell why you’re better than everyone else. You’re missing it though. You need it.

Speaker 2: (23:07)
You can be the best at something yet. Therefore every company can be the best at something.

Speaker 3: (23:11)
In my opinion. What separates you from the competition? How you do business, okay? Because they can love your product and they can love the installation practice, but they don’t know anything about your company. And maybe they just don’t trust the company. So you have to let him know why did choose youth. This is why you choose our company. And then an important aspect of this is you could be a company like our background, where you’ve got years and decades of history, you’re also going to be a company that just started. But it doesn’t have to be, here’s who we are, you know, based on what done you can make your company story about who you are, what’s your principles on why you are better, you know, why they should choose you. And you know, as far as building that company story, it’s chill. You literally having great track record to you as an ad.

Speaker 3: (24:01)
And I think it’s just how it’s perspective. It’s what perspective are you creating about the company or anything else? I’m company? Nope. I mean the last thing I guess on that, so there’s always a segue is get an a by hand or ask a question. The question is, so, you know what I’m saying? I’m hearing about the company is as our company and that kind of company. When you decided to do this, that you would want to deal with someone that does business like we do and do align with kind of what I’ve been telling you and you’re like, yeah, that’s the kind of confidence would be looking for. Okay. If you don’t get, guess you need to circle back until they get to say, yeah, you’re definitely the kind of company has nothing to do with anything else. And it’s a soft close. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (24:40)
You’re getting confirmations all the way through. You know, I like to just sprinkle in metal ones as opposed to asking a straight out, is this the company you want to do? We feel comfortable doing business with. I might, as I’m talking about, you know, we’ve been around for x amount of years or we believe in this as opposed to, you know, maybe one of those fly by night guys that comes and goes and a year, you know, wouldn’t that give you more comfort knowing that you know, we’re not going anywhere. I mean just get them to say yes, that’s absolutely and you just keep them saying yes, of course. Yeah, absolutely. I love that. Okay, so step four. Step four is now we’re going to get into price conditioning. So price conditioning, is that what’s called
Speaker 3: (25:23)
it’s going to be so as we’re doing our needs assessment and cut it back a second though, you’re going to make little things like, man, there’s no windows, there’s a lot of windows. Wow. These are big windows. All of those. Those are price conditioning tools with other, say I got big windows. What does big windows doesn’t mean probably more than one or money. I have a lot of windows probably going to cost more, right? So when we get into the price conditioning and step forward, that’s more of windows can range from $300 or one 89 a windmill up too. You can get people out here. It’s $2,500 a window. All right, here’s what the tons of what you want from right in the middle. I mean it was a good lunch to keep going on it, but I was going to say this is a, Greg’s bought here as well.

Speaker 3: (26:05)
Kind of to do a little more fact finding where you can, I used to always start off with saying, so how much do you know about windows or a group or whatever and you’re going to find out. Then I times out of 10 Oh yeah, I would have five guys out here already. They’ll probably rattle off or they’re going to say, I don’t have a clue. I mean I’ve seen those signs for one 89 they’re going to give you an idea of how to attack this. That point and leading into the point of the price conditioning is I want to tell you and usually if I know my windows are coming in and it’s $600 a window, I’m going to tell you, you could probably get windows when we were out and you know three to $400 on the low end builder grade where you can get some of the big guys out here that have a lot of overhead and a lot of marketing.

Speaker 3: (26:48)
You’re paying for it and up to $2,500 a window. The great news is being the kind of company we are. We don’t have that over and we don’t have those expenses, so we’re going to get you those same premium products and made great price probably somewhere between the the 400 to $800 mark or you know wherever you’re at, but know your pricing. No, the kind of competition too and you can get along with that. So now what you’ve done, maybe that one water has no clue. They think of windows where $100 you might have just raised them right now they’re thinking of windows are going to cost 400 800 and now when you come down to the clothes and your windows costs that you don’t have that sticker shock so you’ll have to condition them or they’re going to think we’re avoiding that price shock right there is the biggest key to this.

Speaker 3: (27:32)
If you can basically tell them through this process worked, your price is going to be right then and there without literally telling them. There’s still some to there. You can count. Get a confirmation from them that done that makes sense. You know why these are here, these are here and we’re going to be somewhere in here, you know, and get that confirmation again, moving forward. You could literally do nothing and still make the clothes because you’ve already conditioned them and you’ve gotten their buy in. Then they’ve kind of cool. So yeah, that’s, that’s where we’re at. Oh. And on the scale of emotions, we’ve just now gone from up here where they’re super high to the lowest scale thinking, oh my God, I can’t do this is the lead times more than I thought it was gonna be. I’m screwed. You know, and my windows, are they what they are?

Speaker 3: (28:26)
Yeah. And that’s where we’re at. And then you purposely, you, you needs these. We do. I think a lot of people think sales is this and it just ends. I think they don’t realize yet. You have to have a little bit of like, let me scare you for a second. Yes. Selling is 90% emotion and 10% product and you know the company. So you’ve got to build that emotional rollercoaster in order to harness it at the end. Cool. Okay. Anything else on price conditioning? Nope. That’s really all right, so step five. Step five is the product demo. This is where you pull the parts and pieces out, pull everything in. A lot of mistakes are made there. All right. People were in three ways, right? The, they hear it. Some people learn well from hearing. People are visual just from seeing it. That’s why we’ll have our iPads with the presentation going through it and other people weren’t from touching and feeling things and that’s how they kick it up.

Speaker 3: (29:18)
So we’re going to tell you about it. We’re going to have it right here, up on our presentation on the IPAD, and I’m going to hand you the samples in your hand and go through them. Now there’s, there’s certain things like, believe it or not, there’s 150 different things. We can talk about features and benefits of windows. I’m not doing that all I’ll do there for a week doing that. Right, but you have to pick up on what’s important to you as we’re going through them. No, the big things. If energy is it. We’re going to talk about our I energy efficient packages. The wealthy there are gone. What kind of, you know, you factor you’d get out of it. I’m going to go into those things cause that’s important to you, right? Yeah. The blinds moving. I’m going to talk about the window I have that has a low air infiltration rating. Cause if they talked about the blinds early on, didn’t talk about it

Speaker 2: (30:05)
and energy, I’m not going to go on about our gone for 20 minutes, let me know on or about, hey, it doesn’t lent them money to, and here’s a,

Speaker 3: (30:12)
you need to have that bullet. Yeah. To get to know earlier if he didn’t do it right, you didn’t know what to talk about. Yeah. I think this is

Speaker 4: (30:18)
one of the biggest keys overlooked or skipped by most in home sales people. I mean we had a guy in our office that had a lay down of the lead and a friend of our company and it goes out to sell them windows. You doesn’t even show him the window. And the guy’s like, oh well I by windows. He never even showed me the window. Yeah, no, and yeah,

Speaker 2: (30:40)
I didn’t want to say your name but the idea is so many, so much of the competition out there. We’ll get to this step and they’ll just talk about it and if the people want to see it or hey, I’ve got one in the car. Do you want me to go bring it in? Versus you’re already in there with the course. Just bringing people don’t do it. Yeah. Appears a brochure. This is what our window looks like. Do you think it’s due to laziness or just all bad prepared laziness. Bad preparation. We’re all mindset. This is this house and go to buy from me. I’m not dragging that window out. It’s a way you’re going to say no before you battles won

Speaker 4: (31:24)
before you even go up to them. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (31:27)
Okay. So what other fun tips, tactics in this whole product demo?

Speaker 3: (31:31)
Do know important things like you know, if it’s, there’s something important, like when we talk about, we get into our triple pane windows and we get into some of the offers of our windows. I mean we will take a sash out and handed it to you and you could feel the weight of that window. You’re like, wow, it seems quality. It is. I mean like, no. That’s why I said there’s certain things like the, the screens that we have, we have some screens that you know we’re going to actually show you and tell you, hey listen, don’t put it on your leg and really try to do it, but try to bend the screen. It’s got a rolled steel design. You take that thing and your hands are shaking and it’s not breaking and you know a lot of screens, window screens, you can take those things and barely touch them when they crease on me. So shown was important. Things put them in their hands and wow, they go into this much detail on the screens. It matter how much details on the rest of the window seeing what you’re watching.

Speaker 4: (32:19)
The same touching, hearing. He got three of the five emotions right there.

Speaker 2: (32:24)
The last thing he is, just smell this for me. If you can evoke all five senses, then it creates

Speaker 3: (32:40)
on Emory that they’ll remember forever. Hundred percent so again, and it with the company story. All right, and I mean, and I know I’m being very blunt on it, but I love it. Is this the kind of product that when you purchase windows, not now, because I’m not trying to put the pressure, sorry, the pressure. I don’t want you to build up a wall, but when you purchased the windows, is this the kind of product, the quality of product here expecting in your windows? You expected that something like this in your house or something like, because if they can’t talk, he’s going to look beautiful in your home. If they can’t see exactly, you haven’t done a good enough job, go back to it. Okay, so let’s go. Yeah, turn your little buzzer. They now that’s on the side. So let’s go. What’s it called? What step?

Speaker 3: (33:26)
Sit around. Step were steps. It’s a conciliation steps in our installation demo. This is where we said our installation crews that we feel is the best. Apart from everyone else. We’re showing you what the process is. What’s going to happen. So now when we come out here, it’s not, man, how are they going to tear up my house? It’s they’re going to take them out. They’re going to put a million. They’re going to insulate their going to do this. They’re going to do that. They know the steps. Again, you’re making them feel comfortable and they see why they wouldn’t choose the right company that knows how to do it. It’s so many companies miss all this stuff. They get in. We’re a very company. We tell you we’re amazing. We’re going to do it right. Here’s our price. We’re competitive. Sign here. No, you’re missing all the steps on those people.

Speaker 3: (34:13)
Now they know why they can trust us because they know what we’re going to do. They know what they’re getting. They know lots going on through what’s going to happen and get exactly in terms of roofing, which is just a huge one because there’s so many roofers. Just give me a price and here’s what I’ve got. And he was a Jane customers left like a, so what’s happening for a roof? Exactly. I want every single one of the owners I visit with to understand that there’s a process to installing a roof. There’s a process that has to be followed in order for it to be under warranty, you know? And that involves ice and water shield, dedicated starters, stream, you know, putting down your underlayment, then your shingles, then your hip and Ridge calves, your ventilation system. All of these components have to work intertwined in order for that roof to function.

Speaker 3: (34:59)
One or two for it to be warranty. And if you walk them through that step and everybody else didn’t, guess what they’re probably not doing. You know, I always tell customers it’s if you go onto a car lot do they put all of the features, two roads long of what that car has in it because they wanted it, you know, for their own good. And now they want you to know every single selling point of Bangkok. So why are you not selling every single feature and everything single factor that you are putting into this groove for under the windows to show that the other guys, if they’re not talking about probably not doing so well. I set up Josh, do you it? Yeah, they’re going to leave it off the bed and then, oh yeah, I forgot we didn’t get rich. You know, we didn’t put the destination in.

Speaker 3: (35:45)
Or if you want to use ice and water, it’s going to be an extra thousand bucks on top of what we heard quoted you and you know just you want everything on the table and they’re going to understand that, wow, these guys know what they’re doing. I trust him that with what he’s saying when we go through it, there are certain things that we do that’s extra, but we do it at every job because it’s better for the homeowner and it’s better for us later. It’ll eliminates problems, certain things that aren’t necessarily required by code or required by the warranty, but we’re going to do it every time and we’re going to say, this is included. Where do they talk about it? Know what it was probably not doing it if you want it. It’s an upcharge. So again, now they’re like, they know what they’re talking about.

Speaker 3: (36:25)
They are the professional, they are telling them about everything. You know, this is the kind of company I want to trust. So there is your installation process and again I’m stopping there as we move on to the next step. So now that you’ve seen that the company and you see how we do business, you said you liked that. You see the products we have is definitely the kind of products you want. How about the installation process? You’re expecting us to do it exactly the right way for code per manufacturer specifications. This is what you would expect, right? And not cut corners. We’ll definitely, wonderful. Now we can move on to the next step, which you know the Steph says it the most important step. You can’t move forward without it. And what does it Jodi? It’s the pretty close. They’re pretty close and it’s really one question, right? Well kind of. It’s so you be life, you get out in different ways. But yeah, this essentially this you told me like our company and how I do business. You had told me you like our product and what we’re putting in there and you told me you like to live in, install it. So it was pretty safe for me to assume I’m like correct it other than affordability, there’s no other reason why you wouldn’t choose us to do this project. I’ve now eliminated two options. Could happen

Speaker 6: (37:39)
right now. Yeah. The only thing I say, well we were not ready for doing it. You know the whole like an objection will come up with Yep.

Speaker 3: (37:46)
Or absolutely. But here’s the deal, if you’ve done the whole process to here really often they have to say other than affordability, there is no reason why I wouldn’t do this because you’ve already answered all the questions and you’ve hit all the hot topics, right. You’ve used all those bullets that they gave you earlier and you’ve knocked it out. So if you get anything other than that, you’d done a bad presentation at this point. Or you have a shirt that just, just,

Speaker 6: (38:11)
he is a stubborn. Yeah. It doesn’t matter what you call them out, you just go full. Just being dumb to be done. Like be real, if you will, to a point. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (38:20)
Well, and the thing is if they go, it’ll tell you yes. Circle background. You’re essentially tell you circle yes. Because until they can say, yeah, it’s just affordability right now. Because they know once they do that, it was anybody smart. Once they do that, they shouldn’t have any other excuses. Right? Yeah. Or objections. So step seven, very simple is the pre, but it’s very important and people forget it because if you don’t get a yes, go back and find out, okay, is it the company? Oh, you guys are great. I think I trust you. Is it the product? No, I love the product. So what do we miss on the insulin? What did I not tell you that you’re expecting? What do you want you’re not getting? Because if you’ve done all this now, and like I said, okay, great. You answered that. You figured out what you messed up on, you didn’t do a good job in, and now he can say, great.

Speaker 3: (39:03)
So yeah, it’s uh, only affordability now and then the next step move forward until you get that customer base. The easiest one. But the artists, step eight is we always give, we try to get three prices on the retail did three options minimum, right? It’s just quote the price it, this is real important in my quote, the price floating, they called the product j, option B, option C is there like a low, mid and high was go from low to high. So it’s like, here’s your low end, here’s your mid grade, here’s your height, and then they’re all premium. I just have three different options for you in the premium level. They’re all great. Yup. Which one do you want? And this is the most important key to this next part. Okay, rabbi timeout before you get there, because we’re back on that emotional scale. We’d gone through the company story, we’d gone through the installation process, the dent product demo, we and the pre close. We now brought them back back here because this is awesome. I’m ready to go now. Here’s where we take them on that job.

Speaker 7: (40:05)

Speaker 3: (40:09)
You take that emotion down and you know to build them back up, but the thing is that isn’t as big of a drop because remember, if you price conditioned, they should already know, expecting they know what you’re going to be, so once you press it to them and you, you know, this is option a that we talked about. It’s $5,000 this is option B is 7,000 this is option c, it’s not in thousands. You remember the differences between all of these, correct? Yup. Which one would you prefer? Shut up number one thing. Then don’t say a word other than as silence. Close have to close. He who talks first, who’s usually it loses. It gets very uncomfortable, upset three, four minutes back and forth staring. I

Speaker 7: (40:54)
Usually it’s this way. If you use a paper to do it or you

Speaker 3: (41:01)
the iPad to do it, the homeowner is going to go look at their husband, wife, whoever. They look at it and you’ll look at you again that you know or someone’s going to say, oh, you don’t. The best thing is if you did the perfect presentation, the next step is closing and the next step is they want, I want that one. So nine step nine is it close is the clubs. This is where your sales ability comes in, right? Sales. This is Ari, this smooth talking and what the previous company and I got to set on some um, some training teams with other markets and not to go in. And it was like, oh, Quinn’s got a great closing, right? We’re bringing them in. And I realized really fast when I got there, we started going through it and everybody’s doing different steps in the program.

Speaker 3: (41:46)
No, horrible. Closer. It’s not that I overcome those objections. Great. Step one through eight, I did all the other steps, right? So when I’m doing, when I offered him three prices, they said I want that one. Okay. And then the only thing I had to do was, well, the difference between this one in the center, which is where 80% of the time they go, we’re a $2,000. Do you know? Was it something you didn’t like in that, at that, at that best package, you know? Oh it’s just the price now. Now my, my sailors is between one or the, I’m trying to up sell them now. And is that when, you know, part of that closing now is if I at there, it’s okay, so you’re going to be in the house for the next 30 years. We’re talking $2,000. What does that promote? Okay, what does the per year, what does that per month?

Speaker 3: (42:26)
Heck, that’s 25 cents a day. Do you think you can afford 25 cents a day to get the wind, the windows, the roof, the best product that you really love? Well, when you break it down to the ridiculous, yeah, I think we missed, you know, jumped into the clothes before we finished on that price presentation portion because we brought them kind of down. Like Clinton said, they should already know the price, cause you’ve already priced conditional, but you give them that retail price and you shut up and then you don’t say which one of these works best for you. And they’re eventually going to say either one of these works or they’re going to come back with and objections and at that point that they choose one of these. Then where you get to bring them back up is fantastic. Well, let me show you what I can do for you to make this even better.

Speaker 3: (43:21)
your distance, the retail price, you’d like the middle option here, look at this. I can take 10% off for you because you know you’ll keep your core rural or this or that and now you make it. They’ve already committed to that price. You just made it even sweeter. They’re backup, they love yet, and now it’s just filling out paperwork and walking out of the house with a happy customer. That’s what I want to clarify. Now I’m going to get the objections. Now it’s time to close this a whole podcast, right? Yeah. I’ll go over objections. We’re just going to assume the sales training simply is they said the middle and they said this one. It’s a whole nother training on objections, but let’s just say, I say let, let’s, let’s slow it down again on that close on step nine, I want to kind of word for word, I say. Okay, what like what’s your closing statement essentially that you said and then you shut up. What does that again, I want to hear it. Uh, for me, you know over all review, all of the, do the pre close and it all goes into pretty close, right into private presentation. And I’ll basically recap every item that’s in there, how we’re going to do it. I go real quick, but just to make sure I’m building that value. And then the next question

Speaker 4: (44:32)
I ask them, you know, other than making this affordable for you, is there any reason you wouldn’t want to move forward

Speaker 3: (44:40)
this? Oh No. It just comes down to money. So then you price it out

Speaker 4: (44:45)
and ABC and then you’re going to say to them, you know, out of these three options, which one of these works best for you?

Speaker 3: (44:53)
You just assume the space, one of these works best. Which one can I write down? Leave for an estimate and you call me later, which one of these special order to ever do this? Which one now? Which one of these works best for you? Now the pressure’s side on the low pressure the whole way. All they’ve got to do with,

Speaker 4: (45:10)
and then you just say, fantastic, let me grab the paperwork, we’ll get you all squared away and you’ll have some new windows coming tomorrow.

Speaker 3: (45:20)
Yeah. And then you know, and, and on top of this, and not to mention, I forgot, it’s 10 to 10% off that, you know, an added benefit I can give you can’t the best option within $500 or this one. Can we do that? How are you gonna do that now? You will. Yeah. Yeah. We have a, if you’re ready to move forward today, like it looks like y’all are, we can give you a 10% off. That’s the other thing. It down to close.

Speaker 4: (45:45)
What do you mean today? I’m not doing anything today.

Speaker 3: (45:47)
Right, right. Yeah. So that’s when you can, now you upsold them to that. I mean in a lot of people did you know what I’ve seen wrong? Cause if you offer discounts or with your programs is huge surprise. I’ll give you this, this, this, this and guess what now what does everybody want? They want a deal. You ever want to feel, you want to feel like you won in the process so don’t throw all your, don’t give them everything and then they’re like, well I want to find one at all. It’s cheaper. You’re like, sorry I can’t give you all my Stevie everything, CCOS cards, $5. Get those objections, overcome the objections because what you want to do really the real objection you need is it comes down to money. Once I tell you it’s just not affordable and is it monthly payments wise if you don’t have to find your swing your now, now we can really get down to it.

Speaker 3: (46:34)
Anything else is just there. There’d be s and right blowing smoke. You have to overcome that to get down to the money objection. That’s the real objection. And so I think a substep that you touched on. I just want to point it out is nine sub step a or whenever I’m going to be transitioning. Just moving on and it’s, it’s, you closed them. Which one do you want? Great. Shut up. And then you said, okay, so I’ll just get this started. So how did you spell your last name? And it’s moving. I think a lot of people fail. They’re like, oh, they said that one. What do I do now? Anything common mistake reps make? Is it just kind of like pause and actually they said yes and it’s like a shot.

Speaker 8: (47:16)

Speaker 3: (47:18)
don’t go off. The next thing is, yeah, no, not like I said. Uh, we just got to get some basic info from you. What was your last name again? And you just start going with your driver’s license. Here’s work started to set the price. Act like you made a sale before. Yup. Okay. If it’s $35,000 or $3,500 I sold her house one time, but he showed them the price. If you could tell them you knew they were going to buy what really? Well they were going to buy one and he was, it almost scared off from that boy. I’m like, you know,

Speaker 7: (47:52)
see you shaking. He was so excited. Like he’s adding up on the cat food. I buy it and this and this and this and no professional act like you’ve done it before. Wait till you get into there

Speaker 3: (48:07)
no car and drive down the street before you.

Speaker 7: (48:11)
I need it that I haven’t made a sale.

Speaker 3: (48:16)
Lose sales that way or talk themselves out of sales too. So be careful. So step 10 let’s move on. So step 10 is, is the post-close cause to clinics and the biggest thing of that, you’re bringing them down. So right now you’re at the all time high. They purchased here and here’s what happens. If you weave them right there, if you leave them up there against what’s going to happen, right? They wake up in a dead sweat and they’re like, I spent $35,000 are you kidding me? Holy Crap. If I cancel, cancel, cancel. Right? So now you don’t have to bring them down and that portfolio as you for a minute, here’s how simple it is. Do good proper paperwork. Fill out the contract, put everything in, explaining to them what they’re signing. Don’t be afraid to explain. If you have the three day right to cancel, explain it.

Speaker 3: (49:05)
And then when you get down to it and say, we’ll say, I know that this isn’t necessarily for you because you’re definitely wanting this, but by law you have a three day right of rescission period. But they, I told you all about it, and here’s the deal. We don’t hide behind it as it come. And we don’t try to hide it in the back and say, Ooh, initial sighting here. Okay, we’re going to tell you about it. But man to man, we’re going to, you’re going to give me your word that we’re going to take care of this project for you and we’re giving your word. We’re going to do it right for you. So I’m bringing you down. I’m walking through it. And essentially it was like, Sam, you did spend $35 and guess what? You’re going to be ecstatic when it’s all done and your house has done and everything’s done.

Speaker 3: (49:42)
It’s the greatest money you are spending even increased the value. You’re at home, you’ve lowered the prices of your electricity, your utility bills and everybody in the neighborhood’s going to be jealous because you had the nicest house on the block. You’re uh, you’re, you’re bringing them back down to reality of yes, he spent it and we’re good and we’re going to get it done. Cause I’m taking it back. We’re going to everything processed, we’re going to be ordering and then we’re going to tuck the next step in the processes of the bill process. I do in this like a key

Speaker 4: (50:08)
point to add onto that is it’s really about explaining it all well to them. So then there’s no surprises. They don’t have to wonder what the next step is. It’s all kind of black and white. You’ve answered all their questions. So when you leave there are pretty clear and you know, we’re going to any other, here’s one bottle of water for the road. Oh you’ve been here so long and Miss Dinner. Let me give you a plate to go, whatever, but you just want them to feel comfortable and confident that they’ve made a great

Speaker 3: (50:39)
decision. I want to, I want to add to that too. I found it. I found that high success rate with even sending them a text message few hours later or the next day. Thanks. I just want to thank you for even taking the time like we’re super excited or in your business like you know what I mean? Just kind of uh, uh, post followup text or a video text or, and I can feel special. It makes them feel like it’s like, hey man, just want to like honestly appreciate you as a human being sometimes like just the gratitude helps that post Sarah more than just a sale number that you took the time to just, here’s our next step is we’re going to take it back in, scan all our paperwork in, get in the system. Our production manager is going to reach out and say, hello, Ms. Jones, this is, this is Bob.

Speaker 3: (51:21)
Hey, I’m your production manager. I’m reviewing the paperwork right now. I just wanted to let you know who I am, but you know, if you have any, any concerns, questions, please give me a call. Joey was out there, but Joey gets in front of three to 10 people a day and you’re very important to him. But if he’s sitting with the homeowner and he’s on their time, he can’t answer it right then. So if you have a question, give me a call and I’ll get an answer as soon as I can and I’m going to keep you posted. And right now it’s doing the same thing, right? You’re thinking you’re keeping them going and then keep your homeowner’s posted as it goes along. Even Mrs. Jones, you’re the 13th person a lot or you know, hey, we’re moving you up. Product was ordered, this should be two to three weeks when he come in.

Speaker 3: (51:59)
And I think a lot of people failed to put that as a step essentially because it’s, it’s really, it’s vital because it’s like it’s you can’t sing or what is it? Like it’s not anything until the families, you know, it’s like, it’s until I get money and this thing is bill and this is like, it’s all in their house. This is, this isn’t anything that this is as, this is a piece of paper. So I think people fail to realize like, especially starting out, it’s like, great, I sold them. No, it’s great. It’s built great. It’s, and it’s like it’s done. That’s when I’m like celebrating. So cool. Anything else you guys want to add that you’re like this, this has been awesome. This is one of those unique ones that it’s like boom, boom, boom, blacklight. Do this. Make money. Plain and simple. Like I don’t care.

Speaker 3: (52:44)
I don’t care if you’re selling satellite solar, I, you know, I, my brain is, you’re walking through the steps. This is a sales process that’s duplicatable that you can train your people on. That is something that you say, follow these steps, make money. And this is going to a university. I get this. I’m like, yeah, this is good nuggets for DDT. You even been and hopefully we can build something up for you guys. It was more but like, but that’s, that’s the thing is it’s like for me, I love that it’s so systematized and I think if you skip this step of the pre close, you just shot yourself in the foot. You just skips the company. Well now that the end they’re going to like, yeah, I’m going just want to get three bids. You know, you skip some

Speaker 2: (53:26)
of these steps. Okay. It creates your own worst enemy. It creates an objection. I think people need to read. What’s funny is you just said, I need to get three bands. Why do you think we’d give you three options? Yes. We gave you three minutes. Yeah. You know what I mean? There you go. So you skip those. You’re making everything harder. Yup. You know you can do, I’ve heard of people going to say I’m a one five nine or you’ve seen the steps. That’s exactly, it did a great entry at and a good company story and I’m closing yet, right. I’m a one five, nine or, and that’s what happens. They go to work harder in the house, actually overcoming all their objections and you have a higher cancellation rate. Plain and simple. The bottom line ahead of this process has to be memorized. You have to know what this practice gratis hated me when I was doing it. She could do the sales process, but as a lot of some of my sales guys, because I’m a did it swapped at home. Like, all right, let’s go through our presentation. She’s like, no. I think when it hit me was when my wife said, you sold them. He’s like, what do you mean? I wake up? She’s like, you slept, talked your sales process in Spanish.

Speaker 2: (54:31)
It’s like, I literally heard you selling someone in Spanish in your sleep. I was like, she’s like, you know, I signed the paperwork. Yeah. Oh, hang on. What are you excited? You know what I mean is I think people don’t realize like it’s mastering our craft, right?

Speaker 4: (54:46)
It makes us a profession. So you have to practice it. You can’t just hear it today. Yes, I’m putting this in the field tomorrow because they’re going to fail in this room. Know at the lead succeeds without practicing. You know, sales reps are no different. You have to know your training, your skills, and you have to pound it. And you know, this process can take one hour in the home. It can take, I’ve had to take five hours. It, it’s takes as long as it takes when you’re in the home to make the customer and make sale up.

Speaker 2: (55:16)
Let’s end on that note. I mean, I honestly, I want to appreciate you guys being so abundant and willing to share and I’m glad you’re paying it forward. Obviously you’ve been blessed through the in home sales and you’ve done it for a long time and it’s fun to find and inspire future use. They’re out there in whatever field they’re doing. So this is, this has been an awesome honor to meet you guys. It’s been this time and you know, hopefully we’ll see you guys in January and come hang out, complain in Utah or something. Just stop yourself and love it. Love it. Share this. Love it. You guys are all awesome seeing us.

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