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Most people think they need more sales training when in reality they need mental and emotional training. Elite coaching is designed to help you overcome your own limiting beliefs and stretch yourself as a sales rep and leader to new heights. What are the stories you have been telling yourself for too long that stop you from being the TOP in your industry. Getting third perspectives and powerful coaching around that is how EVERY successful person has gotten to where they are today!

12 Month Coaching Program and Mastermind

1 on 1 Coaching

Connect with Doug Cartwright 10 year D2D Veteran and Entrepreneur. Doug has spent 5 years studying and mastering coaching and interpersonal work to help sales professionals level up. After one call you will feel the shift!


Mastermind Events, Sales Summit, Recruiting Summit, and more to help you get all the resources and breakthroughs as a collective you need.


Connect with other ELITE performers to collaborate on best practices and hold one another to leveling up. Create long lasting relationships.


Monthly challenges and workbook. Apps designed to create habits. Fitness groups and book clubs. Be part of a culture that drives you.

Doug Cartwright and Daily Shifts

Doug Cartwright spent 9 years at Vivint.smarthome.
He consistently competed as a top rep selling over 2000 personal accounts in his career. Eventually was promoted to be the company sales trainer. His sales training videos have 100s of thousands of views, and he has sold accounts in almost all 50 states.

In 2019 he founded The Daily Shifts, a top-rated mindfulness app and personal development platform. His app has over 20,000 downloads on the iTunes store, with an average 4.9 star rating.

His work has also been featured on Fox, Salon, ABC News, More happy life, Wake up with Weslie, Spectrum, and Psychology Today.

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