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D2D Sales Summit

3 Days of experiential learning on sales techniques most wont teach you because when you learn these you have a new weapon that could be used for manipulation for good or evil. Neurolinguistics Programing, hypnosis, mind framing, and more. This isn’t your average role play, this is your high level sales performance training from the greatest trainers in the industry.

We’ve Got You Covered

Door Approach

Perfect the door approach and how to stand out amongst a saturated industry

Mind Set

5 Best strategies to stay focused and become a top performer. 80% is mental – 20% skill.


Learn how to recruit at a high level and level up your team by finding and attracting the right people

Finance & Investing

Best tax strategy and real estate investment strategies for reps and owners.

Recruiting Summit

3 Days of the best recruiting training in the business. Learn from experts that have 1000’s of recruits under their belt. How to post online job ads, to networking through your circles, run perfect recruiting events, and more. Getting people to sell commission only jobs, and knock on doors is not always easy. Learn how to master the art and scale your team and company!

What We Train On

New recruits are the lifeblood of your company, and what keep the old blood alive


Run Mozart interviews to entice anyone to come work for you. Stop scaring people away from this beautiful industry, and start attracting top talent.


All-Stars aren’t born, they are created… Training is something that is overlooked, and can be automated and dialed in to create long lasting top performers within your team. Not all your reps are deadbeats, they need better training.


How to motivate and cultivate the future leadership class within your company. How to properly get them to scale and recruit with you.


Don’t lose guys because you embarrass yourself at how clunky it is to get reps started in your company. Follow a proven system to get reps performing FAST.


Master the 6 branches of recruiting and how to maximize your time leveraging all avenues of recruits. How to craft the right opener to not come off like some MLM.


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