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welcome everybody. This is the DDD podcast. I’m here with Josh Sutherland. This is the second time he has been on a podcast and the only person I’ve had on here twice, so nice. Maybe some bones, man. That’s legit. Yeah, so last podcast, it was one of the most listened to podcast actually. And what’s interesting is why we’re having Josh on the show is two weeks ago, he put in 118 deals in alarms in one week, which for most people, that’s a phenomenal summer, right? I need to put things into perspective. 118 would be the equivalent of let’s say 400 pest control in a week, maybe 300 and something pounds controlling a week. [inaudible] a that would be the same, uh, maybe a hundred roofs. Yeah, that’s crazy. Yeah. I mean like it’s just an insane, a number that I think a lot of people could even fathom. And most people probably say like, you don’t even have enough time in a day.

I’m sure you’ve got a lot of naysayers that are like no way. So if you’re listening to this, what we’re going to do is we’re going to dive into the mindset, the time management, the pitch, the area management, the referral process, like how you can go do that. So it’s designed to kind of inspire other people that are looking to really go from one account a day to two accounts a day to, you know, if you’re doing a hundred and something a week, you’re hitting double D, you know, crazy numbers right now. Yeah, for sure. So welcome out, Josh. Thanks for being on the show. Thanks for having me on the show. So to skip the recap, if you guys want to learn a little bit more about Josh, go listen to other podcasts. We probably talked a little bit more about your background. I want to dive right into it. And he was supposed to speak last year at door door con. We had a emergency, crazy theft showdown. Sorry, owner of titanium. Right. Tell us a little bit about you and what you do and yeah, I mean, yeah,

yeah, it’s on my other podcast, but yeah, no, I uh, I own a titanium. Um, you know, I’ve been in business for eight, nine years now. Um, you know, we do door to door, summer cells, same thing as, you know, some of these other companies. Um, how long have you been selling? Uh, I’ve been selling since I was, since I was 18 years old. So 20, 30, 16 years. 16 years. Yeah. 16. Yeah, I’ve been, I’ve been doing it for a long time, so

that’s awesome. So a lot of people might’ve not caught this owner of the company hits five, four, five, 600 accounts every year. [inaudible] eight, nine years in business [inaudible] throws in 118 a week. Oh wait, he’s the CEO. You know what I mean? Think a lot of people need to catch that. Like more owners, more top level leaders need to pony up and be like, all right, let’s throw it out. So that, that’s kind of cool. That’s cool. Yeah. Um, so it’s been fun to watch you guys grow and work with you guys over the last couple of years, so that, that’s exciting. Yeah. So what made you, let’s dive into this. What made you want to go throw in a hundred plus in a week? Well,

it was a, I saw, I saw another guy from another company do it, so I’m like, it can be done. Yeah. I was like, yeah. So I, uh, I was like, Hey, we’re all, we’re all human. So, I mean, he could do it. Yeah. If he can, I can. So, and he’s, he’s done more than I have, so, but, uh, no, I, I, uh, I just, you know, I made a commitment to myself, you know, a few months prior, um, that I was going to do it. So it was, it was always on my mind. Um, you know, it wasn’t really, I didn’t know exactly when I was going to do it, but, you know, as, as, as time started coming, I was like, Hey, I’m gonna, I’m gonna go out here and I’m going to do it. And, you know, when I was talking to you a few offices, I went out to, I, I, you know, I committed to them, Hey, you know, I’m, if, if, you know, if I’m asking you guys to go do, you know, one to three counts in a day, you know, I, I’m gonna, I’m gonna be doing the same thing.

I’m not asking you guys to do something. I’m not willing to go do myself. And you know, when I would go in these meetings, I would, you know, I’d tell these guys, Hey, look, I’m going to, I’m going to sell over a hundred accounts, uh, this week and I set a date. And so I think, I think that was probably the biggest thing in my mind. You know, I, I set a date finally of when I was going to do it at a timeframe of when I was going to do it. And, you know, I just knew, Hey, if I’m gonna, you know, if I’m going to say that I’m going to go do this, I got to go out and do it. So, um, I think, I think that’s really how it got started is, you know, I just wanted to do something that, you know, stretches my boundaries physically, mentally, your best week prior, um, my best week prior to that, honestly I probably like 40, if that, if 40 deals, if that. So

it’s not like you had had a 90 week and you’re like, no, you went 40 to a hundred. Yeah, that’s a, that’s a huge jump.

Yeah. And I’ve, I’ve, uh, you know, I’ve, I’ve sold continuously, you know, the last few years, you know, years and years and years and yeah, it’s just, yeah, it was just something, it was just a mindset and just a focus, Hey, this is what I’m going to do. And when I, you know, thinking about it and then, you know what I started talking about it, it’s like, Hey, I can’t go say I’m going to do this and not to know. Yeah. I had, I was committed. I was like, Hey, I’m, I’m committed. I got [inaudible].

How often do you think people in their brain, in their heart, they really want to put a goal out there or they want to say it to their people, but hold back and never say it or, or maybe say it, but not really have that honor and integrity inside to be like, no, no, no, but actually mean it. Like, I’m actually going to go do that. Like, like I’m doing a documentary. I told this guy mace K B, my film guy for this documentary. It’s like, yeah, a lot of people say they want to film a documentary. And I’m like, I just bought the bus. He was like, wait, you literally just bought the bus? I’m like, yeah, it’s happening now. You know? [inaudible]

when are you going to do the documentary next summer? So you know, so you’ve bought the bus. I bought the bus, I put the dates, I’ve now hired the film guys, you know what I mean? And it, it’s like it’s happening. So this is kind of the same thing. It’s like this is a big scary thing. And now I’ve told people, yeah, now I have to kind of go do it and committed and you know, I was like, this is putting my money where my mouth is. Yeah. And I think that’s the first principle, right? Yeah. 100%. The problem is I bet you psych yourself out. Right?

Yeah. I mean, I, I, uh, I thought it was a, I thought it was going to be, you know, easier than what it actually was. You know, I, I, you know, I, I knew, I knew I could, you know, I had to do it. I said I was going to hit a a hundred, but I had been in the back of my mind, I was like, if I just sit like 60 or 70, I think I’ll, I think they’ll probably respect me enough. I think, you know, I didn’t do it for them. It was a personal goal that I had, but it kind of helped push me, you know, and you know, just like pay scales and you know, in the environment that you’re in, the culture that you have, you know, that’s what pushes people. And, you know, that’s what pushed me. But yeah, I just, I didn’t think I, I didn’t think I could, I could fully do it, but I committed myself and I remember, you know, and we can go into it, but I remember Monday there was a lot of obstacles the day before and the week

leading up like the couple days before, you’re kind of like, Oh shit is, it’s happening. It’s a that week. Yeah. Week

for that. I was, I was out in California. I was, uh, doing some, you know, back-office stuff and doing some, some, some sell stuff with some guys. And I just, I knew that Monday was common. I was like, I hadn’t even bought my ticket yet, but I was like, did I, I know this is going to happen. And you know, I, you know, I was doing my, my, my stuff and, you know, I didn’t, I didn’t really think about what I was gonna do, but I just knew that I was going to do it, but I had it planned out, you know, I, you know, Hey, you know, get this equipment shipped out here, you know, get the hotels booked. Um, get the technicians ready. Um, so I, I mean, I was committed, you know, set up, you know, boxes and boxes full of equipment that arrived to the hotel, you know, technicians book and flights.

Um, you know, a couple of other guys coming out with me. So there was a lot of, you know, expenses going into it and I was committed, but I didn’t really grasp it until that, that Monday. But before that Monday. All right, coming into that Monday knew, Hey, I need to get on the doors at seven 30, you know, eight o’clock max and I need to go until, you know, 10, 11, 12 at night and I’m going to have to do it all day long. You know, I’m not gonna, I’m not going to take breaks. I’m not going to stop. I’m just going to go and hit it. And, um, so, so that’s, that’s what I had in my mind. And, um, you know, I, I, I get on the airplane, uh, you know, Sunday, um, I, I actually almost missed my flight. I was like, Oh dude, this can’t be happening.

I got to book another flight. So I get to the airport, checking in my suitcase and it’s 45 minutes past cutoff time. They’re like, Hey, you can’t get on the flight cause your luggage. I was like, well, I’ll just leave my luggage chair. Like I gotta I got to get on the flight. Two of my other buddies are on the flight. Other people already out there. Yeah. I’m like, dude, I got to get on the flight. And so, um, so I, I actually waited to talk to a supervisor and the, the time was ticking. There’s 25 minutes. I’m like, Oh crap, I’m going to miss my flight. So I immediately start looking at other flights of what I can do to get in there and go to other cities, whatever. And it was starting to get late. And you know, Texas is two hours ahead of me.

So I, I talked to the supervisor and he’s like, well, let me just call and just see if there’s any maintenance hold up. So he called them and there was like a, there’s a zag, actually there’s a maintenance hold up. He’s like, I think I can get you on the flight. She said, let’s go, let’s go. So I just, you know, took my suitcase, he threw it to someone and I just, he told me where to go for these shortcuts. And then I’m, I’m run and run and run and I’m like, I can’t miss a flight going through security bypass and people, Hey, let me get through real quick. And I go through security and then I am running to the, the, the, the lobby or whatever it’s called. And I get there and they’re like, there dude, why you run? I’m like, dude, I thought I missed my flight.

And they’re like, no, it’s backed up. And so long story short, it was like two, three more hours later before we even left. And then so, so I’m like, dude, I got plenty of time. And then we get on the airplane and they’re like, uh, we’re not going to be able to, I had installed another two hours on the airplane cause there’s some with the bathrooms. And so finally, the, we, I had been waiting five, six hours. I’m like, Oh dude, I got a rental car. I still gotta drive three hours to area. Once I land, dude, I’m going to my Monday, I’m going to, it’s going to be shot halfway. So finally they, they get on, they’re like, Hey, you know there’s five minutes left Ford take off. If we don’t, if they don’t get this fixed, the next five minutes we’re going to have to counsel the flight.

And I was just, I couldn’t believe it. But long story short, I made it, got to the airport at like, it was supposed to be supposed to land at like six we got to the airport at like 11 and when we got there at 11 it took an hour and a half to get her bags cause they were lost or something with the whole, everyone on the flight. And so when that happened, I was like, crap, we’ve got to get the, our rental cars, I had like three rental cars reserve. They closed at 11 and I, and we, I, and I didn’t think about that, but it was like 11 1130 at night. We finally get our stuff at 1130 at night and we go to the enterprise in their clothes and I’m like, Oh my. So we had to stay the night in that city. And then um, I got, I got to our hotel like one, one 30 and I had to wake up at like five in the morning, they’ll run a car. I was exhausted. And then we drove three and a half hours out to area. By the time I got out to area I said, Hey, I’ve got to go get licensed. So then I went and got licensed with the city and that took some time. And then by that time it was almost like 12 one I wanted to get on the doors at seven it was like 12 or one

and you’re just like, I won’t hit it now. Exactly. What’s going through your head? I mean that’s what that would be. Oh now now there’s my excuse of why I won’t hit my goal. Well, we went to, went through, we went through my head cause I want to do something again next year, but I should like, I should have left on Saturday. But at that, yeah,

time, it was like, you know, Hey, let’s just see what I can do. And you know, I call my wife, I’m like, Oh here it goes, here goes hell week. I call it hell week, whatever. And I’m like, I’m just getting on the doors. I called a few of the guys, I, it was like 12, 12, 30. And I was like, we’ll see what we can do. And they were like, well, you already committed. You got to do it. I was like, all right, let’s, let’s see what’s going to happen. So I start, uh, so I start knock, I, I go to, I remember I went to my first door, knocked on it and didn’t get it. It was hot outside. It was like a hundred degrees, you know, human is heck and it was bad. And I knock on the door and I don’t get why I don’t answer. And it took me, it took

me a full hour of before I got my first still knocking, knocking, knocking this. They’re like, really? That’s it? Yeah. Do you, you’re like, how am I supposed to sell a hundred and if it’s going to take the lead in order to get to my first time when it was the first hour, I just was like, I’m not going to be able to do this. Yeah. I mean, what too many obstacles. You’ve had the plane parentals it’s hard. You’re already tired and you’re like, I’m not in the zone. I mean, I think another obstacle is, it’s not like you’re already had momentum and you’re in a random city. It’s not like you had a list. It’s not like you had leads teed up for you. It’s, I start a new neighborhood, I start a new license. I had to get new, you know what I mean? And it’s like, I don’t know anybody here. So then you start cranking and it’s like, this is an easy, yeah. So yeah, the fill, the first hour I’m

knocking, I’m knocking, I’m knocking. And I just, yeah, I just, I got my texts ready and my texts are calling me. Hey, we got all the rest of the equipment. We’re an area, we’re ready, you know, let’s, let’s go. And he, his biggest week installing was like 35 so he was giving me a little bit crap at the beginning. He’s like, Hey man, you know, you gotta give me my best week ever. And I’m like, dude, just relax. I’ll give it to you. So, but yeah, no, I start knocking the first hour and it just, just, it just, it seems like it’s going slow. And, uh, I’m just, ERF actually fast seems like going fast because I’m like, dude, I’ve got to get like one to every hour and [inaudible] and I knew what I was going to do. I knew I could work referrals, but I had the, I had to start, right.

I had to get the ball going. I had to find a customer that would give me a referral. I had to find a customer that I could sign up. And I had to, you know, put in all that, you know, that’s how to get the ball going. So finally, I, uh, I got it, I got my first, I remember my first sale, I know it was two weeks ago, but, and I sold a lot of customers. I don’t remember all of them, but I remember that first one. And I finally, I, I get in the, you know, the, the, the neighbors told me, no, no, no, no, no. I finally get in one, get in the house. She’s like, come on, come in. I come in, you know, I get in and I sit down with her and I, I picture real quick and I’m like, Hey, you know, we were in the area, we’ve got the techs out here, you know, we’re gonna cover it for you.

Just keep the service on, you know, whatever the pitches and, you know, I gave her the pitch and finally I got one a and I, you know, I dropped everything and I said, Hey, I got one. And then right when I got, when I was like, Hey, let’s go, it’s game time. And then got another one and then it just, it started, it started flowing from there. So, so cool. But, but yeah, it, and actually on Monday when I ended my day, I, uh, I actually only had, I had 10, 10 or 11 I could revise 10 or 11, but I had like four or five solid, you know, go back the next day. And I just started scheduling those early in the morning and I had a two for one, you know, a credit, you know, I had, I had all those teed up for the next day that I had talked to that I couldn’t get that right then and there and I went to a few customers, Hey, do you know anyone that wants one, you know, had him call at night time.

So, but yeah, Monday, you know, came and gone. You know, I, I had sold 10 or 11, um, I had my best day ever, you know, uh, personally and I was just like, dude, this is going to be tough. I still that nine, 11 day. I mean, that’s what it was. It was, it was tough. I still didn’t think I was going to be able to, to hit it that night. Okay. So then Tuesday too, so, so Tuesday, so Tuesday comes, I wake up and I, well my Monday night I was exhausted when Nate talk about it, talk about the whole week. It was disgusting, but I had talked about the whole week and these little Podunk town. Yeah, it’s bad. I eat the cinnamon twist and they taste like styrofoam. It was disgusting. It was gross. But anyways, so I, so I’m, I’m in talk about and I’m sitting with my guy and I’m like, dude, he’s like, dude, you got to average over 16 a day for the best day ever was 11 and he’s like, he’s like, this is gonna be, this is going to be tough to do.

And I’m like, dude, I’m going to give up my arm and see what, but I got five appointments lined up. I really, in my head I was like, dude, I really sold 16 or 17 some of these I couldn’t close. It was too late. I knew they were solid. I had talked to him on the phone and I was like, dude, I, I can, I can do it. So, um, the next day comes aroundL long, it’s seven in the, it’s six 30. I woke up at six 36 15, six 30 and I roll out of bed and, and by that, but when I woke up the next morning, my calves and my legs because I had been knocking door, door to door to door and I looked on my phone, I was like, dude, how many miles did I walk my friends like, dude, you can check it. I walked like 12 miles that day and I my feet, so small town, about 4,000 people. Yeah. You’re like, I’m just going to dominate this whole town.

Are the spread out cookie cutter right. The old people neighborhood nicer. NITSA it’s a, it’s um, it’s a middle, lower, middle, lower middle. Yeah. There was some middle, middle but mostly lower middle or middle kinda cookie cutter. Uh, no, it was spread out. It was spread out and that was the problem. And that’s, you know, I’m going to work on next year cause I, I know I can do a lot better next year. Um, but, you know, I, I had to walk a lot, like I’m talking to my miles. That’s, yeah. Cause I was like, dude, I gotta go to a spread out city. We’re a town where it hasn’t been hit as hard. Cause that was all part of my, I’m not gonna go to a, you know, Dallas, Texas. Yeah. I’m going to go to a small town. And so when I was knocking, there was times it was just so hot.

Dogs are off leashes chasing me, you know, I’m in the middle of nowhere. I the first day the guy’s like, dude, there’s dogs. You gotta be careful though by you pit bulls coming up to me. And uh, it was, it was crazy, but yeah, it, we were, it was spread out. There were some areas where I have to walk like I hundreds of feet and I was like, do they better be home type thing. And yeah. So it was, it was a, it was, the area was extremely spread out. But yeah, I wake up, I wake up Tuesday morning and I’m like, dude, this is, this sucks. This is because I’m like, do, I immediately got to go out, knock on doors and you know, so I went downstairs, ate my breakfast, got in the car and just, it was like seven 30 start hitting doors. And I’m like, dude, this is worse than knocking doors on like a any weekday at two 3:00 PM this is horrible.

I mean, I’m knocking on doors and waking people up. They’re Yon and they’re like, dogs are barking, waking people up. They’re like, dude, what are you doing in my neighborhood at seven 30 in the morning? Like it was like, it wasn’t comfortable. That’s like I’d never knocked out early before and it was, it wasn’t comfortable. So yeah, seven 30 I knock on the doors cause I set my appointments up for like 10 11 and 12 when it was going to be really hot and so seventh or I’m trying to get new new deals, new deals, new deals, new days. The appointments. I’m like, dude, I’ll, I’ll hit those when I have a little bit of time kind of as weird time or I need like a little bit of break, I’ll just drive here. So I’m just hitting, I’m just hitting a, just knocking in the second day, I get one early and then I get a second one and then I get a third one.

And I think, I think I on that Tuesday, I think I had five before my fiber. I think it was six. I think I had six before my two for one at a restaurant and they were gonna do the restaurant, his house, um, which was at like 10 30, 11. I told them 10 30 and I met him there like 11. And so I called my guy, Hey man, you gotta come pick me up and take me to this, this two for one. So I go to the two for one, a credit, get in and they want their home done, done deal. Because their daughter had already had her system, someone had sold it and I, that’s a referral. I worked and got that one. And then, and it was spread out in the middle of nowhere. And I remember my, my guys in there, uh, doing some things and then I take off and there there’s another house at the end.

I’m like, let me go hit that, sell that one. And at that time, I think it was at night, I was at nine deals by like 1130 and you’re like, yeah. And I’m like, yeah. And I’m like, dude, I think I can, I think I can do this. So, so I just remember certain key points of that week of kind of what pushed me and motivated me. And you know, at that time, um, you know, 11, 1130 when I had nine deals, I got that. When I call my dude, Hey, come pick me up, let’s go, let’s go. I gotta go to this next one. So he drops me off to area point. It’s kind of fun. Yeah. When you’re still stressful though. You don’t, you don’t think about your legs probably dude, I just, I was taught Tyler the next one. Yeah. Some during the day I just said, Hey bro, I need some water, dude.

I’m thirsty, dude. There was that Monday and that Tuesday, especially Monday, Monday was the worst of the, the whole thing did. There were, there were times when I legitimately, there was two or three times I can think of, I thought I was gonna pass out. I was so hot, so dehydrated. I had steam coming off my body and I legitimately felt like I was going to pass out. I was just exhausted from the day before and, and Tuesday, same thing. But yeah, no, I got the nine deals and then I get another deal, get another deal, and by the end of the night, dude, I sold like 21 deals and I’m like, dude, I’m going to hit this. I’m going to do, I’m going to hit it. I’m going to do the same thing. And when I, when I’m knocking and when I, when I’m hitting these, I’m like, dude, two or three deals a day, it’s not that hard.

I started thinking, I’m like, I could do it. You go into like a different mindset, like you commit to it and you say you’re going to do it. You know, the whole purpose of me doing this is cause I just wanted to prove to myself that I can do a lot more of what I’m capable of. And also some of the guys like you can do a lot more than what you’re capable of. And the following week, one of your guys through in 50, which his best week was probably what? 20 Dan Cohen. Yeah. It’s like, which is crazy. All of a sudden it turns on for them cause they go, if Josh last week could throw in a hundred, yeah, I can throw in half that like he’s a human too. And I hope if you’re listening or watching this one tagging alarm guy right now to what am I not even in there just this morning he did.

I’m like not even in the care, just me. I look like Santa Claus or something. You know, I’m, I’m sitting here listening to this and I’m going, what the freak, I’m an idiot. 400 sucks. Yeah. I mean, I’m just like, yeah, what’s the another level in every industry? Like what’s the golden golden door? It’s like we haven’t even tapped into yet. Because if you look at it and you go, yeah, it was exhausting for a week. Okay. Do that for nine weeks. Yeah. Cause you probably could go do that again. Rest for a week and yeah, no, I probably, I probably could. Um, you know, I’m going to do it again next year and, you know, I probably could, but yeah, it’s just, it’s just, it’s just a different, like you just, you know, it’s like when people get, like, people like get adrenaline and they, you know, they do stuff that they probably wouldn’t do without.

It just, yeah. That’s just how it felt to me. It just was like, you know, and I know that, you know, they’ll probably be, you know, Hey, you can’t do it. You can’t do it. But you could do, I mean, there’s some, some certain things that I had, obviously, you know, [inaudible], you know, the, at my company, you know, we have a little bit more flexibility, so we’re able to do, you know, a little bit more things sometimes. But overall, I mean, you couldn’t, in my opinion, it would be hard for someone to go give a hundred systems out for free and just say there’s no one for nothing. Just get the customer to believe that you’re going to give it to them for free and that you’re going to install it today. It’d be hard just to give out a hundred system. It’s, it’s, yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s tough.

So let’s kind of walk through this. So you did 21 Tuesday. Yeah. And then Wednesday was my Wednesday, I think Wednesday was, I think one day I did 23. So I don’t know if it was Wednesday. It was a blue. They all, all the days bladed together, but one of the days they did 23 and then 21 and 20, something like that. And so I ended up, I ended up, uh, I ended up having to, I think I had well over a hundred get installed. Um, but I had like 10 or 15 the next week actually go in cause on Saturday the techs couldn’t keep up and Friday and I was always back down. Was 30 something installs? How many texts did you have to have? We had, I had so, so the first two days I had two technicians and you’re like, dude, this, this, I, we can’t keep up.

I was scheduling out seven to eight jobs a day and I called my guy or I mean they’re going to cancel. I called her VP of operations, coal miners, which big shout out to him. Um, but I call him and I’m like, Hey, I need two more technicians. And so he just got him on an airplane. He got ’em out there and the Wednesday and Thursday had four technicians and they were able to keep up. Yeah. And then one of them had to leave Thursday. So Friday and Saturday we got backed up too. But, so there’s some things I’ll do different next year when I go out and do it again. But yeah, there was, there was a lot of planning and a lot of customers hit me up, Hey, you know you go to this house or they want a system cause I want to talk through the how, you know what I mean?

Cause everybody’s like, well that’s great but how do I do that? Right. Um, and this is where logistically you gotta figure it out. It sounds like, you know what I mean? You didn’t have enough texts that slowed you down. You could have done more. How did you, you know, you’re sitting there to be motivated to sell probably cause you’re like I didn’t do schedule outs. I was just selling and this point, literally I had two guys following me. Just scheduling installs, falling up with customers. I just literally had the mindset I’m just going to sell, don’t care if they counsel. I mean I don’t want them to, I actually didn’t have any cancel, but just we had some that didn’t end up going in cause we lost track of them, which I’ll do better again next year. But yeah, I just, I didn’t worry about, I just was like selling, selling, selling, selling.

They’re good to go. Take it from here. You can schedule it. So you have your four techs and you have your kind of post-sale admin kind of person that’s like doing the welcome call. Yeah. I’m finishing up paperwork. So to clarify, so I didn’t, I didn’t do any welcome calls. I didn’t do any paperwork. Um, I could, I actually did like two welcome calls cause at that time I didn’t have a ride. Both my guys were busy and I had to go to another referral and there was no more houses left. So I was like, ah, I’ll just do a welcome call real quick and do the, the con the contract. So, um, but yeah, so I, so they did, they did those for me, but I, I sold the system, told them what it was, told them what equipment they were getting, and then I got one, they’re ready to go.

These are the terms he just comes. And basically what I would tell my customers, I say, Hey look, we did paper contracts before I’d show him a paper contract. Our company’s converted to digital. We do it on the iPad. I don’t have an iPad yet. I don’t, I, I just, I can’t afford it. I can’t afford an iPad. Basically. I told them, you know, I’ll get one, but it, my guy, you know, he’ll be, he’ll be the one that does iPad. So, so he would come in, he knocked on the door and say, Hey, this is a brand, Aaron, whoever it is, he’s going to take care of you from here. This is what’s in. I already texted them and it worked great. It works smooth. And then when the customers would call, you know, for referrals or anything, I would say, yeah, no, this is what we can do for them.

Whatever. And then I would say, Hey guys, this one’s good to go. It’d be like, it’d be like, you know, yeah, it’d be like I got a referral, send the tech, they’ll do the [inaudible] guy do. If they had a referral in Kansas or you know, they worked for vivid and they had one in Detroit, they would, they would sell it over the phone and then they would tell them what’s going in, what the terms are and the tech would go do the same thing. So that’s all it was. So how many of those do you think you got? Like let’s talk about referral wise. So well one question is always going to be asked, is average sale time, how long did it take you to get a sale and how many did you do in the home versus on the doorstep? Um, so, so, so the type of system, first, I’d say probably 90% new.

10% takeover. Yeah. So that’s something. So if you’re looking for takeovers, you’re not going to do it. Yeah. You’re going to spend so much time trying to find the wrong tone. Yeah. It won’t happen. And then you’re dealing with, let me call them and get your contract bought out. I mean, yeah, it’s just like, yeah. So I did 90 I did 90% new systems, and then 10% a 10% takeovers. So start to finish your portion and then you pass it off. They probably spend another 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 15 minutes, 15 I never, I remember two cells where it took like half hour. One cell took about 45 minutes and I just was like, did I? I gotta go. I gotta I’m trying to rush them. I gotta go, I gotta go, I gotta go. Don’t do this. No, I w I was stressed and I was like, dude, I’m trying to do something different than just you.

I wasn’t trying to make commission, right? Like my, my paycheck is the same every month. It doesn’t matter whether I sell 10 last week or a hundred. I just wanted to do it. So I just was like, I gotta go, I gotta go, I gotta go. So you, I want to give the customer a good deal. I want them to feel good about it. So, and that’s something that, you know, with me, it’s like I had one customer cancel within the three days out of all my customers. So they were happy. You know, I’ve, I got two referrals today. I got like three yesterday. So I’ve had, you know, a trickle effect from last week and this week probably another 25 referrals come in that we sold. But I made sure my customers were happy and satisfied cause I want to make sure they get a good product. And in 15 minutes, how do you, I mean, that’s where a lot of people are gonna be like, man, how much rapport do you really get to create 15 minutes a day?

You got to get referrals. So I’d say, I’d say probably, I would say at least I’d say I’d say 50 over 50 customers were referred out. So, Hey, I give him the deal and then I’m like, Hey, you know, I’ve got referral money. You know, I carried some money on me to give out, Hey, do you know anyone that wants one? I’ll take care of ya. Oh really? They on the spot and show. Oh, okay. Okay. Well, and then they start calling, call, call it. Why? I’m explaining it to them. Hey, I got one ready, come do the survey while I’m waiting. Or Hey I need to go here. I have them call and call and call and call. And I’d say of the referrals, maybe 20% came in the home and then the other 80% came in while I was going through the day.

They would text me, Hey Josh, I got one for ya. So I got one for you. Here’s my number, text me the second they get back with yours. Customers were calling me, I just had ignore, ignore, ignore. And then I would text them back or they would text me and then I would say, Hey, you know, and they would give me the referral. I call them up and say, Hey, I’ve got another one. And then they would go to it, got another one and then that’s how I, that’s how I did it. Yeah. Cause you’re not knocking. And a lot of people were like, well that doesn’t go. I’m like, how does that not count? I’ve heard somebody say that. I’m like, yeah duh, that’s just working smart yet it’s, yeah. So walk me through, cause you know, obviously to go through door sensors, motion can you know, panel all that [inaudible] how long did you spend doing the referral piece?

Cause it sounds like, I mean that’s like my, on my, on my cell, I don’t really focus on alarms as much as I do on like doorbells and cameras and so some automation. So I did doorbells, I did more, I did maybe 10 accounts, outdoor cameras I did mainly doorbells for large RMR, 50 bucks, 50 bucks, which is everybody’s going to be like, well if you could solve for 20 bucks. I’m like, yeah, no, 50 bucks. You said about what, 15 or so had bad credit that you could them? I’d say no. I’d say probably 30 30 of them below. 60 below 600 yeah. 30 but still, I mean, I mean I made sure I made sure like decent account. Yeah, I mean, you know it to me, you know, I look, we look at some, we look at some other factors on the credit report, not just the score, like you know, what’s in collections versus not in collections and a few other things.

So, um, but yeah, no, it was a, um, it was, uh, it was probably about 30, 30 accounts. Yeah, they didn’t. Um, so my question would be what, what would you say to get a referral? Cause I think like everybody’s going to be like, how do you get people? Because everybody’s like, I asked for referrals and I don’t get that. Yeah. Why was I was lagging of, yeah. I was in a small town, so I was in a small town. They know each other, everyone knows each other and, and not, not a lot of people actually had the system. So, so when, when I’m in a small town and everybody knows each other and not a lot of people have the system and they, I mean half the, in my opinion, most of the battle of cell isn’t, it’s them trusting you. You got to get the customer to trust you, right?

Yeah. That’s, that’s the wholesale in my opinion, because people don’t care whether they get a $50 alarm system or not there, they’re not going to remember it right when they get done. They’re worried about picking their kids up from school, go into soccer, what’s for dinner? They don’t care about that. It’s 50 bucks. They just want to know that you’re legitimate and that they’re getting a good product. And if you can build that value with that customer, they’re going to sign up. And, and to them, it’s not a big difference in the world, but for you it’s your paycheck. It’s all the difference in the world. And it’s, that’s how you survive. And so you’ve got to get that concept over to him. And if half the battle is legitimizing yourself and your brand and, and who you are, cause they buy from you first, it doesn’t matter who is on your shirt, they buy from you.

And if you can legitimize that and make them happy, then ask for referrals. They’ve already been legitimized. They know you’re legit, the texts installing it, you sit there and ask what they know. So they call up, Hey, you know, I’ve got a guy, he’s giving me a good deal. They’re doing the free equipment free install. You just keep the service on. Oh, okay. You know, he’s at my house, they’re doing it for this week. So you know, Hey, let me talk to her real quick. Let me talk to her. Hey, you know this point you’re like, I’ll drive. Yeah. And sometimes, dude, I, there was a few times where I had the customers drive me as my guys were busy. I’m like, Hey, take me to your mom’s house. You know, I had, I had one or two customers I had, I can think of one customer that gave me 12 referrals and you know, Hey, I got one, I got another one, I got another one here you go pay your pay, you’re out a hundred bucks.

I gave out, I give out like 4,500 which is, you do the math guys, 4,500 bucks. We get a 107 customers. Yeah, yeah. That’s awesome dude. Yeah. So mindset wise, you know, it’s eight o’clock, you’re already at 20. I just kept going. You’re just like, I go till the bell rings. It doesn’t, yeah, I’m looking for, so, so at eight, cause it was getting dark earlier, cause you know, in June thing, June 20 seconds, the longest you go, July and August, the sun’s going down two minutes earlier every day. So in July was getting dark or August, um, it was getting dark at, you know, eight, 15, whatever. I don’t know when, but at that point I was like, I gotta keep going. I gotta keep going. And you know what that meant? That was like gold to me. Like during the day I knew what it’s going to do, but in the mornings and at night it’s like, dude, I got to capitalize on both those timeframes.

And so at nighttime, um, I, I just, I, I had to find people and so I basically would just look for lights on and doors open, knock on the door and then orange or try and get referrals also. And then when I got in the home, they were up kind of late. Hey, do you know anyone else that wants one? And I would try and get some and half the time I’d be able to get ’em why was at nighttime the other half they say, Hey, it’s too late. Come back tomorrow. Okay, cool. Let’s do like are you an early morning person? Yeah. Yeah. Okay, cool. I’ll be there at 7:00 AM you tee him up, see him early, early, early. Um, so lunch P nothing, nothing, nothing. Nothing. Dude, I I didn’t, yeah, lunch, lunch. I had my guys go, Hey dude, go get me a time. There was a few times it talk about, I didn’t eat talk by at nighttime.

So when I eat lunch, I mean some guys know me, this work with me in the past and before and now, but with me it’s like, dude, I can just load up in some goldfish and I’m good. Right? So I’d be like, Hey bro, go get me like some beef jerky and some goldfish and like a drink. Right? And so they go get that. I’d sit in the car real quick for five minutes. There was one point where I was so hot, so tired, I was like, go get me. Gatorade said I don’t need water, I need Gatorades right now. And they went and I down to full Gatorades and I just said like, Oh dude, this sucks dude. And I just, and I was like, waterlogged I was hot. And then I get out, I’m like, Oh dude, I lethargic and I’m just like, I gotta keep going.

Here I go. And just, it was just, I just, that week I had it in my mind that I was going to do it. Nothing was going to stop me, nothing. The only thing that could have stopped me would have been my health. Like, you know, nothing was gonna stop me. I knew what I had to do and I was, I wasn’t going to stop till till it happened. That is so cool. So did you run into any like weird other issues that felt like big obstacles like come Thursday, Friday, less like a police or police? I didn’t because I was licensed, so I’m, I’m always proactive with that. Um, some of the, a few customers were really good that customers rugged, uh, one of the whole town behind you. Yeah. Are you basically saying, look at my list? Like did you carry a list of like I wrote down every more?

Yeah, that’s a good question. I wrote down like every morning I would write down all new customers. I was like, damn, do like 20 more customers. Write them down, write them down, write them down. And I would have certain customers that I remembered at the restaurant and you know the barbecue shop up there. They said Thomas, they’d been there for 35 years. Oh yeah. Tommy. And then do you know the daycare lady? Everybody knows the daycare lady. Exactly. The mayor guy, everybody has this guy. So, so I had them written down and I had a few of them because I couldn’t open up my binder every time. But the ones that were hesitant, I just start, who do you know the best on this list? Oh, let me call him real quick. Let me just call him real quick. Let me go get there. Just right down the street.

Let me go grab him real quick. Hey, come talk to him real quick for me. Yeah. So, so it was just, it was just kinda thinking out of the box and, you know, just, you know, you hit it. I had to do things differently than what I’ve done in the past. And like it was just was thinking of it. But one obstacle that I could think of was Saturday, um, Saturday morning and there was, the Monday was a huge obstacle. A Wednesday I had to go to the ATM to pull out some more cash. I didn’t think I was, and I couldn’t find a bank that not town. I had to go to another town and it took 20 minutes, so that I was annoyed with that. But, um, one, one big obstacle was Saturday. Um, so Saturday I’m like, dude, I’m going to hit it.

I only need 10 today. And, but I, but I was nervous about installed because I needed it to be installed. So I was like, I’ve gotta sell 20 today because some of these deals, you think if you sell 20 in a day and you got two technicians with you, the first couple of days, how many are actually gonna go in that day? And I couldn’t even keep up with what customers had got installed and didn’t. And that’s why I had my guys keeping up with that and we had to get ahold of them the next day. And so I, I didn’t, I, so there was a lot of things going on. Like, Hey, you know, not only do I have to sell, but I have to install over a hundred. That’s the key is installed, not just sell. And so those, so those were some things that I was thinking of, but the obstacle would, would’ve been that on Wednesday.

And then Saturday was a big thing for me. Where we were at a hotel is crazy. You know, I woke up and I was like, I was feeling good. I was like, I’m going to do this. It’s the last day of the week. Um, and I go downstairs, eat breakfast and then I go, I’m getting ready to leave. I’m like, dude, I don’t have my binder. What the heck? I’m just tired. So in every morning I woke up, dude, I just was so exhausted, dude. Like 11, 12 at night when I went to bed I was just like, Oh dude, I feel so good to go to sleep. Like that was the only thing I look forward to because it was the only thing that would break up the monotony of everything cause it just, and I’d wake up, the alarm would go off. It felt like asleep 10 minutes. I was like, you gotta be kidding me again.

Like six, like seven 30 roll out of bed, like take a shower. Sundays, don’t take a shower. My guys are like, dude, you stink bro. Like you haven’t put on deodorant like you stink. I’m like, all right dude, I’ll, I’ll take a shower real quick. So, so there was that stuff. But so I woke up, I’m kind of all over the place, but I woke up that Saturday went nay, went back up to my room. Cause I forgot my binder, my name badge. And I’m like, dude, the door is not opening. And I called my guy and we’re all in each other’s nerves at this point, cause we’re sick of each other, seeing each other, sleeping in this. I was sharing a bed with four, the three other people in the room, and we’re annoyed with each other. We’re tired, we’re tired

in a hundred [inaudible] drive a Lambo, man, I love it. I like whatever.

Great. So, so I go back up and I, and I’m swiping my key and I’m like, dude, this is not working. Like what? What’s going on dude? And so I call him, I call one of my dudes and he’s like, I’ll make you the keys, not where he’s like, bro, come on, let’s go. We gotta go. I’m like, dude, I’m the one out knocking. Relax. You don’t think I gotta go, I’m, I’m hurrying at the keys. He’s like, bro, you’re an idiot. He’s like, look, he comes upstairs and he’s like, I’m like, bro, try it. And he tries it and it doesn’t open. And he’s like, and I probably told you, I’m like, I know we’re not on the best terms right now, but the door went open, I need my binder. And so finally he as like, you gotta run downstairs, get someone, I got gotta go, it’s been like 20 minutes.

I can’t wait. And they’re like, the, the lady comes up, she barely speaks English and she, I dunno what to do. I’m like, I’ve got to get in the door. Like I got to go like I need to, I’m doing something. I got to go and, and, and, and finally she couldn’t do anything. I go to the front desk and they’re like, I can’t wait. I was like, dude, I, I’m going to have to break down the door if you guys don’t give me my stuff because I got to get stuff in there. Well, we’re going to call it maintenance. I’ll make, I’ll give you 15 minutes and wait for maintenance. So maintenance comes there and the guys trying to open the door, I’m like, dude, you got to open the door. You gotta unscrew it. Like, like I’m helping him, like, and he gets her and he’s like, Oh no, we, I don’t have the key for this. Like, it’s like, I’m like, dude, I gotta break down the door. We have to go, this has been an hour. And I’m like, I’m getting stressed out. Anxiety. And so finally we’re just, did, we just broke down the door.

It’s just full hotel just broke down the door. So guys, are you committed enough to break down a hotel door to just get your, her

I just, we broke it, broke the frame, everything. They’re like, what the hell? I’m like, dude, I gotta go like, I’m sorry, I’ll pay for it. Like I got to go a little man. And so, yeah. So, so we broke the door that, that put me off like another hour and a half. And I just was, I just was tired and I get in the car, we had to switch areas that day. Cause I had, I had already, you know, hit up that, that town and um, went to another area, into a new town on Saturday, on Saturday. Did you have to create a whole new momentum or did you yeah, yeah, yeah, it was, yeah, it was scary. That’s a bold move. I know. It’s kind of like Donovan milk this. Yeah. And I am looking back at it. I would’ve just, cause I got so many referrals cause I was like, dude, I don’t know how many I’m working.

I don’t know how many more is going to come in, but I, there’s not too many more houses I can hit cause they’re spread out and it’s not like a work your area weak. It’s a talk to as many people as you can sell 20 plus stills in a day. You need people to answer the door. And I had already went back to a lot of these people and so I switched and when I switched that day I had like eight or nine people hit me up back there. I was like, bro, you got to go back and you gotta go the, I got deal another deal and he’s like, I’ll go do one go to. And I, every, another one would come in, another one come in and I’d sell it, sell it. So I just have him go, go, go, go. And I just, I sold there and then on Saturday I had sold in the other area.

Um, and it was, yeah, there, but there was, there was quite a few other obstacles too, but those are the big things. Was Monday, Sunday night, Monday was, was probably the biggest. And then Saturday was, was a pretty big one. And then, you know, Saturday night I just, it was getting dark and I had already hit it and my guys were like, aren’t you hit it, let’s go. And I’m like, dude, I, I can’t, I can’t stop. I’m gonna keep going. I gotta keep going. So I kept knocking. Dot one I was past dark and then got another one past dark. And by that time I had just, I was like, alright, dude, I, I’ve, I’ve, I felt, I felt, I felt accomplished. Like it wasn’t about the money, it just was about doing something that I committed to for months before and just saying, Hey, this is what I want to do.

And it didn’t matter what anyone said, it didn’t matter what happened. I was tired, I was worn out, but I just felt so accomplished and I just, I felt, I felt good. I felt I felt really, really good. And you know, I just, like I said, I did that to show my guys, Hey, you guys can do anything you set your mind to and you just got it. You just gotta think a little bit differently and really have that commitment and that mindset of this is what you want to do. If you’re gonna do it, you gotta you gotta you gotta do it if you’re going to commit. And you know, I just, yeah. But I remember Saturday night that was probably my biggest one of the best fillings and, and during the week and, and, and you know, that night I was, you know, in my mind that I can remember is it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done mentally and physically. It was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever.

Yeah, that is when you said hell week to the wife. You weren’t kidding. But it’s probably feels good to just be like, man, it did it. It does. Instead of being like, Oh, I did my 50 60 like, you know, still really good week. Best week. Yeah. Good. Multiple of your best days. Every single day. Yup. And you know that dude I need to make. So I remember my first week I hit 20 and guys, this is a week. I felt really cool. She’s legit, legit. And I’ve only done that a few times. I’m sitting here calling Mendez and I’m like, Hey w I need the 20 club shirt. Yeah. And he’s like, you just made a lot of money. Go buy your own damn sure. Yeah. And I’m like, dude, we need to make you a hundred club shirt. That’s like the, you know, the, this is the new Mark.

Like I think that people in this industry are like twenties the killer week. And if I can pace that every week, that’s a killer year. Right? Yeah. But like, I just think, I hope if you’re listening to this or watching you look at this and you go, what is the new number in my like my own personal, if you’re a four account a week guy, you’re kind of like, okay, this guy goes and throws in four before seven or eight o’clock in the morning. Like how can I take this to another level? Um, what is my hard work? When you say, man, I worked, that was a hardest work week. I think a lot like very, very few people could ever say like, man, I really gave it my all. And you never even knew there was. It all was.

Yeah. And there was times in just to clear, there was times in the past where I was like, I could have worked harder. I could’ve worked harder, I could’ve worked harder, I could have done more. And when I had done it two weeks ago or whenever, two weeks ago, I’m thinking back on it and there wasn’t much more I could have done or I could have left on the table than what I had done. Like, like I like 98 99%. I could have prepared better. Yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely. I think I can do 2030 40 more next year than this year just off of that. But just off of working in what I, I don’t think I left it all on the table and going back on it. I’m gonna, I’m gonna work, I’m going to do more next year, but I’m going to get a lot more referrals. I don’t think I utilized that to the fullest. Um, I know I didn’t because the last two days I really didn’t. It was a lot easier. So there were some things I learned as w going 16 years later knocking on doors. But yeah, there wasn’t, there wasn’t I, I left it, I left it all on the table that week,

which I think it’s like in that probably felt the best. Like that part probably felt the best. Yeah. You’re like, I left it all on the table. It wasn’t like, like how pissed would have you been? How’d you just dipped out when everybody’s like, all right, you hit it dude. Like it’s eight o’clock. Let’s dip. You’re like, no, dude, I got another hour or two hours. And they’re like, dude, the texts are backed up.

It’s going in Monday. I’m just like, I just, at that point, like I, I just, I just remember that week it just was like, maybe just, it was like, sell, sell, sell, sell, just keep selling, keep going, keep going. And so I had like the second or third day, it just was like, this is what I’m doing. Like woke up, I’m like, dude, gotta go knock on doors. And it just was like, it was this weird mindset just that you had to go out and sell and you had to get people to do it. And it just, it just was it, it just was a habit that I had built that week that I didn’t think I was capable of doing. And I think a lot of, a lot of people quit once they get a certain amount of deals.

Yeah. [inaudible] they’ve hit their number, they’re on to a guy at two account, a day guy. Yeah.

And sells is all about momentum. Right. And you know it’s, you know, the getting the customers don’t, they don’t know that I was going into houses at my 20th 21st still and I would look at them, I’d say, ma’am, you’re my 21st customer. I signed up today. And they be like, wow, that’s great. That’s a lot.

But they don’t get [inaudible] and my guys, Ruthie, they’d start laughing, man. That’s, and they, they just, they just like, I was like, yeah, I don’t know.

I’m trying to sign up as many people as we can. Like this isn’t like, Hey, leave is assigned in your yard. We’re just doing three pre per street. We’ll come back in a year or five months to sell. Like that’s not that pitch that, you know, my pitch is, my pitch is, cause you know, I’m doing this to help people get better is I’m signing up anyone I can. So I tell the people, look, you know, some people, you know the, you know, what would, if we don’t do it today, you know, my, my, I’m not saying that you have to get it today. All I’m saying is I do, you know, buying alarm is never an impulse decision in my mind. And we do people, I work with, people that can make logical decisions and that are going to get it today because if I’m doing 10 20 a day right now and you want to call me back next week, I’m going to be in a different area.

It’s not going to be worth going back when I’m doing 20 day. And I hope you can understand that I work well with people that want a good deal on the spot. And that’s what kind of what I work with. And I’m not saying to get it now or I’m not trying to put pressure on you, but in my mind, you know, you’re never gonna regret protecting your home or you know, getting an alarm system if you’re gonna like it, right? You’re gonna love it. You know, you’re gonna want this and you know, I know you’re kinda on the fence, but you know, there’s 20 people that I’ve done today and if it doesn’t work out for you, I get it. But there’s 20 people where it did work out for him. They’re super happy with it. Who do you know on this list? Let me call them.

Right. They already did it. Let me call them. So yeah, actually call. Yeah. Hi, may Hernandez and be like, Hey, I’m with Susie. She says she knows you. And there was multiple, there was multiple people that I had talked to that thought I was maybe like a scam or something that didn’t do it. And then two days later I’m going to their house and signing them up because their friend referred them. Oh yeah, he was over at my house. I have his card or he, I talked to him. I just didn’t know. Like that’s what I’m saying, like it’s all about momentum. Not only that, but it’s all about building, you know, knowing that you’re legitimate. Cause that’s most of the battle is once they know you’re legit, it’s just do they want an alarm or not? And it’s very easy to convince someone if they know you’re legit.

100% and so that’s the biggest barrier in any sales processes that is breaking down the wall and saying, I’m on your team. I’m legit. Yeah, you need me. Yeah. Well I’ve never heard of you before. Well, who have you heard of? Like it’s not about, it’s not about who the company is. It’s 2019 we all the same technology. What it comes down to is what type of equipment you have in your home that’s going to notify the central station the quickest. Right. Because you know the police don’t care who you have. They respond to anything and we all have the same technology nowadays. That’s what it’s about and all. Yeah, that makes sense. You know? Yeah. I set up so-and-so, so-and-so, my pitch literally knocking on the door, Hey, sorry to Bali. We’ve been in the area the last couple of days. We’re doing a lot of people. Do you know just and just list list people?

Oh yeah, I know her. No, I don’t know her because if I go knock on the door and bring in my page, they’re going to say no, I’m not interested. But they are interested in people they know in their neighborhood and their neighborhood. And if you bring something that they are aware of and that they care about, they’ll listen to you. But if you just knock on their door and talking about an alarm system, they’re not going to buy from you. And so it’s about building that validity and you know, asking them, Hey Gino so-and-so, do you know so-and-so? Do you know so-and-so? This is our licenses, my state license. This is my city license. You know, we’ve worked with, so, Oh yeah, I know her. I know her. Yeah. I’m just not sure. Okay, hold on, let me get her on the phone real quick.

Hey Mrs. Anderson. I’m with so-and-so. Oh, that’s my nephew. What? Tell her how you live and putting on speaker. Yeah, he’s legit. Yeah, he was over at my house. It’s a good deal. Okay. That’s all I needed to hear. Hang up. All right, we’ll go with you. That’s, I just saw, I need to hear stuff like that. And so you think out of the box and you know, I’d sell, I, you know, I’d sell people on the doorstep in five, 10 minutes, you know, get inside the home. Um, but mainly, you know, I did a lot of doorstep cells and then, you know, try to get a referral. But the thing about me is, you know, a lot of the doorstep sells that. I tried to get in the home just to get a break, but I got them committed on the door and they said, okay, they’re good to go. And I was like, dude, I got to keep knocking. Like I can’t

go in and [inaudible] I’m not even getting up there. Oh no, there’s a fan inside. Come on, come inside real quick, sir. And sometimes, yeah. And sometimes I would go in there real quick just to, just to make sure that they’re committed. Yeah.

And then once they were committed, they knew everything, I would say, okay, I gotta go. Right. This is so and so. I got to go. And then just in and out, in and out. So most of my time was outside. That’s also was, it was, yeah, I was the next week. I think that Monday or Tuesday I was walking a lot. I was just, I could barely lift my legs. I just was like

your last shoes. I was, I walked a hundred miles. I was, yeah, I was just, that is awesome. I was just exhausted. Dude. I, this has been awesome. We’ve got to wrap up and if you’ve been watching this or listening to this comment, maybe a nugget or tagging alarm guy because there’s at this end, the end of this, there was a ton of good little lines or one miners, a little hacks and it was fun obviously like just learning the story. Like I just think it’s so cool. He break the door down, missed the flight off. I was like, there was a lot. That is so cool. So yeah, I’m super excited and obviously to hear more at door to door con

excited for you. Obviously your events or you know, it’s what everyone talks about. You know, it’s once a year and you know, I’m, you know, it’s all about, you know, everyone getting better. And, um, you know, I, I’m, you know, I’m excited to be able to come to your, your conference and, and talk about what helps me and what gets me going and what, you know, it’s not just, it’s not just that sales process. It’s, it’s the mindset and knowing that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully these guys, wherever they’re working at, they see the light at the end of the tunnel. They’ve got that, that, that, that mindset and you know, the, the longterm value of, of what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. And that’s what it’s all about, is that longterm value in that mindset. And that’s what gets me to prevail and to keep going.

And you know, at your conference, you know, I want to be able to, you know, tell people, Hey, it’s, it’s about your mindset. It’s about your goals. You’ve got to have those five, 10 year goals. You can’t just have those by a car goal, that that can’t happen. And if you get those mindsets and, and everything else, everything else will fall in line. But it’s just, you know, you got to remind yourself and write it down and, and know what your longterm goals are five, 10 years down the road. And hopefully, you know, I can talk about that at your conference and, you know, kind of help people. Um, you know, I, I can only, I learned in, in LA in two weeks ago, you know, I’ve been doing it for 15, 16 years and I learned even more how to be a better salesman in these last two months, going to another market and kind of pushing myself, um, two months prior to me selling a hundred accounts in a week, I sold a hundred counts in a month and I was getting on the doors at like four 30 getting off the doors at nine and I sold over a hundred accounts a month.

And in June, I believe it was, or air ended June to the end of July. Um, I did that. And, um, you know, I felt like I got better than, and then when I went out and did it again, I felt like I got even better. And so it’s just about personal development and you know, just getting better and, yeah. So, but I hope hopefully I can, I can help.

No, I am, I will be in there. I mean, it’s nuggets on nuggets. Yeah. So I’m super

excited to have you there and yeah, thank you so much for being on a podcast on an IP, right. Yeah, no, I appreciate the fun connecting and learning this and I watch your podcast. Hopefully everyone else is, you know, watching pockets. I just want to say, you know, I listened to, you know, the guy of yesterday sprint whenever I can, you know, I don’t watch TV or any of that stuff, but I definitely at nighttime I’ve got like 20 minutes, half an hour, and I listened to your stuff and I listened to your, I watch your pages, I scroll through your feed. You know, I think a lot of people, other people do and maybe they hold back on it or, but I learned things from your guys, like from your sprint guy yesterday and from everyone else that’s been on your, your feeds. I try to listen to him and I tried to learn from him and I know that I can learn a lot and there’s, I can get better.

And I, I do, you know, uh, appreciate you know, everything that you put together and you know, I know you’ve had some, you know, a vision and it’s getting better and better and better. And you know, I definitely listened to your podcasts and hopefully everyone else’s and they’re spreading, you know, the, the, the good news and you know, just, you know, cause everyone can get better, including myself. No, not everyone. There are some that say they’re, you know what I mean? I think a lot of people hit this number and they’re like, I got it. I’m good. Yeah, I don’t need to learn anymore. But like guys, what did he just say? I mean that like that’s, that’s there’s, there’s two, there’s two or three, one liners that I learned from first year reps that I hired last year and I can think of one specifically that’s really helped my pitch and that I hired, they’d never sold before.

And I’m like, dude, what did you just say? Like driving home from area. I’m like, damn, let me write that on my notes real quick. I’m not going to tell him, but I’m like, do I put up my notes? I’m like, dude, that’s a good one of the one letters you wrote down, dude, that was from my first year, first year. I just was like, I was like, damn dude. So I learned from done a couple. Yeah. But I, I learned from these guys in, in, in, you know, I’m sure you learn from people that you interviewed too and it’s just all about, you know, sharing with each other and getting better. That’s literally me just say a nugget every, it’s just about just getting better. Like is it industry as a whole and you know, solar cell phone, everything. It’s just about doing good business, doing clean business, you know, being honest, you know, that that’s what it’s all about and just getting better and you know, people can make a lot of money doing this job.

And last thing I want to say is obviously I appreciate what you’ve done, but you know, one thing that really sticks with me, and you know, I tell a lot of my guys this, but you know, it’s crazy to me, you know, like I, I kind of look at like the NBA, like sports NFL and you know, I see, you know, you see people making $25 million a year playing basketball and you see other guys making $1 million a year and you see, you know, oral surgeons making 200,000 a year and oral surgeons making a million a year. You see dentists making 100,000 a year and some making three, four, 500,000 a year. And it’s the same thing with door to door. You see people making millions a year knocking on doors, and you see people tapping out at the end of the year, which I almost did two or three times initially, and it’s, it’s, if people can make millions of dollars a year knocking on doors, why wouldn’t, why wouldn’t you stick with it? And it’s, it’s, it’s, it just blows my mind. It’s like, look, there’s people making this much money doing the exact same thing that people are quitting insane.

It’s a scam. And it’s just, it’s just crazy. It’s all about your mindset. That’s all it’s about. I love that. I love that. Yeah. Well, nugget, love you guys. This has been awesome and I appreciate you coming out. Yeah, thanks a lot, man. Appreciate it.

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