Well, can I help you listen up, I’m bringing you the best content to ever exist and the door to door industry from sales, leadership, recruiting and personal development. Why would I need that? Because never before have we been able to collaborate with the top experts in their industries, sharing their secrets and techniques and what makes them the best. We who are you? I’m your host. Sam Taggart, creator of the DDD experts and DDD con. Is there a place we can sit down? We’ll come on in.

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are your Facebook live here in the studio and I have some awesome people on here. This d to d team and vanilla. So we’ve got the support, the support, clots. I can’t even talk now. I’m just used to like make an apartment so it could be audio book and done. I mess up. I make a fart sound. So we’re getting my book. I finished the audio book, it’s just getting edited now. So I introduced Riley Omenson and he is our sales expert at DDD. So he’s selling, you know, vendors and did a university. And what else did he sell? Everything. Yeah. Anything and everything. I’m Robin Sam’s Batman [inaudible] hired him as a position and had called him Robin, probably slick. He’s like, that’s my job title. I’m like, Yep, I’ll be Batman. And then we got Ben Corbett here. And what do you do? Tell us about you.

Yeah. Selling Vanilla. Lots of vanilla reviews. No chocolate, no chocolate. Just a lot of vanilla. I love that. Um, so he just came on about what, two, three weeks ago? I think so, yeah. Three weeks getting crank and with our a texting software. So if you haven’t checked out vanilla, it’s an AI texting software to help you get more reviews and to, you know, and, and involve your customers, have a followup and, and upsells and integrate into your CRM. It’s actually a really powerful tool. So, yeah, let’s talk about, uh, DDD con real quick before we dive into it. We’re going to actually be talking about, um, like how to finish the summer strong. I mean these guys, let me give you a history. What seven years in pest control? Six. Five. Yeah. Riley did five years in past. You did how many summers and then one summer got appendicitis, retired and then uh, yeah, I did inside sales.

Yeah. So, so eight years. Six. Six on the phone. Yeah, we served in the MTC together. Ben is a amazing soccer player, so that’s why I decided to hire him. I’m like, if I need anybody to pick up on my late night soccer league, I figured I’d get me Zack. And then we have the ginger team. So we love the redheads. I’m like, they usually sell better. Yup. And a Riley’s got a solid beard. We’ve already decided that. Me and Ben Red Beard. Quite jealous. We’re behind. We are behind. So before we dive into this, we’re going to go over a couple of things. A lot of people have been asking about the agenda, um, Dora to work on, I guess, what are you guys looking forward to this year? 2020. What are we excited about? Tim Grover. Tim Grover. Oh yeah, yeah. I mean, that’s like doped guy. So if you haven’t read his book, it’s awesome.

He talks about the cleaner, the cooler and the closer. Yep. And just being able to really get in there and be somebody that’s willing to get gritty and do what it takes and be the cleaner. So I think, I think some of the principles of just teaching, um, how to be relentless and some of those that have heard him speak and stuff, I’ve never heard him live, but I’ve watched some of his podcasts was news, audio book, things like that. And he’s just aggressive. I mean, there’s a way to make an all star and he does it in a very powerful way. So I’m super excited for that. Um, what are you looking forward to

at my lab for sure. Yeah. I mean, honestly, I, if, if I knew he was coming to Utah, I probably would pay 200 bucks each just to, just to go watch him. Yeah. Without anything else. And that’s what happened last year. I, um, you know, wasn’t in the door to door industry, still came to door, door con. There’s a lot of good content on real estate and stuff like that. But yeah, at my let follow him on Instagram, he’s just, he’s just has so much content that he puts out that’s helpful and he’s awesome. Yeah. I mean,

I didn’t even one, you know, I hate to say this on like live or whatever, but like I don’t really listen to any podcast follow people. People are like, Hey, did you watch my story? I’m like, no, I don’t watch stories. Maybe when I’m taking it up, like, you know, maybe I got to follow and score to the fee, but uh, and I appreciate those that watch mine and listen to mine. But, um, ed, my lad is one, I’ve acted, we started the four show and be like, holy crap, he’s got some good nuggets and I’m actually pulling some of his new print or some of his principles. I just started putting into my book. I was like, well, it’s kind of a chapter. I’m probably just going to copy. Yeah. It’s just like, Dang. That’s really good. Um, no, so super, super excited for Ed.

Um, so the agenda kind of goes like this. A lot of people are probably wondering like, what, what does the agenda look like? Um, so Thursday’s actually meant for the leaders and the owners of the businesses. You know, you’ve got managers, CEOs, things like that. We have Tim Grover Marquis in, so I played football with Marcie in’s son signed. So he, they, they live on park city. Um, and it was just fun to kind of jam with him cause I just remember him coming to the football games and you’re like, you know what I mean? I actually play basketball against John Stockton’s kids too. So I was like, he’s a Dick than a marquee. It’s Nice John Stockton’s a Dick. You’d go up to him in the stands, sorry if you’re watching this Stockton family. But, uh, anyway, he was my idol, you know what I mean? Like, I don’t know who was your guys is like, go to his, but stock, my God, I got to meet him and I’m like, hey man, can I have your art?

And you just said, I don’t sign people, I don’t sign autographs at kids games. You just said Dick. And I was like, oh, which one’s your son? I’d rather not say. And I’m like, holy crap. Like super hardcore. And then the dude sit in front of him, he goes, he comes up and he’s like, hey, he’s kind of pissed off cause the sunsets, the bench [inaudible] it’s like okay, it doesn’t run in the blood. Yeah, it was just funny. Anyway, so marquis in all star, you know, he’s on the NBA all stars back while ago teaching on leadership. But we have Tim Grover marquee and coach Burt who’s also spoke at Tedx. Connie’s come in Thursday. And what that’ll be is intimate workshops at these guys. So it’s at the Marriott a different ticket. So you buy the mastermind ticket, it’ll be much really intimate, high level leadership training and you get to rub shoulders with the door door or the golden door winners, the CEO’s and stuff like that.

We invite a few people that come be really cool. And then Friday, Saturday is the general, um, general admission or normal event at the salt palace where we’ll have 70 to 75 vendors there this year. Um, so if you’re interested in being a vendor, hit us up. Um, and then we’ll have day one, a series of workshops where it’ll be all the sales guys will go to six different rooms. So have a, a pest room and solar room and roofing room, satellite alarms, and then a general sales room where we’ll have three different workshops in each room. So we’ll have the pitch for 40 minutes by like the best or like the best do to that and that industry giving his secrets, like very dialed and we’ll practice it. It’ll give you all the secret sauce. And then, um, presenting an objections will be the second. And then we’ll have the third one will be, um, the clothes.

So it’s like, here’s the step-by-step close, here’s how I transition. Um, but in the meantime, while the sales training is going on and the main stage is a leadership track for CEOs and, and the leaders that don’t really want to learn how to sell, but they want to learn how to more effectively run their business and not, it’d be really cool and then flip flop it. Day Two, it will be the sales guys down the main stage and get like a certificate of like sales class and I’ll be running that. And then during that time it will be all different leadership rooms. So there’s a recruiting room, a um, strategy room, a marketing room, culture room with three different workshops going on in each room on each of those with industry specific guys. So kind of different this year, which will be kind of interesting. Um, anyway, so I kinda wanted to run through the agenda a little bit because I think a lot of people are asking like, okay, what do I expect?

Should I bring my sales guys? And you know, I think a lot more people are bringing their company this year where last year maybe the manager or the owner went and they’re like, oh, let’s check this out. You know, make sure that it’s legit and you know, there’s no recruiting, you can’t wear swag, you can’t recruit anybody. We have police that monitor conversations were pretty like crack the whip on that because we’ll kick people out. Last year we actually kicked two guys out and just said, sorry, no refund. You came for the wrong reason. Um, so it’s very neutral and like to keep it that way just because the mission of the event is to really unify the industry and not kind of rip each other apart where it’s been, you know what I mean? Um, I guess in your guys’ history being in this space, I mean, how have you seen the cutthroat newness of this industry show up in how you’ve been, you know, I’m sure you’ve been victim of that and in recruiting battles and mud throwing, have you guys experienced any of that in your careers? I guess

I have, um, from the recruiting aspect. And then also in the sales aspect of like knocking neighborhoods, fighting against guys like trying to steal sales back and forth and then it’s bloody, it’s pretty cut throat. Yeah. Honestly, just being in it for five years, seeing kind of all the different aspects of it. So that’s why I liked the event. It’s very neutral, you know, it’s not about that.

And it’s cool to see. They think it’s Kinda cool to see different CEO’s hanging out, you know what I mean? Or like managers that maybe are always in a recruiting battle, they’ll be like, I’ve never even met him. I get it. You know what I mean? That’s kind of a cool thing. The kind of all the main players come. So it’s like you kinda get put face to name and rub shoulders and I think it’s just a more, it’s a better place to play when everybody’s playing a win win game instead of kind of this, I win. You lose cutthroat mentality. Um, there’s plenty of business to go around. There’s plenty of recruits to go around. I just think people need to naturally just get better at what they do. And instead of try to just go hang on the low hanging fruit and steal from everybody else, you know what I mean?

So anyway, so that’s the event. Um, go get your tickets, ticket prices go up tomorrow. Just so you know. Um, so 25 bucks every month they actually raise, so you can wait. We actually hope that you wait, don’t go buy your tickets, then you’ll pay more because your price still going to go if you’re listening to this anyway. Um, so don’t go buy your tickets cause they prices do go up. We actually all start to make money on this event because just being upfront, we have not made any money on the event so far. So, uh, so we’re, we’re, we’re crossing our fingers, you know, it’s a charitable type thing we’ve decided, but, uh, no, that’s why I brought in some awesome sales guys. These guys have been like literally game changing the business so far. Right? He’s been here what, seven, seven weeks or so, and seven more weeks, seven years wish seven years.

We would be in a much different place if you’re here from the get go. Um, and Ben is just coming in fricking swinging and a, I already closed some deals and freaking putting strategy together and systems. It’s cool to watch you do your work, man. I’m so a good principal. Go find the talent that it’s gonna take to go take your business to the next level and you know, surround yourself with guys that actually have experience and know what they’re doing and that’s how you win. So let’s talk, I mean, any other things on DVD, cone. I mean, if you have questions common in the questions and uh, we’ll answer dms and we love taking questions or just put them in the comments and we’ll, we’ll answer any questions you have on the event than a lot of people have been asking about vendor options.

A lot of people have been asking about bulk tickets. Uh, so both tickets at autogenerates, if you buy more than five tickets, you get 10% 10% and then if you buy more than 10 tickets, I had Ryan Marshall with banks today hit me up. He’s like, I want 10 tickets. Give me a deal. I’m like, it already gives you a deal 20% off. So he’s like, oh, okay. Then he goes and buys 10 tickets today because he didn’t want to spend an extra 25 times 10 80 bucks. I just saved him 200 in 20% off. So, um, auto-generated set. So it’s team bulk pricing. Uh, just so you guys know, so go get it. Go get a bundle. Cause I had, I mean I played golf with fluent yesterday. They’re buying on another 150 tickets this trip. So I mean that’s always fun. You know, 150 guys coming to the event. I mean top that. Anybody going to bring more than one 50? Let’s see it. Let’s say that’s the number to beat. Um, anyway, so any other thoughts on the event? Hey, last year was awesome. Um,

yeah, just the, the unity of the door door industry was really cool to see. Cause you know, like we’ve talked about with the cutthroat in this other people talking about other companies and stuff like that. It’s like I didn’t feel any of that when I was there just to get so, so many people are there wanting to learn more. That that’s really what the focus was, was let’s take, we’re all together. The unity was cool. And I think that’s why, you know, people loved or adore con cause it’s like people aren’t thinking about recruiting. They’re going to learn and everyone’s one team pretty much. And that’s what’s cool.

[inaudible] that was like what was mind blowing. People told me when I first launched this thing, they said that would never happen. Yeah. And most guys are like, why would I share my door approach? I’m like, why wouldn’t you share a door approach? You know? He’s like, you know, it’s kind of like there’s this mentality of like let’s all help each other because that’s what’s going to make this game be a lot more fun and uplevel everyone because a rising tide lifts all ships. I’m excited to see, actually this year there’s a few industries where the record with most sales ever sold will be broken, will be. And I think that the unity of this, you know, movement, I see him different industry, you know, different companies in the same industry, tagging each other and saying, hey, let’s take this guy on. And you know, I’ve, I’ve kind of sent screenshots of this company to this guy and I fire him up and he’s like, Dang it.

You know what I mean? It’s like, it’s fun to watch people playing, you know, they’re on different companies, but they’re playing on the same team. It’s fun to watch people compete. So I’m a see whose, how many, I want to see if there’s more golden door winners this year too. And it’d be interesting just to get, you know what I mean? If I knew that was a thing and I was sitting at 350 alarms, I’d go sell 400. I’d be like, dude, we’re an extra 50 accounts. I get it recognized on a national level and from thousands of people. Like, that’s cool. You know what I mean? Like, and the Lord’s dope. It’s a goat head. I mean, come on. Um, so if you’re, we actually are building a, a form to fill out, and if you’re a golden door winner, that’ll be on the website.

Um, I don’t know anybody that’s hit it yet. Those people that are close Zuna goes at 900 past, I don’t know anybody that’s close to, I don’t know. There’s a guy at 400 close in alarms. Um, there’s a guy you’re going to hit seven, 800 alarms this year, which is wow. Wow. Fat. Wow. Uh, and he, this will be his third golden door. So actually if you’ve gotten three consecutive years, we’re giving you what’s called a platinum door this year. So this year will be the first year we’ll have people earn a platinum’s pretty scores Josh, uh, um, and in alarms. Um, couple of pest guys, maybe, uh, obviously Michael, Donald and solar, he’s already got four. He already has a clot door, some out in two years. Anyway, a trophy is gonna have his face. [inaudible] it’s like a face of him and then it’s a solar lord.

Anyway, the guy’s insane. You know, if you haven’t listen to that podcast, it was really good. We actually just put him in the university. I’ve got a lot of solar people be like, Dude, oh for sure. Get Miko Donald’s course is a game changer. Yeah. Um, anyway, so let’s dive into this. How do you finish your summer strong? I mean I want to hear if you’re listening to this comment on the comments, like your advice, if you were giving the podcast, I want to hear the tips. We came up with three different tips which are work the hours and we’re going to dive into like what these mean, but work the hours, milk the perks and remember your why you started. So the first one like worked the hours. What th what tends to happen at this point in the summer have you guys seen? For most guys it’s a lot.

It’s a lot easier to hang out in the apartment, not go back, uh, or not go knock your area as soon as you’re supposed to. After the meetings. Uh, lunch extends by 30 minutes, extends by an hour, your lunch snaps, double time. Um, yeah, I mean you start Kinda go into movies just kind of, because you’ve been sprinting for so long, this is really the moment when you either kick it up a notch or you’re going to notice you plateau and just start to go down. That’s what I’ve seen. Yeah. And I think people start thinking about coming home, you know, and starting school again or just coming back to their girlfriend or whatever it is, you know, things that are back home, they start thinking about other stuff. So really it’s just a point to recommit yourself. And I think the other big thing is just people started limiting themselves, um, even more than what they have just because it’s like, man, I’ve done this for three months, the most I’ve ever sold or this is the most I’ve ever done.

And so in their mind they, they kind of, you know, limit that, that ability to really make the last month their best month. So it’s almost like they cement it in their own identity. Like I’m a five account, I a guy, I’m a two day guy, that’s all I can do. And that’s like their Riley and they don’t believe in August could change that. Yeah. That is interesting because I never would’ve said that. But now that you say that it’s like of course, because it’s just kind of like, Nah, I just got to repeat me the same thing every day versus who’s say you couldn’t be twice as good in August as you are in July, right? Yeah. Like nothing. I mean I had my biggest, cause I love the competition cause we’re going to go into number two but um, I just look at it like you get to decide every day who you are.

And I think sometimes you could fake it. You could be like, I’m effing the number one rep in the industry today. I’m going to fricking throw in 10. You know what I mean? Like whatever that is. Like if you walked up like today and did that, but who’s to say he couldn’t? Yeah. Why you even, you know, seeing, seeing guys, I think going into that like seeing guys that had been in the industry for so long who right now in the year are still like practicing and studying and taking the time to like learn something new. It’s like, you know, you see guy like Chaz and if you know I follow him and you know he he’s, you know, going through door to door university and this guy’s like, you know, he’s done well for himself and so just guys like I think that’s like the big thing is like pushing yourself and recommitting to going back to like my, my favorite cell is the new you that we just sold the bio shield pest control, you know, any signs up like last week.

And he’s like, well I just need it for the last month for my guys. And I felt like if I can get them studying more, if I can get them resetting, if I can like kind of recommit like you said to learning. Yeah. Cause it’s kind of like I learned a habit over the last couple months. What if you relearned better habits now that you actually like break yourself again? Yeah, like a rookie is taking, you know, morning meetings seriously. And like, cause when you first go it’s like yeah, you’re all in everything. You got your plans and your, you know, and then God sends a manager and a meter tends to fade off. Yeah. Right. You show up in the morning, show youtube video, you watch the office for 30 minutes. So true. Um, no, but that, I mean that’s a good point. I mean I think a lot of people they get lacks, but you look at it like Michael Jordan or you look at any kind of professional like expert.

It’s like they don’t just like, like take a golf swing. Like we, we love golf, right? So it’s like tiger was, doesn’t Kinda like, okay, on this, on the 15th hole, I’m not going to practice my same approach to it before I walk up to the ball. My routine that I’m going to use bricks kept going. Might not be a good example, but, but tiger is going to do the same thing that every pot is. How we analyze it, even on the 15th hole, whether he’s lost the tournament or not. It’s like, here’s my routine. Right.

And I think a lot of us, we get lazy and we just skip those little things. Yeah. I mean, take Kobe Bryant, for example, his last game that he ever played against the Jazz, how many points did he put up? 60 80 something like that. Yeah, it’s the finish on this, on the marathon. It’s when everybody is about to cross that line. You don’t see them walking. You don’t see, I mean, if they’re crawling, it’s like they’re dead, but they’re gonna finish. But it’s a sprint. It’s let’s finish as, as we started, right? Yeah.

Our energy for the end. And I think burnout is such an, like, I literally had a guy text me, where’s mine? Oh, it’s being used. I’m like, where did I find a no? But I had a guy literally texted me today and he’s like, Hey, I have guys, and this is pest control. I have guys that are coming in from February. They’re don’t come from the Utah Culture and they’re doing pest control. And they got on the same workout plan. This was their urban axes, Zuni guy or whatever. And he, he texted me, he’s like, dude, it’s cool to see them. They’re not burning out because they’re on this workout plan. They’re in this habit, they’re in this routine. And he was like, they like, they didn’t even understand what a burnout is. That’s just a fictional made up thing that culturally has been passed through. But because it’s all new guys, that didn’t come from our culture, like they don’t realize like even what a burnout is, right? Yeah. And I think that we all make up this whole, I’m just tired, man. It’s like, where’s that even coming from? Yeah. You know what I mean?

It’s a mentality thing and tense because you’d watch other people do it. It’s that effect of, you know, when somebody else does it starts to lead to the next person, to the next person, and then middle of August you’re like, oh, well I’m going home in a few weeks. Like I like, I only need to do, you know, a few. So

this just a lack of commitment, you know, like you commit to however long you’re going to be there, commit to that full amount of time. And I was probably one of the, like, you know, when I went out, I had some friends that had done door to door and I asked him, you know, what’s, what’s your best advice? And, um, you know, I had a friend tell me if you’re going to be there than be there. Yeah know it’s like, Yup, don’t go if you’re, if you’re in another city away from what you normally do, like just be there 100%, commit to what you’re doing. Cause he didn’t, you know, and he regretted it and you know, he would, you know, maybe work half the day or take a two hour lunch instead of an hour lunch or whatever, you know. And he’s like, man, if I would’ve just been there, like mentally, like this is what I’m doing, he would’ve done so much better. So,

and, and, and I look at it like, are you going to be the guy come September, October, November, December. Are Your bank accounts now dry? If you would’ve just worked hard on August, how much more would have you made? Oh, and now you’re regretting, you’re like, well I could have, or if I, you know, if I really tried, I would have hit the number or you know, I proved out I took two hour extra on lunch and now you’re the guy making all the excuses why you are the middle of the pack or the average rep or the below average or the almost the top 10 or almost the number one. Yeah. You know what I mean? It’s kind of like good. You can go home and justify to your friends and family and girlfriend and other than d to d homeys and be like, well, you know, it’s just, I didn’t work as hard as them so you know, but I would have, I was a better salesman. You can always come up with justification for everything. Your why just has to be be

stronger than everything else, you know, hot or just remembering going back to like, what is that? Cause, I mean three months in or however far we are now, it’s like people forget,

you know, like why did they really come out? So tying that back into your work ethic dude, and your commitment and yeah, it’s big. My story, I like this brings up the emotions. Like I’m almost like sweating right now thinking about it because I remember, so this goes into number two. Number two is milk, the perks. So you know, every company typically has very good double-down incentives going into August. Right? You know, I asked Graham yesterday, I was like, so what incentives are you doing for August? He’s like, dude, we’re throwing so much money at fricken August to just get a pop, right? To keep them fired up. Milk that like go get every damn prize. Go finish strong. Usually payscale jumps, you’re hitting all the tears and the jumps come August and you’re going to regret not making an extra x percent on every one of your deals.

Um, but what I’m saying is, dude, I fricking finished the cup. We got knocked out or whatever this year. And I’m sitting at like 370 and I’m the number two rep in the company calls me. He’s like, Hey, my wife’s going into labor, I got to go home and I’m a well ahead of three and four. You know what I mean? It’s like there’s no way they would ever catch me. Number two was Thai bashed and I’m sitting there like he’s Ronald on my tail and so I was like, f I just got to stick it out as long as he sticks it out and stay ahead of it. And I’m finished with number one in the company, right. At this point, the tournament ends, no more prizes were given. Season’s pretty much done. And I’m at like three 70 he calls me, he’s like, you did it man.

Congrats. Kissed his head. You know what I mean? Like my wife would kill me if I didn’t come home with the new [inaudible]. Right. I’m like, thank you baby. You know, I’m three 73 75 accounts. That’s good. And then I go, well that’s cool. I finished number one. But what would be really cool if I could finish with 400 cause not many people can say they did 400 alarms. You know what I mean? Right. Imagine that week of, you know, 2025 accounts, like it’s, you know, week two weeks that I had to go put in to go hit that. It was so hard. I mean every morning I’m waking up kind of like I got it finished. Like I want to number one, like why would I like does it even matter who effin cares? You know what I mean? And I just vividly remember my why was because I don’t want to be the guy because two years prior, I actually say I did 300 I finished, I would driving home, I call my manager.

I’m like, dude, I did 298 and I can’t do another account. He’s like turn the car around. And I was like, Nope, I’ll sell the extra two when I get home. Like I can’t finish. Like I’ve done the tournament ended. I finished with like 29 that week. Like I just burnt out. Right. And I finished with two 98 never did 300 and it was just like, I’m not making that mistake and finishing with three 75 and coming home and being like, oh that was the year I could say action hit the golden door status. I, you know what I mean? Right. That’s why I remember seven years ago when I was knocking, it was like, you can’t do that. Like if, if I, if I sold two 95 I couldn’t say that I sold 300 like I, I get away with it. Oh yeah. But it was like, I remember like, no, no, no, you can’t say that.

Like did you, what did you sell though? Like, cause if you ever did like the crow hunters like, but did you really sell 300 and it’s like, well I did two 95 and it’s like, no, we can’t say. Can’t say. Yeah. So don’t be that guy. I mean, dude, I promise you I learned my lesson the hard way because I would always have [inaudible] just the back what technically two 98 yeah. It’s like, well, why don’t you just do two more accounts? You idiot. Yeah. So think about it. You guys are next to a number. You’re next to a goal. Every single person’s in here is maybe be, I bet you 95% of the people listening to this are behind schedule. You know what I mean? The set out with their ambitious reminder, August is the month to make or break that. Yeah, you can go pick up the pace, you can go better your time, you can go better.

Your averages every day. You just have to make the decision. Um, so remember your why dude. I, I mean, and I didn’t even start guys. I didn’t even start saying I want to do 400 that year. I started with saying, I just want to sell lights out every week. Like I was like, I’m going to do 20 every week. And I s what happened was I stayed pace setting number one. I was like, oh, might as well just stay number one. So then I kind of like mid July I was like, oh, I’m going to finish number one. And that’s when I kicked in mid July. And then mid August I’m like, oh, I’m going to hit 400 and then he quits. I’m like, I’m gonna still hit 400. No, I’m gonna do 20 every week. Cause that’s why I’m out here. I’m, I’m here. Right? Like I’m here, like you said, if you’re there, be there.

And I knew I was capable of 20 every week. I’m going to do it anyway. So, um, if you’re listening, like I said, we’d love to hear what you’re saying. Um, or advice, things like that and comment on your, we’d love to hear that. But I guess I’m Kinda wanna wrap up with the perks. We didn’t really dive into that. What things could you do to hack your brain? Or have you seen to really maximize perks, scales, incentives? Like have you found any like hacks to kind of get people more enrolled into leveraging the perks?

I started doing a weekly slash monthly incentives for myself on toys, things I wanted to buy, extra trips I wanted to go on. So that was like, it was a personal thing because I knew I was gonna get paid a little bit more, you know, if I could continue to sell more, I’ve already had three full months of putting in hard work, selling a bunch of accounts, doing awesome. It’s that last month where I’m like, okay, what do I have to do different now? Because I understood you. That’s the typical thing is to plateau and kind of go down from here. So what do I have to do differently to continue to maintain that and get better? And it was for me make personal, you know, perks Kinda saying like, Oh, if I, if I can maintain doing the 20 a week or if I can do this number in a day, I’ll get myself this or I’ll do this with my backend or I’ll do something extra. So even if you get knocked out of the competitions, even if you’re done, if you’re there, figure figured out for yourself. Yeah. It’s like don’t rely on someone else. Be Your own

mentor. I think like so often we’re so dependent on someone else to kind of keep us accountable like yeah. And accountable. But it’s Kinda like what if you took the oath to say on my own mentor, I’m my own manager on my own, I Stuart over myself. Ah, I think so often we push that responsibility on others.

Yeah. And then on the flip side, I mean obviously you’re the one knocking the doors. No one’s gonna, you know, carry you around and knock doors. So at the end of the day it has to be up to you. But I do think that looking, you know, looking for other people, mentors to like, you know, if you are at a point where it’s like, dude, I don’t know what to do. Like mentally, I don’t know what I could do to change the way that I’m thinking right now. Reach out to guys who’ve, who are crushing it right now. Reach out to the guy, you know, maybe he’s not even on your team or maybe he’s in a, you know, different state and he’s in your, you know, same company or whatever’s like, reach out to that guy and ask him, like, talk to him if you really want it. Some people really don’t want it, you know, some people are just at the end of the day it’s like they’re okay with being average.

And I, and what’s interesting is those people tend to [inaudible] navigate to the other, like the same kind of people, right? So you can often find yourself, you know, really kind of getting closer to the people that are like, ah, I’m burnt out. Me Too. Okay, let’s be burnt out together. And we kind of feel good about that. Yeah. My thing would be intentional about who you’re seeking out and saying, cause a lot of times, even the perks people like it’s an effing hat. Why would I work hard for this damn hat? Why would I, I think don’t care about the shirt. I want to go home and go to a movie. I’ll buy my own fricking shirt. Yeah. You know what I mean? And the companies are doing their best, but be the guy that’s like, it’s the show I’ve got to show like [inaudible] and fire everybody up to be excited about the show.

Be The guy that’s like not downplaying the stupid incentive. It’s like screw you guys, I don’t want to play your game. You know what I mean? But like be the guy that’s like, I’m so awkwardly playing this game so hard full out to where I’m bringing everybody else to play with me, which then in turn gives me more competition, which then in turn pushes me off, shows everyone. Right. You know what I mean? Cause if you guys were like, Eh, we don’t really care about the tournament or we don’t really care about the perk, like you’re then hurting everyone else’s opportunity to actually play the game full out. Yeah.

Cause who would you rather be the guy that wins the shirt or the guy that has to go to the store and buy the shirt for 20 bucks because then you have the same shirt but then deep down, you know you had to buy it. The other guy won it.

So yeah, just make your mark, you know, make your mark. Cause it’s not about the shirt, it’s about the summer and being like, dude, I’ve never, when you, you stayed out past this time or you, you left before everyone else and you took a, you know, you took granola bars, you know in your pocket. You didn’t even have lunch and you were the one that, you know, one that high or one that sure. You know, but it wasn’t about that was the fact that people are gonna remember that you grind it, that you are the one that was like making an effort to, to really push herself. I love that. Solid, solid share this right now, everybody in the summer needs to hear this now for real guys, like our whole mission as a team and our team grows. There’s like 11 of us in the DDD team.

A lot of people don’t see the guys behind the scene now. Um, but we, we really have a really passion and, and most people in our group have done door to door. Most people come from the background of they’ve not, they know the blood, sweat and tears. They know that it’s like a hundred. I mean just in Utah, the last seven days in a row, it’s at a hundred degrees and we’re in the mountains. You know what I mean? I’m like go to Frickin like Arkansas with like 80% humidity in like the door is like a majority. You back by seven o’clock when the sun’s coming it all out. It’s like enclosed sun like porch and you’re like really? Like can they put it on the door and the AC, you’re just like, please, you forget where you said, oh, I don’t want my ac to go out.

You’re like, yes you do. It’s hitting me. You start offering dude doing dishes for people. Just doors, door PAC. You can fold laundry, I’ll do anything you’re carrying around. And I was like, how umbrella is with a fan and squirts? Here’s like, I don’t like like an eight iron, but it’s helping me, dude, my go to guys. Here’s the last hack I’m going to leave you with just for time sake and then we’ve got to go get lunch, but my go to is you see a water feature in somebody’s yard just straight dip the hat, like false scoop, like ladle dip, boom. Oh, it’s just so nice. Like literally I would knock on doors with full wet shirts in there probably like you just are so sweaty. I’m like, no, no, no. I’m not really that sweating of a person. It’s just your bird bath.

A bird. That just got me. I love that. I think guys frame me with the hose one time, ask them to do it twice more, but he wasn’t thinking he was doing me a service. He thought I was. Where was it? Where was the hottest place you knocked? Austin, Texas. Dude, Austin’s a brutal, I love the city, but Austin Dude, I remember flipping it off as I’m driving away. Why Lock Lubbock, Amarillo guys. Ben Shot out a lot of it. Yeah. Shout out. Love it. If you have a NOC glove, it current roads about Texas tech maybe. But dude, it was like, I don’t know what it was. The breeze was always nice. [inaudible]

it wasn’t bad dude. Like I’m like, this is way better than Austin for sure. Anyway, so if you guys are getting some value out of this, we hope one, you go get your DDD con ticket right now. Or you could be like every other sales guy procrastinate and then more than, okay. Yeah. Um, did you schedule a demo with a Riley? We’ve had more single users than ever since he’s come on. So either company doesn’t even have to be a subscriber. We have, you know, we have over a hundred companies and 4,000 users on the thing. So if I haven’t hit you up, hit me up. Yeah, hit us up, go to d a the DD experts.com and schedule a demo. Um, but we have a lot of good content we’ve been putting together over the last two years to really help you with your industry specific.

And, uh, and then also we have a boot camp coming up, um, September 9th and 10th and then November 11th and 12th, where that’s for the business leaders and the owners where we teach our operating system of, you know, 18 different key elements in your business from recruiting to training programs to leadership and culture and all different pieces of your business. Really maximize. And we’ve had awesome feedback on that and really seeing some upticks with the companies that have come. So we do them every six to eight weeks. Those are our next two events. Um, so if you’re interested, I’ve had a lot of people hit us up being like, Hey, when’s your next event? When’s your next speaking? When’s your next opportunity? Um, it’s here in Utah. Uh, so just go to the website and you can self register for that as well or call us and we’ll give you more information.

Um, but yeah, much love like, and if you haven’t hit up vanilla, I think it is one of the coolest. Like we, if no one bought the Nyla, I would be stoked because when you go set up a demo, request it vanilla is you. You like automated, get the Middle Lud love. Yeah, you just got swirled like hardcore and uh, you know, it’s a very, very powerful tool cause things are migrating from email to text and we just have a better powerful way to automate your texts with an honest. So hit up Ben and schedule a demo, demo a vanilla.com. Um, but yeah, I love you guys. Just want to do a quick little podcast. We were, we had some extra time and I wanted to introduce the team. These guys are all stars and you’ve got to get to know them and you’ll see, be more, be seeing more than you’re in the future. So much love these out.

Awesome. [inaudible].

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